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26 February 2014

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Mar 14th, 2014
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  1. -New map (5-4) "Tokyo Express" implemented.
  2. -Jintsuu receives Kai Ni status at level 60. Jintsuu Kai 2 comes with a Searchlight, which increases allied cut in chances, reduces enemy cut in chances, but makes the ship equipping it more likely to be hit and damaged.
  3. -New graphics for Hiyou Kai.
  4. -New equipment: Transport drum and Searchlight.
  5. -Kongou Kai Ni and Hiei Kai Ni have lower fuel and ammo consumption (Decreased to 100/125). Kitakami Kai Ni and Ooi Kai Ni have increased ammo consumption (Increased to 75). Agano class ships have reduced ammo and fuel consumption.
  6. -New BGM for 5-4 (『二水戦の航跡』 for normal nodes, 『次発装填、再突入!』 for the boss node).
  7. -Jintsuu Kai, Ryuujou Kai, Shikinami Kai get new resupply and idle quotes. Jintsuu Kai Ni gets new quotes.
  8. -Type 62 Zero fighter-bombers and Transport Drums are now craftable. Transport Drums may also be obtained from quests.
  9. -3 new expeditions have been introduced. Expeditions 25 and 36 now give higher rewards.
  10. -Sonars have increased effectiveness. Using sonars together with depth charges give increased accuracy and damage against submarines.
  11. -2 new furniture introduced to celebrate Hina Matsuri (Hina doll Festival aka Little Girl's Festival).
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