Enki's Path of Exile Beginner Tips

Feb 2nd, 2022 (edited)
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  1. This is just one of many lists of beginner tips for Path of Exile, but it covers a few important things that every new player should know.
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  4. Information
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  7. Knowledge is your best skill, and it helps to know where to find it. First there's the ingame Help Panel, which you can reach through its icon next to your skillbar. The Path of Exile Wiki should be your first stop for further information, poedb for plain data. If you prefer video guides, Zizaran has an informative video series called PoE University that contains information about most aspects of the game.
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  15. Lootfilter
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  18. You will soon realize that there's lots of redundant loot in Path of Exile, a good Lootfilter reduces screen clutter and highlights potentially valuable or important drops. Neversink's Filter is always a good start and you can further customize it at Filterblade.
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  25. Flasks
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  28. Unlike most ARPG's, Path of Exile is directly balanced around using all of your flasks. This goes beyond the typical life & mana flasks that you're probably used to from other games, during your act progression you'll gain access to various utility flasks that grant temporary buffs. They can be further crafted with one prefix and one suffix, the former can affect the uptime and effectiveness of that flask while the latter can add additional effects that trigger upon using the flask.
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  31. Crafting
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  34. Gear can be enhanced through crafting and recipes, while the latter can also create currency used for crafting. You outlevel gear pretty quickly during act progression, so it's advised to limit your currency usage to Orb of Transmutation, -Augmentation, -Alteration, -Binding, Chromatic Orbs and various Essences during that, use Jeweller's Orbs and Orb of Fusing only on useful gear you've looted. Once you've reached maps, before you craft anything you should always check if you can buy an upgrade for the currency you're about to gamble. Most of the times it's smarter to just buy the upgrade unless it's a deterministic craft and you know what you're doing.
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  37. Crafting Bench
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  40. After unlocking your first hideout, you'll gain access to the Crafting Bench. This can be used to craft a targeted affix on gear, if it isn't already on there and has a slot open. Recipes need to be found first, the Crafting Bench tells you all undiscovered recipe locations.
  42. This is a powerful tool and can be used to massively reduce the investment needed for your build if you just know the basics about gear. Rare items can have 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes, holding ALT while hovering an item breaks down its affixes and the trade site does something similar by default. With this information together with poedb you can plan out upgrades while considering their crafting bench potential.
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  45. Trading
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  48. You can freely trade with other players if you have a Lv25+ char and aren't in SSF. Path of Exile's trading site is good for buying gear and bulk trades. If you want to sell something, you either need premium stash tabs, set up a shop in the trade subforums or use Acquisition. For pricechecks, look for similar stuff on the trade site, check or use Awakened POE Trade.
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  57. Stash Tabs
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  60. The default stash space is pretty limited, if you like the game and are able to, consider buying more stash tabs. Getting a Currency and Map Tab is highly recommended, Premium Tabs make trading easier and if you want, a Quad Tab for extended storage. Everything else is only useful if you play a lot and interact with that type of content. Purchased tabs are account-wide and won't be lost when temporary leagues end. There's also a stash tab sale weekend every three weeks if you're not in a rush.
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  63. End (for now)
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