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  1. Scenario 2: Unlimited Colors
  3. This isn’t a simple path to walk, you know. But if you so will it, you can.
  5. You remember all those jumps you’ve been to?
  6. If they don’t have the words “Kamen Rider” in their title, you lose all the gear and perks from those jumps. This applies to your companions too, if they weren’t imported into a Rider jump they have no powers or abilities here. That’s right. It’s time to test your mettle as a TRUE Kamen Rider.
  7. The true depths of the WISP Brigade’s influence has been felt, now, as Fuuto city will be under the control of their “Wisp” dopants…There’s a lot of them, and they’re much more durable and strong than the Masquerade dopants who usually are used as muscle around here.
  8. The city is divided into 8 parts, each part under control of one of the Dopants.
  9. The true hell of this drawback is that the ability of the Wisp memory is to reflect the traits of their ‘boss’…The Hover Wisp dopants will be able to float and lighten the effects of gravity, the Frenzy Wisp dopants will be able to rampage and fight wildly, the Lasers will have beams and light manipulation…
  10. It also appears that Kamen Rider W and Accel have been defeated and detained at Fuuto tower, the giant windmill that stands as the city’s symbol.
  11. Your mission here is clear: You have to defeat the 8 dopants who control this city, and free this town’s Kamen Riders from their imprisonment…
  12. However, this won’t be easy, even with the powers from the Rider jumps you have done before.
  13. The ‘areas’ that the 8 dopants have taken up are each altered to support that dopant…The Laser Zone has a number of mirrors and prisms to better angle and toy with their lethal lasers, the Drill dopant’s region is filled to the brim with destructive construction zone equipment and soft dirt for the Drill Wisp Dopants to emerge…
  14. And there is of course, one more issue.
  15. There’s a 9th entity, one who will harry and attack you on your journey. It’s difficult to see what they resemble…But it seems that they at least look like a Kamen Rider.
  16. It wouldn’t be difficult to say that if you don’t look out, you could find yourself pushed to the brink by the sheer speed of this enemy, but it looks like they only go for a hit and run attack then leave. Still, if you’re not prepared for a sudden ambush, this enemy might end your journey here.
  17. You will have one small succor, however. Whenever you defeat one of the Dopants, you may gain their memory to use with any Memory Drivers, they appear to be T2 as well so if you aren’t afraid to use it, you can apply these memories to your battles with the further dopants and make it easier on yourself.
  18. If by skill, power or strength of heart you are able to make your way past the Laser, Drill, Spike, Hover, Rocket, Frenzy, Cube and Void Dopants, you will be able to access Fuuto tower , free Kamen Rider W and Accel, then confront your final opponent for this challenge.
  19. Kamen Rider SuperSonic.
  20. Before he transforms, however…He’ll explain himself. He was a part of a special research team by Museum into the Memory Drivers and the T2 memories, alongside the WISP Brigade themselves. However, when Foundation X approached and started offering funding to MUSEUM, he realized that there was a great evil afoot. His belief in the cause of Ryubee Sonozaki was strong, but the man himself had failed SuperSonic. He also had no hope in the Two-in-one rider, as Foundation X was a truly powerful enemy, and there was much more evil besides them as well. He also knew that even with his potent Gaia Memory, giving him speed that surpassed even the ability for the eye to follow it, he couldn’t be the one to save the world he loved so dearly. So he decided if he couldn’t be a hero, he would have to find one.
  21. Both Kamen Rider Double and Accel were tested by SuperSonic and his dopants, and brave as they were, could not work up the strength of spirit and heart to defeat them decisively. Which leaves you.
  22. SuperSonic transforms them, and asks you if you think you can be the one to defend this world. No matter your answer, he won’t accept a peaceful resolution. He’s prepared to die to test the one who he believes can be the hero, and he raises the prototype weapon he was given as part of his testing…The SuperSonic Shieldstriker. It appears to be simply a round shield at first, but once the battle commences you’ll be able to see he can insert the SuperSonic memory into it and activate its Maximum Drive, creating spinning blades of light around the edges as well as letting him toss it with a guaranteed return.
  23. This final battle won’t be easy, as the SuperSonic memory guarantees that he can move at almost blinding speed. His weapon is also very potent, so he won’t be too shabby on the offensive front.
  24. If you can push through his overwhelming advantages with the help of Kamen Rider W and Accel at your side, you’ll claim victory and send SuperSonic out of his transformation.
  25. While the SuperSonic memory will not break, he will congratulate you. He’d been looking so long for the one who could beat him, and be the hope of the world he saw so dearly. You’ve given him a gift, by defeating him, so he will grant you the Shieldstriker and the SuperSonic Gaia Memory. However, his constant use of the memory as a Dopant up till point means that his defeat will send him fading, as data on the wind. A salute…and he’s gone.
  28. For defeating Kamen Rider SuperSonic and the WISP Brigade with only your Kamen Rider abilities, you gain all of their T2 Gaia Memories, including the blinding speed of SuperSonic. Not only that, but the SuperSonic Shieldstriker itself reveals a function that SuperSonic never used before….You may place up to 5 other memories besides the SuperSonic memory into it, allowing for the Unlimited Color Flash memory break…Giving the weapon all of the powers of the Gaia Memories placed into it! It only appears to work with T2 Gaia Memories, but it’s a powerful and unique weapon in this world.
  29. Rest easy for a while, hero. You’ve earned it.
  30. And if you weren’t aware, you get your non-Kamen Rider abilities back upon defeating SuperSonic as well.
  31. Well done!
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