Double Fine Game Club: Beneath A Steel Sky (part 2)

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  1. (04:57:58 AM) Syd: The event just went off on Steam
  2. (04:58:01 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Hi Gamnos
  3. (04:58:01 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Sweet
  4. (04:58:04 AM) Syd: Hey Gamnos
  5. (04:58:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Let's get started :)
  6. (04:59:00 AM) Nut_Column [] entered the room.
  7. (04:59:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: One thing I find irritating is that the buttons aren't labeled
  8. (04:59:45 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's not a big deal, but it has made me stop and wonder a couple of times ^_^
  9. (05:00:43 AM) Syd: I bumped the forum thread, Cheese.
  10. (05:00:55 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Thanks Syd <3
  11. (05:02:09 AM) GameClubFan_662594 [] entered the room.
  12. (05:02:30 AM) GameClubFan_662594 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  13. (05:02:41 AM) Krischev [] entered the room.
  14. (05:03:34 AM) lietu: btw, cheese, I think we should make a little link or something that would extend the video screen on the DFGC page, since it's ridiculously small for 4:3 games
  15. (05:03:56 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: THere's the fullscreen button
  16. (05:04:03 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: But I guess that's not helpful for people who want to chat as well
  17. (05:04:54 AM) lietu: also fullscreen doesn't work that well in my linux due to the settings I've got
  18. (05:05:00 AM) Gamnos: Hey word missing in the voice-over!
  19. (05:05:37 AM) Gamnos: Censorship  I guess.
  20. (05:05:49 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Ah, k. It's a good size for me both on my netbook and my desktop, but more options are always good
  21. (05:06:00 AM) Syd: If that's the case, that's an odd word to censor.
  22. (05:06:03 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Gamnos: Nah, I think just voice acting omissions/ad-libs
  23. (05:06:22 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: There are lots of little discrepancies here and there
  24. (05:06:44 AM) Gamnos: The missing word referred to his private parts ;-)
  25. (05:07:00 AM) Syd: "Balls" :P
  26. (05:07:22 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: The localisation of the subtitles might not be the script that the voice actors were working from (there are lots of Australian terms that are swapped out)
  27. (05:07:49 AM) Krischev: Did the orignial version have voice-acting?
  28. (05:08:00 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Nope
  29. (05:08:07 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: That was added later
  30. (05:08:21 AM) Krischev: Thought so, didn't remember any voice :)
  31. (05:10:14 AM) Krischev: This is one of the greatest adventure games made btw. :)
  32. (05:10:26 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's pretty neat. I hadn't played it before
  33. (05:10:36 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: (which is why I'm probably going to muck up from time to time)
  34. (05:10:57 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It took a little while to get a feel for the tone of the game, but I really enjoyed it
  35. (05:10:58 AM) Gamnos: Krischev: And still fun to replay
  36. (05:11:34 AM) Krischev: Gamnos: Sure is
  37. (05:12:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I wish Joey would hurry up D:
  38. (05:12:37 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: cheap shell
  39. (05:14:18 AM) Gamnos: Would have been nice if Foster could put Joey's circuit board back in his pocket, to do something elsewhere
  40. (05:15:10 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Maybe. There aren't other shells to use it with though
  41. (05:15:32 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: there was one in the park
  42. (05:15:43 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Downstairs?
  43. (05:15:48 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We haven't gotten to that bit yet ;)
  44. (05:16:02 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: near the pond I believe
  45. (05:16:13 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yep, that's later
  46. (05:16:20 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And it's the same shell :b
  47. (05:16:34 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Ha, whoops. Wrong way
  48. (05:16:57 AM) Gamnos: But it has other possibilities perhaps
  49. (05:17:10 AM) YossarianStrange [] entered the room.
  50. (05:17:52 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It would have been nice, but as the game currently is, there'd need to be other shells for you to use his board with
  51. (05:17:59 AM) Gamnos: Was just a thought .. trying to spot things what could have been extra/otherwise
  52. (05:18:44 AM) Gamnos: This is a red herring (bit dissappointing)
  53. (05:19:03 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, I spent a little while trying to work out what the lockers were for
  54. (05:20:24 AM) lietu: I really hate this part of the game
  55. (05:20:27 AM) Gamnos: Great episode, this one, nice music as well (unless you get often killed). Liked the extra interface too.
  56. (05:20:41 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, I like the music ^_^
  57. (05:20:46 AM) Gamnos: lietu: sorry!
  58. (05:20:53 AM) lietu: ;)
  59. (05:21:27 AM) Gamnos: Now that is a MAZE!
  60. (05:21:54 AM) Gamnos: Remember the swamp in Return to Zork?
  61. (05:22:29 AM) YossarianStrange: this game takes me back...
  62. (05:22:36 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :)
  63. (05:22:45 AM) YossarianStrange: never got this far!
  64. (05:22:55 AM) Krischev: Return to Zork was before my time i think :)
  65. (05:23:31 AM) Gamnos: Krischev: It has the right title for you ;-)
  66. (05:24:03 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: YossarianStrange: How far did you get? Did you watch our previous stream?
  67. (05:24:23 AM) Nut_Column left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  68. (05:24:24 AM) Krischev: Gamnos: Sorry?
  69. (05:24:48 AM) Gamnos: Krischev: "return"
  70. (05:25:02 AM) YossarianStrange: no didnt catch it
  71. (05:25:24 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: THere's an archive if you're interested
  72. (05:25:26 AM) Gamnos: YossarianStrange: ok :-)
  73. (05:25:37 AM) Krischev: Gamnos: I don't get it :)
  74. (05:26:43 AM) Gamnos: Krischev: used wrong name
  75. (05:27:35 AM) YossarianStrange: i think i got to cyberspace my first playthrough - and got stuck
  76. (05:27:53 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's interesting that you can get the "special policy" topic from a couple of people
  77. (05:28:08 AM) Krischev: Ah, now I see why I didn't play Return to Zork. It wasn't on Amiga.
  78. (05:28:51 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Amiga FTW :D
  79. (05:29:10 AM) YossarianStrange: wish i could draw backgounds as cool as these
  80. (05:29:18 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Hey yama, have you forgotten about the stream? ^_^
  81. (05:29:19 AM) Gamnos: Krischev: it's still nice to play ... not much story though.
  82. (05:29:46 AM) YossarianStrange: love the cyberpunk look
  83. (05:29:49 AM) Krischev: Gamnos: I see
  84. (05:29:55 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, there's some great art in this game
  85. (05:30:12 AM) Krischev: Yeah, the backgrounds are nice
  86. (05:31:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: That was umm interesting looking food
  87. (05:31:11 AM) Krischev: :)
  88. (05:32:06 AM) YossarianStrange: i remember being super excited when i first saw in here - felt like a voyeur! don't you spy through the window first?
  89. (05:32:16 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: You can :)
  90. (05:32:28 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We did in the last session when waiting for Lamb
  91. (05:32:32 AM) YossarianStrange: thats cool i never saw that
  92. (05:32:47 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We can watch the cat eat if you like
  93. (05:32:48 AM) Gamnos: You can also do it with the grills later on
  94. (05:33:13 AM) YossarianStrange: yeah thats what i remember!
  95. (05:33:15 AM) Krischev: This is actually the first time I'm here. What games have you played on other occasions?
  96. (05:33:31 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Ah, here we go. See, that shell's the same one >_<
  97. (05:34:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We can't do anything with it now :(
  98. (05:34:34 AM) Krischev: And Amiga btw, was a pain changing all the disks :)
  99. (05:34:42 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Mmm... Mrs Peirmont :/
  100. (05:34:51 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Ha, changing disks was half the fun!
  101. (05:35:28 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: How many disks was Beneath A Steel Sky?
  102. (05:35:51 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I think the biggest game I had was Dragon's Lair, which weighed in at 7 floppies.
  103. (05:35:53 AM) Gamnos: Fortunately that is in the past - some games have still long loading times though
  104. (05:36:26 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook:  15 disks
  105. (05:36:48 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: 15 disks? For the non-talkie version of BASS?
  106. (05:36:54 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Zany
  107. (05:36:55 AM) Gamnos: That's the Amiga version
  108. (05:37:10 AM) Gamnos: Pc only 6
  109. (05:37:19 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Interesting
  110. (05:37:25 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I imagine the Amiga version had better assets
  111. (05:37:25 AM) Krischev: I played Police quest 3 and monkey island on amiga, remember i had to change all the time... The disks broke after a while...
  112. (05:37:45 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Aww. My Monkey Island disks still work :3
  113. (05:38:07 AM) Krischev: nice :)
  114. (05:38:53 AM) Krischev: you couldn't enter the door to the left on the amiga version
  115. (05:39:09 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: You can't enter it here until one specific point in the game
  116. (05:39:38 AM) Krischev: but on amiga you couldnt enter at all :) they removed that part
  117. (05:39:48 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Interesting
  118. (05:40:21 AM) YossarianStrange: there was pleasing physical feedback to floppy disk insertion that cd/dvd could never replicate
  119. (05:40:34 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :)
  120. (05:40:34 AM) Gamnos: Krischev: hope it will be revealed for you here the courtroom scene (would have been an extra disk/Amiga)
  121. (05:40:53 AM) YossarianStrange: it was *mechanical*
  122. (05:41:17 AM) Krischev: Gamnos: I actually played this later on, on pc :)
  123. (05:41:45 AM) Krischev: I can agree to that Yossarian
  124. (05:42:11 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Ha, subtitle difference there
  125. (05:42:34 AM) YossarianStrange: does that kid have an ipad!
  126. (05:42:45 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Sure ^_^
  127. (05:42:50 AM) Krischev: gameboy? :)
  128. (05:42:53 AM) Gamnos: Stalker!
  129. (05:43:01 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Oh, my word
  130. (05:43:02 AM) Syd: A big gameboy
  131. (05:43:16 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Wasn't this an exciting part >_<
  132. (05:43:41 AM) YossarianStrange: big flat tvs on the wall... will never happen
  133. (05:43:56 AM) Syd: Crazy far-off future tech.
  134. (05:43:57 AM) Gamnos: Fantastic couch - no nudity in the corner - liked the jazzy music
  135. (05:44:11 AM) Krischev: hehe
  136. (05:44:35 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I used to live in Hobart ^_^
  137. (05:44:55 AM) Krischev: Is that tasmania?
  138. (05:45:03 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's in Tasmania, yeah
  139. (05:45:07 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: you are one of the Hobart suspects!
  140. (05:45:18 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Shh, don't tell anyone
  141. (05:45:36 AM) YossarianStrange: i actually love the square with rounded edge windows - very 60's retro/future
  142. (05:46:05 AM) Krischev: the tv and the two windows look like a face :)
  143. (05:46:07 AM) Gamnos: YossarianStrange: Nice observation!
  144. (05:46:28 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I love the indoor tree
  145. (05:46:40 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And not so much the lack of clothing >_<
  146. (05:46:55 AM) Krischev: a lot of greenery on the lower level
  147. (05:47:23 AM) Gamnos: In a picture in an old magazine you could look through her dress (left out)
  148. (05:47:25 AM) Syd: I've always been fond of retro-futurism. Part of the reason I enjoy the Fallout series.
  149. (05:47:27 AM) Krischev: the lack of clothing?
  150. (05:47:46 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Mrs Piermont isn't wearing much
  151. (05:48:02 AM) Krischev: aha, didnt notice
  152. (05:48:13 AM) Syd: Guess in the future we'll be going back to VCRs.
  153. (05:48:19 AM) Krischev: yep :)
  154. (05:48:55 AM) Krischev: nano VCRs :)
  155. (05:49:22 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I think we'll play till the hour and then leave the rest for next week
  156. (05:50:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: All those Hobart game devs :b
  157. (05:50:14 AM) Krischev: hehe
  158. (05:50:27 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: There are/have been a few
  159. (05:50:35 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I did a little whilst I was living there
  160. (05:51:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: And most of the guys from ATMOS (they worked on Excape Velocity: Nova) lived in Hobart as well
  161. (05:52:24 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I *think* the dog is meant to appear at this point...
  162. (05:52:55 AM) Krischev: go back?
  163. (05:53:10 AM) Krischev: there he is :)
  164. (05:53:17 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: lol
  165. (05:53:28 AM) Krischev: hehe
  166. (05:54:16 AM) Krischev: Google?
  167. (05:54:27 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Heh
  168. (05:55:16 AM) Syd: He doesn't seem too bothered by dead bodies
  169. (05:56:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: No, he doesn't
  170. (05:56:36 AM) Syd: There's always a use for a severed head. It might guide you through a maze. ;)
  171. (05:56:44 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :D
  172. (05:57:05 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Or it might have a necklace you need
  173. (05:57:26 AM) Krischev: Is that from a game?
  174. (05:57:37 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: From The Secret Of Monkey Island ;)
  175. (05:57:48 AM) Krischev: ah, seemed familiar :)
  176. (05:58:13 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Syd streamed that when we played it ^_^
  177. (05:58:23 AM) Krischev: aha :)
  178. (05:58:55 AM) Krischev: is this once a week?
  179. (05:59:00 AM) Syd: Yeah
  180. (05:59:01 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yep
  181. (05:59:06 AM) Krischev: cool
  182. (05:59:37 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Though that's a bit of effort to keep up. We're having trouble finding additional people to help stream stuff
  183. (05:59:53 AM) Krischev: aha
  184. (06:00:29 AM) Syd: I'd stream more often if my internet didn't enjoy sabotaging my efforts.
  185. (06:00:58 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: You did alright aside from that one time
  186. (06:01:04 AM) Syd: Though I may try streaming Monkey Island 2 once we get around to that
  187. (06:01:10 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :)
  188. (06:01:26 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: We're hoping to play The Last Express next if somebody's willing to stream
  189. (06:01:27 AM) Syd: Yeah, it was just that one day (coincidentally the day we got the most attention) that it was so bad that I could barely stream.
  190. (06:01:37 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah >_<
  191. (06:01:50 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It was a pretty unfortunate coincidence
  192. (06:01:56 AM) Syd: Only had a few people watching the finale stream for SoMI, and that went by without a problem.
  193. (06:02:34 AM) Krischev: Should play The longest journey some time if you havent
  194. (06:02:51 AM) Syd: I'm most comfortable with streaming LucasArts games since those are the ones I've played enough to have memorized.
  195. (06:02:56 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I think it's in the list of stuff we asked people to vote on
  196. (06:03:27 AM) Krischev: Where's the list?
  197. (06:03:34 AM) Gamnos: Cheeseness_netbook: didn't know, will take a look, thanks.
  198. (06:03:52 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: In the game club planning thread - I think I put a link on the botton of the stream page
  199. (06:04:10 AM) Krischev: i'll take a look later
  200. (06:05:08 AM) Gamnos: "Well" done (in time)!
  201. (06:05:58 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: I think we'll do the Eduardo dialogue and then call it a day :)
  202. (06:06:21 AM) Gamnos: Ok
  203. (06:06:38 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: It's lonely up here without Joey
  204. (06:07:05 AM) Syd: Don't have to wait for him to use the elevator, at least.
  205. (06:07:12 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: That's true
  206. (06:11:54 AM) Gamnos: Those movements with his feet are still amusing.
  207. (06:12:06 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: :)
  208. (06:12:45 AM) Peder: great.. forgot about the stream :(
  209. (06:13:11 AM) Syd: Aww. Well, it should get archived if you want to catch up later.
  210. (06:13:27 AM) Cheeseness_netbook: Yeah, I'm about to archive it :)
  211. (06:13:40 AM) Peder: yes, I watched part one earlier
  212. (06:13:47 AM) YossarianStrange left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  213. (06:14:00 AM) Krischev left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  214. (06:14:02 AM) Gamnos: Ch Thanks again. See you next week!
  215. (06:14:03 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty
  216. (06:14:06 AM) Cheeseness: No worries guys
  217. (06:14:08 AM) Cheeseness: Have fun :)
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