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  1. Operation Desert Talon [United States Marine Corps]
  3. Brief:
  5. Colonel. L. Holland:
  6. At 0400 hours 10th Marine Recon Regiment,
  7. Echo Platoon where doing forward recon
  8. for the 101st Marine Invasion force. Their
  9. assignment was to recon the  ___ region that
  10. picked up in Opfor movement at 0700 hours
  11. 3 days ago. We don't know what faction it is,
  12. our highest suspicions are the local Insurgents or
  13. Takistani Army, for all we know it could even be
  14. Russian Military. As you would imagine the very
  15. huge movement of military troops didn't go
  16. unnoticed, British Armed Forces, German Armed Forces
  17. and the Royal Australian Air Force all took notice as well.
  18. If its the Russians then we believe it is a meeting
  19. of very high in command military officials. For
  20. the Insurgents and Takistani's we believe it could be
  21. a new outpost/land they have decide to acquire.
  22. What they didn't know is we where meant to take that
  23. whole region in a few weeks, we are setting up 3 new
  24. FOBs in 3 different regions (___, ____, ____).
  26. Back to Echo Platoon. Echo platoon went dark at 0600 hours.
  27. All was going to plan they where separated in to two UH-60Ms (Stinger 1-2 and Stinger 2-2)
  28. on their way to LZ Bravo. Then a Su-25 came out of no where and shot Stinger 2-2 down.
  29. Stinger 1-2 with half of Echo platoon turned around and landed at grid ref _____.
  30. We are sending Razor Platoon to go and reinforce Echo platoon,
  31. Razor will meet the landed Blackhawk and then push
  32. forward to the downed Blackhawk at grid ref ____, we suspect all aboard Stinger 2-2
  33. where killed within the explosion but from UAV imagery we saw
  34. very small arms fire, sidearms. Razor platoon will go in with a team
  35. of Marines (130th Marine PARA Reg. Alpha Squad). These teams
  36. will be going in via Halo jump from a C-130J Hercules they will jump
  37. once at 10000m, once touched down they will regroup and make there way
  38. to Stinger 1-2 and regroup with the remaining Echo Squad.
  40. Now Lt. Adam why I am telling you this is because you will be providing close
  41. air support for Razor, Echo and Alpha Squads. We know they enemy have
  42. planes readied and fuelled, we have had intel from a Forward recon squad
  43. that the Airport in ____ is being used by Opfor and are stationing their
  44. Jets and helicopters there. Now we are sending BlackSpear Squadron
  45. to bomb the living shit out of them. BlackSpear Squadron is a special
  46. covert F-117 Nighthawk Squadron. FWDRCN Delta will be Lazing the
  47. targets within the hour. once done at 0800 hours Razor and Alpha will proceed
  48. with their Mission. I need your 125th F/A-18 Super Hornet flight squad to
  49. provide CAS and protect the C-130 from any hostile air, you should fly under the radar
  50. at 10000m but you never know. Now Lt. Adam get your squadron ready
  51. and get our men back home and safe! once Blackspear Sqd. has radioed in
  52. we will be dispatching the 101st Marine Invasion force to take ____, ____ and ____
  53. and then they will be reinforced by 105th Marine QRF platoon.
  55. Dismissed.
  59. Intel:
  61. UAV Imagery and Remaining Echo squad:
  62. Enemy aircraft that was encountered where Su-25s
  63. at the airport we can see Su-25s, UH-1Hs, Mi-24s and I believe 1 Ka-52 "Akula"
  65. Enemy foot mobiles 30+ (including the airport)
  66. Enemy armour 10+ (including the airport)
  68. Foot mobiles are packing AKMs, PKMs, AKS' and RPGs
  69. enemy armour includes T-72s, BTR-90s, BRDMs and BMPs
  72. Airforce Advisor:
  73. The enemy we believe we are encountering are Insurgents
  74. as we don't have any issues with the Russians and Takistani Army
  75. The UN held a meeting and both army officials are saying they didn't
  76. do it. Thats why we are deploying Force Recon Team Delta to check the airport out
  77. if we see Russian or Takistani army we will hold until we can confirm that
  78. our UH-60M was shot down by a insurgent plane and not a Russian or Takistani.
  79. Although for Insurgents to have Aircraft is strange which is why we are sending the
  80. best of the best.
  82. The enemy air (if insurgents or Takistanis) aren't the best pilots when engaging the UH-60
  83. the enemy air almost stalled and was hit by shrapnel which is why he didn't stay an fight.
  84. If Russians, take to it they are trained and ready for what ever NATO assets we have to through at them.
  86. Forward Recon Team Delta:
  87. We believe the insurgents are working with the Russians as there was Russian Air force markings on some Helicopters (Ka-52 "Akula" and 2 Mi-8s that where Packing reinforcements. I have a feeling this isn't your every day relocation of troops.
  90. Friendly assets:
  91. 1x 125th FA18 Super Hornet Flight Squadron (sending Shark-Head Squad 6x F/A-18E Super Hornets))
  92. 1x 10th F-117 Flight Squadron (Sending Black-Spear squad 4x F-117A's))
  93. 1x Razor Platoon (6 men))
  94. 1x 130th Marine PARA Regiment (Alpha Squad (7men))
  95. 1x 105th Marine QRF platoon (Juliet Squad (11 men))
  96. 1x 68th UH-60M flight squadron (Stinger squad 2x UH-60M Blackhawks))
  97. 1x 1st Marine Recon Regiment (Echo Platoon 16 men))
  98. 1x 115th Armoured battalion (War-Pig squadron (2x M1A2 Abrams Battle Tanks))
  99. 1x 15th A-10 Flight Wing (Warwolf Squad (2x A-10Cs))
  100. 1x 21st Super Cobra forward recon squadron (Copperhead squad (2x AH-1Z Super Cobras))
  103. Friendly Support:
  104. If needed we have 2 A-10C Warthogs on standby for CAS if needed.
  105. Callsign Warwolf.
  107. We also have a Squad of AH-1Z Super Cobras (2) coming through the area from the East
  108. Callsign Copperhead.
  111. Colonel. L. Holland:
  112. This is phase 1 to a now 2 part operation once we have recovered Echo Platoon we will
  113. invade the following regions of ____, _____ and ______ and setup 3 FOBs. Tension is
  114. already high Between America and Russia lets hope these aren't Russians or this might
  115. be the start of a World War.
  118. Dismissed.
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