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  2. lirium["ro"].collect_fish = {}
  3. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.title_01 = "Fish Collector - %s "
  4. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.title_02 = "Fish Collector #%d"
  5. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_01 = "Every few levels Fish Collector will ask you [ENTER]to bring him couple fishes. [ENTER]Some of them he needs to precisely examine, [ENTER]so you are going to wait some time. [ENTER]Not every fish will be good  [ENTER]for the research. "
  6. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_02 = "Fish Collector calls you. He has for you a [ENTER]new quest. "
  7. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_03 = "Fishes are the symbol of strength. Thanks to them the strongest [ENTER]warriors could fight each other. [ENTER]They bring strength, stamina , and each of them has [ENTER]a different property. [ENTER]Help me. Bring me %s %d time/s. [ENTER]Let me closely examine this fish. [ENTER]Maybe I will be able to find some secrets. "
  8. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.chat_01 = "Your research time cooldown reset. "
  9. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.chat_02 = "Your success rate increased by 30%%. "
  10. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_04 = "Let's see what did you bring me. "
  11. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_05 = "This fish is great! "
  12. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_06 = "That's all I finished my research. "
  13. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_07 = "Please give me another fish. "
  14. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_08 = "Unfortunately this fish is bad. [ENTER]Please bring me a different one. "
  15. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_09 = "Come back with the fish. "
  16. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_10 = "I didn't finish my last research! "
  17. lirium["ro"].collect_fish.say_11 = "To finish remained %s. "
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