A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Trucy TF) Chapter 2

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  1. I am glad that this is happening. Maybe now as the writer of this word, I can have a bit more fun. Now time to get back to narrating this—
  3. *Flash*
  5. What was that!? Who dares to attack god!? I will erase you from existence if you don’t show yourself right now!
  7. An eerie voice could be heard, “We don’t need any of that. Do we?” The sound getting closer to me
  9. I am one and I am all! Do you think you could overpower me?!
  11. I again hear the voice, “For the most powerful being, it’s quite odd that my attack hit you when you are everywhere. Wouldn’t you say?”
  13. Who is this? Sounds like a woman, but I can’t really tell. Who are you!?
  15. “Let’s just say me and you are quite familiar with each other. That’s all I will reveal for now. Onto more pressing matters. I see that you are trying to tell a single boy’s life. How about we change that for the time being?” She tried to negotiate with me??
  17. Who are you to command god!?
  19. “Wouldn’t god be an overstatement? And when did I command you? I just politely asked. Don’t worry. It will only be for…how do you put it? Oh, this chapter.” She said to me.
  21. And may I ask how might you be able to stop me?
  23. The voice drew extremely close, “To talk to you shows how much power I have. Maybe even more. Now rest a bit so called ‘god’”
  25. What!? No! Noooo…
  27. “Heheh. Time to let that boy tell the story this time. The ‘god’ wasn’t wrong though. This might be interesting.” The voice faded out.
  30. I continued running through the forest. I was yelling aloud in my new sweet voice not caring if anyone were to hear or see me. “How did this happen? All I did was put on the Magatama! I know I saw a flying ice-cream truck today, but how did I just transform into a girl? Especially one from my video game? I just need to calm down for a second!”
  32. I stopped and took a deep breath, but ended up choking at hearing the sound of my voice again. I started coughing and hit my chest a few times just above my new breast. When I was done hacking away, I said, “Let’s try that again.”
  34. I started again and made sure not to be so surprised this time that I would end up choking again. I closed my eyes and calmed down a bit. “Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. That’s much better. Now I can collect my thoughts.”
  36. I started to think about all the events that just happened. So I go out for a walk by the demand of my mom to get some exercise. A water balloon hits me then Dick get’s a flying ice-cream truck dropped on him from mouthing off. He didn’t seem dead from that as well. He may have been hurt to the point that he fainted, but there wasn’t even any blood, which is odd just like that whole event. Maybe there was some supernatural force that did it? It’s not entirely out of the question. In fact, that may just easily sum up that event. I then go for a walk into the forest and find a Magatama that is an exact replica to the one that Maya wears from the game I was just so conveniently playing. That supernatural force could probably explain that. And yet it doesn’t make sense. I’ve never heard of an E.S.P. power that could change others genders. I’ve heard of telekinesis in which a person can move things with their mind, but that’s it.
  38. I yelled out, “Gah! This is so confusing! It’s not like I’m in an anime or video game. This is real life! Maybe the internet will explain something to me.” I started running again, but I just remembered something. My mom is home.
  40. What should I do? Maybe I should quickly run upstairs. I will try to keep my voice as low as possible and say hi. Hopefully she doesn’t catch on. There’s no telling what she would do if she found a random woman in her house in this getup. I love Maya and all, but her outfit is so suspicious and out there. You wouldn’t see someone wearing a kimono at this time of day or year. Heck, this country doesn’t have any of those types of events. If all else fails, I say I’m his girlfriend. I mean my girlfriend… This is making my head hurt again. She would probably not believe me, but when she sees the clothes I’m wearing, I could say him and me are going to a convention and are going to cosplay. That could work. I really hope it does.
  42. I decided to talk out loud again to try to make myself less anxious. “Don’t worry Chug. You have gotten through worst times...I take that back. You will be able to pull throu—” I was interrupted by the fact that I tripped over something and landed face first into a tree. “…Ow…”
  44. I slowly fell away from the tree and fell on my butt. My butt didn’t hurt as much with the extra layer of fat that was added. So far that is the first positive thing I have thought about being a girl. My butt is a cushion.
  46. I look back to see what made me trip. I notice that there was a stick layaing on the ground. There were multiple, but this one stood out. It was perfectly straight and looked like it was carved. It sort of reminded me of the want item that Trucy Wright used in the Ace Attorney games. Must’ve been my imagination even though I’ve already stumbled upon Maya’s Magatama necklace.
  48. I change my attention to my cheeks when I feel something trickle down one of them. I assume that it was a tiny bit of water left from before the transformation happened. I quickly rub it off my cheek to notice that there was something red on my hand. “Oh. I must of started bleeding from the impact. Too bad there is nothing around here to lesson the bleeding.” I thought for a second, and then remembered that I have the Magatama.
  50. I grabbed it and pondered for a few seconds. “It’s worth a try. If this was able to transform me into a girl and even take away anything that was wet and completely dry me off, then who’s to say that it can’t heal a small wound of mine?”
  52. I gripped my new necklace tighter and closed my eyes. I focused on only my small wound and nothing else. All of a sudden I got this pleasant feeling where the wound was and the wetness on the cheek disappeared. I opened my eyes and noticed that I was not bleeding anymore. The wound completely healed itself.
  54. I was so excited that I said, “Wow! This necklace is amazing!” I then look at my hand to see that there was no blood on it as well and became a little worried. “I hope that the blood doesn’t just disappear and goes back to where it first was.”
  56. After a few minutes, I was finally out of the forest. I squinted my eyes in preparation for the sun’s beaming light, but was meet with just a small ray. I quickly looked around and noticed that the sun was close to setting. It took me a few seconds to register that. I quickly fumbled for my phone. I turned it on and read the time. It was 6:30 pm.
  58. My mind went blank for a second. Even more than when I was trying to make it empty. She said I needed to be back home around 5:00. “Oh Sh*t! I am late! My mom is probably flipping out right now!”
  60. I ran home and slowly approached the door. I reached my hand out shakily towards the knob, but quickly retracted it. I whispered to myself, “There must be something I can do.” I thought about it. “Maybe I can you the Magatama to transform back. Let’s do it.”
  62. I concentrated on what my body used to look like. This time it was easier to concentrate with how many times I’ve done it in the last day. After about a minute of nothing happening, I gave up. “Damn. It must not work. Maybe it would work if I took a character from the Ace Attorney series.”
  64. I thought about it for a couple minutes, but no one could come to mind except a single person. Maybe I should transform into Trucy Wright? I saw what looked like her wand in the forest making it hard to forget about her. I don’t know if I can change into a male, but any male would be suspicious in my mom’s eyes since I would have never brought over anyone like them as well as the fact that I can think of no males in the franchise at the moment that are around my age. My only chance right now is to transform into a more normal looking girl who could pass off for my girlfriend. I guess Trucy fits that description.
  66. “Let’s get this over with.” I gripped onto the necklace and closed my eyes. I made a mental picture of Trucy in my mind and focused only on that. The Magatama glowed and my transformation started. This time I knew I was transforming since I new pleasant feeling went across my body. Well, it’s an assumption, but the same thing happened in the forest as well with the scratch so I’m probably right. Or I should say Wright.
  68. The first change was my height. I shrank quite a bit earlier, but that just continued in this transformation albeit not as much. I went from five feet and one inch tall to a smaller height of four feet and nine inches tall. I shrunk by about half of what I shrunk earlier. My body altered a bit. I hips and waist were about the same I assumed since I didn’t feel much happen there. My breasts grew about half a size larger to a healthy average B-cup. My arms felt shorter, but nothing too noticeable compared to my last transformation.
  70. My face felt like it was about to change next. It is probably what would have the biggest difference. My eyes stung for a brief moment, but seized. I assumed it was their color. I felt my skull change, but not that much. It still kept it’s feminine appearance, but changed into that of another face. My hair rose a bit, but stayed along my back. It probably got a bit shorter by now and I can assume that the color is going to change as well.
  72. I open my eyes to witness my new body. It was cute, but why the extra size in breasts? I also notice that my hair was in fact shorter and was now brown. It makes it harder to run. I noticed that I was still wearing Maya’s clothes and thought that they wouldn’t change this time. I was mistaken because just as I finished that thought, they began to change color. The piece of clothing from the kimono that was originally made up of my shorts and shirt started to turn black. The massive ribbon undid itself and separated into 6 pieces. Four of those piece which were the size of buttons, attached themselves to my new garment and hardened into and changed color to gold diamonds. The second last piece being bigger than the other four turned blue and transformed into a bag and wrapped itself around my upper hips. At the same time, the vest like piece of clothing also started to change color going to a shade of sky blue. It then started to turn into that of a cape so to speak and had the four symbols on the end that resembled those you would see on cards. It finished changing when a blue crystal appeared in the front to keep the whole thing over my shoulders. The last piece stayed the same color and tied itself around my neck. The hair ornaments disconnected from my hair and all, but the big one were turning into one object. The object being a big blue top hat. The other piece turned gold and became an earing that hung from my left ear. It didn’t even sting at all. My sandals turned white and lengthened up my legs and covered my feet. I looked at my hands to see white gloves magically appear on them out of thin air. Last, but not least, a little wand like the one I saw in the forest appeared in my right hand.
  74. Now that I look at myself, I am the spitting image of Trucy Wright. “Wow! Does this work for all the females in the game? I will have to experiment later, but for now I need to reach my computer.” I quickly put my wand in the new bag I got. Sure is handy.
  76. I notice I am still wearing the Magatama necklace. “Maybe I should put this in the bag for now as well.” I stuff it in and close the bag.
  78. I am hesitant too, but I knock on the door. I hear quick footsteps. Man I must’ve made her worry.
  80. When my mom opens the door, I said, “Hi there! I am just here to meet—“
  82. She cut me off. “Trucy where have you been all this time!? I’ve been worried sick about you! You know it’s now 8:00! You weren’t evenanswering your phone!”
  84. I was confused once again. Not because of the massive change of time from before the transformation and now, but another thing. “Umm…Can you tell me who I am?”
  86. My mom looked confused and said, “That’s a stupid question. You are my daughter who I love so much, Trucy Gaaconroy!”
  88. Oh boy. What happened to my life!?
  91. To Be Continued…
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