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Random Adventure

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  1. In a tavern or listening to chattering villages, a rumor is heard by the party and the opportunity is too much to resist. Someone has rubbed someone else the wrong way and they’re hiring you to get a little payback.
  3. This person will have some sort of protection making it difficult to reach them.
  5. The group doesn’t have to stray far from the comforts of town and city living.
  7. Turns out, the group is after some kind of magical beast. Whether they’re undead, demons, or some wizard’s experiment gone wild, something completely strange is at work.
  9. Oh no! The contact has turned against them.  It might mean they’ve lied to them somehow about the details of their adventure in a way that puts them in danger or they’re simply out to kill them.
  11. During the dramatic conflict, someone who isn’t involved in the adventure is going to be hurt if you succeed. Maybe a secret people weren’t meant to know will be revealed, or after this adventure their
  12. lives will be in danger.
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