Jan 4th, 2013
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  1. Dsty: (GOD DAMMIT)
  3. Name: Lularia
  4. Race: Unicorn Pony (+Unicorn Telekinesis)
  5. Gender: Female
  6. Talent: CM is a red crescent moon (+2 to Blast)
  7. Class: Warlord
  8. Skills: Blast(1): Obviously Armored Enemies*, Spellbreaker(1), +Pet Mastery(x1), //Command [2 Pets]
  9. Alignment: Neutral Good (The Vigilant Moon)
  10. Weapon: Flamberge Greatsword (Power Attack)
  11. Armor: Custom steel plates with an insignia of the crescent moon at the front, hooded purple robes to shield from the sun
  12. Inventory: food, water, rope, sharpening kit, flint+tinder, bedroll
  13. Character Traits: a 'mission driven' unicorn who likes to request the aid of others for help when needed
  14. Character Looks: freakishly tall, I'm talking Fleur de Lis height
  15. INTENDED SKILL TREE: Spellbreaker(1), Improvise(1), +Pet Mastery(x1), +Defense Mastery(x2)
  16. *Obviously Armored Enemies: I'm talking chainmail, half-plate, full-plate things you would need to be blind to not see. not some wussy looking leather bindings or steel sholder pads.
  18. Groves:
  20. Name: Eira
  21. Race: Unicorn
  22. Gender: Female
  23. Cutiemark or Talent: A golden chalice (+2 to telekinesis)
  24. Class: Omniseer
  25. Skills: Sight Beyond Sight (0), ISC (1), Magic Bolt (1), Survival (1)
  26. Alignment: True Neutral
  27. Inventory (brief or detailed): Kukri knife Imperialism ho!, lantern, firemaking supplies, spyglass, flint and tinder
  28. Character traits (optional, just for roleplaying): A very adventurous pony obsessed with finding silver, gems, gold and other valuables.
  30. Nopo's character is bound to my character by life debt
  32. Nopony:
  34. Name : Cassie
  35. Race : Diamond Dog
  36. Gender : Female
  37. Class : Ranger
  38. Abilites : Martial Defender (1) Trick Shot - Poision (2) Supreme Survivor (0)
  39. Talent : Trick shot (+2)
  40. Alignment :Lawful Neutral
  41. Inventory : Long barreled rifle, basic supplies, worn leather west with straps and belts, beret
  42. Character traits: Hired paw and smuggler.
  43. After a job gone wrong and the pony Eira saving her life, she took it as a contract to save the pony's life back.
  44. She takes jobs and contracts given to her seriously, but she's rather relaxed in 'civil'.
  45. Prefers the company of other Diamond Dogs, can be snarky towards ponies.
  47. Nasse:
  49. Race: Unicorn
  50. Gender: Male
  51. Cutiemark or Talent: +2 to bluff
  52. Class: Bard
  53. Skills: Cheap Shot, Bluff, Terrify
  54. Alignment: True Neutral
  55. Inventory (brief or detailed): A pistol, a sword inside a walking cane, Pith helmet, British (officer's) red coat, dosh
  56. Character traits: A con-man, masquerading as a professor. Walrus mustache and sideburns.
  58. Sylt:
  60. Name: Sir Gaspard
  61. Race: Gryphon
  62. Gender: Male
  63. Cutiemark or Talent: Can apply "Friend on the other side" effect to inanimate objects, and commune is silent.
  64. Class: Voodoo Doctor
  65. Skills: Friends on the Other Side (MC), Commune (1), Raise Dead (1), ISC (1)
  66. Defense Rating: 0
  67. Inventory (brief or detailed): Cigars, glasses, "Thinking hat" that is actually his catalyst.
  68. Character traits and Alignment (optional, just for roleplaying): LN, a gryphon that wants himself to be a brilliant investigator, but only gains clues thanks to his ability in dark magic.
  70. Zulu:
  72. Name: Lightchaser
  73. Race: Pegasus
  74. Sex: Male
  75. Cutie Mark: A heart inside a sun (+2 to DDoM)
  76. Class: Pilgrim (Tracker/Cleric)
  77. Skills: Don’t Die on Me (class), Marksman Shot (1), Survival (1), Vantage Point (1)
  78. Weapon: Repeating rifle, sabre
  79. Other Equipment: Surgeon’s tools (catalyst?), violin (played poorly).
  80. Character Stuff: A former field surgeon in the Royal Guard, Lightchaser retired after growing sick of service in the colonies.
  82. Campfire:
  85. Name: Jumper
  86. Gender: Male
  87. Race: Earth pony
  88. Class: Omniseer
  89. Cutiemark: An outline of a pony jumping out of a silouette of a pony (+2 to Astral Projection)
  90. Skills: Farshight/Astral Projection (1), Sight Beyond Sight/Fourth Eye (0), Improved Spellcasting (1), Survival (1),
  91. Inventory: Deerstalker hat, jacket, short cape, brass horseshoes, small pouch of bits, magnifying glass (catalyst)
  93. Dawn:
  95. Name: Crowley
  96. Race: Earth pony
  97. Gender: Male
  98. Cutiemark: Marksman shot
  99. Class: Tracker
  100. Skills: Rapid barrage, Marksman shot and vantage point
  101. Weapon: Musket, rapider and daggers
  102. Alignment: Lawful neutral
  103. Inventory: Black suit, top hat, bandages, bullets and water.
  105. lemon:
  107. Name: Triple pony tails
  108. Race: crystal pony
  109. Gender: Female
  110. Cutiemark or Talent: A staff coiled by a snake (Increases all crit success to >8 while also increasing all crit failure to >3)
  111. Class: Trickster
  112. Skills: Crystal emotion (racial), Inspire(1), Stealth(1), Backstab(1) Ruse(class special)
  113. Alignment: CG
  114. Items: Knife, cutlass, crossbow, bolts, normal clothing, cape, oversize tricorne hat, saddlebag, notepad, ink, pen, bits, tindertwigs
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