[TLH/SinKid] Rochelle has her crutches stolen

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  1. >Rochelle stretched. She could smell Liena's wonderful pancakes from the loungeroom where she had slept.
  2. >She instinctively reached for her crutches, ready to bound into the dining room...
  3. >Only to find they were gone.
  4. >She started frantically looking for them, unable to spot them.
  5. >"Looking for something?"
  6. >She looked to the dining room doorway. Leia stood there, a pair of crutches tucked under her arm.
  7. >*Her* crutches.
  8. >"Leia, give those back!" Rochelle called to her.
  9. >"Sure." Leia grinned a wicked grin. "After you come here and grab them."
  10. >She walked off.
  11. >"You don't want to miss out on pancakes, do ya?"
  12. >"Leia!" Rochelle gripped the edge of the couch she was sleeping on. "W-when I get my hands on you...!"
  13. >Guess she had no choice.
  14. >With a mighty effort she pulled herself up onto her legs. She wasn't the heaviest person, but her poor leg muscles made her feel like she weighed like a rhino.
  15. >She took a wary step forwards, still using the couch as support.
  16. >She felt a spike of pain shoot through her leg as her weight pushed down on it, and she nearly collapsed just then.
  17. >Fortunately she had her mother's grit, and took another step.
  18. >Her right leg was definitely her better one, and although she felt the strain of her body through it she didn't feel much pain.
  19. >Even though she had grown up with plenty of physiotherapy to help develop her legs up, there was only so much she could naturally do.
  20. >She had no idea how far she could go without crutches.
  21. >When she got her hands on Leia...
  22. >Letting go of the couch and spending a moment to get her balance, she took another step.
  23. >The moment she put more weight on it to take another step a jolt of pain shot up her body.
  24. >Yet she remained upright.
  25. >She took a few more slow and cautious steps.
  26. >The whole ordeal was taxing, and she found herself short on breath.
  27. >From the kitchen she could hear an argument but was too busy focusing on her legs to hear them properly.
  28. >She took another step, and lost her balance.
  29. >She lurched forwards, shoulder hitting the archway hard.
  30. >She hissed in pain, screwing her eyes shut as she did.
  31. >She opened her eyes, blurry with tears. But she could tell who was in front of her.
  32. >Leia, looking quite pleased with herself.
  33. >And Lupa, looking shocked.
  34. >"Well done, Ro." Leia said.
  35. >"Give them back..." Rochelle growled, short on breath.
  36. >"Don't worry, you haven't got far to go." Leia smiled, her tone and expression full of artificial sweetness.
  37. >"Okay, that's enough." Lupa got up to help, but Leia placed her hand in her way.
  38. >Rochelle took a few steps, but her legs gave out on her as a huge bolt of pain shot through her entire body.
  39. >Once Rochelle regained her senses she heard a loud clatter and a quiet gasp.
  40. >She looked up to see Liena staring at Rochelle with a horrified expression, a fresh stack of pancakes strewn on the floor in front of her.
  41. >The expression changed to pure anger as she slowly turned her head to Leia.
  42. >Leia shunted the crutches into Lupa's chest. "It was her idea!"
  43. >"Wh- Hey! I had fuck-all to do with this!"
  44. >Rochelle felt herself being hoisted up by Liena into a nearby chair. It felt good to have her weight off her legs.
  45. >She then walked up to Leia and grabbed her ponytail, pulling her close to her face, staring her down.
  46. >Then, she walked off, still holding Leia's ponytail.
  47. >"Ow-! Hey, stop pulling, you're gonna mess my hair up-!"
  48. >Liena continued on, heedless of her protests.
  49. >"Agh, jeez-! Wait, no, don't! Don't tell Uncle Lincy...!"
  50. >Leia's voice trailed off.
  51. >"Serves her right." Lupa murmured, then she passed the crutches to Rochelle. "Here."
  52. >"Honestly, I w-would've expected that from you." Rochelle took the crutches.
  53. >"I'm an asshole, but not that much. 'Sides, Toby'd kill me if I did that."
  54. >The two of them shared a chuckle. "W-well, I guess we're not having pancakes then."
  55. >Lupa looked at the mess. "Fuck."
  56. [written June 14 '18]
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