Celestia Greentexts: Sing for Me

Apr 5th, 2015
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  1. "So princess, I hear you're a pretty good singer."
  2. >She cocks her head.
  3. >"Is that so? Where did you hear that from?"
  4. "Your guards. They say you sing beautifully in the bath every day."
  5. >She waves her hoof with a slight blush.
  6. >"Well, I do sing in the bathtub, but I don't know about the 'beautifully' part."
  7. "Aw come on, you've probably got the voice of an angel. Your speaking voice is already nice and soothing."
  8. >She chuckles.
  9. >"Oh please, Anonymous, now you're just being nice."
  10. "Why would I just say that? I'm serious, princess. Why not give me a test run on your singing voice?"
  11. >She hums in thought.
  12. >"I suppose I could sing a bit if you really want me to."
  13. "Perfect! Why not start with some pitch practice?"
  14. >She clears her throat, then points her hoof out to indicate how high or low she's going.
  15. >"Ahhhh," she lifts her hoof, and her pitch follows, "Ahhhhh," more lifting, "Ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh," it goes lower slowly as does her voice, "Ahhhh..."
  16. >She opens her eyes and looks at you with an expectant look on her face.
  17. >"How was that?"
  18. "Beautiful," before she says anything, you interrupt her, "And don't give me that modest 'It wasn't that good' garbage. Seriously, you've got nice pipes."
  19. >"Actually, I was going to say 'thank you', Anonymous," she tells you with a sly grin.
  20. >Assuming makes an ass out of u and me.
  21. "Right...so, what songs do you regularly sing in the tub?"
  22. >"Nothing in particular. I just trail off with 'las' and 'doos'."
  23. >She clears her throat again.
  24. >"La, la, la, laaaaa~"
  25. >Each "la" was higher in pitch than the last.
  26. >Her voice was pure bliss, a combination of milk, honey, and perfection.
  27. >Once she stops singing, she speaks again.
  28. >"I will admit, though, there are times when I catch myself singing songs from that...device you have."
  29. "Oh, my MP3 player?"
  30. >"Yes, that."
  31. "Since when do you listen to my MP3 player?"
  32. >"When you're not looking," she coyly admits. "By the way, some of your music is rather, well, gloomy."
  33. "Those are old songs I had when I was going through a phase. Pay them no mind, princess."
  34. >"Actually, I like some of them, though I just don't care for their messages."
  35. "Like which ones?"
  36. >"I liked that one called 'Pareidolia'. Compared to some of your other songs, it was much softer."
  37. >She cleared her throat again.
  38. >"It all ends so painfully and slow, my pare-i-dollliaaa!"
  39. >Though the lyrics were odd to hear coming out of Celestia's mouth, she nonetheless nailed the rhythm of the song as if she knew every piece of it.
  40. >Not to mention she'd do a great cover with her voice.
  41. >"The loneliness is only missed when I am alone~ Ooohhhh~"
  42. >She stopped herself after the last note.
  43. >"I should really stop," she says, smiling, "it doesn't help the song get out of my head."
  44. "Well, think about another song you liked."
  45. >"Hmm...oh, there was another one I liked."
  46. >She takes a short breath before beginning.
  47. >"It's so far, so far away. It's so far, so far away."
  48. "Jose Gonzalez?"
  49. >"I do believe that was the artist's name."
  50. >She starts again.
  51. >"Who are you trying to impress, steadily creating a mess?"
  52. >She finishes with a wide smile.
  53. >"It's such a nice, slow song."
  54. "I take it you like slow music?"
  55. >She nods. "A lot of that high energy rock you have would be more suited for Luna, I'd think."
  56. "Luna likes rock?"
  57. >"Yes, she does. Ironically, despite being something of an ancient pony, she's taken to modern music greatly."
  58. "You think she's as good a singer as you?"
  59. >The princess thought on that for a moment, looking up at the ceiling.
  60. >"I don't know. Why not ask her guards?" she told you before chuckling.
  61. >You turn in the opposite direction and head towards the Lunar guard barracks.
  62. "Maybe I will," you reply jokingly.
  63. >"Be sure to tell me what they think," she says before walking off. "Calling to the night. To be, or not to be, fighting here~"
  64. >You should share your music with her more often.
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