Matoi/MKamui C-S Support

Jul 4th, 2015
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  1. Matoi/MKamui C-S Support
  3. C Rank:
  4. Matoi: Haa, haa...Ah, Kamui-san. Good morning.
  5. Kamui: Yo, Matoi. Good morning. What are you doing this early?
  6. Matoi: I'm in the middle of morning training. For about half an hour, I've been running around the vicinity at full speed.
  7. Kamui: For half an hour, at full speed...? Th-that's amazing...
  8. Matoi: No, I've still got ways to go. This was nothing for father. He'd wake up even earlier and run up and down the mountain trail for an entire day without even needing to catch his breath.
  9. Kamui: Huh, what is up with that? Did you hear that from Tsubaki himself?
  10. Matoi: No. However, since we're talking about my perfect father, being able to do that much is a given.
  11. Kamui: I-is that so... Matoi, you really hold your father in high regards, don't you?
  12. Matoi: Naturally. Ah. But Father also speaks highly of you, Kamui-san. Not only is your sword special, you can change into a dragon too...You excel at tactics and are knowledgeable as well. You're popular as well...
  13. Kamui: E-eeh?! That's...
  14. Matoi: On top of that, you're a prince of both Hoshido and Nohr...Even with that much variety and being guided by fate, you spare no effort to become an even more respectable person.
  15. Kamui: Aaah...I think I'm receiving way more praise than I should.
  16. Matoi: Oh that's right, Kamui-san. Won't you become my teacher?
  17. Kamui: What?!
  18. Matoi: You're the one my father acknowledges, Kamui-san! There's so much I could learn from you. Please make me your disciple!
  19. Kamui: B-But...If you want to be someone's disciple, shouldn't you be asking Tsubaki, your father?
  20. Matoi: No, it's seems my father hates that idea. Every time I talk about it with father, he breaks out in cold sweat and avoids his gaze. Ah, it's then that he starts talking about how amazing you are, Kamui-san
  21. Kamui: Tsubaki, could it be that you...
  22. Matoi: Huh? Did you say something?
  23. Kamui: Ah, no...Ahaha. It's nothing at all. Just talking to myself.
  24. Matoi: Is that so...? Then, Kamui-san. From here on out, I'll be in the relying on your guidance and encouragement!
  25. Kamui: How...How weak. I wonder if this was Tsubaki's plan...I'm grateful to be highly regarded and admired, but on the other hand it's painful...I can understand Tsubaki's feeling of "Not wanting to disappoint her" though...
  27. B Rank:
  28. Matoi: Haaaa! Seii!
  29. Kamui: Uwaaa?!
  30. Matoi: A-Are you alright, Kamui-san?!
  31. Kamui: O-Ouch. Y-yeah. I'm alright, Matoi. I only fell.
  32. Matoi: I'm sorry...Even though it's just training, I went too far. I used a dangerous technique because we were getting so heated up.
  33. Kamui: No, it's not your fault. It's simply me being clumsy.
  34. Matoi: Kamui-san...As expected! Following your disciple's error, you immediately reflected upon what happened...!
  35. Kamui: Eeh?!
  36. Matoi: On top of that, if I really think about it..That dangerous technique didn't hit Kamui-san. Even though you said you just fell, that was you dodging it, wasn't it Kamui-san?
  37. Kamui: Ah...No, I won't say it may not have looked like that, but it really was just my feet slipping out from under me...
  38. Matoi: You're amazing...Kamui-san. To be able to dodge that attack...! Could it be that perhaps, Kamui-san...you are familiar with the Royal Supplement Scripture: Volume 52, chapter No. 9?
  39. Kamui: Royal Supplement Scripture...? Uhm...What is that exactly?
  40. Matoi: In chapter 9, the following is written. Tactics is to deceive your enemy and to notice your ally. The whole truth lies within there. Just now, Kamui-san noticed the me that is your ally and found the true tactics to use, right?
  41. Kamui: Uuu...One misunderstanding only leads to another. And her imagination leaps to unexpected directions...
  42. Matoi: And without ever displaying one's self, accidentally feign your opponent...This is what is written on page 30 in chapter 8 of the 18th volume. As expected from the person my father acknowledged, my teacher...! I'm so glad I get to study under Kamui-san...
  43. Kamui: A, Ahahaha...Matoi...She's a good girl and hardworking, but she has some unrealistically high expectations of people...
  45. A Rank:
  47. Matoi: Haa...Haa...
  48. Kamui: Ma-Matoi?! What are you doing in that completely exhausted state?
  49. Matoi: Well...That is, today...since I couldn't do my morning training...I'm doing it now...
  50. Kamui: At this time, when the sun is already setting? You shouldn't be training in the evening. You should let your body rest for a bit!
  51. Matoi: N-No...This is my daily routine...I can't neglect it for even a single day...or all my effort...will have gone...to waste!
  52. Kamui: But if you overexert yourself and your health worsens, you're no better off, right?
  53. Matoi: It's...It's alright. My health is in peak condition. I almost never catch a cold. I think about the nutritional value of my meals...And always keep in mind...to live as healthy as possible...
  54. Kamui: To think that far ahead is certainly impressive. I think that striving for the genius that is your father and your hard work are all truly impressive. But you know. What happens if you're the only one who is leaps ahead in strength?
  55. Matoi: Eh...?
  56. Kamui: We're fighting on a battlefield. There's we will have a one on one sword fight. In other words, there will be comrades by your side...There's no way we can fight without protecting and cooperating with the comrades by our side.
  57. Matoi: Yes, I understand that...That's why I want to become strong, so that I can be of helpful to everyone.
  58. Kamui: Ahuh, that feeling is of course very important. However, Matoi, you're already doing more than your best. And for the sake of your comrades, you certainly became stronger. But, it'd all be a waste if you ended up doing harm to your body in the process and couldn't cooperate with your allies, right?
  59. Matoi: ...Yes, Kamui-san's words...have resounded in my heart. I...may have been pushing myself a bit too hard. I will think over once more why I'm trying my best. And, for today's training, I shall take a rest!
  60. K: I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for listening to me, Matoi.
  61. M: Ehehe...I'm deeply moved. The truly great people certainly live up to their expectations, no the philosophies they carry, don't they?
  62. K: Eee?! N-No, that wasn't really my intention...!
  63. M: So there you have it, Kamui-san. I will keep learning from you without pause, alright? Please teach me well!
  64. K: My, oh my...It wasn't supposed to go like this, though. Well, Matoi seemed to have thought things through a little, so it was all for the best probably. In order to not disappoint as her teacher, I'll have to work harder too!
  66. S Rank:
  68. M: Kamui-san...Right now, do you...do you have some time?
  69. K: Yo, Matoi. What is today's training? Is it swordsmanship, or is it about tactics? I want to try harder than before to teach Matoi. Which is kind of weird to tell my disciple...Haha, it's so I won't lose to you though.
  70. M: I uhm...I want to be taught by Kamui-san...something I haven't been taught before.
  71. K: Something I haven't taught you before? A-Alright! Bring it on. Even though it worries a little what kind of challenge you're giving me here, the one who calls himself Matoi's teacher must be willing to adapt to the situation, doesn't he?!
  72. M: .......
  73. K: Huh? What's wrong, Matoi? Your face is bright red...?
  74. M: I...always strove to be like father. To be strong like him, smart like him and worked so hard to become the perfect person. But ever since I became Kamui-san's disciple, I started believing that instead of being strong or smart, I wanted to have charm as a person.
  75. K: Charm as a person...?
  76. M: Yes. Kamui-san is kinder than anyone else and was the person who thought more about my well being than anyone else...And I started to think I wanted to be like that.
  77. K: Ahahaha. Thank you for the compliment. Leaving aside that I'm a kind person...I think Matoi wanting to become more charming as a person is a great idea. Well then, I wonder what I can teach you about that?
  78. M: Kamui-san is very charming. That's why I...want Kamui-san...to to teach me about love.
  79. K: Eh? .....Eeeeeeeeeeeeh?! Love?!
  80. M: Uu...! Is it impossible after all...? Of course it is, because you're my teacher.
  81. K: N-No, it isn't impossible, but...love? Love...L-love, huh...I wonder if I can teach you about that...In the first place, what is it you want to learn?
  82. M: Aah...You're bewildered...This development really is impossible...Why do I always fall for people I have no hope of getting together with? During my time in the [HYPERBOLIC TIME CHAMBER] too, with the wives and other children, I fell for a caretaker and when I came to this world, I fell in love at first sight. Ahaa...I'm a truly hopeless girl! How am I supposed to face father like this...!
  83. K: Huh, that's the kind of love you came to ask about!? C-Calm down, Matoi! No, wait I should calm down too... ... ...Matoi, that means you lo, lo...love me, right?
  84. M: ...That's, right.
  85. K: I see...
  86. M: If you're going to reject me, please do say it clearly. If you tell me to give up, I've got the will to do so. It's always been like this before. So that's why...
  87. K: No, I won't say something like that. That is. because..I too, love you...
  88. M: Eh...?
  89. K: Hey, Matoi. Just now you said you wanted me to teach you about love...More than a teacher of academics or swordsmanship, I'm afraid I'm the most unreliable teacher when it comes to love. Even so...will you have me as your teacher?
  90. M: Yes...Of course! To me, there's no one else that could be good enough! You're the only one who can teach me about true love...!
  91. K: Then...I will take it upon me to teach you about love. Let's go study together, Matoi.
  92. M: Truly?! Thank you...! Thank you so much, teacher!
  93. K: Ahaha. You can't call me teacher anymore. From here on out, just call me Kamui.
  94. M: Ah...Yes. Kamui...I'm so happy...to have my feelings requited makes me so unbelievably happy. This feeling...is a first for me. From this moment on, teach me many, many more feeling, alright?
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