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  1. Don Kanter:tux:  4:48 PM
  2. thinking it's time to throw in the towel and go work at home depot
  4. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  4:48 PM
  5. but im sorry about the pto thing
  7. Don Kanter:tux:  4:49 PM
  8. the pto request from her was a valentines day gift - make the flowers i got her not seem to exist (edited)
  9. 4:49
  10. lol
  11. 4:49
  12. i'm at my wits end
  13. 4:50
  14. i dont have any more shits to give
  16. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  4:51 PM
  17. i know dude, i know
  18. 4:51
  19. im sorry i gave it my last big hurrah
  20. 4:51
  21. and im out of energy too
  23. Don Kanter:tux:  4:52 PM
  25. Most Common Requests:
  26. > Advanced Performance Analysis - this is a script that gives a summary of stuff and what services we offer that can help (script needs to be updated so verify all suggestions and the reply text itself)
  27. > Apache/Nginx Tuning (which should handle php-fcgi/php-fpm custom tuning to mitigate 502/504 reverse proxy issues due bad code & lack of allocated resources to handle the bad code - essentially, the fcgi/fpm tuning is done as a courtesy to support their bad code)
  28. > MySQL Optimization (this does a quick db opt and the goal is to allocate server resources in the most efficient way to support their applications with the available resources)
  29. > Intrusion Prevention - Super simple script to run which installs DDoS Deflate, Fail2ban with custom Jails (thanks to Gary), and changes SSH port to random non-default port.
  30. > SSL/TLS Secure Cipher Update - This updates TLS protocols to 1.2 and updates ciphers to pass a 3rd party scan with "A" results. Ciphers can be updated to be either more leinient or more strict depending on what customer needs/wants (more strict = less browser version compatibility / less strict= more browser compatibility but less security). 3rd party tool provided by Qualys SSL Labs  & nmap is ideal for verifying ciphers/protocols
  31. > MySQL/Mariadb Upgrades - these are common now and should be handled with great care - especially since the Plesk guides will break some versions.
  32. > Plesk Upgrades - Like any major upgrade, snapshot is required and testing is needed following upgrade. Most commmon reason for failure is using GUI and losing connection. Best practice is to run upgrade in a screen session and checking logs following upgrade.
  33. > Alternate PHP Installations - These are low risk and can be done in less than a minute via command line.
  34. > Package Management - We install anything that takes less than an hour to do that wont break their server. As a note of caution, Plesk depends on the 'plesk database' being aware of things and if you install the wrong package, everything will break.
  35. > Investigative Analysis - This for the issues that cannot be absolutely confirmed and need further investigation that is best done while not talking on the phone.
  36. > Firewall Updates - we backup current config and do what they want while advising whether it will break functionality
  37. > General Requests - general stuff including basic wordpress mods (wp-cli'able), htaccess, DNS checks/assistance, walk-throughs in the panel.
  38. 4:53
  39. Now it's:
  40. > domain renewals
  41. > MWP stuff
  42. > DNS questions
  43. > very basic server requests handled while on phone
  44. 4:54
  45. Folks think i'm talking down to them when i bitch about it, but i feel its valid
  46. 4:54
  47. my denial is fading
  49. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  4:55 PM
  50. naw you are valid, dustan and shawn have drank a lot of the GD koolaid and are stuck in
  51. 4:55
  52. but like take dustan right?
  53. 4:55
  54. it took him 3.5 years at godaddy to get where he is now, and hes been there for like 3 years
  55. 4:55
  56. it took me 6 months at godaddy to get where i am now and im already looking at advancement
  57. 4:56
  58. they have less skill than you and i and are lazy and complacent in their roles
  59. 4:56
  60. and you and i and daryl and manny, we dont want to let them drag us down there
  61. 4:56
  62. but they keep trying
  63. 4:56
  64. its why i put together that roundtable with the supes dude, it was my last best chance to get real change to go through
  65. 4:56
  66. and then you and daniel bowed out and manny didnt show
  67. 4:57
  68. so it was me and daryl and steven and it didnt have the same weight
  69. 4:57
  70. instead of being like a mt united thing
  71. 4:57
  72. it was three complainers
  73. 4:57
  74. so i give up.
  75. 4:57
  76. i cant leave this job, i need the wfh and day shift, but what im doing now is not what i was doing for the last six months
  77. 4:57
  78. and isnt what i enjoy
  80. Don Kanter:tux:  5:48 PM
  81. how do i reopen a ticket?
  82. 5:49
  85. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  5:49 PM
  86. admin in the upper right
  87. 5:49
  88. then change the status
  89. 5:49
  90. from closed/resolved to open
  92. Don Kanter:tux:  5:49 PM
  93. tyvvm
  95. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  5:49 PM
  96. and notate in the notes why
  97. 5:49
  98. always dude, anything i can do, you let me know
  100. Don Kanter:tux:  5:51 PM
  101. same for you, lemme know if i can help in any way :slightly_smiling_face: thanks!
  103. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  5:51 PM
  104. i just wish we could go back to what we "were" doing and just work the gd ticket queue too
  105. 5:51
  106. instead of this nightmare
  108. Don Kanter:tux:  5:55 PM
  109. dude, i'm thinking this is a good way to get folks to quit - and if we pass the test, we can stay
  110. ... not sure if staying is a good thing or not though, i'm ready to get a job at the local grocery store
  112. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  5:55 PM
  113. pretty sure manny is just waiting for bonus
  114. 5:56
  115. cuz he keeps asking about it, then hes skating
  116. 5:56
  117. if manny quits and you or i quit, im pretty sure daryl will
  119. Don Kanter:tux:  5:56 PM
  120. i dont care about the bonus, i want my job back
  122. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  5:56 PM
  123. same
  125. Don Kanter:tux:  5:56 PM
  126. so tired
  127. 5:56
  128. cant sleep at night
  129. 5:59
  130. i should stop bitching and try to be positive & hope for the best
  132. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  5:59 PM
  133. im done and tired of being positive and trying to be the cheerleader and tell yall its not bad and the managers are looking out for us and shit
  134. 5:59
  135. im tired of it
  137. Don Kanter:tux:  6:01 PM
  138. we should wrangle through it - if it doesnt kill us, we will be stronger
  139. 6:02
  140. thats what im telling myself
  141. 6:02
  142. i need to do it
  143. 6:05
  144. :cowboy:
  145. 6:06
  146. they say hula hoop, i hula hoop
  147. 6:06
  148. lol
  150. Don Kanter:tux:  7:06 PM
  151. MB)
  154. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  7:17 PM
  155. i dont care
  156. 7:17
  157. i just got into a huge fight with my wife
  159. Don Kanter:tux:  7:23 PM
  160. I'm sorry man, that sucks
  161. i try to avoid that at all costs - she always wins, or i pay in a different way... happy wife, happy life
  163. Don Kanter:tux:  8:21 PM
  164. seems i cant say shit without offending people - if i mention that i feel betrayed and downgraded, it comes across as personal putdown for the folks in the current position who have been doing it. I'm an idiot for not thinking about that
  165. 8:21
  166. so now, my dumbass offended the whole team
  168. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  8:21 PM
  169. not really, the fact of the matter is that the managers decided MT cloudtech was the same as ex1, when we obviously arent
  170. 8:22
  171. if they hadnt told them they were equivalent to us, then they wouldnt have expectations that they were
  173. Don Kanter:tux:  8:23 PM
  174. well, when they actually need to support a server on the mt side, i think it will be clear
  175. 8:23
  176. i recall one dude asking where logs were
  177. 8:23
  178. and he was only able to find the apache log
  179. 8:24
  180. i am almost positive they dont know plesk on linux uses a reverse proxy with nginx and apache
  181. 8:25
  182. so i mean, wtf - everyone is put outside of what they are good at
  184. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  8:25 PM
  185. well "can" use reverse proxy with nginx
  186. 8:25
  187. cs has a bad habit of turning nginx off if theres any issues
  188. 8:25
  189. even on CT customers
  191. Don Kanter:tux:  8:25 PM
  192. folks taking gd calls like it, let em keep it
  193. 8:25
  194. and let folks that like tickets do tickets (edited)
  195. 8:26
  196. idk, it's all very strange
  198. Don Kanter:tux:  8:33 PM
  199. where can i find that koolaid - i'm tired of complaining
  200. 8:35
  201. (like the koolaid that kills your spirit and forces submission - i'm tired of caring)
  203. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  8:35 PM
  204. ask the rev jim jones
  205. 8:35
  206. im ready for it too
  208. Don Kanter:tux:  8:35 PM
  209. ...used to wonder wtf dusten was talking about with scope of support, like he didnt give a shit - now i understand (edited)
  210. 8:36
  211. idk who jim jones is
  212. 8:36
  213. and wouldnt ask if i
  215. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  8:37 PM
  216. oh dude its where the whole origin of "drinking the koolaid" comes from
  217. 8:37
  218. really tragic story
  219. 8:37
  220. this dude named the Reverend Jim Jones led a cult of people in a retreat known as Jonestown
  221. 8:37
  222. when it looked like the government was going to come in and break it up for..... well a number of reasons
  224. Don Kanter:tux:  8:38 PM
  225. oh man, another manson
  227. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  8:38 PM
  228. jones convinced his followers to mix batches of kool aid with cyanide and drink it
  229. 8:38
  230. and to serve it to their children first to make sure the kids drank it
  231. 8:38
  232. and pretty much the entire cult did this and died
  234. Don Kanter:tux:  8:38 PM
  235. was a comet flying by?
  237. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  8:38 PM
  238. its colloquially known as the "jamestown massacre" (not jonestown, i had that wrong
  239. 8:39
  240. wait no jonestown
  241. 8:39
  242. i was right the first itme
  243. 8:39
  244. time
  245. 8:39
  246. "The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, better known by its informal name "Jonestown", was a remote settlement established by the Peoples Temple, a cult under the leadership of Jim Jones, in northwestern Guyana. It became internationally known when, on November 18, 1978, a total of 918[1][2] people died in the settlement, at the nearby airstrip in Port Kaituma, and at a Temple-run building in Georgetown, Guyana's capital city. The name of the settlement became synonymous with the incidents at those locations.[3]
  247. In total, 909 individuals died in Jonestown,[1] all but two from apparent cyanide poisoning, in an event termed "revolutionary suicide" by Jones and some Peoples Temple members on an audio tape of the event, and in prior recorded discussions. The poisonings in Jonestown followed the murder of five others by Temple members at Port Kaituma, including United States Congressman Leo Ryan, an act that Jones ordered. Four other Temple members committed murder-suicide in Georgetown at Jones' command.
  248. Terms used to describe the deaths in Jonestown and Georgetown evolved over time. Many contemporary media accounts after the events called the deaths a mass suicide.[4][5] In contrast, most sources today refer to the deaths with terms such as mass murder-suicide,[6] a massacre,[7][8] or simply mass murder.[9][10] Seventy or more individuals at Jonestown were injected with poison, and a third of the victims (304) were minors.[11][12] Guards armed with guns and crossbows had been ordered to shoot those who fled the Jonestown pavilion as Jones lobbied for suicide.[13][8]"
  249. 8:41
  250. basically this government investigator came out to talk to people to find out if the cult was up to shenanigans like not letting people leave
  251. 8:42
  252. he told jones that he was going to give a positive report, but as soon as he got on the plane, jones went on this 44 minute rant to his followers saying that the man on the plane was going to tell the government and they would be parachuting in soldiers to kill them all, so better they make sure not one of them was left standing before that happened
  253. 8:42
  254. it was this whole.... thing. it was horrible and tragic and pointless
  255. 8:42
  256. it was the largest single loss of american civilian life until 9/11
  257. 8:43
  258. but from it we get the phrase "drink the kool aid" to refer to when your employer or government has radical views and you finally give up your own personal views and "buy in" to their system
  259. 8:43
  260. you drank the kool aid
  261. 8:44
  262. and specifically it refers to when you do this horrible thing in the idea or hope of future reward
  263. 8:44
  264. like "man if i just knuckle down and take all these premier calls, eventually they HAVE to promote me" thats drinking the kool aid
  266. Don Kanter:tux:  8:46 PM
  267. is it real? the promotion?
  269. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  8:48 PM
  270. usually not
  271. 8:48
  272. and like i was telling you the other day, in a corporate environment these days, no one just gets promoted
  273. 8:48
  274. you have to own your career and apply upwards
  276. Don Kanter:tux:  8:54 PM
  277. i messed up in trying to share 'potential improvements' yesterday - that was stupid
  278. 8:56
  279. shoulda brought it up to management rather than barf all over the support channel with my opinions
  280. 8:57
  281. wasnt productive, it came across as more of a rant
  282. 8:58
  283. ...oh well, maybe something good can come from it
  285. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:06 PM
  286. im tired of being productive, im tired of being positive, im tired of trying to stop people from leaving when i dont even want to be here anymore
  288. Don Kanter:tux:  9:35 PM
  289. i mean, since i've been getting used to this, it's pretty easy - i understand why people think i'm an idiot
  290. ...but then when i get a new type of issue that isnt server related, i have no idea what to  - but for those, it sounds like we just xfer them
  292. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:35 PM
  293. as a general rule yeah
  295. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:42 PM
  296. i want to just go to a bar with the same group of like 5-10 cynics and spend all my freetime slowly getting drunk and bitching about the world
  297. 9:43
  298. as to your question
  299. 9:43
  300. we still work tickets if theres time in between calls, like how todays been dead
  301. 9:43
  302. and you can work out of either the md or gd queues
  303. 9:43
  304. its just, we are usually so stupid busy we dont get the chance to
  305. 9:43
  306. but yeah, if its a non fms non premier customer
  307. 9:43
  308. we transfer them
  309. 9:44
  310. if its a premier customer who wants anything but domain sales or renewals, we tell them to talk to premier during hours
  311. 9:44
  312. if its an fms customer, we help them with their server only, if they want help with non server stuff, we transfer them
  313. 9:44
  314. thats part also of why the GD guys were getting a lil frustrated with you, you were working stuff we dont do
  315. 9:44
  316. but you had no way to know that
  318. Don Kanter:tux:  9:51 PM
  319. now - for me anyway, it seems strange bitching about doing less work and easier work, but the work we did was satisfying... like, i really enjoyed it
  321. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:51 PM
  322. you should feel fulfilled in your job
  323. 9:51
  324. the fact that dustan feels fulfilled doing the godaddy shit says a lot about his aspirations
  326. Don Kanter:tux:  9:52 PM
  327. main purpose is to support fam
  329. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:52 PM
  330. the fact hes been fulfilled doing it for several years now says a lot about him as a person
  332. Don Kanter:tux:  9:52 PM
  333. but yeah
  335. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:52 PM
  336. you can support your fam doing any one of a number of jobs
  337. 9:52
  338. theres no reason it cant also be individually fulfilling
  339. 9:52
  340. it should be
  342. Don Kanter:tux:  9:56 PM
  343. im tired of job hopping - i wanted to settle down here at MT/GD ...and thats still the plan, i just need to hula hoop a bit till i can jump the hoop (or thats what i'm telling myself for now)
  345. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:56 PM
  346. same, i got tired of doing contract work for higher pay, so i figured id put in my time at gd, jump the hoops, build a career
  347. 9:56
  348. but its been one hurdle after another and im tired of jumping them
  349. 9:57
  350. it took 3 months! of interviews, tests, interviews, more tests, and other shit just to get into cloudtech
  351. 9:57
  352. and then my supervisor at the time tried to block the promotion even thought it was already offered
  354. Don Kanter:tux:  9:57 PM
  355. oh wow
  357. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:58 PM
  358. so i applied, tested, interviewd, and was accepted for FMS
  359. 9:58
  360. then HR pulled the requisition due to funding
  361. 9:58
  362. so ryan came to me and told me that he couldnt give me the job
  363. 9:58
  364. but a MT cloudtech gig was opening soon that was similar, it opened, they made me REAPPLY, RETEST, REINTERView
  366. Don Kanter:tux:  9:58 PM
  367. i interviewed once for remote CS initially, then was passed directly into CT, did a month of training and then loved it (edited)
  369. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  9:58 PM
  370. i jumped all their hoops
  371. 9:58
  372. they offer me the job
  373. 9:59
  374. im waiting on the start date, and my supe comes up to me and is like "so your survey scores were a little down this month, im going to have to write you up" and im like "whatever im leaving (nicer but)" and hes like "normally this would block your promotion i need to talk to management for guidance"
  375. :wtf:
  376. 1
  378. 10:00
  379. and like, i was on the cusp, like any other supe wouldnt have written me up as they have discretion
  380. 10:00
  381. i was at like 87.8 and the goal was 88
  382. 10:00
  383. and anything about 87 is generally considered ok
  384. 10:01
  385. so he went and talked to his boss, and his boss pulled me in and was like "look, you are a good worker, you always hit your numbers, you deserve this promotion, so even if kevin is trying to get me to take it away from you i want you to be sure its going to happen so im telling you right now im not going to let him do anything to block it"
  386. 10:01
  387. because i was, i was top performer on my shift for almost a year running, won all kind of awards and contests
  388. :checkaward:
  389. 1
  391. 10:01
  392. i won a "pay your bills contest" where godaddy would give me $1000 a month for rent for 6 months
  393. :dancing_dog:
  394. 1
  396. 10:01
  397. because of my numbers
  398. 10:02
  399. and this greasy shit  was trying to get me fired or stop my promotion
  400. :hankey:
  401. 1
  403. 10:02
  404. and like it was such a breath of fresh air to be over on mt where that shit didnt happen, and now my heads back under the GD sewer water
  405. 10:02
  406. and i just dont care
  408. Don Kanter:tux:  10:09 PM
  409. if you did all that, this should be like nothin - but i'm hearing you for the irritation side of things
  410. I need to stay positive or i'm gonna get bitter and resentful - I trust that our current management has our back and they're doing the best they can - and when i remember that, i feel like a shithead for bitching publically
  411. 10:12
  412. somehow i post stuff that makes complete sense at the time, b/c reasons and i forget they have actually done us a solid for the merger (most commonly, they 'optimize' the staff during mergers - i.e. mass firing)
  414. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  10:12 PM
  415. i think our management has our back but
  416. 10:12
  417. the last time i felt the gd management had my back
  418. 10:12
  419. they transferred the supe to another departement and gave me the shit thead that tried to block my promotion
  420. 10:13
  421. so dont ever forget that while dan and ryan got your back
  422. 10:13
  423. the company sees you as a number and as long as your productivity > your cost, they keep you, once your productivity <cost they will not hesitate to fire you
  425. Don Kanter:tux:  10:13 PM
  426. i need to trust in them - i dont want to not trust them although it feels like i've been shitted on
  428. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  10:13 PM
  429. and they would do the same to dan and ryan
  430. 10:14
  431. so ryan will be super apologetic while he writes up your termination, but he will still do it
  432. 10:14
  433. because he doesnt want to get fired by HIS boss
  434. 10:14
  435. so if his boss comes in and says "all of fms is doing nothing but domain calls now, for the rest of time" hes going to do it
  437. Don Kanter:tux:  10:16 PM
  438. well, ...i think my opinion sharing days are done - i'd prefer to stop sharing them rather than someone else deciding for me
  439. 10:16
  440. if i havent crossed the opinion sharing line already
  442. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  10:16 PM
  443. thats pretty much my point, but from a different angle
  445. Don Kanter:tux:  10:17 PM
  446. i'm an idiot
  448. Antonio Contrisciani:horde1:  10:17 PM
  449. i dont care if they shut me down, whatever
  450. 10:17
  451. but im tired of sharing my opinion and looking out and generally fighting
  452. 10:17
  453. im drawn out, beat down, tired
  454. 10:17
  455. so im just going to come in, do the job, go home, till something changes
  456. 10:17
  457. either a better job comes along, or this job improves, or whatever
  458. 10:17
  459. cuz i have no energy to keep fighting anymore
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