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Aug 29th, 2020
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  1. Update 29/08/20:
  2. Well, this is a commentary I have to make about the HUD and the problem that I had in those last months. Which is entirely the HUD itself. How is this? I started this HUD from scratch of Garm3n 8MG and 7MG as a combination, there are problems that bothered me this last months
  3. (For example: The QUIT button dialog and many other stuff)
  5. 1.- "Changing" things (such as borders, fonts) completely changed the HUD. Making many things such as texts, make overlap with other stuff and many stuff look ODD. And in the lastets updates, I had to improve for fastest updates.
  7. 2.- The customization
  8. My main focus on this HUD, was that I WANT IT to make full customizable. But yeah, that wasnt a big deal on the first updates, but the thing that make me realize that it was going to far was the addition of the second HUD folder. Again, this wasnt a big deal. But, this combined with the first problem I mentioned, made everything WAY harder. Example? The HUD having over +1900 files.
  10. So... what I have decided is that I have to rework everything on the HUD. Which can take some months of progress.
  12. I know saying this is pretty unnecesary but I REALLY wanted to take this out of me.
  13. Thank you for readying.
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