/jc/ Etiquette Rules

May 8th, 2020
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  1. /jc/ Rules and Etiquette
  3. Welcome to /jc/, a place to talk about Jumpchain, share builds, make and share jumps, and generally have fun. Here's a list of rules you should follow for the sake of politeness and maintaining order in the thread.
  5. Rules
  7. Rule #0: When in doubt, Fanwank.
  8. -Sometimes you have questions about certain things. "Will X perk allow for Y interaction in a wholly unrelated jump to where you attained X" is the most common of such-in which case, this rule exists. This is *not*, mind you, telling you not to ask questions. If you genuinely don't know how something works, or are honestly curious about the how or why of things, feel free to ask. But if it's something obvious or something that depends highly upon opinion, this is where this rule comes in. Remember, at its core Jumpchain is a single-player imagination game or writing prompt; it all depends on *you*.
  10. Rule #1: If you ask "Jump When", and the jump is unclaimed, you're volunteering to make it.
  11. -There are a *lot* of Jumps in existence...but many, many more IPs out there that have yet to have a Jump made for it. This rule doesn't apply if you're genuinely unsure and asking if a given IP has a jump ("Hey, is there a [insert IP] Jump"?), but if you already know that a given property lacks a Jump, and nobody has claimed that IP to work on rectifying that, there's only one true solution there; if you want it done right, do it yourself. You're asking about it, so it's assumed that you have some desire for the Jump, knowledge of the setting, and care for the property. If all that's true, then why not give it a shot? You might make something truly fun!
  13. Rule #2: Claim Rules
  14. -/jc/ Has a system called "claiming" a Jump; this means that a given person is actively working on making a Jump for a given IP, and thus it would be highly rude to create a Jump for the same IP as it's akin to spitting on their work and effort. Claiming has some specific rules it follows as well, however. If a given person claims a jump, they should do so while wearing a username and a trip (to create a trip, put a # after your username followed by a password) so that shitposters or others can't easily imitate you. Further, it is assumed after you take a claim that you are actively working on it; if 3 to 6 months go by without any word from you, then the claim is considered dropped and the IP is free for others to work on.
  16. Rule #3: Duplicate Jumps and Remakes
  17. -Making duplicates or remakes of existing Jumps is a highly touchy subject in /jc/, however, it *is* permissable under certain circumstances. The main circumstance where making a duplicate or remake of a Jump is permissable is when a Jumpmaker, wearing their username and trip, gives their permission for such a thing to be done. It's recommended that one take a screenshot of the permission being given along with the date, time, and post number so that such things can't be falsified for the sake of shitposting. A lesser, secondary circumstance where making a duplicate is permissable is when a given Jumpmaker has permanently left the /jc/ community.
  18. -In either circumstance, there are still further considerations. It is considered extremely bad form and often outright shitposting if you take the previous jump and merely edit things in it, then call it a duplicate or remake; if you're going to remake a Jump, you have to actually *make* it, not steal it. Additionally, the title of your jump should be distinct in some way from the original; adding "remake", "[jumpmaker's name] Version", or the like often works.
  19. -Making "Replacement Jumps" is itself considered nothing but shitposting; "Replacement Jumps" are Jumps which exist purely to remove a pre-existing Jump, rather than create a new perspective for an existing IP that's not covered by the original Jump. Remakes and Duplicates *do not* have to replace existing Jumps and often don't; calling something a Replacement Jump is just shitposting.
  21. Rule #4: Have Fun, And Let Others Have Fun
  22. -Jumpchain is a single-player writing prompt/imagination game; *you* decide the story, *you* decide the rules in the end, *you* decide how you want to have fun. And at the same time, you can't stop others from having their *own* fun; for them, it's *their* story, *their* rules, and *their* fun. There is NO wrong way to have fun, but that also means that others are free to have fun in ways that are utterly contrary to how You have fun. The solution is simple in the end; let them. You are not them, and they are not you; you have fun in your own way, and they have fun in theirs. You might disagree with how they're playing their game, but that is their choice. It's only when they begin shitposting-forcing their views and fun on others-that it becomes a problem.
  24. Rule #5: For Everyone's Sake, Report and Ignore Shitposting Behavior
  25. -There are a *lot* of shitposting behaviours in the /jc/ community, and a number of dedicated anons who seek only to shitpost and tear down the community. Thus, the best thing to do to deal with this is simple; click on the triangle next to the post number of the shitpost, click on report, and report it.
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