Traveller Jump

Jan 4th, 2015
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  1. Traveller jump
  2. v0.12
  3. By Walkir
  5. It is the year 1,105 Imperial, 5,626 AD. The Fifth Frontier War is two years into the future. You will spend ten years here.
  6. Have Fun.
  8. You get +1,000 CP
  10. But first, your origin. Roll a d8 for each section or pay 100 to choose freely. Pick a polity afterwards for free. It makes sense to take one that has your species listed, but K’Kree better picking the great Herd and psionics being illegal in the Imperium, but the requirement for citizenship in the Consulate aside, you can choose freely.
  12. Homeworld
  13. Roll a 1d8 to generate one. Due to the size of the setting, this will be world types, not worlds.
  14. 1) Tourist Breadbasket – a sightseeing and farming world, shipping food to other worlds and is yet mostly untouched. Decent size and natural gravity, clean breathable air, enough water, enough land, a stable government and a population of only 10-100 million.
  15. 2) Factory world – an industrial and R&D powerhouse. If there is an atmosphere in the first place, it is heavily polluted, and the billion and more inhabitants living in the many cities subsist on imported or vat grown food. Many of these worlds never had an atmosphere, though.
  16. 3) Asteroid Belt – mines and homesteads dug into asteroid, relying on food imports. Many of these are also industrial.
  17. 4) Iceball – Think Hoth. At least it has some kind of atmosphere.
  18. 5) Desert world – Think Arrakis without the worms.
  19. 6) Water world – at least 94% of this is covered in water.
  20. 7) Free pick
  21. 8) Naval Depot – your home is the backbone of the sector Navy. Mines, factories, shipyards, naval R&D, weapon test facilities, food production and the workers needed to keep it autonomous and able to support most of a sector fleet even under siege. Little here is civilian.
  23. Species
  24. Roll a 1d8 to pick one. Gender is as you entered or free choice with alien species where this does not apply.
  25. This pick is mostly cosmetic as long as you don’t get a dolphin on a desert world or something.
  26. 1) Humaniti – be it Solomani, Vilani, Zhodani, a minor human race or a mix of it all, you are still a human being. Either a direct descendant of Terra, or one of the millions the Ancients displaced from there about 300,000 years ago, with some genemeddling and living on another world for all that time thrown in.
  27. 2) Aslan – a proud race of vaguely lion-looking warriors with fixed gender roles – men acquire land, women manage it.
  28. 3) Droyne – spread over the whole known space, the psionic Droyne are the last living remnants of the Ancients in this dimension. The Droyne race has six genders, wings and racial psionics.
  29. 4) K’Kree – Xenocidal Centaur herbivores that kill all omnivores and carnivores and go insane in small groups.
  30. 5) Vargr – Uplifted from Terran wolves by the Ancients, they live by charisma and success and have (generally short-lived) polities revolving about strong leasers, not owning land
  31. 6) Hiver – Mute starfish aliens running a large federation with many client species, masters of manipulation. Stopped K’Kree expansion
  32. 7) Free pick
  33. 8) Minor species – be it members of the Third Imperium like Bwaps, Vegans or uplifted Dolphins, independent species like the Darrians, Hiver Federation member species or Gas Giant dwellers like the Jgd-Il-Jagd, there are thousands of species not listed under another option.
  35. Major Polities
  36. See for borders and locations
  37. Third Imperium (all but Hiver or K'Kree)
  38. The first Imperium was founded on Vland in the 5th millennium B.C., then conquered by Terra in the 23rd century after 2 centuries of war. This Second Imperium, the Rule of Man, fell into anarchy in the 28th, until Sylea founded the Third in the 46th. It spans 11,000 worlds full of human and alien races.
  39. Peak TL 12, Fleet TL 12, average TL 10
  40. Driantia Zhdantia/Zhodani Consulate (Humaniti, Vargr, Droyne, minor)
  41. This roughly 8,000 year old polity spans 6,500 systems full of Zhodani (making it one of the most ethnically homogenous nations in known space) and aliens. The locals developed on Zhdant, a planet with Droyne colonies on its surface and one on its moon. It is ruled by a nobility, administered by a class of bureaucrats known as intendants and most of its population consists of subjects, as only nobles are citizens.
  42. Entry to the higher classes and as such careers is open to everyone, as the only thing you need to become a noble is be a strong psi, while intendants are weaker psis. Subjects and intendants proving their worth in the psionic games are promoted immediately.
  43. For the last roughly 5,000 years, the Consulate is organizing regular expeditions to the galactic core, driven by an ancient artifact showing the future.
  44. The latest expedition was launched in 750 and took fifty years for the round trip, including approximately ten years of exploration and research at its closest approach to the core, 5,000 parsecs from Zhdant.
  45. Peak TL 12, Fleet TL 11, average TL 9
  46. Solomani Confederation (Humaniti, Droyne, minor)
  47. The third largest human state, it theoretically covers a 50 parsec circle around Terra, but lost most of it, including Terra, to the Imperium. Nazi expy.
  48. Two Thousand Suns (K'Kree, minor)
  49. The great herd. Inabilities to work in small groups lead to a very wasteful military that somehow still manages to conquer much.
  50. Hive Federation (Hiver, Droyne, minor)
  51. A multiracial polity mostly concerned with keeping Hiver culture uniform. This involves a strong emphasis on keeping the member raaces content and keeping peace, as both are good for business, which is good for their culture.
  52. They are masters of manipulation, winning the Hiver-K'Kree War after losing every single battle. The
  53. K'Kree now stay away from their borders in fear.
  54. Aslan Hierate (Aslan, Droyne, minor)
  55. Dominated by clans that send out young men in groups known as Ihatei to fight for land, it is a late comer to the galactic scene, but constantly expands. Even if some of that expansion is only (sub)continents given in payment to Ihatei mercenaries.
  56. Vargr Reaches (all but K'Kree)
  57. Countless minor and major states, many of those sharing worlds as Vargr culture is centered about individual charisma, not land. This means that, from the many corsair captains plaguing every neighbor but the Zhodani to the leader of a nation, every Vargr raises and falls with personal successes and failures.
  58. Small fry
  59. From single planets over short jump chains to an independent subsector, Charted Space is big and full of life. Not even most of this is organized in one of the big nations. Also includes the Sword Worlds, the Darrians and such. They have a wild mix of TLs
  61. Occupation
  62. 1) Drop-In (free) – You wake up on your origin world’s starport as a drifter, cruising through charted space with your companions and gear
  63. 2) Noble (100) - from lowly administrator to powerful arch duke, they run the governments of charted space.
  64. Zhodani Nobles need psionics.
  65. 3) Military (100) – Navy, Army, Marines and their counterparts
  66. 4) Free trader (100) – picking up the scraps from megacorps, they are the lifeblood of worlds too poor to be worth a megafreighter stop and customers with small cargoes.
  68. Skills and perks
  69. Panimmunity treatment (100, free drop-in)
  70. This is a shot of nanites actively hunting down bacteria, viruses and other issues. They are often distributed by planetary UHC and military enlistment procedures to keep medical costs down afterwards.
  71. Education (100, free noble)
  72. The very best education the 57th century rich can afford.
  73. Martial training (100, free military)
  74. This covers martial arts training under several gravity levels, use of all kinds of slugthrower and energy weapons as well as a claymore.
  75. Negotiation (100, free free trader)
  76. You excel at buying cheap, selling expensive, greasing palms and glossing over problems.
  77. Piloting (200, discount drop-in)
  78. This allows you to pilot everything from a wheeled car over contragrav vehicles like an air/raft to starships and includes jumpspace navigation
  79. Administration (200, discount noble)
  80. You know how to administer everything from a small company to a planetary fief, including the knowledge of legal procedures
  81. Advanced military training (200, discount military; Zhodani need to be nobles for this)
  82. This covers the correct use of power armor, FGMPs and orbital drops.
  83. Broker (200, discount free trader)
  84. You are adept at playing the stock markets
  85. Engineer (400, discount free trader)
  86. You know how to maintain and calibrate vehicle and starship systems
  87. Gunner (400, discount military)
  88. Training in firing vehicle and starship weapons, including meson weaponry
  89. Ergonomics expert (400, discount drop in)
  90. You have studied alien technology from hundreds of species, figuring out how to adapt a product best for as many anatomies as possible without reducing usability and creating user interfaces using as little or as much senses as available without becoming an unusable mess. This even includes psionic switch technology and different habitats such as gas giants or underwater realms.
  91. Shugilii (400, discount noble)
  92. On ancient Vland, the Shugilii caste was responsible for making inedible life forms edible, guaranteeing the survival of the tribe. You know how to get rid of poisons and transform food into something edible for everyone you are processing it for.
  93. Psionics (600, required for Zhodani noble)
  94. You are strong enough to count as a Zhodani noble, this citizenship enabling you to serve in elite military units, the Thought police and the highest levels of bureaucracy. If you are no Zhodani, you have to deal with Imperial prejudices, but are trained just as well. This includes training in the use of psi drugs and equipment as well as the following skills; telepathy, the ability to see and hear things far away, life detection, emotion sense, mental attacks and shields, telekinesis, levitation, teleportation (See notes) and self-healing. It also upgrades one of your power armor with a psibernetic web allowing it to count as your body for teleport purposes.
  95. Traveller Engineer (400-600)
  96. You know how to design and build Traveller technologies, from compact and dirt-cheap anti-grav devices over reactionless drives, inertial dampers, nuclear dampers that no-sell nukes and radiation in their radius of operation (size, weight, cost and such double with every 5 mile increment), meson guns that ignore enough armor to fire through planets without hitting anything in the way, meson communicators ignoring the same amount of mass and yes, also the underwhelming FTL.
  97. Cost depends on the Tech level (see notes for specifics): 400CP for the Imperial Standard technology of GTL10, 500CP for the sustainable Zhodani maximum of GTL11 and 600CP for the best currently known by any major polity - GTL12.
  98. Innovative Anachronism (600, discount drop in)
  99. The Third Imperium spans 11,000 worlds, with tech bases from the Iron Age to the height of technology in Charted Space. While stone age worlds are shielded from visitors, these other world all possess a high tech starport, even if it is only a landing field and a modular cutter module, and the occasional ship, with at least their rulers being able to import imperial tech. You have seen hundreds of worlds, confronted with tech they might as well have considered magic, taking what they needed and integrating in into their societies. You have spoken to technology uplift specialists. It is now easy for you to integrate tech bases that most people would find incompatible and figure out what fits and what doesn't.
  100. Imperial Interstellar Scout Service (800)
  101. You are a retiree of the IISS, being "loaned" a Sulieman class scout ship you can use at your own leisure... as long as you report strange findings to your "former" organization. This gives you not only a ship, but a wide support network for the ship and a good reputation boost… inside the Third Imperium, at least.
  103. Gear
  104. TAS membership (free)
  105. You are a member of the Traveller's Aid Society for life. This is normally available for money or awarded for long service and something most serious Travelers in this Universe have - so multiversal Travelers get it as well. See notes for benefits.
  106. You can upgrade it for 50 points, getting access to detailed travel warnings about planets and a voucher for a free average long distance trip per month in any universe you are in where the tech level supports it.
  107. Credits (50)
  108. A million imperial credits (1 MCr) in whatever denomination your origin uses
  109. Air/raft (50)
  110. The basic sealed antigrav vehicle has four seats, life support for 2 person-days and two tons/0.32 dTon of cargo capacity. This is an upgraded version of the open topped design usually used.
  111. Psionic shield headgear (50)
  112. The only form of psionic technology legal in the Imperium and outlawed in the Consulate, this stylish headgear shields your mind against psionics.
  113. Vanderbilt-class Yacht (400, discount noble)
  114. See notes; +100 CP (same discount) for the ship’s boat
  115. Megacorp stock (200, discount noble):
  116. You have some stock invested in a megacorp of your choice. It is a tiny amount, not even granting you voting rights, but the annual dividend of Cr48,000 is enough to pay for one man-year of a Baron’s lifestyle.
  117. Modular Cutter (200, discount drop in)
  118. An advanced modular cutter and a single fitting module. Extra modules cost 50 each if you can store them usefully.
  119. Ship share (200, discount drop in and free trader)
  120. 100 MCr to spend on a space- or starship of your choice from the countless examples canon offers. Leftovers can be spent on upgrades or cargo.
  121. Power Armor (400, discount military)
  122. Imperial marines get Redding Assault dresses, Zhodani Consular Guard members the fitting power armor with psibernetic web.
  123. FGMP (400, discount military)
  124. You need sealed power armor to survive the radiation firing this exposes you to. Wearing armor does not help the target much.
  125. Sulieman Class (free with IISS) - you get Sulieman Class.
  127. Companions:
  128. Crew (400)
  129. You can import up to 8 companions, each of them gets a free background, everything free with it, a TAS membership and 200CP to spend.
  131. Drawbacks
  132. They allow for up to 600 extra CP.
  133. Crippled during character creation (-100)
  134. You have to deal with minor physical problems neither local science and medicine nor your gear and powers can fix.
  135. Blip (-200, -400 if psionically trained in this or an earlier jump )
  136. You are a telepath and an Imperial citizen. That makes you illegal and hunted.
  137. The Wormhole incident (200):
  138. You were inserted in the wrong time at the wrong place. If you have a ship, it jumped in into a freighter, destroying it in a freak incident. if not you somehow caused the loss of cargo otherwise. Whatever it was, the result is clear. Someone in Megacorp middle management lost megacreds, his career is damaged, and he is pissed. Expect your ship to be blacklisted with said corp, and their escorts to be allowed to shoot you. Stay the hell away from sanctioned trade wars. Or any major trade routes on the wrong side of the Imperium – or the whole Imperium, really.
  139. Core expedition (200):
  140. You were not inserted into a major power block, but find yourself on some random starbound world. In your dreams, you see strange ship ripping the heavens, but there is no way to travel the gulf between stars this world knows of. You are on a TL8 planet due to be visited by a Zhodani scouting expedition on its way to the core. You will never be able to go to the major powers and their riches during the jump. Instead, you will watch a system encounter the power of an 8,000 year old empire way higher on the technological ladder. If you ever wanted to know how Americans felt about Columbus – you are about to find out. And you better have a damn good immune system.
  141. Die during character creation (-300)
  142. You have to deal with major physical problems neither local science and medicine nor your gear and powers can fix.
  144. Notes:
  145. I am only familiar with GURPS Traveller, and somewhat with Mongoose Traveller, not with other rule systems, so these two will form the base for this jump.
  147. dTon:
  148. A displacement ton is the volume of ton of liquid hydrogen, the standard measurement unit of starships in Traveller. Generally 500cf or 14m³.
  149. Meson technology:
  150. Mesons have short half-lives, which can be prolonged to precise duration by accelerating them to relativistic speeds. Mesons do not interact significantly with other particles, and matter is therefore transparent to them. By controlling the velocity of the beam, the mesons may be caused to decay inside a target, producing intense radiation effects.
  151. They are used in uninterceptible communication that is not even blocked by a planet and weapons that ignore anything but a meson screen and are often deployed under several kilometers of rock and/or water as planetary defenses.
  152. Nuclear Damper:
  153. This device prevents fission reactions and radioactivity, helping to clean up fallout, suppress radioactive materials and make all fission (or fission-triggered fusion) bombs in their range into merely kinetic impactors.
  154. PGMP/FGMP
  155. The (Plasma/Fusion) Gun, Man portable’s name is a lie as you need power armor to both carry and use it. Only later TL versions with integrated antigrav systems allow the carrying part, but you still would not be able (or survive) firing it without that.
  156. All versions include a holographic HUD, a rechargeable power backpack(some power armor also includes a fitting power cord), the same surface features as the armor, a RAM grenade hardpoint, a laser sight, gyrostabilization and a smaller contragrav unit fighting recoil.
  157. They fire high-velocity plasma bolts, which splatters of targets and does somewhat reduced damage in a radius of 2 meters around the target. It also causes enough radiation to kill any user not wearing power armor while firing. The fusion version fires a plasma bolt – but here, it is undergoing fusion.
  158. Damage is about that of a TL9 starship turret laser.
  159. Tech levels:
  160. Tech levels (TLs) are a classification used by the Interstellar Imperial Scout Service used to give short hands for world descriptions. I am using GURPS Traveller levels (GTL) here.
  161. Meaning of a TL:
  162. GTL0: Stone Age
  163. GTL1: Bronze Age
  164. GTL2: Iron Age
  165. GTL3: Advanced Iron Age
  166. GTL4: telescope, advanced masonry
  167. GTL5. Newtonian mechanics, industrial revolution
  168. GTL6. Einsteinian Relativity, plastics and other synthetics, internal combustion, radio
  169. GTL7: High Energy physics, fission power, computers, DNA discovered
  170. GTL8: Quantum, physics and relativity reconciled, gravity manipulation, jump tech early adopters, earliest nanotech, superconductors, ubiquitous computing, first reactionless thrusters, particle beam guns, genome mapping, first gene therapy, arcologies
  171. GTL9: jump drive is a mature technology, crystalline iron, first fusion, holographic media, mature reactionless thrusters, slugthrower technology perfected, infantry laser arms, plasma cannons, nanosurgery, implants can mesh with the body, clone transplants, practical weather control, offworld colonies
  172. GTL10: Manipulation of strong and weak nuclear forces, mature nanotech, mature fusion, AIs, antigrav vehicles replace every, practical nanosurgery, mature power armor, x-ray lasers, PGMP, Nuclear Damper, meson weapons, medical brain implants, grav cities, advanced ecosystem reconstruction.
  173. Peak computer
  174. GTL11. Artificial gravity usable at range, Desnitometers, reinforcing electron bonds, real-time translation, convincing humanoid robots, first meson communication, FGMP, antimatter warheads as standard, FGMP, ecopoiesis
  175. Peak life support, fusion power and sensor technology.
  176. GTL12. First theory reconciling real space and jump space, large-scale production of antimatter, mature meson communication, reliable longevity and panimmunity treatments, brain implants, (relatively) fast terraforming
  177. Peak reactionless drive technology
  178. GTL13: Incremental improvements, ships last millennia instead of only centuries, chrysalis machine, meson turrets, teleporters, tractor/pressor beams.
  179. No civilization with this exists, although the Darrians reached it before they poked their sun too much…
  180. Above that: Ancient Artifacts that might as well be magic, and are often considered this by lower tech civilizations.
  183. Teleportation:
  184. This allows to teleport yourself and gear, with changes in potential energy being taken from body temperature - this can kill you or make you a vegetable! Max range 300 miles to the side and 600 yards up or down. You need to see where you're going as well - clairvoyance counts.
  186. Jump Drive:
  187. Rated in their range in parsec (jump-X having a maximum range of X parsec per jump), limited to a certain ship volume (in dTon) and requiring a lot of hydrogen fuel, this is the only form of FTL in the setting. It can no operate inside of 100 diameters of a large gravity well, which has to be taken into account, and jumps the ship using it into another dimension known as jumpspace. It spends a week (168 hours +/-10%) regardless on distance – an Earth-Mars jump takes as long as one from Earth to Alpha Centauri.
  188. Meson technology
  189. Meson technology, used for weapons and communications, uses Mesons. These have short half-lives, which can be prolonged to precise duration by accelerating them to relativistic speeds. Mesons do not interact signicantly with other particles, and matter is therefore transparent to them. By controlling the velocity of the beam, the mesons may be caused to decay inside a target, producing intense radiation effects.
  190. This means the weapon ignores all armor besides Meson screens, and it is not uncommon to use meson batteries under mountains or oceans as planetary defenses.
  191. It also means every ship or station big enough to mount a spinal meson gun can fire through planets without hitting anything in the way of the beam.
  192. Vanderbilt:
  193. A typical ship used by planetary nobles, interstellar diplomats and corporate execs. The 200 dTon body holds 15 staterooms, including a suite for the owner and a lounge, resulting in 30 beds, a sickbay, a bay for a 30 dTon ship's boat (costs another 100), 5dTon cargo space (+6 in the 2 turrets) and a spacedock with 7.5dTon capacity. Crew is 9 (captain/pilot, navigator, sensor/comms, 2 stewards, medics and engineers each) Jump-3, 1.1G, minimum armor to survive reentry.
  194. Ship's boat:
  195. A streamlined 30dTon hull, this is intended to shuttle between a world with noticeable atmosphere and an unstreamlined ship. It has a crew of three, room for 96 passengers (life support for 24 hours) and 8.5 dTon of cargo room (doubled if the passenger couches are folded in). This way, it can transport 42.5 (85 doubled) tons of cargo. Its drives push 1.7 gravities and it has the minimum armor to survive reentry.
  196. Sulieman:
  197. The Sulieman class is one of the most common ships in Imperial space, and selected retired Scouts receive one, free to use it for any legal pursuit.
  198. It has a streamlined 100 dTon hull, a dock for an air/raft, a J2 drive with fuel, 2 fuel processors, 4 staterooms, a 12.5dTon cargo hold and a turret (with a 3 dTon cargo hold, no weapon). Its drives push 1.7 gravities and it has twice the minimum armor to survive reentry. Crew is usually 3 (captain, co-pilot, engineer), but can be reduced to 1 if that person has the relevant skills.
  199. TAS:
  200. A TAS membership includes access to member hostels in all Class V starports, access to the Traveller News Service as well as Travel Zone advisories and a free middle passage each month, redeemable on any starship line or for Cr1,575 each month. For comparison, an above-average lifestyle is Cr1,000 per person and month.
  201. In non-SF settings, the trip vouchers the upgraded version grants will always be accepted and cover airplanes, ships or whatever the longest method of mass tourism is. Travel warnings are for other continents if there is one planet only.
  203. Money after the jump:
  204. The megacorp stock dividend from will follow you through other jumps, allowing yourself to live a luxurious life comparable to a board member of a major corporation.
  205. Companions will only be covered by this if they are assigned positions as servants, and even then buying the TAS upgrade will be a much better choice for their lifestyle. Or you just get the million credits and use it to pay that if it is only intended to cover this single jump.
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