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Celestia - Big Mac contest (PISS)

ShitPissWritefag Sep 20th, 2013 202 Never
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  1. >Celestia walked into her chambers, giving her guards strict orders not to enter, even if she could be in trouble.
  2. >She would need some private time for this, and she cast a privacy spell on her room.
  3. >The windows became tinted, and although she would still be able to see the outside world, none would be able to see inside.
  4. >She had just came back from a meeting, one that had narrowly escaped from intact.
  5. >The meeting itself was boring, the highlight of the event was one of the guards collapsing, bladder emptying itself after a brutal 12 hour shift.
  6. >The warm yellow liquid, draining from gaps in the armor...
  7. >Oh that sweet sweet nectar...
  8. >It was a closely guarded secret, not even luna knew.
  9. >Nobody knew about her watersports fetish.
  10. >Horn glowing, a picture of her bladder appeared before her.
  11. >It was her bladder, and it was brimming full.
  12. >She had already started leaking on her walk here, and it had since grown into a slight stream.
  13. >Shaking her flank, she felt the piss filled organ shake inside her, demanding relief.
  14. >She brought her hoof to her pussy, feeling the wet labia of her body.
  15. >Giving up all self control, her bladder erupted, sending a torrent of piss out of her.
  16. >He hoof somewhat blocking her pussy, forced the torrent to spray out in all directions.
  17. >The urine sprayed everywhere. The curtains, the walls, the floor, her bed, It did not matter to her.
  18. >Her hoof, fighting against the stream, began to work its way inside her pussy.
  19. >Slowly she began to pleasure herself, her hoof slowly making circles.
  20. >Using a bit of energy, she begins to force the urine out of her bladder, doubling the intensity of the stream.
  21. >She climaxes, sending a shower of magical sparks into the air.
  22. >Finally her flow slows, and she is left lying down in a pool of her own fluids.
  23. >After a few minutes, she gets up off the floor. Her coat has soaked up most of the fluid, but the smell still lingers in the air.
  24. >This was the glory of having the biggest bladder, her stream could not be rivaled.
  25. >Or maybe it could, having been the ruler of equestria for several thousand years, she got to see ponies change. See them adapt. See them evolve.
  27. >A quick flash of her horn sends a pulse throughout her kingdom.
  28. >It would penetrate every living pony, and show the average amount of fluid their bladder could hold.
  29. >Slowly but surely, numbers came.
  30. >Anything over a litre would come up, and anything under would be ignored.
  31. >A few ponies came up. Spitfire, Rarity, Luna...
  32. >Waiting for the spell, she begins to magic the liquid out of her coat and room.
  33. >Levitating the floating ball of cold liquid, she stares at it for a brief moment more.
  34. >And then she pours it into the toilet. Flushing it away forever.
  35. >The spell flashes dead, having done it’s job.
  36. >Looking over, she see’s only one more addition.
  37. >Big Mac.
  38. >2.7 litres.
  39. >That was the biggest bladder size there by far. Bigger than luna’s.
  40. >It might be even bigger than hers.
  41. >A wave of dread waved over her.
  42. >She loved her bladder, the feeling of it full, the release it gave her...
  43. >The idea that a simple mud pony could ever dare try to out do her!
  44. >A smile stretched across her face, she would put it to the test.
  45. >A contest.
  46. >Drinking as much as you could, and then being scored by how long you lasted, how big the stream, and by volume.
  47. >Yes, a contest would do nicely. Then she would see who has the largest bladder.
  48. >But for now she needed to practice. And have her engineers come up with a diluted liquid, one that would shorten the contest to no more than a few hours at best.
  49. >Soon, she would put Big Mac to the test.
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