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  1. Reaper: Of MAchines broken?
  2. AC:  
  3. Susato: Ellie.
  4. Frozen: Sure.
  5. Ellie: Yeah. Can you like-- provide me with logs?
  6. Yuna: Side smash
  7. AC: At what?
  8. Negy: its a me Mahiru!
  9. Noxious: Hey hey
  10. Yuna: You know you walked into it too more than once.
  11. Frozen: ya missed it.
  12. Negy: Hey there paisanos.
  13. Reaper: Hello Ellie.
  14. Frozen: Hi Ellie.
  15. Yuna: AC don't blankpost at that
  16. Frozen:  
  17. Ellie: Oh dear.
  18. AC: It never works for me, for some reason
  19. Yuna: new strat: hold side smash long enough and the opponent will walk into it
  20. Noxious:  
  21. AC:  
  22. Yuna: walked into my side smash twice
  23. Yuna: they literally
  24. Frozen: 2:30 am for me
  25. AC: Little Mac domination
  26. Yuna: AC
  27. AC: I KNEW it
  28. DickCheese: brbrbrbrb
  29. Reaper: It's 8:30 aM...
  30. Reaper: Yeah I should too.
  31. DickCheese: talking about that I should prob get some food
  32. DickCheese: nice
  33. Noxious:  
  34. Yuna:  
  35. Yuna: with little mac
  36. Yuna: I just dominated Yuta's Joker main
  37. Yuna: AC
  38. Reaper: Just looking for good willed Cm to help with case.
  39. Noxious: First thing i hear in the morning, ice machine Broke
  40. DickCheese:  
  41. Frozen: So what's going on now?
  42. Reaper: No idea why?
  43. Reaper: This game always make me make a type.
  44. Noxious: oof
  45. Reaper: typo*
  46. Reaper: Just type.
  47. Noxious: eNoxious?
  48. Reaper: Hello ther eNoxious.
  49. Noxious: Hello hello
  50. Reaper: Dead Ice Creams for Everybody!
  51. Noxious:  
  52. Reaper: But I guess it fit for dead people such as us.
  53. DickCheese: oof
  54. Reaper: And since we can't fix it, it's good as dead.
  55. Reaper: And that's only when it's fixed.
  56. Reaper: Working only 2 days out of 7.
  57. DickCheese: far out the window
  58. Reaper: That explain it.
  59. DickCheese: throw it
  60. Reaper: Ah.
  61. DickCheese:  
  62. AC: We got it from McDonald's
  63. Reaper: Where did we bought it?
  64. Reaper: But we had ice machine?
  65. Reaper: Coffee machine is broken as it always was.
  66. DickCheese: am sad
  67. DickCheese: You mean never will be fixed
  68. Frozen: What did you mean?
  69. Reaper: Nor the coffee machine
  70. Negy: the icecream machine has not been fixed yet.
  71. Reaper: I'm European.
  72. DickCheese: Thats not what I meant but ok
  73. AC: Filthy Americans.
  74. Frozen: You gotta make due with what you have.
  75. Reaper: Imagine being a mod 24/24 no break, with cup of coffee to hold you together.
  76. Frozen: Sometimes, you don't have that on hand.
  77. DickCheese: mhm
  78. Frozen: Yeah, a mod with the proper timezone would be preferrable, yes.
  79. Negy: your a good man.
  80. Negy: mods that devote themselves to be mods late night.
  81. DickCheese: I meant late night as in different timezone mod
  82. Frozen: Hi.
  83. DickCheese: heya reaper
  84. DickCheese: I mean
  85. AC: Welcome, Reaper-Man
  86. Frozen: It's tiring work but necessary.
  87. Sola: How dare they not be omnipresent! We don't pay them zero dollars for nothing!
  88. Reaper: Morning, fellow dead people!
  89. Frozen: I remember back in the day in Vidya, I'd hang around late at night for the sake of being online in the case of a mod call.
  90. AC: I want my latte with more CREAM
  91. AC: Where's my 24/7 service!
  92. DickCheese:  
  93. DickCheese: late night mods where the fuck are you
  94. Frozen: I wish I got accepted as a mod ages ago.
  95. AC: No more instincts!
  96. AC: Fight the urge!
  97. Frozen: Talk about mods not being on when you need em...
  98. Negy: Lets talk about my urge to eat food.
  99. AC: As troublesome as that whole ordeal was
  100. DickCheese: ok
  101. Negy: ^
  102. AC: Let's not speak of them any further,
  103. Susato: Yuna?
  104. DickCheese: ^^^^
  105. Negy: ^
  106. Frozen: ShEEEEESH.
  107. DickCheese: lmao
  108. AC: P.I.Z.Z.A.
  109. Frozen: Oh he left.
  110. Negy: Pizza.
  111. Frozen: Please, before I actually have to contact a mod.
  112. DickCheese: Yay
  113. Negy: anyways.
  114. AC: We should move on.
  115. Negy: Talk about annoying.
  116. Susato: ...Anyway...
  117. Gundham: Oh my...
  118. Susato: Um...
  119. Frozen: You first, brother. Good night.
  120. AC: Ahuh...
  121. Negy: So can you like leave now?
  122. Beatrice: Now piss off.
  123. Beatrice: Thank you, Frozen.
  124. DickCheese:  
  125. Beatrice: Muuuch better.
  126. DickCheese:  
  127. DickCheese: dont use my boy ishimaru like that cmon
  128. Frozen: Please, I'm telling you now to leave, Beatrice. That bad attitude isn't welcome.
  129. DickCheese:  bru
  130. Beatrice: It's fine with me.
  131. Negy: WAAAA
  132. Negy: im gonna miss u aasjsgajffdbjvbjfdbjas
  133. AC: You're just making it hard on yourself...
  134. Frozen: I'm the sorta person that's really upfront about this, and it's the truth.
  135. DickCheese: but why tho
  136. Beatrice: It's just not as convincing if someone's not screaming at me to get the fuck out of here.
  137. AC: Frozen, I understand, but please.
  138. DickCheese:  
  139. Beatrice: No, that's not it.
  140. AC: But I don't believe you're a bad person.
  141. Frozen: Because you want us to hear about how we'll miss you so bad or some shit.
  142. Aya: (Really resisting urge of Meanon.)
  143. AC: I'm sorry if that's not coming through right now
  144. AC: I'm being as genuine as I can.
  145. AC: I am meaning exactly what I'm saying right now,
  146. DickCheese: boy if you dont
  147. Negy: . . .
  148. DickCheese:  
  149. Beatrice: Then why not just say it like you really mean it?
  150. AC: But I still urge you to think about it, and return later.
  151. AC: If you really want to go, just go, no one's holding you...
  152. Negy: this is an epic brother moment, can we get a million likes on this facebook post?
  153. AC:  It's been the fourth or so time you said goodbye, man...
  154. Frozen: top 10 bruh moments
  155. Aya: Bruhs.
  156. DickCheese: bruh
  157. Negy: oh
  158. Frozen: I'm telling HIM good night.
  159. Beatrice: It is now, Frozen.
  160. DickCheese:  
  161. Aya: Good night Fozee
  162. Frozen: N-No, not like that.
  163. Yuna:  
  164. Yuna: AdorableCoochie
  165. Negy: Good night Frozen.
  166. AC: I'm an AdorableCheesecake
  167. Aya: Anyways......
  168. Frozen: Alright. Good night.
  169. DickCheese: thats cannibalism
  170. Negy: where did I put my pringles.
  171. AC: Why not?
  172. Aya:  
  173. DickCheese:  no
  174. AC: You can eat me, DC.
  175. Beatrice: Then I have to prove you wrong now.
  176. Negy: same
  177. Yuna: Hiya AYA
  178. DickCheese: Now i'm hungry
  179. Aya: Hiya YUNA!
  180. Frozen: Becuase I don't believe you.
  181. Yuna: Hello Aya
  182. Negy: Guess I got the munchies..
  183. Beatrice: Wait. Then why are you telling me to come back, Frozen?
  184. Frozen: It's late, and you're grumpy. Now is the worst time to stay on the web, okay?
  185. Negy: Now I want pizza..
  186. AC: Meh, maybe not Aoi,
  187. Negy:  
  188. DickCheese:  
  189. Negy:  
  190. DickCheese:  
  191. Negy:  
  192. DickCheese:  
  193. Negy: no
  194. Aya:  
  195. Aya: Need a lawyer?
  196. Frozen: I'm sure you are...
  197. Beatrice: I'm being genuinely serious.
  198. Aya: What did you do?
  199. DickCheese: Aya
  200. Beatrice: This isn't pity.
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