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  1. The Panoply of the Blood God is capable of manipulating the vital forces of the user further, draining some of the vitality to empower greater ability. By spending their restorative hit die, the user of the Panoply is capable of performing the following abilities. The cost in hit die of the ability is listed after the name of the move in parenthesis. Only one technique may be used per turn.
  2. -Sanguine Slash(1):With a practiced flick of the wrist the user flings a thin cutting line of blood at a nearby target. This move allows the user to make a single ranged attack against a target within 30 feet, dealing the user's hit die(usually a d10) in slashing damage to the target. The user treats this attack as if it made a melee attack against the target, adding the appropriate bonuses to hit and damage.
  3. -Adaptive Blood(1): The user is able to change the qualities of their blood weapon on the fly. The user may change their blood weapon as if they were making it for the first time, changing its qualities and damage type. This new form lasts until the user reverts to the default form as a free action.
  4. -Grisly Plague(2): As a bonus action the blood weapon may be laced with a virulent bloodborne toxin. The next enemy struck by the Blood weapon which is dealt at least one point of damage must make a DC 15 constitution saving throw or be poisoned and suffer an additional 1d10 points of poison damage per round at the start of the afflicted's turn.The Afflicted may attempt a new save at the end of their turn.
  5. -Boiling Blood(6): As an action the user's blood is set aboil, filling them with destructive power and the desire to use it. The user is granted the benefits of the Haste spell for the duration and adds their Proficiency bonus in fire damage to all attacks made with their Blood Weapon while Boiling Blood is active.
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