Capitulation 1

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. “Name?”
  3. “Anon.” You say, the interviewer jotting it down quickly
  5. “Occupation?” She looks like she’s already writing something.
  7. “Unemployed.” She finishes before you do, she already knew that. Smug bitch.
  9. “Marital status?”
  11. “Divorced.”
  13. The questions continue for a solid hour, with you droning out answers and her guessing quite a few of them. You wish you could just get the stab and have it over and done with. You know you’ll be giving up pretty much all your dignity doing this, but it’s honestly a little less dignity than you’d lose begging for change on the corner.
  15. Finally she asks, “Do you want your relationship with your owner to include sexual acts?”
  17. “Yes.” If you’re gonna be doing this, you might as well get some tail. You’re sure your ‘owner’ will be some rich guy’s daughter, and even if she isn’t that hot, sex is sex right?
  19. “Yes.”
  21. “What gender would you like to be after your transformation?”
  23. “Male,” you didn’t even need to think on that one.
  25. “And what gender would you prefer your owner be?”
  27. “Female,” again, really easy.
  29. She looks over an hours’ worth of notes, stopping every now and again to look a little more closely. After some time she looks back up at you and smiles.
  31. “OK, everything checks out! I trust you brought all your legal documentation?”
  33. You just hand her the folder you’ve been holding onto during the whole interview. It felt like you were handing your life over to her, which you pretty much were. But hey, that life was pretty shoddy anyhow. From here on out it’s just gonna be sex and food. You’re sure you’ll still be able to watch tv and stuff anyway, gotta keep a confident air through this. Chicks are soft like that; you wouldn’t be surprised if you held more power than her before long.
  35. “We already have the perfect owner picked out for you! If you’ll just come this way please, we can get started.” Her peppy attitude is kinda creepy to be honest.
  37. You just grunt in affirmation and follow her. She leads you into an all-white room with what looks like a hospital bed in the center. There’s an eerie lack of everything else in the room, save for an iv drip. This is it then, goodbye hands, goodbye citizenship. You’re glad you’ll at least be able to keep your muscles. You weren’t all that bulky, but you’d spent enough time in that stupid gym to not want to lose them.
  39. “Please lay down and the process will begin shortly shortly. You will wake up in your owner’s house; we hope you enjoy your new life.”
  41. She says the last part with a lot of enthusiasm, and you can’t help but feel it as well. The whole thing was incredibly straightforward, and now it was happening. You’ll be some rich bitch’s fucktoy for the rest of your life, a stretch better than the last 6 months of your life. You look at her ass as she leaves; you wouldn’t mind being her pony at all, damn.
  43. Well, let’s get this over with.
  45. You lie back on the sort-of-stiff bed, trying to get as comfortable as possible. You get a little anxious as the room starts to fill with some sort of gas, making your vision blur. So you’re going under straight away? No complaints you guess.
  47. You’re surprised when you don’t actually fall asleep, the gas just filling the room steadily. After some time your skin starts to feel really odd. It’s a sort of tingle, but much deeper and more prominent, like pins and needles.
  49. You’re alarmed as you feel a wave of nausea over your entire body, the uncomfortable feeling on your skin intensifying steadily in patches. You can feel your muscles contorting and shifting under your skin. It’s actually starting to hurt now, a lot. As your vision fades, you welcome the cold blanket of unconsciousness. You’re really glad you don’t have to sit through the changes.
  51. Goodbye humanity, it was shitty knowing you.
  53. ---
  55. The first thing you’re aware of is fur. Lots and lots of fur. It feels like your body is covered in a skin tight blanket from head to toe. It doesn’t freak you out all that much, as you expected something along these lines. Oh god your whole body feels really weird. Everything’s in the wrong place and your face feels stretched way beyond what’s normal. If you weren’t prepared for all this, you’d probably be freaking out right about now.
  57. In fact you might actually be getting a little panicky. You’re not quite ready to open your eyes now, but judging from the ambience you’re most likely in a room, lying on something very soft. Well hey, that’s a start. See? Everything’s as it should be. No need to freak out or anything.
  59. Despite your positive self-talk, your heartbeat quickens steadily as you think of all the things that could go wrong right now. Woah, calm down there dude. There’s nothing wrong. You’re not sure why you’re suddenly so afraid of your situation. You were completely fine with this beforehand. You chalk it up to anticipation. You couldn’t wait to start fucking this chick…Yeah! That’s it!
  61. Deciding that getting it out of the way was possibly the best thing right now, you open your eyes. You find yourself on the floor in a well-lit bedroom, a large bed to the right of you and a dresser on the other side. You cautiously lift your head up off the surface you’re resting on, observing your immediate surroundings. It’s a generic sort of bedroom, bed, dresser, laundry basket, a mirror in the corner. You’d get a look at that later.
  63. It looks like you’re in some kind of bed with small walls around the edge… oh fuck that, it’s a fucking dog bed. Guess that was always a strong possibility, but you were hoping you’d get someone who wasn’t really like that and you’d get a proper bed. You guess you can deal with it. It beats sleeping on the street like you have for the last month and a bit. You don’t really get why it’s pink though. It doesn’t suit the room much at all. Maybe you’ll be sleeping in a different room when the time comes around? You’re not too fazed about it right now, plus it doesn’t look all that bad against your white coat, which you noticed a moment ago. Hey, you’re no faggot, but a color’s a color, you can appreciate pink if it’s used well.
  65. Something does feel a little off about your body though, and not in the ‘I’m a small horse’ sense. That one was a given. No, you feel weirdly… weak. Maybe it’s something to do with the transformation? That has to be it. You didn’t slave away for hours at a time at that stupid gym for nothing, you’ll get your strength back in no time, you’re sure of it.
  67. Your so-called ‘owner’ doesn’t seem to be anywhere nearby, and you’re left with not much to do. You might as well get over to that mirror and get a look at yourself. You’re honestly curious. You’ve deduced that your coat is white already, but without a good look you won’t really be able to tell what you actually look like.
  69. It takes some effort, but you manage to get on your feet, or hooves you guess. It’s really awkward to do, like crawling on all fours, but not at the same time. You figure you need to get it some kind of rhythm with your hoofsteps, but it’s a lot harder than you thought, and you end up faceplanting more than a few times on the way. Eventually you land yourself in front of the mirror, and gasp at what you see.
  71. What the fuck?! Standing on the other side of the glass is a pure white coated, pink maned pegasus. Its wings flutter, and you’re reminded that you can feel two alien appendages on your back. The shocking thing isn’t the color scheme, as fucking gay as it is, it’s your build. You’re scrawny as fuck, not malnourished but just… you look like a wimp! You’ve seen stallions in the park and whatnot, they’re usually a lot more bulky than this. You guess slender would be the right word if you were being nice to yourself.
  73. There was no doubt that you were still male, but… jesus dude! And what the fuck’s up with this colour scheme?! You look like something designed by a 6 year old girl! You clearly remember saying ‘yes’ to the sexual thing, why the fuck are you so… girly?
  75. “Like what you see?” a voice from the door makes you jump and yell in surprise. You whip your head around to see a woman standing over you, a smug grin on her face. To say she was taller than you would be a gross understatement, she’s towering over you right now. She’s an olive complexion and a wild haircut, giving her a tomboyish appearance. Wait… this chick designed your girly ass looks? That doesn’t make any sense! You’re stunned into silence as she looks over you, her smirk growing wider.
  77. “I’d say I agree you look nice, but I’m not the type to be vain.” Her voice is scratchy and holds a confident air. You can’t help but find it kinda hot. You weren’t really into tomboys but you think you can make this one work. Y’know, fuck the apprearance thing, you’ve gotta make a good first impression. You’re sure you’ll have this bitch buckling at the knees before long, wimpy looks aside.
  79. “Hey Babe, so-” you stop yourself, throwing a hoof up to your throat. Gone was the cool, confident tone you usually carried. Gone was the bass of your intentionally masculine voice. You sound like a fucking fag! It wasn’t high pitched or anything, it was just soft as shit. Why the fuck did you sound like that?
  81. “I… uhh…” You continue to test out your vocal chords, mentally freaking out about the whole thing. So not only do you look like a fag, you sound like one too? You hear a chuckle from above, and your attention is brought back to the woman responsible.
  83. “Something wrong, bud? Y’seem a little confused there.” Smugness is dripping from her voice, seems like she expected this. Well you’re not gonna be staying here much longer, you can guarantee that.
  85. “Why the fuck did you make me look so gay? I didn’t slave away for hours at a time for nothing you bitch! Send me back!” You don’t sound nearly as intimidating as you’d like, but you think you got the message across.
  87. She doesn’t say anything, and simply bends down in front of you, looking directly in your eyes. It’s honestly pretty intimidating from where you’re standing, but you manage to keep your air of defiance.
  89. “He-” You’re cut off as she flicks you right on the nose, still looking stern as ever. It doesn’t hurt, it just stuns you completely.
  91. “Bad boy, you never talk to me like that, ever. I’m sure you were a fucking stud,” she says that part with heavy sarcasm in her voice, “before coming here, but it’s going to be different now. If you ever say anything like that again there’ll be severe consequences. Am I clear?”
  93. Her seriousness takes you off guard. You’re not sure why, but the prospect of being punished by her is terrifying, way more than it should be. You nod your head shakily, deciding that you really don’t want to get on her bad side right now. Wait… hold on. You’re not gonna be staying here anyway! Why are you just going along with this?
  95. “Good, but I’m not forgiving you that easily. You’re gonna have to pay me back somehow.” You hang your head a little. Jeez, she’s treating you like a pet, which you guess is fair, since you technically are her pet. You just never expected being scolded like this to feel so shameful.
  97. “Bubblegum, sit.”
  99. You just look up at her in shock for a moment, your mind racing. Bubblegum? Is that your name? It sounds familiar, and your mind seems to associate it with being yours. Her face seems completely serious, and you don’t quite know what to do. Before you know it, your backside plants itself firmly on the carpet. That’s what she wanted right? Wait… why the fuck did you do that? This bitch doesn’t control you! Well, the action wasn’t completely out of your control… you -did- want to sit for her, but why? As you ponder these things, your ‘owner’ reaches her hand down and ruffles your pink mane, smiling.
  101. “Good boy.” She says, scratching behind your ear a bit.
  103. Your heart soars at having pleased her, and your apprehension at the physical contact melts away, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of her hand. Oh god what the fuck. Why did that feel so good? This can’t be fucking happening. It has to be something they did to your brain. The form you filled out -did- say something about subconscious mental triggers or some shit, but you were just skimming over it at that point.
  105. As you sit there, lost in your own thoughts, your owner chuckles, pulling her hand back and looking at you with that smug grin she seems to love.
  107. “You’re cute y’know. You were mumbling in your sleep on the way here. Even cuter than I thought you’d be.”
  109. Heat rises to your face involuntarily and you find yourself looking down at your hooves in embarrassment. You really don’t want to admit that you just got flustered at her compliment.
  111. “C’mon, I’ll show you around, and then we can get something to eat.” She says, standing up and making her way toward the door.
  113. “Uhh… y-yeah.” You really don’t know what to do about all this. It seems like you don’t really have any choice in the matter, and that scares you a lot. Wait! The inspector! That receptionist told you that there would be someone coming around in a week to check on you! You only had to endure a week of this? Hah, easy. You can take anything this bitch might throw at you, and you’ll even get to have sex with her too. That’s at least one silver lining for the week to come.
  115. It takes some effort, but you manage to get into a somewhat decent walking pattern and follow her out the door and through a small hallway.
  117. “Bathroom’s to the left, kitchen’s thataway, my studies in there, aaaaand the balcony’s out there. Careful, we’re on the 12’th floor. I know you’ll be able to fly soon enough but until then just watch yourself.”
  119. You’ll be able to fly? You look back at the alien appendages on your back, shuffling them a bit. Flying does sound really cool, and it means a method of escape if the opportunity arises! This is too good.
  121. You spend the rest of the time memorizing all the rooms she’s showing you. It’s not a huge apartment, but it’s roomy enough to not feel cramped. Kinda cozy if anything, not that it matters to you. You won’t be here for too much longer.
  123. You both end up in the kitchen, and she turns to you with a smile.
  125. “I bet you’re starving huh? The dude said you’d be hungry when you woke up. I’m surprised you haven’t been pestering me or anything. I’ll get you something.”
  127. It’s true, you didn’t really notice it up until now but you could really go for something to eat. A glance at the time display on the microwave tells you it’s just past 1:30. You sit down in silent approval as she gets to work, making something or other for the both of you. As you watch her work you can’t help but feel like something’s missing, something you should be doing. You look up at her and catch her eye. She smirks a bit and raises an eyebrow, expecting you to say something.
  129. Then you realise. You forgot to thank her! But wait… why should you thank her? You don’t owe her anything. She should just take care of you, considering she’ll be hurting your dignity every step of the way for the next week. But you still find yourself wanting to thank her. After all it’s only the polite thing to do.
  131. “Umm… thank you… uhh… what should I call you?” She hasn’t given you her name yet. You remember seeing ‘Bubblegum’ on the base of your bed as you left the bedroom, but there wasn’t anything with her name on it in sight. You cringe at the thought of your temporary name. You’d completely deny it, but you can’t actually remember what your old name was. The only thing that comes to mind is ‘Bubblegum,’ so you guess it’ll have to do for now.
  133. “Hmm…” she says, thinking for a moment, “You can call me Mistress.” She says, no small amount of humor in her voice. Ugh, she’s gonna be like that? Well fine then, nothing much you can do about it.
  135. “Thank you… Mistress.” It’s humiliating, but that felt really damn good to say.
  137. “You’re welcome bud. Hell I’d be a bad owner if I let you starve.” She says, tossing various things into a bowl. You can’t see what they are from down here, but they smell really good.
  139. Once she finishes whatever she made for you, and heats up a container of particularly foul smelling leftover chicken, she bends down and places a bowl in front of you, filled to the brim with sliced carrots, apples and celery.
  141. Is she serious? Not only does she expect you to eat off the floor, she’s feeding you salad? You look back and forth from the bowl to your mistress, a disbelieving expression in your face.
  143. “Well?” She asks, looking into your eyes.
  145. “Salad? Really? I mean I know I’m a pony and everything but c’mon!” You try to keep a light-hearted tone. You’re not honestly annoyed, and you don’t want to be scolded again.
  147. She just chuckles and reaches onto the bench to grab her food and brings it down in front of you. Immediately your nose is assaulted with a putrid scent. Oh god that smells horrible! Looking at it, it seems to be simple fried chicken from a takeaway place, but it smells so fucking off! How the hell is she going to eat that?!
  148. “Would you prefer this?” she asks, waving it around a bit in front of you.
  150. You reel away from it, almost gagging as she laughs. It doesn’t look rotten, but the smell is beyond terrible! What the fuck! Suddenly the apples, carrots and celery don’t seem so bad. They smells 100 times better than that garbage. You’re actually a little worried about her. How does she expect to eat it? It’s obviously off.
  152. “You’re a herbivore, Bubble, you can’t eat meat. So if you’re gonna complain about salads, you might as well not eat at all.”
  154. Oh, that’s why it smelled so bad. Your new herbivore nose must be telling you what’s good for you and what isn’t. Well at least she’s not poisoning herself, that much puts you at ease. Wait… why do you care? You shouldn’t care about her wellbeing or anything. Oh fuck it. You decide not to worry about that, and take a piece of apple in your teeth. It’s a little degrading eating on the floor, but you don’t think you’d be able to get up on those chairs even if you wanted to.
  156. Immediately your mouth explodes with flavor as you bite into the piece of apple. Holy shit! Either things taste different in your new body, or this is the best apple on the face of the planet. You’re pretty sure it’s the former, but just to make sure, you take a piece of carrot and celery, garnering the same result. Wow, if this is how vegetables taste now, you’ve got absolutely no problem giving up meat. Even the thought of meat right now is sickening to you.
  158. You continue to munch happily on your food as your mistress eats above you. You just realised that you’re already referring to her as your Mistress. Your pride doesn’t like this situation, but you’re actually kinda comfortable right now. Well, comfortable in the physical sense, not with your situation. There’s no way you’re comfortable with this! That would just be stupid…
  160. Your Mistress is finished long before you and scratches behind your ear for a moment as she passes you on the way to the sink. It takes you by surprise, but like the first time it feels good… -really- good. By the time you finish your meal, she’s not in the same room. You can hear the drone of the television in the room just over, and figure she’s lounging there or something.
  162. Then the thought strikes you.
  164. You’re alone, unsupervised. You could totally escape right now! And she wouldn’t even notice seeing how loud the TV is. You start to move toward where you remember the door being, your snow white wings fluttering anxiously. You’re just about to reach the door when you stop, sitting down and feeling confused at your reluctance. She’s making no effort to keep you chained here, why are you trying to escape? You’re not a prisoner, you’re a guest. You’ll be free to go in a week, and she’s honestly treated you well so far. Trotting back into the kitchen, you pick up your salad bowl in your mouth, thinking that since you’ll be staying here for a little while, you might as well get some brownie points to make your stay a little nicer.
  166. You carry your bowl into the lounge room, following your ears to the sound of the television. Pony ears are pretty decent, you have to say. The way they move automatically to train on what you want to listen to is really useful.
  168. As you walk up beside the couch she’s sitting on, she notices you, and her smile tells you you’ve done a good job. You’d ask her where to put the bowl but your mouth is occupied. This thing’s heavy too! She does seem to get the message tho, and chuckles
  170. “Good boy, cleaning up after yourself! You’re taking this way better than they said you would!” You feel both immensely happy and shameful, knowing that you just did something solely to please her. “Just leave it there for now, bud. Why don’t you hop up here? Couch is nice and warm.” She says, patting the space next to her with a hand.
  172. You decide that would be nice, and make your way over to her other side, doing your best to climb up onto the couch. Due to your limited experience with your new limbs in addition to the height of the couch, you find it pretty damn difficult, only managing to get your front half up before sliding back down again, getting increasingly frustrated at your failure.
  174. Just as you’re about to give up, you feel something wrap around your waist and hoist you up, startling you a bit. A glance up shows that your Mistress has decided to help you, picking you up with both arms and lifting you rather easily. You’re honestly thankful for it, considering you probably would have never gotten up there yourself. Another reminder that you’re her pet right now, and you’ll probably have to depend on her for a lot of things. The idea doesn’t bother you as much as you know it should.
  176. Instead of placing you beside her, she sits you right in your lap, facing forward. You’re about to protest before she starts stroking and massaging your head, continuing watching TV as if nothing happened. Despite your resistance to being treated like this, you’re soon melting into her touch, resting your head on her thigh in pure bliss. God no wonder your old dog used to harass you for petting, this is fucking amazing! You’re not even paying attention to the show that’s on, and before you know it she’s turned off the TV and is stretching her arms out. The lack of pressure on your head brings you out of your pleasure induced daze. How long have you been sitting here getting scratched? Not long enough obviously, holy shit.
  178. “Hey Bubble, I’m gonna need you to get off me.” She says, implying that she wants to get up. You clumsily roll off her lap and onto the soft couch. It’s soft, but nowhere near as nice as her legs. She praises you, then gets up off the couch and turns back toward you.
  180. “It’s getting a bit late, bud, you ready for bed?”
  182. Now that she mentions it you’re actually really tired, and a look at the clock confirms it’s a reasonable time for it. You’re going to just nod, but she’s already turned and is walking away, so you decide to speak instead.
  184. “Yes Mistress.” It’s gotten easier and easier to say as the day’s gone on, which you clearly should find disturbing.
  186. “Good boy.” Seems like she’s happy with you following her instructions to call her mistress, things are just getting better and better! It’s a shame you’ll only be here for a week… yeah, a real shame.
  188. Soon enough you’re curled up on your bright pink dog bed, which actually fits you perfectly, and is extremely comfortable. Y’know, pink doesn’t seem all that bad right now, maybe it’s just because it matches you, that’s all. You’re not gay or anything, yeah. You like things to match.
  190. You catch a view of her naked body as she jumps into bed, making your heart jump in your chest. Holy shit she’s hot. She’s got the body of an athlete, and you remember why you decided to do this in the first place. You smile as you fall asleep, wondering when you’ll get laid. Pretty damn soon you hope.
  192. It’s the first genuine smile you’ve given today. Maybe this week won’t be so bad?
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