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Besties on a bench

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  1. [21:59] A tan boy in a straw hat approaches a drakan girl sitting on a bench.
  3. "Yoo! You're new around here, right?" he asks with a happy and welcoming tone.
  4. (Sugarboy)
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  7. [22:03] Blinking as she looked around, unsure where or how to get home from here. But she may as well stay off of her feet for now, so much adventures had already occurred during her first hunt for boar.
  9. Though, a stranger would approach, looking to them, their intentions were clear and with such, would simply make her smile. Leaning in to boop their nose with the tip of her index claw before placing the same hand upon her chest. "Euyitl." Then placing the same hand upon his chest, curious as to what his name was.
  11. "Mh, Euyitl new. Strange." She'd look around with that last word, emphasizing her confused state for these parts of Agartha.
  12. (Euyitl)
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  15. [22:08] The human boy doesn't seem offput at all by what some may see as an invasion of personal space, instead he just giggles. "My name? I'm Sugarboy! I've been around here for almost two years, but I still kinda feel like a stranger round here myself." he says sympathizing with the Drakan's feeling of lostness.
  17. He takes a seat beside her, his movements are relaxed and fluid, "Huangzhao is kind of a strange place, but it's pretty dope. They have a dojo if you're into sparring, and one of the most beautiful beaches on the continent. And aside from all the vampires around, it's a pretty safe place."
  18. (Sugarboy)
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  21. [22:12] She'd giggle herself. "Sugarboy best friend." Pulling them into a hug and swinging them side to side, not quite considering if she was invading personal space, she didn't know what that meant really.
  23. Soon releasing him as she'd respond. "Euyitl think Cruxatl is pretty. Lots tree's and boar. Hm... What Vampires?" She'd ask, scooching a bit closer as she certainly was eager to find out what that name meant. Was Ceridor one?
  24. (Euyitl)
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  27. [22:27] Sugarboy is a bit surprised by the sudden hug, no one had even offered one to him the full two years he had been here. Despite this, he'd happily accept it, hugging her tightly, his smile growing as she mentions best friends.
  29. "Yo! Euyitl is my best friend too!" He says accepting her friendship with vigor. "Cruxatl?" He pauses, thinking for a moment and listening to her description. "That's the place with the big pyramid thing, right? Right on the Diamond lake? If it's the place I'm thinking of I gotta agree, it is super pretty. I actually got two pork legs on me if ya wanna share.." He says reaching into his pack and pulling the two out, offering one to her. It would be wrapped in a leaf so it'd keep better.
  31. He takes a bite out of his, food still in his mouth he'd keep babbling, "Vampires are monsters that look like us, but they're dead- undead technically I guess. Anyway- they're not alive is the big thing, but they live off sucking blood from good people like Sugarboy and Euyitl." He says placing a hand on his chest when he says his name, and places a hand gently on hers.
  33. "They've been really mean recently, trying to steal people and force them to become vampires, which is really really bad. It's been harshing my mellow personally, I used to be able to run from here to Crafthold without having to worry about 'em. But now I can't even go a little north without getting ambushed by a pack.." Sugarboy's smile falters a bit, his free spirit was getting restless inside these walls. He'd shake his head, glancing over at Euyital and how they became fast friends, his smile would return. "But yeah, if you need anymore reason why vamps aren't good dudes, three of them attacked me and a friend, wanting to take us to be turned into their slaves. When my friend and I tried to fight them, they ripped my friend's eyes out of his head and took his really snazzy hat. And they boiled all the blood in me, I couldn't think straight let alone walk in a straight line.. So yeah, vamps are not friends."
  34. (Sugarboy)
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  37. [22:30] {Item} You drop Pork x1.
  38. [22:51] She'd smile even brighter to hear him say that too, especially those regarding Cruxatl's beauty. She couldn't agree more. "Mhm! Oh-" Blinking as he'd present a pork leg for her, she'd take it happily and begin nibbling at the meat. "Much thank, Sugarboy!"
  40. A friendship made with a meal always felt like the best. Though she'd continue to listen to his words, nodding subtly to reassure him that she was listening. Curious if Ceridor was one of these, she couldn't help but find out in the most ridiculous way... Yet the safest way.
  42. Her attention shoots back at Sugarboy as his hand is placed on her chest, no one hadn't done that before. The only thing that covered her chest were the feathers she intentionally manifested to be there, for a reason. Blinking, the Wind Drakanite had a rather large bust. But that certain intention didn't seem to click, only making her smile to see him accept her as a friend as well!
  44. "Hm... Mei say story to Euyitl. Euyitl sorry for them hurt Sugarboy and friends." nodding as a little pout forms upon her lips. "Euyitl will remember, mhm."
  45. (Euyitl)
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  48. [22:58] He waves his hand dismissively when she apologizes about getting hurt. "Don't worry about it, it's just another reason to get stronger, right? To make sure they never hurt me or /any/ of my friends ever again" He puts an emphasis on any and smiles at her in a way to make sure she knows that includes his new Drakanite bestie.
  50. He'll cock his head to the side curiously when Euyital mentions Mei's story, "A story huh? Wanna share it with me?" he asks eager to hear it, eating more of the pork leg and listening to his friend intently.
  51. (Sugarboy)
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  54. [23:04] Nods though, she'd look elsewhere, a bit disappointed in herself. "Euyitl admit need someone to be stronger... Euyitl not sure if can be better in head... Or arms." She'd admit.
  56. "Mei say same story as Sugarboy." She'd say while looking to her left, through the tree's. "Euyitl should go home..." Looking back to Sugarboy. "Can Euyitl go home?" A yawn soon disrupts her, a clawed feathered hand reaches to rub her eye. "Euyitl sleepy."
  58. Leaning over while scooching, she'd situate herself to rest against Sugarboy's shoulder. "Sugarboy warm and comfy."
  59. (Euyitl)
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  62. [23:18] Euyital would get closer to the tanned magi, and he wouldn't stop her. He'd throw his arm around her to make the position more comfortable for the both of them. The teen had never been this close to someone, even if it was platonic, it gave him great peace. The storm of restlessness and mild frustration he felt from being trapped in the walls of Huang seemed to fade away as he sat and talked with the clueless drakanite. He actually blushes when Euyital mentions how comfy he is. This must've triggered the mana from his blood magic, because his overall body temperature would raise only becoming warmer as they cuddled on the bench.
  64. The shaggy haired lad would take a moment, enjoying the situation and trying to regain some composure so he wouldn't be a total fucking dork when he opened his mouth again.
  66. "Home? It'd be really dangerous to go out on your own.." He says, as if debating escorting her himself. He'd shake his head, as if trying to shake it out of his head. "Why where you sitting here on this bench anyway? Were you waiting for someone?" His voice softens to be easier on the winged girl's tired ears.
  67. (Sugarboy)
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  70. [23:22] Taro Wvelven asks, "......?"
  71. [23:22] "Mei say to stay here until Euyitl is better. Does Sugarboy have home?" She'd ask, looking up to catch a glimpse of his face, smiling sweetly as ever. "Euyitl will be okay, Would not wish for Sugarboy to be in risk of getting hurt too, mhm."
  73. Hugging his arm with both of her own as she'd grow even more comfortable. Yawning again as a hand lifts to rub her eyes before closing both, growing even nearer to sleep. "Euyitl sleepy."
  74. (Euyitl)
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  77. [23:30] The teen shakes his head, a bit embarrassed. Getting a house had been on his to do list, but he didn't think he'd actually need it until now. "I don't... But I do know a place with a bed we could crash at- I'm sure it'd be even more comfortable than this bench." He says with a warm smile. "Let me take you there before you pass out." Sugarboy carefully stands up from the bench, his arm gingerly slipping out from her grasp. Now the teen wasn't the strongest by any means, but all the running across the continent and carrying a buttload of ore made him stronger than what other might think. He'd slip an arm under her legs and another around her shoulder as he'd pick her up, cradling her in his arms.
  78. (Sugarboy)
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  81. [23:42] Nodding, she'd drape her arms around his neck as he'd carry her within his grasp. Brushing her head against his chest as she'd simply let him do so. "Okay. Bed sounds comfy... And warm." She'd admit with a smile, even if she was comfortable with sleeping outside, she wouldn't complain at all for a bed.
  82. (Euyitl)
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  85. [23:48] Sugarboy would carry his new friend into town with ease. His relaxed movements made for a very easy carry for Euyital as she wouldn't even feel the usual bounce someone would feel walking. Using his water magic to open the door, he'd peek inside to make sure there's still no one inside. Coast looked clear, so he'd saunter inside, shutting the door behind him . Carrying Euyital over into the corner and gently placing her onto the large, and very comfortable bed.
  87. "There we go, isn't that better?" He'd say softly.
  88. (Sugarboy)
  89. [00:18] Euyitl she'd nod, pulling him over to her side, cuddling close.
  90. (Euyitl)
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  93. [00:28] Sugarboy falls into bed as he's pulled, caught a little off guard even though he shouldn't be given how affectionate the drakanite had been. He'd hold her close to him. "Nighty night Euyitl" he'd say in a low purr, booping her nose just like how they met, and giving her a kiss on her forehead, right between her horns.
  94. (Sugarboy)
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  97. [01:02] * You have been awarded 1 Roleplay Points! *
  98. [01:20] She'd smile as she was booped, and kissed upon her forehead. "Night, Sugarboy. Sleep good." Bringing her wings close to the center of her back as she'd wrap herself in the blanket and company of sugarboy.
  99. (Euyitl)
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