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Apr 12th, 2016
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  1. /ntg/ Crown Ideas Compendium, for more archived autism until we can mod the fucking game.
  3. >Crown of Contemplation
  4. >A snail-covered crown
  5. >Every attack received deals 1 damage less, but your movement speed gets reduced.
  7. >Crown of Darkness
  8. >Reduced field of view.
  9. >Increased chance of energy and flame weapons/ammo spawn
  11. >Crown of Crowns
  12. >Every effect from every crown
  13. >Conflicting crown effects swap out every stage
  15. >Crown of impending Doom
  16. >A time starts at the star of the level, if the level isn't cleared before the timer expires you die.
  17. >Get weapons/ammo/medkit drops at the start of each level
  19. >Crown of Blades
  20. >Change your current weapons with melee ones
  21. >No gun drops only melee weapons
  22. >Enemy Projectile speed increased
  25. >Crown of Fixing Shit Crowns
  26. >Causes Crown of Love's HP Chest to not replace the Rad Canister
  27. >Causes Crown of Destiny to allow a base of 2 mutation picks
  28. >Causes Crown of Risk to make the holder take and deal double damage
  30. >Crown of Equality
  31. >Everyone is vulnerable to all forms of damage.
  32. >You are affected doubly so.
  34. >Crown of Hivemind
  35. >Can pick effects from two other crowns
  36. >Effects are both halved
  38. >Crown of Destruction
  39. >Drop a grenade on the floor every few seconds
  40. >This grenade ignores Boiling Veins
  42. >Crown of Might
  43. >A crown with a closed fist
  44. >damage up for you and all enemies
  47. >Crown of Cars
  48. >Your character rides the crown, which has tank controls (W is forward, S is backward, A and D turn)
  49. >Your character deals contact damage while moving (this stacks with Gamma Guts)
  52. >Crown of crystal
  53. >Everything including yourself dies in one hit.
  54. >Bosses have 25% hp reduced.
  55. >Don't know if chicken would be OP so maybe add Disables Medkits and Bloodlust Mutation.
  58. >Crown of Choice
  59. >A crown with arrows extending off of it and pointing in all directions
  60. >You only receive mutations on even-numbered levels, but you may choose from any mutation in the game
  62. >Crown of Patience
  63. >Enemies and enemy projectiles move faster while you are moving
  64. >Enemies and enemy projectiles move slower while you are not
  66. >Crown of Instability
  67. >Gain one bonus mutation slot
  68. >At the end of each level, you must exchange your oldest mutation for a different one, excluding ultra mutations
  70. >Crown of Mirrors
  71. >Gain a reflection of yourself that shoots in the opposite direction you do, with no ammo consumption
  72. >This reflection will occasionally turn on you
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