Explain Ranking in google

Sep 3rd, 2020
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  1. Explain Ranking in google
  2. For you guys, how high in Google's ranks should your website be for a certain keyword to be considered ranking.
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  14. I'm asking this because I saw and email come to me from a black hat member saying buy this service and see the ranking achieved with various serplab screenshots showing lots of keywords, lots of small volumes on pages 2 to 8.
  15. My definition of my websites ranking is what position they are for a certain keyword and that it generates traffic.
  16. If you are on page 2 for 390kw that gives you no traffic, then for me it's not ranking. Even if it does generate traffic that keyword is only going to give maybe 1 or 2 clicks a month.
  17. Any one can get keywords for 3600kw to postion 23, but if there's no traffic, what's the point, it's not ranking.
  18. Lots of factors including site age, backlinks, bounce rate, etc.
  19. You gotta pump it up to the max
  20. Between 1 - 5 nothing else really matters for me
  21. ?
  23. 1st page is ranking in my eyes
  25. Between 1 - 5 nothing else really matters for me
  26. Yes between 1- 5 is where the traffic is.
  28. If I have a keyword in position 48 and start bulding backlinks and it moves to position 18, in my case this is still a rank and will improve it over time, all i mean is ranking isn't a one time move.
  29. you will not start backlink campaign and reach NO 1 position this easily, it will require constent work.
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  32. You can take it in two different way :
  33. Buyer Prospect: If I pay 200 USD I should be in top, 5 at once for all keywords any difficulty.
  34. Seller prospect: It should be in top 5 with the time
  35. Time is something you need to give to new sites.
  36. For me if I am in 90s and I reach to 20 for medium or difficult keywords. It's a good grab. Coz I now if I keep going like this with more effort I will be in top 5
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  40. Only websites which are ranking on first page of Google gets traffic.
  41. So, I consider ranking below top 10 as improvement.
  42. However it takes time and effort to get to first page of google for competitive keywords.
  44. Between 1 - 5 nothing else really matters for me
  45. #1 or nothing. #1 is the only winner, everyone else are losers.
  47. Only 1 st page,and top 5.
  48. ?
  50. Nice to know what everyone else thinks.
  51. I think 1-5 for me is ranking, anything else is not.
  53. Top 3 is when I consider myself ranked and everything else is nothing for me.
  54. Real money is in Top 3 thus I aim for TOP 3 and try hard for #1
  55. It really depends on the competition for the keyword. some authority sites will never lose their ranking so overtaking them is kinda impossible.
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