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  1. My interest in Law stemmed from an early age. As a child, watching crime documentaries was one of my favourite pastimes as I was incredibly fascinated at how law kept the world in order.  I am intrigued at how the foundation of our country adapts to the changes in our society, making it an extremely interesting subject for me. I consider myself to be a good prospect to the area of law as I take pleasure in undergoing work which raises social issues in today’s society and have a keen interest in current affairs. This area of work requires much confidence and determination, two qualities which I feel I do not lack. I believe I would be well suited in such a competitive yet thrilling area of study and work.
  2. Throughout my life I have both been chosen and volunteered to take up various positions of responsibility doing different work, which has helped build my character and has given me the experience to pursue a degree in Law. During my 2 years as a GCSE student, my friends and I volunteered to take part in the “Prince’s Trust Community Cash” scheme. Using a grant given to us by the Prince’s Trust, we chose to aid our local community by teaching primary school children with learning difficulties and additional needs. This was something I enjoyed greatly as I learnt a lot about being in a position of responsibility and it was a very fulfilling experience. For our work, my friends and I were nominated for an award at the Prince’s Trust awards ceremony in November 2009. During my time in secondary school, I was chosen to become a member of the “National Academy of Gifted and Talented Youth”, a project set up by the University of Warwick to honour the highest achievers in secondary school around England. Through this, I took part in extra-curricular activities set up by the University of Warwick. This helped me broaden my horizons by meeting people from all walks of life, and learning about University from an early age. I also volunteer for the charity “Angels of Brazil” which aims to help orphaned kids in Brazil by providing them with the chance to get an education by building schools for them. I help by organising fundraisers to pay for the facilities we aim to build for them. Finally, as part of my school’s community service program, I have chosen to help teach kids in a Key Stage 3 Maths class. All in all, I feel that these experiences have helped shape me as a person and given me many key skills to use in the future.
  3. As a Sixth Form student, I study Law, ICT, Mathematics and Physics. Despite being challenging subjects, I felt these would be the subjects that would benefit me most in my future endeavours. Outside of school, I enjoy indulging in various activities. I am very interested in the world of technology; keeping up with the latest developments and new releases is something that attracts me a lot. Similarly, keeping up with current affairs is something I do. I also enjoy taking part in gaming competitions and conventions both nationally and internationally. Because of this, travelling around the world seeing new places and meeting new people is a great passion of mine.
  4. I hope to use this opportunity to acquire a degree in Law, thus aiding me in my dream of becoming part of such an important area of work. When it comes to law, I believe the sky is the limit hence why I would not mind specialising in any sector of it. However, I do hope to one day become a Barrister and I even hope to create my own legal firm. Either way, I believe with my determination and passion a degree in Law is undoubtedly the best next step for me.  
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