My Shit Kain't Successfully Get This Real

Mar 11th, 2013
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  1. [15:54:50] <~Kain> Last time on Kaingame there was an absolutely hilarious teleport and an uneventful airship ride towards Madain Sari in which much discussion was had and roofies were slipped.
  2. [15:56:12] * Natalie stayed on Theta's lap the rest of the trip unless moved and that's final.
  3. [15:57:56] <~Kain> As we pick up, the lot of you are still chilling as the airship is approaching Madain Sari. It's an enormous city now, nothing like it was ten years ago. Buildings made of packed sandstone tower up into the horizon with a skyline rivaling Lindblum - canals divert through the city in Trenoan fashion. A giant tree grows in the center of a circular area where the famed Eidolon Wall is. Airships
  4. [15:57:57] <~Kain> fly to and fro here, and you can see this city has quite the moogle population, even from the air.
  5. [15:58:27] <Natalie> Droooooooooooooooool.
  6. [15:58:58] * Theta seems quite puzzled. "How did it expand so much from ruins in just a decade?"
  7. [15:59:01] <Natalie> ... That doesn't explain how the sapphire got polished to be sparkly clean during the ride. Maybe it was earlier during the drinking session and just super subtle?
  8. [15:59:13] <~Kain> Elizabeth glances down at Nat, then over at Theta. "So do you often have girls burying their faces in your crotch...?"
  9. [15:59:42] <~Kain> "When you don't teleport on top of them, even."
  10. [15:59:47] <~Kain> She adds.
  11. [16:00:18] <Theta> "Well...uh..."
  12. [16:00:33] <Natalie> "~"
  13. [16:00:47] <~Kain> Gale: "~?"
  14. [16:01:01] <Natalie> "~~"
  15. [16:01:03] <Theta> "...No?" an awkward laugh and he moves her head off his lap, well that got weird quick.
  16. [16:01:12] * Natalie snaps her eyes open.
  17. [16:01:12] <~Kain> Elizabeth: "...those aren't words."
  18. [16:01:25] <Natalie> "Nnn? What's a word?"
  19. [16:01:36] * Natalie JOLTs upright.
  20. [16:01:40] <~Kain> Cirra has taken to sleeping facedown in a plate of spaghetti that she ordered while drunk.
  21. [16:02:10] <~Kain> Bebe: "I-is something wrong?"
  22. [16:02:33] <Natalie> "... Oww." Natty lurches over and gives her Ruby a nice rub- er, I mean, clutches her forehead.
  23. [16:03:50] <~Kain> Gale: "A hangover is what's wrong. Hey, waiter! Bring this girl some tomato juice."
  24. [16:04:32] <Natalie> "Ohh yeah... that's what..." Eyes half-closed she muses a bit but just whips out the diary and flips through that instead.
  25. [16:04:50] <Theta> "So...right...the city, how did it expand so quickly from...well, nothing?"
  26. [16:05:22] <Natalie> "... Uh?" Wham closed. "Oh crap! We're there already?"
  27. [16:05:33] <~Kain> Bebe: "A lot of people were excited about the prospect of a free state. There's no governing body here, just volunteers who keep the peace."
  28. [16:06:07] <~Kain> Bebe: "So... people just moved on in. And started rebuilding. With the freedom of airships, it was that simple..."
  29. [16:06:35] * Natalie notices Jasper's business card hanging out the edge of her diary and has a brief 'oh god how drunk was I' moment, staring at it. Only not really since if anything she probably forgets LESS when drunk than otherwise.
  30. [16:07:39] <Natalie> "Oh!" Wince. ".. So there's lots of people there to ask about, um, that thing I was looking for then. Okay~!"
  31. [16:07:48] <Theta> "Just...doesn't seem to add up that there's so many air ports around yet not one in Treno. Hrm."
  32. [16:09:01] <~Kain> Bebe: "Well, there are plenty of nobles with their own private landing zones... and everyone else can't really afford it."
  33. [16:09:37] <~Kain> Bebe: "As I understand, father had to hitch a ride on a merchant ship from Treno to Alexandria to see I Want to Be Your Canary."
  34. [16:10:10] <~Kain> Bebe: "That would have been a privately owned vessel contracted by one of the nobles."
  35. [16:10:33] <Natalie> "Treno... oooh..." Rubrub.
  36. [16:11:29] * Natalie peps back up. "So we're going t- ... waitasec, why DID we come here again?"
  37. [16:12:02] <~Kain> Gale: "You forgot that quickly?!"
  38. [16:12:11] <Natalie> "Yep!"
  39. [16:12:26] <Natalie> Matter-of-factly, and with a proud nod.
  40. [16:12:56] <Theta> "You're, um."
  41. [16:13:13] <Natalie> "Something about... finding a.... oohhh, it'll come to me."
  42. [16:13:16] <Natalie> "Probably."
  43. [16:13:18] <Natalie> "Maybe."
  44. [16:13:54] <Theta> "Going to be fine in the morning right? Because as I recall you never fine in the mornings..."
  45. [16:14:09] <Theta> "Either way our primary objective was investigating the situation at the Earth Shrine."
  46. [16:14:54] <Natalie> "Oh right, I remember now!" She smiles... but probably doesn't actually remember. "Nnn, don't worry, I'll be fiiiiine."
  47. [16:15:55] <Natalie> "There was something else, but I have until we land to remember it, right? Lemme see..." Nat finally shuts up and sits back, diaryreading.
  48. [16:16:12] <~Kain> Bebe: "Was it? You're coming with us? I thought you were looking for my father's workshop."
  49. [16:16:39] <~Kain> Bebe: "We'll welcome to the company, though we were planning on making a stop or two along the way."
  50. [16:17:59] <Theta> "That's something -I- need to see to, yes, but outside of that we also have interest in this shrine."
  51. [16:20:09] <~Kain> Elizabeth: "Looks like we'll be sticking together a bit longer, then."
  52. [16:20:30] <~Kain> The airship starts to descend into town.
  53. [16:20:54] <Natalie> The diary WHUMPs closed and the card inside it falls onto Nat's lap. She picks it up and gives it another weird stare. "Oh, there we go! I just... had to ask people about a thing, that's all. ... Where'd this come from, anyway?"
  54. [16:21:29] <~Kain> Gale: "Oh, you got that from the guy you talked to at the bar when you were drinking with Cirra. ...she's STILL passed out."
  55. [16:21:37] <~Kain> The waiter brings over a glass of tomato juice for Nat.
  56. [16:21:48] <Natalie> "Thanks!" GLUG GLUG GLUG.
  57. [16:22:09] * Natalie is clearly way better than Ammy at this.
  58. [16:22:31] <~Kain> SURE IS TOMATO JUICE.
  59. [16:22:50] <~Kain> Gale pays the 12 gil or whatever it costs
  60. [16:23:28] <~Kain> As the airship lands, people begin to unseat themselves from their tables and file out. ...No sign of Jasper.
  61. [16:23:30] <Natalie> "Ahhhh. Huh... I talked to someone? Can't remember it..."
  62. [16:23:35] <Natalie> "Well, that's nothing new!"
  63. [16:24:43] <Natalie> "Uhh..." Where IS Cirra, anyway? Is she passed out near them, and is Ambrosia's carrying capacity free?
  64. [16:25:14] <~Kain> At the table, yeah.
  65. [16:25:42] <~Kain> And no, Ambrosia is currently being talked to by some weird looking dolphinman in an orange swimsuit with a surfboard.
  66. [16:25:49] <Natalie> "I'll help..." Okay then, Natty tries to god damnit
  67. [16:26:14] * Theta turns to Bebe, "Speaking of which, what Do you know about the whereabouts of your father's workshop?"
  68. [16:26:36] <Natalie> ... To help haul her off on her own, using STRONGTH. Which she actually probably doesn't have that much of.
  69. [16:26:46] <~Kain> HNNNGH
  70. [16:26:54] <~Kain> Cirra is like a 100 pound limp noodle.
  71. [16:27:24] <~Kain> Bebe: "It's... somewhere in this city." he says with a frown. "That's all I honestly know. Which isn't saying much, considering how big it is..."
  72. [16:27:37] <~Kain> Bebe: "But logically, it should be somewhere that was here before the town was built up."
  73. [16:27:54] <Natalie> Okay, that's probably piggybackable for someone who's able to crush walls and shit, even if it IS through magically amplified effects that make her attacks look stronger than they really are and other complicated shit.
  74. [16:28:39] <Theta> "Hrm..."
  75. [16:28:46] <~Kain> Bebe: "Which leaves... Eiko's house, the original canal under that, the central fountain, and the Eidolon Wall, I believe."
  76. [16:28:51] <Natalie> "!"
  77. [16:29:05] <Natalie> "Whose house?"
  78. [16:29:14] <~Kain> Bebe: "Eiko's. The summoner?"
  79. [16:29:26] <~Kain> Bebe: "She used to live here, long long ago."
  80. [16:29:36] <Natalie> "Oh, uh... right! Ahah... she did live here, huh."
  81. [16:29:40] <Natalie> "Yep, I remembered that!"
  82. [16:29:54] <~Kain> Gale: "Iiiii wonder."
  83. [16:31:03] <Theta> "Are you sure?" He goes to retrieve Ambrosia from getting seperated real quick.
  84. [16:31:14] <~Kain> Elizabeth is packing her pipe again, already ready to go. "You better go get your friend before she gets abducted by that surfer."
  85. [16:31:18] <~Kain> Oh there you go.
  86. [16:31:36] <~Kain> Ambrosia asks Theta what "catching the waves" means.
  87. [16:31:39] <Natalie> "Maybe that's a good place to start. Mhm." Nat '!'s again and follows Theta as he leaves.
  88. [16:31:48] <Natalie> Because <3 Ambrosia <3 <3 <3
  89. [16:31:58] <Amaryllis> (lesbiansssssss)
  90. [16:32:02] <~Kain> And who was Theta asking?
  91. [16:32:55] <Natalie> (it's okay I don't think either of them have functioning sexual organs)
  92. [16:33:14] <Theta> (He was asking Nat)
  93. [16:33:34] <Theta> "I'm not sure myself, Ambrosia...anyhow..."
  94. [16:33:38] <Natalie> (oh I didn't catch that either)
  95. [16:34:08] <Natalie> (... but that kinda answered him anyway, treehee)
  96. [16:35:50] <Natalie> "It's okay, I got it." Nat nods at Theta. "See, when you 'catch' something, you do this..." She makes a sudden movement to grab at Ambrosia's arm. "And it's like, 'gotcha!'"
  97. [16:36:08] <Natalie> "So when a wave comes at you... ..."
  98. [16:36:08] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "But... I don't think that's possible."
  99. [16:36:10] <Natalie> "..."
  100. [16:36:14] <Natalie> "Yeah, I dunno actually."
  101. [16:36:18] <Natalie> "Oh well, let's go!"
  102. [16:36:21] <~Kain> The lot of you begin to exit the airship, stepping out into Madain Sari proper. You see a number of Cleyran windmills catching the wind and pumping fresh water up... from SOMEWHERE.
  103. [16:36:44] <~Kain> The buildings certainly are crowded, and not even in the artistic style of Lindblum'
  104. [16:36:50] <~Kain> *'s various districts.
  105. [16:37:35] <Natalie> "Oh by the way," she holds the card out to Theta on the walk, noting the address. "You have any idea how to find where... this is? I don't remember anything but I guess I should probably go say hi sometime."
  106. [16:37:56] * Theta looks at the card, confused.
  107. [16:39:07] <~Kain> Open air stalls line some streets, with cloth coverings protecting against the sun.... Really it's kind of like if Agrabah became the racial melting point of Gaia.
  108. [16:39:46] <~Kain> You can see the tips of the gianttree poking over the buildings to the east, where the eidolon is.
  109. [16:39:56] <Natalie> Stop that.
  110. [16:40:05] <~Kain> *eidolon wall
  111. [16:40:31] <~Kain> Bebe: "I believe the tree was planted a bit before everyone started flocking here..."
  112. [16:40:41] <~Kain> Bebe: "It's grown rather well considering the area."
  113. [16:41:24] <~Kain> Bebe: "Some consider its prosperity a symbol of Madain Sari's rebirth."
  114. [16:41:43] <Natalie> "Ah-huh... sorry, if you dunno I can probably find it somehow." She fwips the card back inside the diary. "It really is pretty big..."
  115. [16:42:19] <~Kain> Theta - the business card is for one Jasper Jules, and it lists off about a half dozen things he does.
  116. [16:42:36] <~Kain> Inventor, sculptor, singer, information broker, legitimate businessman
  117. [16:43:26] <~Kain> Oh, and he also deals in jewelry.
  118. [16:43:32] <Natalie> THAT'S SEVEN
  119. [16:43:58] <~Kain> NOPE
  120. [16:43:59] <~Kain> Count again
  121. [16:44:00] <Amaryllis> (I count six)
  122. [16:44:19] <Natalie> (Oh, legitimate and business man were on separate lines)
  123. [16:44:22] <Natalie> (/me flips a table)
  124. [16:44:38] <Natalie> (... businessman)
  125. [16:44:44] <Theta> "Where on earth did you -get- this?"
  126. [16:44:57] <Natalie> "No clue! Apparently I got drunk and talk to someone I don't remember."
  127. [16:44:58] <Natalie> :D
  128. [16:45:05] <Natalie> +ed
  129. [16:45:08] <~Kain> Gale: "Like I said, probably from the guy that totally wasn't hitting on her while she was drinking."
  130. [16:45:29] <~Kain> Cirra groans as she wakes up, tomato sauce still on her face.
  131. [16:45:42] <Natalie> Cirra gained a waifu rank!
  132. [16:47:25] <~Kain> Cirra: "Did somebody get the registration plate of that behemoth...?"
  133. [16:47:42] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "No."
  134. [16:47:59] * Natalie skips forward. Ambymoe's got this covered.
  136. [16:48:20] <~Kain> Bebe: "So... where are we going first?"
  137. [16:49:05] <~Kain> Elizabeth: "I'm pretty sure WE'RE well stocked on items by now. Dunno about these two."
  138. [16:49:17] <Natalie> "We're following you guys around, right? Might as well go with since we're looking for a something something something that's probably there, I think... unless Mr. Epsilon wanted to go somewhere else first."
  139. [16:49:29] <~Kain> Ambrosia follows Natalie along~
  140. [16:49:42] <~Kain> Gale: "...Hey, where are all of you going?"
  141. [16:49:47] * Theta turns to the others. "You were all planning to leave immediately?"
  142. [16:50:06] <Natalie> "Items..." Nat thinks a bit, then puts her :D back on and whips out some blatant combat knuckles. With emeralds on them. "Nnn.... I'm good!" Pocketed.
  143. [16:50:16] <~Kain> Bebe: "Well... soon, yeah. Were you wanting to look around some? I don't mind, I'd actually like to see my father's workshop myself."
  144. [16:50:37] <~Kain> Gale: "Oh my god, you use gemstone encrusted brass knuckles?"
  145. [16:50:45] <~Kain> Gale: "That's so flashy, so impractical..."
  146. [16:50:46] <Theta> "I was planning to learn what I could from it, assuming I can locate it, then attempt to catch up to you all."
  147. [16:50:49] <~Kain> Gale: "I love it!"
  148. [16:50:51] <Natalie> "I think we should go to Ei- ... I mean..." ... "... To Eiko's house first! No reason."
  149. [16:51:13] * Natalie nods vigorously, beaming. "Yeah! I don't even punch things with them!"
  150. [16:51:40] <Natalie> "If I'm fighting, it's this..." She lifts a leg to show off the moonstone anklet, which, all things considered, is probably even LESS practical for combat.
  151. [16:52:39] <~Kain> Bebe: "Hmm... Well, we'll be making a stop in Black Mage Village. That's likely a good place to meet up."
  152. [16:53:21] <~Kain> Bebe: "They have chocobos for rent here, actually, which makes walking through the forest so much more bearable."
  153. [16:53:42] <~Kain> Gale examines the moonstone anklet, giving a nod of approval.
  154. [16:54:08] <Natalie> And then there's the tiara she's been wearing the whole time. God damn, just imagine getting headbutted with that.
  155. [16:54:32] <~Kain> She pulls out a foldable weapon, which snaps out to become a steel-bladed scythe with the blade in the shape of a wing.
  156. [16:54:57] <~Kain> Ambrosia pulls out her broom and compares it with the scythe.
  157. [16:55:01] <Natalie> "Whoa! That looks.." A bit of examination. "... Is it heavy?"
  158. [16:55:23] <~Kain> Gale: "A little bit."
  159. [16:56:11] <~Kain> Elizabeth: "Just don't teleport after us." she says very sternly to Theta.
  160. [16:56:31] <Natalie> "Still neat. The shape.... er, nevermind." She shakes and afterthoughts off and gives a thumbs-up, then turns to the others.
  161. [16:56:43] <Theta> "You'd get more leverage out of that if you just tinkered with it a bit to have the blade horizontal with the -" gulps at Elizabeth.
  162. [16:57:11] <Natalie> "Don't worry, if I try I'll be careful!" She says to Elizabeth, an 'I've never actually cast that spell before' twinkling in her eyes.
  163. [16:58:05] <~Kain> The lot of you are forced to come to a stop as you come to one of the canals running through the city now.
  164. [16:58:15] <~Kain> The bridge seems to be out, and there's a mass of people murmuring about it.
  165. [16:58:25] <~Kain> Bebe steps forward to look at the damage. "Now, what happened here?"
  166. [16:58:29] <Natalie> "Huh? What's going on over there?"
  167. [16:58:51] <~Kain> The bridge seems to have just been torn off of its perch and pulled into the water.
  168. [17:00:10] * Theta looks over at the damage, did it just rot away or something tampered with here?
  169. [17:00:26] <~Kain> Definitely seems to have been intentionally destroyed by something.
  170. [17:00:29] <~Kain> Bebe seems pretty confused. "Seems like extensive damage, but I'm sure I could repair it with Geotrance..."
  171. [17:01:24] <Natalie> "We need to get across this way, right...?"
  172. [17:01:41] * Theta nods at Bebe, "Doesn't seem like something we couldn't repair at all."
  173. [17:01:43] <~Kain> Elizabeth: "I have NO idea where you were going."
  174. [17:01:48] <Natalie> "Me neither!"
  175. [17:01:53] <~Kain> Bebe looks over at Theta a moment then nods and steps forward, concentrating.
  176. [17:03:03] * Theta concentrates as well, letting him take the lead as to not complicate this
  177. [17:03:38] <~Kain> The two of you begin to pull the bridge of the water, causing it to re-meld with the ground properly to provide safe passage over the canal. It doesn't take long, but...
  178. [17:03:51] <~Kain> "Heeeeeeeeey, who fixed the bridge? That just won't do!"
  179. [17:04:05] <~Kain> An obnoxious voice calls out from the canal.
  180. [17:04:21] * Natalie cheerleadered for them by the way, but Faith didn't need to apply. Treehee.
  181. [17:04:27] <Natalie> "...?"
  182. [17:04:48] <~Kain> "...Ooh, what do have here?" Suddenly, several purple tentacles shoot ouf of the canal, grabbing at Ambrosia, Cirra, Gale, and Elizabeth! "Such lovely ladies! I'm blushing!"
  183. [17:05:06] <Anise> (oh shit)
  184. [17:05:09] <Natalie> (^)
  185. [17:05:22] <Natalie> "... Hey!"
  186. [17:05:23] <~Kain> A gigantic purple octopus drags itself out of the water, grinning with an enormous yellow-toothed maw.
  187. [17:05:43] <Theta> "..."
  188. [17:05:56] <Theta> "I think I recall this creature from SOMETHING..."
  189. [17:06:00] * Natalie gets in stance.
  190. [17:06:01] <~Kain> Ultros: "Aw, what's the matter? Sad I didn't grab you too? I like little girls, too!"
  191. [17:06:07] <Theta> "...Siegfried mentioned you, yes...yes...Ultros!"
  192. [17:06:22] <~Kain> Gale: "Shit, it's hard to cast like this!"
  193. [17:06:31] <~Kain> Bebe: "Excuse me, but could you please unhand our companions?"
  194. [17:06:45] <Natalie> "Ul... tros? Oh, well if that's how it's gonna be, I'll help!"
  195. [17:06:48] <~Kain> Ultros: "Pfffffft, listen to THIS guy? What a nerd!"
  196. [17:07:12] <~Kain> Ultros: "But yeah, I'm the great Ultros, and most of you cuties are going to be my brides~"
  197. [17:07:36] * Natalie puts her knuckles on and concentrates a bit, forming the appearance of a red laser blade that flickers by her arm by a moment. "Okay, let's see, if I cut like this..."
  198. [17:07:58] <Theta> Theta very calmly and methodically takes out his crossbow, pulls back the drawstring and makes a spiritbolt (What biomes are here?)
  199. [17:08:03] <Natalie> It zwips out. "... Oop. Lemme try again..."
  200. [17:08:27] <~Kain> Water, Town, Desert
  201. [17:08:56] * Kain is now known as Ultros
  202. [17:09:10] <~Ultros> "What's this? You want to fight? Think you're some kind of hero, musclehead? I'll take all of you on!"
  203. [17:10:04] <~Ultros> The octopus slams his tentacles into the ground, making the girls yell out and the crowd flees.
  204. [17:10:39] <Natalie> "What kinda monster ARE you, anyway?" Natty gets all the lasers ready.
  205. [17:10:55] <Theta> Earth Arrow, he shoots it at the ground where Ultros just slammed the tentacles on. We'll say Elizabeth's. Quicksand! Opposed force!
  206. [17:10:58] <Theta> 2d6+5
  207. [17:10:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  208. [17:11:22] <~Ultros> "Monster??? *sniff* That hurts, you know! I'm an Eidolon! And so is my buddy, Mr. Typhon! OH MISTER TYPHOOON~"
  209. [17:11:27] <~Ultros> Hit!
  210. [17:11:35] <Theta> (No that's an opposed force roll)
  211. [17:11:36] <~Ultros> 2d6+5
  212. [17:11:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, 2d6+5: 8 [2d6=1,2]
  213. [17:11:44] <Natalie> "... Really?"
  214. [17:11:45] <Theta> Stopped and Slowed!
  215. [17:11:55] <~Ultros> The tentacle slamms into quicksand, and Ultros is unable to remove it!
  216. [17:11:57] <Theta> For one round, at least.
  217. [17:12:03] <~Ultros> "HEY! Hey, what is this??"
  218. [17:12:24] <Natalie> "I don't..." She scratches her Ruby but headshakes. "Well how do you think 'little girl' feels, huh?"
  219. [17:12:32] <~Ultros> Elizabeth is covered in sand but she'd rather be trapped in quicksand than manhandled by this guy.
  220. [17:12:52] <Natalie> Oh man, are we both getting a preemptive round?
  221. [17:12:58] <~Ultros> Go for it!
  222. [17:13:16] <Natalie> 2d6+4 cool, I'm gonna be illogical and execute Ambrosia's tentacle then
  223. [17:13:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, cool, I'm gonna be illogical and execute Ambrosia's tentacle then: 11 [2d6=1,6]
  224. [17:13:19] <~Ultros> "...I said, HEY MISTER TYPHOOOON... where the heck is he??"
  225. [17:13:22] <Natalie> 1d6 on 1
  226. [17:13:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, on 1: 4 [1d6=4]
  227. [17:13:49] * Theta tries to help her up. "Listen you oversized calamari. We're on a tight schedule here, so we'd appreciate it if you harassed another town for now. Preferably one with a knight errant around."
  228. [17:14:06] <~Ultros> By virtue of secret ninja powers Ambrosia kicks the shit out of the tentacle! Totally wasn't Nat.
  229. [17:14:41] <Natalie> Nat sniffles a little to the side with her leg covered in red energy. She thought it looked cool too! ... But nobody was watching.
  230. [17:14:43] <~Ultros> "You people friends of that jerk Siegfried? I don't have to take this from any of you!"
  231. [17:14:55] <Natalie> Boost btw
  232. [17:15:17] <Natalie> and -10 to both ARMs IF THAT EVEN MATTERS
  233. [17:15:46] <~Ultros> Bebe begins concentrating!
  234. [17:15:48] <Natalie> ... wait you can't DW execution, so, that's only...
  235. [17:16:09] <~Ultros> Enemy turn! Ultros is slowed...
  236. [17:16:18] <Natalie> That's 70 ARM. Whoops~
  237. [17:16:24] <~Ultros> Player turns!
  238. [17:16:51] <Natalie> "Okay, let's see..." Nat starts concentrating to get a spell cast.
  239. [17:17:32] <Theta> Theta loads another earthbolt and plinks it at Ultros's dumb face!
  240. [17:17:37] <Theta> 2d6+6 sandstorm!
  241. [17:17:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, sandstorm!: 13 [2d6=3,4]
  242. [17:17:38] <~Ultros> Bebe: "I'll just say I asked you nicely." he says, raising his arms. The sky gets dark as clouds start to roll over Madain Sari and rumble with thunder.
  243. [17:18:39] <Natalie> It's probably Protect by the way but we never used that 'decide for sure what your spell is before casting it' rule for plebs.
  244. [17:18:56] <~Ultros> Bebe then brings a hand down towards Theta. A bolt of lightning arcs down and strikes his crossbow, granting it Lightning Enhancer.
  245. [17:19:19] <~Ultros> Sandstorm hits!
  246. [17:19:22] <Theta> 107 Earth ARM damage if that hits! The arrow poofs into a cloud of sand and gets all in his eyes!
  247. [17:19:30] <Theta> He's blinded this round!
  248. [17:19:30] <~Ultros> "Aaaaaagh!"
  249. [17:19:39] <Theta> "Aha, interesting. Thank you, Bebe."
  250. [17:20:09] <~Ultros> The Field is also Lightning and Wind at the moment.
  251. [17:21:27] <~Ultros> Ultros flails around, trying to hit Theta!
  252. [17:21:32] <~Ultros> 1d6+6
  253. [17:21:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, 1d6+6: 12 [1d6=6]
  254. [17:21:51] <Theta> That's barely a wiff if it's a short ranged attack!
  255. [17:21:57] <~Ultros> Indeed it is.
  256. [17:22:16] <~Ultros>
  257. [17:22:49] <~Ultros> Players!
  258. [17:23:17] <Natalie> Which tentacles are up? Like, did the two of them that were hit just take damage or are they down?
  259. [17:24:00] <~Ultros> They're damaged but not down.
  260. [17:24:07] * Natalie also does a somersault to cast Protect on herself in some kind of magical girl stock footage sequence, but keeps quiet while casting it despite the obvious Carbuncliness of the whole thing.
  261. [17:24:12] <~Ultros> Elizabeth managed to get free thanks to the quicksand though.
  262. [17:24:38] <~Ultros> Bebe nods and concentrates, aiming a blast of energy at the tentacle carrying Cirra.
  263. [17:24:41] <Natalie> Hmm, would shockwave damage the allies IN the tentacles?
  264. [17:24:54] <~Ultros> 2d6+6+4 Obliterate
  265. [17:24:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, Obliterate: 17 [2d6=1,6]
  266. [17:25:09] <Natalie> And Bebe for that matter.
  267. [17:25:17] <~Ultros> The tentacle is severed completely, dropping Cirra safely to the ground!
  268. [17:25:45] <~Ultros> Nah, they're held off the ground and Bebe has auto-float. It's TOO good really.
  269. [17:26:06] <Natalie> Oh, so that's like, all the tentacles THEMSELVES are in the air or it's good?
  270. [17:26:23] <~Ultros> You can hit the tentacles themselves with earth damage.
  271. [17:26:29] <Natalie> 2d6+5 fuck yeah let's go
  272. [17:26:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, fuck yeah let's go: 13 [2d6=5,3]
  273. [17:26:35] <~Ultros> BAM
  274. [17:27:13] * Natalie STOMPS the ground. "Alright, this is my favorite part!" Her leg spins around and erupts into a huge red laserblade that sweeps across the tentacles. "Finishing Strike! Climax of the Tower!!"
  275. [17:27:32] <Natalie> For... 71 Earth ARM this time.
  276. [17:27:37] <~Ultros> WHAM! The tentacles are buised enough to drop Ambrosia!
  277. [17:28:09] <Theta> Theta could keep doing that all day but it'd be pretty boring now wouldn't it? He fires off a plasma electric arrow!
  278. [17:28:12] <Theta> 2d6+6 this'll hurt.
  279. [17:28:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, this'll hurt.: 15 [2d6=6,3]
  280. [17:28:15] <~Ultros> BAM
  281. [17:28:23] <Theta> 149 Electric ARM damage
  282. [17:28:35] <~Ultros> "YEOOOOOWWWWCH!"
  283. [17:28:51] <Natalie> "... Are you SURE you're an Eidolon?"
  284. [17:29:01] <~Ultros> Ultros wipes the sand out of his eyes and slams the ground a few time in frustration, steam pouring out of his... ears?
  285. [17:29:44] <~Ultros> "You better keep a lock on your panty drawer after making an insult like that!"
  286. [17:29:58] <~Ultros> "Now I'm REALLY mad!"
  287. [17:30:05] <Theta> "Oh dear."
  288. [17:30:14] <~Ultros> He begins attacking with each of his tentacles that are left!
  289. [17:30:19] <Natalie> "Okay, come on~!"
  290. [17:30:33] <~Ultros> 2d6+6 against both of you - 7 Tentacle Strike!
  291. [17:30:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, against both of you - 7 Tentacle Strike!: 8 [2d6=1,1]
  292. [17:30:38] <Natalie> Yawn.
  293. [17:30:52] <~Ultros> 1d6 reroll 1 with Multiweapon
  294. [17:30:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, reroll 1 with Multiweapon: 5 [1d6=5]
  295. [17:31:07] <Theta> 13 hits
  296. [17:31:12] <Natalie> 13 also hits.
  297. [17:31:30] <Natalie> Who's the user? Ultros or one of the tentacles? 1,1For counterattack purposes.
  298. [17:31:34] <~Ultros> 7d3
  299. [17:31:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, 7d3: 16 [7d3=2,3,3,2,1,2,3]
  300. [17:32:03] <~Ultros> Theta is hit once! Nat and Bebe are hit three times! 50 arm damage each!
  301. [17:32:18] <~Ultros> Aaand the tentacles in this case.
  302. [17:32:30] * Theta gets a bit of water on his duster. "Oh sod it."
  303. [17:32:36] * Theta brushes it off best he can.
  304. [17:33:02] <Natalie> Oh. EH not worth it then.
  305. [17:33:27] * Natalie takces each hit in a cross-arm block, shimmering with a field of light each time.
  306. [17:33:50] <Natalie> "Actually, even monsters are usually tougher than this!"
  307. [17:33:53] <Natalie> "... Aren't they?"
  308. [17:33:54] <~Ultros> Bebe doesn't seem too badly hurt, either. As the tentacles strike him, he briefly turns to stone right before each hit.
  309. [17:34:23] <~Ultros> "Why would you hurt my feelings like that? All I wanted was to be loved!"
  310. [17:34:43] <Natalie> "Then why're you going around kidnapping people?!"
  311. [17:35:12] * Theta loads another plasma arrow. "Do we -really- need to continue this?"
  312. [17:35:17] <~Ultros> "S-shut up! I just want to look at them, and carress them, and..." he blushes while saying this.
  313. [17:35:29] * Natalie loads another laserkick. "Okay, tentacles comin' off."
  314. [17:36:33] <~Ultros> Even Ambrosia is whapping Ultros over the head with her broom now!
  315. [17:36:36] <~Ultros> (Player turns)
  316. [17:36:45] <Theta> 2d6+6 ultros plz go
  317. [17:36:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, ultros plz go: 16 [2d6=4,6]
  318. [17:36:46] <Natalie> 2d6+5 all tentacles again lololol
  319. [17:36:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, all tentacles again lololol: 12 [2d6=2,5]
  320. [17:36:51] <Natalie> 1d6 reroll 2
  321. [17:36:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, reroll 2: 1 [1d6=1]
  322. [17:36:54] <Natalie> ... ok
  323. [17:36:55] <Theta> 150 Electric Arm Damage
  324. [17:37:09] <Natalie> 69 ARM if by some miracle that hits any of them.
  325. [17:37:15] <Natalie> ... Earth too.
  326. [17:37:22] <~Ultros> More steam pours out of his head and his entire body turns a red color!
  327. [17:37:39] <~Ultros> His severed tentacle also spontaneously regenerates!
  328. [17:38:10] <~Ultros> "I HATE muscleheads!"
  329. [17:38:24] <Natalie> "..."
  330. [17:38:26] * Natalie raises a hand.
  331. [17:38:28] <~Ultros> 3d6 on Theta.
  332. [17:38:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, on Theta.: 12 [3d6=3,5,4]
  333. [17:38:35] <~Ultros> 1d6 reroll 3
  334. [17:38:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, reroll 3: 4 [1d6=4]
  335. [17:38:52] <Theta> Hits!
  336. [17:39:18] <~Ultros> 150 damage, ignores 50% of your armor!
  337. [17:39:56] <~Ultros> You're also
  338. [17:39:58] <Theta> Bonk! Okay that sorta hurt more than Theta expected.
  339. [17:40:01] <~Ultros> Stunned and Sealed
  340. [17:40:03] <~Ultros> 1 round
  341. [17:40:15] <~Ultros> 2d6+6 on all of you!
  342. [17:40:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, on all of you!: 9 [2d6=1,2]
  343. [17:40:19] <Natalie> Nope.
  344. [17:40:21] <~Ultros> 1d6 reroll 1
  345. [17:40:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, reroll 1: 1 [1d6=1]
  346. [17:40:24] <Natalie> Nope.
  347. [17:40:30] <~Ultros> ~Ul-tu-ros~
  348. [17:40:40] <~Ultros> Player turns!
  349. [17:40:43] * Natalie waves the hand around.
  350. [17:40:50] <~Ultros> "WHAAAAT?"
  351. [17:40:53] <Natalie> "Um, do I count as one of those since I'm beating you up so hard?"
  352. [17:40:54] * Theta wobbles around like an idiot
  353. [17:41:12] <~Ultros> "No, you're still an adorable and cute little girl!"
  354. [17:41:37] <~Ultros> "And when this is over I'm gonna squeeze you until you squeal with delight~"
  355. [17:41:41] <Natalie> "'Kay! Oh yeah, here, Mr. Zeta. 4Rub- I mean, er, um, Cura!" Wisps of light zip out of her forehead at the Genome. Quick Cast!
  356. [17:41:54] <Natalie> 2d6+100
  357. [17:41:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, 2d6+100: 110 [2d6=5,5]
  358. [17:42:47] <Natalie> She's pretty bad at hiding this, for somebody who went 6 months without any of the players knowing.
  359. [17:42:50] <Theta> Well he certainly -looks- healthier but still looks concussed
  360. [17:42:50] <~Ultros> 2d6+5 Town geotrance!
  361. [17:42:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, Town geotrance!: 11 [2d6=2,4]
  362. [17:43:19] <~Ultros> Bebe calls down a bolt of lightning from the sky!
  363. [17:43:29] <~Ultros> It zzzzaps the octopus somewhat nicely.
  364. [17:43:42] <~Ultros> "I'll give you a taste~"
  365. [17:43:57] <~Ultros> 2d6+6 on all of you.
  366. [17:43:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, on all of you.: 13 [2d6=6,1]
  367. [17:44:02] <~Ultros> 1d6 reroll 1
  368. [17:44:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, reroll 1: 6 [1d6=6]
  369. [17:44:07] <Natalie> ... Oh my.
  370. [17:44:10] <Theta> o h s h i t
  371. [17:44:19] <Anise> (natheta hang in there ;_; )
  372. [17:44:24] <~Ultros> 8d3
  373. [17:44:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, 8d3: 19 [8d3=1,3,2,3,3,1,3,3]
  374. [17:44:40] <~Ultros> Theta is hit twice, Nat is hit once
  375. [17:44:45] <~Ultros> Bebe is hit five times
  376. [17:45:06] <~Ultros> 100 arm damage ignoring 50% armor for each hit!
  377. [17:45:22] <~Ultros> Bebe is knocked the fuck out.
  378. [17:45:45] <Theta> Theta looks pretty roughed up himself but snaps back to attention
  379. [17:46:30] <Natalie> Now time to ask something that didn't get an answer earlier! Can Lancet trigger on counterattack? Since it's just 'instant action, your next attack...'
  380. [17:46:31] <Natalie> plzplzplz
  381. [17:46:52] <~Ultros> sssssssure
  382. [17:46:55] <Natalie> YES
  383. [17:47:02] * Natalie grabs a fucking tentacle, activating
  384. [17:47:08] <Natalie> 2d6+5 LET'S GO
  385. [17:47:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, LET'S GO: 9 [2d6=3,1]
  386. [17:47:15] <Natalie> 1d6 AND REROLL THAT 1
  387. [17:47:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, AND REROLL THAT 1: 6 [1d6=6]
  388. [17:47:16] <~Ultros> miss
  389. [17:47:20] <~Ultros> not miss
  390. [17:47:22] <Anise> (eat the tentacle)
  391. [17:47:26] <Natalie> (I MIGHT)
  392. [17:47:27] <Anise> (for delicious hp)
  393. [17:47:41] <Theta> (Just to clarify he's like, in a waterway in a town at the moment right?
  394. [17:48:01] <Natalie> 69 ARM damage to that particular tentacle AND....
  395. [17:48:49] <Natalie> Oh, and +69 HP AND MP to all party members as Nat's emeralds shine while grappling. In fact if it does enough damage she might just grab hard enough to CRUSH the tentacle.
  396. [17:50:06] <Break_> (SKYPE IS A THING i am getting on)
  397. [17:50:25] <Natalie> "Grnnngh! I'll show you how much of a 'musclehead' I can be!"
  398. [17:50:31] <Natalie> "(And there's NO way you're an Eidolon.)"
  399. [17:50:33] <Theta> (:<)
  400. [17:50:39] <~Ultros> ":<"
  401. [17:50:52] <~Ultros> And he pulled himself OUT of the waterway.
  402. [17:50:56] <~Ultros> But close enough I suppose.
  403. [17:51:32] * Theta attempts to incline the very land Ultros is standing on to dump him back into the water. "Cool your head you lecher!"
  404. [17:52:38] <~Ultros> Give me a nature check!
  405. [17:52:43] <~Ultros> Or an attack roll
  406. [17:53:00] <Theta> 2d6+6 same thing funny enough
  407. [17:53:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, same thing funny enough: 14 [2d6=6,2]
  408. [17:53:29] <~Ultros> The street raaaaaises up, and dumps Ultros into the canal again.
  409. [17:53:39] <~Ultros> He starts to get washed away, flailing.
  410. [17:53:42] <~Ultros> "I WON'T FORGET THIS!"
  411. [17:53:48] <~Ultros> "I'LL BE BAAAAACK!"
  412. [17:53:54] <~Ultros> And there he goes, washed out to sea.
  413. [17:53:54] <Natalie> Did the tentacles let go of the others first?
  414. [17:54:02] <~Ultros> Yeah, everyone got free a bit back.
  415. [17:54:08] <Natalie> Okay just checkin'!
  416. [17:54:13] <~Ultros> Elizabeth is tending to Bebe, who's just waking up.
  417. [17:54:22] <~Ultros> Unlike Nat, she is NOT kicking him awake.
  418. [17:54:30] <~Ultros> She must be a professional
  419. [17:54:36] * Natalie does too - STOP THAT YOU MEANIE - foreheading him up.
  420. [17:55:11] <~Ultros> Ambrosia: "Target neutralized~" she says in an oddly singsong voice, pulling the broom behind herself.
  421. [17:55:14] * Theta dusts himself off from the scuffle, slings the crossbow across his back, and then goes to join the others.
  422. [17:55:23] <~Ultros> Bebe: "Ooo... w-what happened?"
  423. [17:55:46] <Theta> "Dumped him back in the water. He's gone for now."
  424. [17:56:08] <Natalie> "Yeah, I guess I should've healed you more... sorry!" Nat sticks a tongue out.
  425. [17:56:29] * Natalie approaches the robot. "Amby, were you even DOING anything?"
  426. [17:56:42] <~Ultros> Bebe: "Just as long... as it was taken care of, I suppose." He sits up uneasily.
  427. [17:56:59] <~Ultros> Ambrosia tilts her head. "I was helping."
  428. [17:57:19] <Natalie> "Oh, okay!"
  429. [17:58:03] <Natalie> "Geez, I can't believe he called himself an Eidolon."
  430. [17:58:07] * Natalie rubs her ruby.
  431. [17:59:17] <~Ultros> Elizabeth: "That was ENTIRELY unnecessary..."
  432. [17:59:35] <Theta> "I'm sorry?"
  433. [17:59:36] <~Ultros> Gale: "At least Cirra's okay. How're the rest of you holding up?"
  434. [17:59:57] <~Ultros> Elizabeth: "That entire... thing with that creature. My day could have gone without that."
  435. [18:00:05] <~Ultros> She's still wiping off tentacle slime.
  436. [18:00:19] <Natalie> "At least we beat him, huh?"
  437. [18:00:20] <~Ultros> Elizabeth: "But.. thank you for rescuing us."
  438. [18:00:24] <Natalie> If Nat had a tail she'd wag it.
  439. [18:00:30] <Natalie> ... Even being a cat.
  440. [18:00:44] <Theta> "Sorry. We tend to uh..."
  441. [18:00:52] <Theta> "Attract these sorts of things."
  442. [18:00:53] <Natalie> "Have too much fun?"
  443. [18:01:52] <~Ultros> Overhead you here a distant FUNGAAAAAH as something high up heads in the same direction Ultros did.
  444. [18:02:20] <Natalie> "... So let's go uh, do what we were doing."
  445. [18:02:30] <~Ultros> Elizabeth: "...You were the one leading the way."
  446. [18:02:37] <Natalie> "Oh crap!"
  447. [18:03:08] <~Ultros> Bebe: "Perhaps we should part ways for now... and meet up in Black Mage Village later?"
  448. [18:03:21] <Natalie> "Um... which way IS Eiko's house, anyway?"
  449. [18:03:40] <~Ultros> Bebe points down the canal.
  450. [18:03:50] <Natalie> "And which way is the place you were going?"
  451. [18:03:51] <~Ultros> Bebe: "Just on the edge overlooking the sea."
  452. [18:04:31] <~Ultros> Bebe turns around and points all the way in the opposite direction. "We'll have to go through the Conde Petie mountain path. Once there, Theta knows the way back to the village."
  453. [18:04:32] <Theta> "I know where it is, Natalie. Don't worry about that."
  454. [18:04:53] <Natalie> "Ohhh. Yeah, I guess we SHOULD just meet up then."
  455. [18:05:26] <Theta> "Alright. We will meet you there before too long then. Sorry Elizabeth that...uhm..."
  456. [18:05:28] * Natalie smiles big and waves big. "Thanks a lot for helping! We'll be there soon, 'kay?"
  457. [18:05:33] <Theta> "Do you need a towel or something?"
  458. [18:06:20] * Ultros is now known as Kain
  459. [18:06:36] <~Kain> Elizabeth: "That would be -wonderful-."
  460. [18:07:50] * Theta would take the dancing ribbon out of Nat's bag and hand it over.
  461. [18:07:57] <Natalie> "Hey!"
  462. [18:08:09] <~Kain> Gale helps Cirra up to her feet, keeping her from puking.
  463. [18:08:15] * Natalie watches. "... 1,1Where'd I get that, again?"
  464. [18:08:17] <Theta> "What?"
  465. [18:08:42] <Theta> "It's the closest thing we have to a, well, towel!"
  466. [18:09:12] <Natalie> "... Oh. Well clean it off when you'er done, 'kay? I'm pretty sure it's important."
  467. [18:09:19] <~Kain> Elizabeth: "What, a giant ribbon? Nevermind..."
  468. [18:09:22] * Natalie pouts a bit.
  469. [18:09:55] <~Kain> Elizabeth: "I'll just get Cirra to use her spells..."
  470. [18:10:13] <~Kain> Gale: "When she isn't about to heave, you mean."
  471. [18:10:33] <Theta> "Kay..." He hands the unused ribbon back to Nat then.
  472. [18:10:37] <~Kain> Bebe: "Well..." the black mage looks a bit apologetic. "I guess this is goodbye for now. Sorry I wasn't more help during all that."
  473. [18:11:22] <Natalie> Oh, also it wasn't in her bag for the record, she's ALWAYS wearing it.
  474. [18:11:26] <Natalie> Just confirmation!
  475. [18:11:29] * Natalie wraps it back on.
  476. [18:12:41] <Natalie> "Nah, you were plentya help! That was lots of fun too!"
  477. [18:13:10] * Natalie grabs Ambrosia by a hand. "Okay. C'mon, let's go!"
  478. [18:13:19] <~Kain> Draaaag.
  479. [18:13:21] <Theta> "It's proooobably for the best though. As I think our welcome is wearing thin for the moment. Good luck on your trip to the village, we'll be along a bit after you."
  480. [18:13:38] <~Kain> Bebe nods. "We'll see you over there, then. Good luck, Theta!"
  481. [18:15:16] * Theta continues after Nat before she gets her forgetful ass lost or something after a final wave
  482. [18:15:27] <Natalie> Good, because that's happening RIGHT NOW.
  483. [18:15:59] <~Kain> The lot of you part ways, and Ambrosia looks helplessly over at Theta as you all... make your way to Eiko's house?
  484. [18:16:11] <Natalie> Hai desu, oniichan!
  486. [18:41:01] <~Kain> The three of you stroll down the myriad streets, passing by hornless children playing in the sand where hundreds of people bled to their deaths.
  487. [18:41:10] <Natalie> Awful.
  488. [18:41:39] <~Kain> The sky is clearing up from Bebe's geomagic earlier, the sun peeking back through and making things rather cheerful again.
  489. [18:41:56] <Theta> (I'm sort of between a rock and a hard place cause it's 9 PM but I know I'd hate calling it today feeling like...we did nothing.)
  490. [18:42:34] <Natalie> (Yeah, I think we could at least try to do as much lab as possible and then I'll do mine separately though?)
  491. [18:42:49] <~Kain> which separately?
  492. [18:42:59] <~Kain> Eiko's House?
  493. [18:43:06] <Natalie> (Nah I mean, STRANGER DANGER)
  494. [18:43:11] <~Kain> Alright then.
  495. [18:43:31] <Theta> (My concern is it being sorta half assed caused we're tired 8 hours later but alright.)
  496. [18:43:56] <~Kain> You approach a lonely little house on the edge of the city, with a great look over the ocean. The canal runs right under the house, and you can see a balcony overlooking the river around the other side.
  497. [18:43:56] <Natalie> "Nnnnnn!" Nat still takes point despite knowing she'll get lost, spinning around. "I can't believe he actually thought he was an Eidolon. ... He doesn't really think that for real, right?"
  498. [18:45:12] * Natalie spins toward the house on one leg. "... Izzat it?"
  499. [18:46:19] <Theta> "I don't know, is it?"
  500. [18:46:37] <Theta> He looks to Nat quizzically
  501. [18:46:39] <Natalie> "I dunno! But it's a house."
  502. [18:46:49] <Natalie> "And it's the direction we were told, so..."
  503. [18:47:39] * Theta shrugs and approaches it, not even sure exactly what he's looking for. He realizes he never asked Bebe -how- he knew this bit of information. Oops.
  504. [18:47:55] <Natalie> "I guess if she really lived here.... well, I WISH I could remember it. Y'know, I don't even remember what her voice sounds like, or anything like that anymore." :<
  505. [18:48:54] <~Kain> The place doesn't have a door proper, just an open entraceway into a tiny little dining room, with a tiny little table and six tiny little seats sat around it. Shelves and cabinets on the wall hold things like dishes, and books. Black and white photographs hang on the wall. From the quality you suspect the camera was probably JUST invented when they were taken. But you can make them out
  506. [18:48:54] <~Kain> enough, seeing a six year old girl in poofy pants, grinning brightly as her horn points skyward. Some of the pictures show her with beasts - a large, wolf-like creature, or one with a gem set in its forehead. One shows an enormous creature of stone peering down curiously, a bird made of flames, and the last, a gigantic, tiger-like humanoid with a magnificent wingspan, picking up and holding
  507. [18:48:55] * Natalie runs up aside the genome. "... So I'll help you find what you're looking for, but I found out what my mission was too."
  508. [18:48:55] <~Kain> the girl.
  509. [18:49:10] <Natalie> "If there's anything to do with Phoenix or Titan in here..." She says while entering.
  510. [18:49:45] <Theta> "Like those?"
  511. [18:49:51] <Natalie> "... Like those."
  512. [18:50:00] * Natalie stops by the photo, giving it a good stare.
  513. [18:50:17] <Theta> "I thought that apparatus Renegade promised you was to help with your recollection, though."
  514. [18:50:18] <~Kain> Other pictures show her with the rest of the heroes of gaia, much younger in age.
  515. [18:50:49] <Natalie> "I think it's to help me stop losing MORE memories, not bring back my old ones."
  516. [18:51:03] * Natalie stares some more.
  517. [18:51:07] <Natalie> "... Can't believe she wore that."
  518. [18:51:07] <~Kain> (brb)
  519. [18:51:29] <Theta> "IS she even wearing anything?"
  520. [18:51:40] <Theta> "That's...well it's a good thing she never met Ultros in that get up."
  521. [18:51:48] <Natalie> "Well uh, I don't think she's THAT kind of person. Look, if you look close..."
  522. [18:52:08] * Natalie headshakes 1,1blushing a little. "Nevermind! Uh, everyone around her there..."
  523. [18:52:36] <Natalie> "Look, that's gotta be me! Nobody else has a Ruby like that."
  524. [18:53:00] <Natalie> "So some of these have to be the ones I'm looking for..."
  525. [18:58:21] * Natalie wags a finger around. "Plus, he's totally not an Eidolon, not with how wimpy he is. I am one, I'd know!"
  526. [18:59:17] <Theta> "I dunno if it's fair to say you are -stronger- than him."
  527. [18:59:23] <Theta> "So..."
  528. [18:59:27] <Natalie> "So am."
  529. [19:00:04] <Theta> "So our assistance was not needed."
  530. [19:00:17] <Natalie> "Oh, it made it a lot faster. And you all got to look cool!"
  531. [19:00:25] <Theta> "Uh huh..."
  532. [19:00:39] <Natalie> "So, the thing you were looking for..."
  533. [19:01:05] * Theta shakes his head. "Unfortionately I suspect Amaryllis will be around next time so making you prove this alone would not be possible. Pity. Would be entertaining."
  534. [19:01:14] <~Kain> (I'm sorry about that)
  535. [19:01:22] <Natalie> (Something happen?)
  536. [19:01:54] <~Kain> (Kind of, but it's okay)
  537. [19:02:01] <~Kain> (Anyway)
  538. [19:02:06] <Natalie> (If you say so!)
  539. [19:02:39] <~Kain> As you talk, you hear a "kupo" from the next room over.
  540. [19:02:48] <Natalie> "Hmph. I know I could!" She folds her arms and pouts an oh god.
  541. [19:03:02] <Natalie> "... Uh. Is someone here?"
  542. [19:03:13] <Theta> (Just please let us know if it might be better off waiting for this alright?)
  543. [19:03:26] <Theta> "A moogle, it seems."
  544. [19:03:30] <Theta> He pokes around the corner
  545. [19:03:39] <Natalie> "Oop. Hope they didn't hear all that~"
  546. [19:03:56] * Natalie giggles and gives the photos a last glance, hoping they're burned into her memory. Probably won't be.
  547. [19:04:07] <~Kain> (It's fine)
  548. [19:04:18] <~Kain> (It didn't have to do with my grandma)
  549. [19:04:58] <~Kain> An absolutely enormous moogle flies into the room and lands on the table with a shake. It's about four feet tall.
  550. [19:05:12] <Natalie> "..."
  551. [19:05:18] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  552. [19:05:31] <~Kain> Moogle: "Um... hi, kupo."
  553. [19:05:54] <~Kain> Moogle: "I heard talking and thought Eiko came back... but I guess not, kupo..."
  554. [19:06:38] <Natalie> :D "Y-You mean you know her?! Er, I mean... uh..." Cough. "You know the... Great Summoner Hero from the... uh... long time ago?"
  555. [19:07:38] <~Kain> The moogle nods. "I'm Chimomo, one of her old friends!"
  556. [19:08:02] <~Kain> Chimomo: "I used to be the smallest around, but... I got big, kupo."
  557. [19:08:26] <~Kain> The megamoogle hops onto the ground and waddles towards the outdoor balcony in the back.
  558. [19:08:34] <Natalie> "Oh... Ohh! If you were her friend, does that mean you knew all her Eidolons too?" Natty follows, excitedly.
  559. [19:08:51] <Theta> "That' way to phrase it," describing his size.
  560. [19:09:28] <~Kain> Chimomo: "I got to know Fenrir and Titan, kupo! And Mog was one too all this time... She was off traveling a lot though so we didn't get to talk much with the others."
  561. [19:10:28] <Natalie> "Ohhh... so we didn't know each other before." She trails off into a mutter. "Oh well! A friend of Eiko's is my friend!"
  562. [19:11:03] <~Kain> Chimomo: "Did you need something, kupo?" She's lead you out back, it appears to be an outdoor kitchen. There's a fishing pole nearby to catch fish from the canal, and off a ways you can see a tiny potato field off to the side on a different bit of land.
  563. [19:11:22] <~Kain> Chimomo: "Oh, you know her? How's she doing, kupo?!"
  564. [19:11:25] <Natalie> "I'm 3Carb4u3ncle, nice to meetcha!" Extending a hand. Really, why would anyone keep secrets from moogles? "I'm actually trying to find Titan."
  565. [19:11:34] <Natalie> "Phoenix, too..."
  566. [19:12:27] <~Kain> Chimomo droops. "Titan always hated it when the giants attacked Conde Petie, and Eiko would always run away instead of fighting them, kupo..."
  567. [19:12:37] * Natalie flips open the diary. "Um, it's kinda a long story. I don't have all my memories, but I wrote here that I saw her again not that long ago. In Lindblum."
  568. [19:13:00] <~Kain> Chimomo: "And now Conde Petie is being harassed again. I bet he'd be really upset..."
  569. [19:13:03] <Natalie> She cuts herself off. "Titan... might have been my friend too, yeah. I wish I could remember."
  570. [19:13:07] <Natalie> "!"
  571. [19:13:22] * Theta picks up a picture of Vivi and shows it to Chimomo. "I'm looking for a lab this young man may have made in this area around ten years ago."
  572. [19:13:30] <Natalie> "Well, why don't I do something about it FOR him? But..."
  573. [19:13:35] <~Kain> Chimomo: "!"
  574. [19:13:44] * Natalie steps back. "Yeah. He's looking for something here too."
  575. [19:13:53] <Natalie> "Eheh, sorry 'bout that, Mr. Beta. Got caught up."
  576. [19:14:40] <~Kain> Chimomo: "Oh, Vivi's place? It's under the Eidolon Wall. It was supposed to show itself only to people of a certain race..Black mages, and whatever that man with the silver hair was."
  577. [19:15:35] <Natalie> "Oh, that's where it is? So it wasn't here after all. Huhhh." At this point she's furiously scribbling in her diary about Chimomo and Titan's situation, just in case.
  578. [19:15:55] <Theta> He puts the photo down. "Alright, thank you. Genomes is the name of that race, it's the same as mine."
  579. [19:16:29] <Natalie> "All right, awesome! That wasn't hard to find at all!" Closing the diary she gives Theta a smile and shakes the moogle's... paw? It's probably big enough for that.
  580. [19:16:39] <Natalie> Well it's more like she grabs the moogle by the paw and dances around happily.
  581. [19:16:51] <~Kain> Chimomo shakes your hand. "Good luck!"
  582. [19:17:20] <Theta> He gives a thankful tip of his hat "I'll be on my way there, then."and starts to exit, waiting to see what Nat is up to
  583. [19:17:59] <Natalie> "Eheh... Alright, I'll go tell Eiko about you next time I see her, 'kay? She's MY Summoner, after all~" Still dancing. "And I'll find Titan. If you see Phoenix tell them I'm looking for them, 'kay?"
  584. [19:18:13] <Natalie> "Sorry we can't stay though, gotta go bye!"
  585. [19:18:17] <~Kain> Chimomo nods, and waves.
  586. [19:18:21] * Natalie dashes out like an excited cat.
  587. [19:18:36] <~Kain> MEANWHILE AT THE EIDOLON WALL
  588. [19:19:35] <~Kain> The enormous oak looks even larger up close in person - A massive mahogany stretching nearly forty meters tall.
  589. [19:20:13] <~Kain> The walls around the tree depict ancient drawings of mythical beings. Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, Alexander, Ark, and many, many more.
  590. [19:20:39] * Natalie gets hype and follows along, just BASKING in the... aura of this place.
  591. [19:21:01] * Theta pokes around for anything that'd only be obvious to himself or someone else of his race
  592. [19:21:13] <~Kain> There are a wealth of people around checking out the wall itself - the tree seems to have been planted where there was once a barren area containing the fire the summoners would pray to.
  593. [19:21:35] <~Kain> The entrance makes itself obvious after a few moments - the tree itself opens up, stairs leading down.
  594. [19:21:42] * Natalie spends this time dragging Ambrosia around to look at the walls while Theta works his magic, trying to tell if any of these drawings look familiar.
  595. [19:22:03] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "...This one looks like a goat." she tilts her head.
  596. [19:22:26] <Natalie> "Haha, and that one looks like a... I can't tell."
  597. [19:22:31] <Theta> "..." He looks around at the tourists, this could not have been subtle, then walks in waiting on the other two.
  598. [19:22:52] <Natalie> "Phoenix, Titan...." Then she notices the monkeyman. "Oh! Crap, we'd better follow!"
  599. [19:23:11] <~Kain> The people only notice your antics a minute after it's happened - Nat drags Ambrosia in and the doorway shuts behind you before anyone else can head in.
  600. [19:23:35] <Natalie> Is it dark?
  601. [19:23:45] <~Kain> Yep!
  602. [19:24:02] * Natalie focuses energy to her forehead. Please be a flashlight please be a flashlight please be a flashlight...
  603. [19:24:14] <~Kain> Ding, flashlight.
  604. [19:24:18] <Natalie> "... There!"
  605. [19:24:28] <Natalie> "Okay, let's go."
  606. [19:24:54] <~Kain> The stairway leads down, down, down... rubylight reveals a spiral stairwell heading deep into the earth. At the bottom of the dark stairwell, light begins to seep in, a pale green in comparison to the red of Nat's forehead lasers.
  607. [19:25:34] * Natalie tones the light down juuuuuust a little as they near the bottom.
  608. [19:25:35] <~Kain> You find yourselves walking into a manmade cavern, to the left of you a pulse of green energy flows like a river of water, through some sort of exposed channel.
  609. [19:25:51] <~Kain> And in the distance, a doorway of some kind
  610. [19:25:58] <Natalie> (If we fight Soulcage I will personally record a video of me flipping a table)
  611. [19:26:46] * Theta approaches the door as he looks over these surroundings. "Did he have the forsight to build this facility knowing the tree would grow into it, and accounted for that? Or did the tree grow at such a rate? So...odd, given the little time he had."
  612. [19:27:43] <~Kain> The door is plain, uncarved stone. Simply servicable, not decorative.
  613. [19:27:52] <~Kain> It opens easily at your touch.
  614. [19:27:59] <~Kain> Past the doors, you emerge into... a well equipped atelier, of a sorts.
  615. [19:28:21] <Natalie> "Hnnnn..." Nat still handles Ambrosia by the hand so she doesn't fall off or something. Kyaaa. "He knew what he was doing, right? I can kinda tell from what I remember of him... it's just a few seconds though."
  616. [19:28:55] <~Kain> Alembics, calcinators, distilleries, mortar and pestle, vials of all kinds. Research tables, a crucicle.
  617. [19:29:03] <~Kain> Ambrosia stares at the energy.
  618. [19:29:10] <~Kain> *crucible
  619. [19:29:51] * Natalie holds Ambrosia a little closer, despite being the more likely of the two to break shit herself.
  620. [19:30:18] * Theta looks to Ambrosia. "What's so odd about it?"
  621. [19:30:56] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "Don't you hear that...?"
  622. [19:31:03] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "Like a heartbeat..."
  623. [19:31:05] <Natalie> "Hear what?"
  624. [19:31:17] * Natalie closes her eyes and listens.
  625. [19:31:36] <~Kain> After a moment, Nat can feel it too. Thump thump. Thump thump. Thump thump.
  626. [19:31:42] <~Kain> The heartbeat of the planet itself.
  627. [19:31:53] * Natalie nods silently after a minute.
  628. [19:32:02] * Theta looks back to the crucible, picks it up.
  629. [19:32:07] <Theta> "Huh?"
  630. [19:32:24] <~Kain> No telling what Vivi prepared in this - it's empty now.
  631. [19:32:47] <~Kain> On the far side of the atelier is the real attraction, though.
  632. [19:33:28] <~Kain> There are six glass display cases, each containing a gemstone inlaid into amulets of gold and silver.
  633. [19:33:33] <Natalie> ALREADY THERE.
  634. [19:33:46] * Theta puts the crucible down, seeing Nat beeline for -something-
  635. [19:33:52] <Natalie> :D
  636. [19:33:59] <~Kain> There are also two nameplates on each case.
  637. [19:34:06] <Natalie> "Hey, these are...!"
  638. [19:34:19] * Natalie gets over the excitement of *GEMS*. What gemstones ARE they?
  639. [19:34:27] <Theta> (buttstones)
  640. [19:34:28] <~Kain> "Lolo - Carbuncle" This amulet contains a Ruby.
  641. [19:34:31] <Theta> (for your butt disease)
  642. [19:34:36] <Natalie> "..."
  643. [19:34:59] * Natalie goes quiet and backs up.
  644. [19:35:00] <~Kain> "Lulu - Leviathan" This one contains an Aquamarine.
  645. [19:36:04] <~Kain> "Bebe - Fenrir" - A Sapphire.
  646. [19:36:22] <~Kain> So on and so forth.
  647. [19:36:37] <~Kain> The names of each of Vivi's kids are listed here on each display case, next to the name of an eidolon.
  648. [19:36:44] <Natalie> The diary goes flipflipflip but there's nothing in it.
  649. [19:36:54] <~Kain> In the corner, an odd machine begins to start up.
  650. [19:37:01] <Natalie> "Who... ah..."
  651. [19:37:08] <~Kain> And a hologram begins to play.
  652. [19:37:47] <~Kain> Floating there, in the record, is a miniature black mage in plain blue clothes, with a folded over hat. He looks rather nervous, tugging at the hat.
  653. [19:37:58] <~Kain> Vivi: "U-um... is this thing on?"
  654. [19:38:05] <~Kain> Vivi: "Okay..."
  655. [19:38:37] <~Kain> Vivi: "This is a pre-recorded message I'm leaving behind for my children - or for um, whoever finds this place I suppose."
  656. [19:38:56] <~Kain> Vivi: "My name is Vivi Ornitier... but you probably already knew that."
  657. [19:39:50] <~Kain> Vivi: "If the ones watching this are one of my kids, then hello! I'm sorry I never got to meet you in person... I really wanted to, but my life... just wasn't meant to last that long."
  658. [19:40:10] <~Kain> Vivi: "If you found this place, it was probably either by accident - or because you were searching for an answer."
  659. [19:40:12] * Theta looks like he's seeing the ghost of Kujas past as he watches this, wide eyed and breathless
  660. [19:40:37] * Natalie isn't much different, trying to write down things as she hears them but giving up and listening.
  661. [19:40:44] <~Kain> Vivi: "...oh, where do I begin?"
  662. [19:41:05] <~Kain> Another, older male voice speaks up. "The phylacteries."
  663. [19:41:12] <~Kain> Vivi: "...okay. Right."
  664. [19:41:51] <~Kain> Vivi: "...I only had about a year to live after I found out about... the condition of our race."
  665. [19:42:15] <~Kain> Vivi: "That we, the Black Mages, were built by Kuja to only last a short amount of time, as tools of war."
  666. [19:42:44] <~Kain> Vivi: "...Kuja is here with me, right now, helping me research a way to fix this. But even though he caused it, he's at a loss for answers. We both are."
  667. [19:42:49] <~Kain> Vivi: "...We failed."
  668. [19:43:03] * Theta head tilt. "What"
  669. [19:43:07] <Theta> "What."
  670. [19:43:18] * Theta prepares to eat his hat. Literally.
  671. [19:43:23] <Natalie> "Shh, I think they're gonna say something."
  672. [19:43:29] * Natalie shuffles around nervously.
  673. [19:43:42] <~Kain> Vivi: "...I can't say I forgive him for what he's done. But after our final battle I think he realized just what it is he did... and how precious life was."
  674. [19:44:02] <~Kain> Vivi: "And even though I still can't forgive him... we've been working together these past eight months. But our time has run out."
  675. [19:44:57] <~Kain> Vivi: "I'm going to create six more black mages. ...My children. Probably the very people watching this. ...I'm sorry. ...It's time for me to explain what we did to keep you all alive past your time."
  676. [19:45:46] <~Kain> Vivi: "We created special amulets - phylacteries, that tied your life force to that of an eidolon. I went out and asked each of them to make sure it was okay."
  677. [19:46:04] <~Kain> Vivi: "These beings with unlimited life, are what's keeping you here today."
  678. [19:46:09] <Natalie> "... Hee."
  679. [19:46:22] <~Kain> Vivi: "This isn't a solution, though. It's just a stopgap."
  680. [19:47:02] <~Kain> Vivi: "There's no possible way this could work with every single black mage. And I'm afraid of what could happen if others learned about this. If another eidolon war could spring up, even worse than the last..."
  681. [19:47:41] <~Kain> Vivi: "So I've put my hopes and dreams into my six children. I hope that somewhere along the way, before you found this place, that you've managed to make progress. ...I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help."
  682. [19:48:27] <~Kain> Vivi: "I hope you can do what I couldn't..."
  683. [19:49:43] <~Kain> Vivi: "Lulu? Lolo? Bebe? Bobo? Veve? Xixi? I love each of you. ...Even if there is no solution to all of this... Please make the most of your lives."
  684. [19:51:16] <~Kain> Vivi: "And if someone else is watching this, please, don't harm the phylacteries."
  685. [19:51:37] <~Kain> Vivi: "...." he tugs on his hat.
  686. [19:51:55] <~Kain> Vivi: "...okay. End the recording."
  687. [19:52:02] <~Kain> The hologram vanishes.
  688. [19:52:26] * Natalie smiles a little.
  689. [19:52:44] <Natalie> "Life force, huh?"
  690. [19:52:50] * Theta stays composed a bit, then calmly takes his hat, bites one end, and tugs on the sides hard as he can to try to rip it into several pieces, but this is harder than he imagined so he gives up, tosses it on the ground and stops on it. "Aaaaaaa."
  691. [19:53:19] * Natalie handhips and stares at this monkey-on-hat action. "... Huh? What's wrong?"
  692. [19:53:34] <Theta> "Where is Lenore with her hat of holding when we need it?"
  693. [19:53:36] <Natalie> "That sounds like something I'd be totally okay with, and, I guess I was."
  694. [19:54:04] <Natalie> "..." Her face changes as the realization starts to hit.
  695. [19:54:21] <Natalie> "This is gonna have something to do with my memories, huh?"
  696. [19:54:26] <Theta> "Have you realized the ramifications this might have? What if something happens to Lolo in an accident, are you liable to be injured as well?"
  697. [19:54:39] <Natalie> "Actually uh."
  698. [19:54:41] * Natalie raises a hand.
  699. [19:54:43] <Theta> "What if Ayane finds...all...this...just laying on this table."
  700. [19:54:47] <Natalie> "Who's Lolo?"
  701. [19:55:00] <Theta> "..." he stares at you. "Oh, right."
  702. [19:55:17] <~Kain> Theta remembers Lolo as the white mage black mage from the Wind Shrine.
  703. [19:55:34] <Theta> (Yes, I know that.)
  704. [19:55:40] <~Kain> (Just making sure)
  705. [19:55:44] <Natalie> (I do too, but Nat doesn't~)
  706. [19:55:49] <Theta> "White mage. Wind shrine, should be in your book is it not?"
  707. [19:56:15] <Natalie> Her head shakes. "Nope. Must've forgot."
  708. [19:56:20] <Theta> He collapses into a chair if he can find one. " the end I'm still at square one. Even the monster himself didn't know how to undo matters, huh..."
  709. [19:57:08] <Natalie> "Hey, it's an answer! ... Well, an answer for me. Kind of. Maybe."
  710. [19:57:29] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "If the past holds no answers... Couldn't you... invent a new way?"
  711. [19:58:09] <~Kain> She tilts her head. "You seem to be very good at making things."
  712. [19:58:39] <Natalie> "Yeah, that!" She droops a little bit. "I guess I'm not a strong enough Eidolon to tie my, uh... life force to all of them though. Otherwise I probably would've, right?"
  713. [19:58:43] <Theta> "Is it, Natalie? This is...this is a huge can of worms. So many unanswered questions with this. Just what are the risks he took with this and why did he just...leave those stones there?"
  714. [19:59:06] <Natalie> "Well if I had to guess..."
  715. [19:59:35] * Natalie ponders a bit. "He left them here because he couldn't put them anywhere else?"
  716. [20:01:11] <Theta> He looks to Ambrosia. "I wish I could. But every hint along the way is...well," he sighs and nods to the row of gems.
  717. [20:02:23] <Theta> "I fear this may be the most dangerous location to hold them, based on what we just witnessed."
  718. [20:02:37] <~Kain> She tilts her head. "Eidolons? Life force?"
  719. [20:02:39] <Theta> "He left them here in optimisim, but if Kuja knew this location, it means Ayane does. I cannot let her possess this."
  720. [20:02:57] <Natalie> "Well, I guess I'm happy I could help however I could. Buuut..."
  721. [20:03:25] <Natalie> Another glance, since these seem to be eidolons mixed between Eiko's and Garnet's. Are Phoenix and Titan there?
  722. [20:03:41] <~Kain> Neither are there.
  723. [20:04:23] <Theta> "There has to be a safer location. Bahamut's horde? Renegade's accursed basement? I'd rather keep them in Baku's underwear drawer! safe could they be to transport?"
  724. [20:04:47] <~Kain> The other three are Bahamut, Madeen, and Atomos.
  725. [20:05:01] <Natalie> "Hmm... well, if I could get my memories back on how I did it in the first place, I could probably answer that, right?"
  726. [20:05:44] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "I don't understand... Don't you call on life force when you change the land?"
  727. [20:08:23] <Theta> "And just leave them here in the mean time, knowing he knows so she probably knows and...ugh it makes me sick to think about it."
  728. [20:08:30] <Natalie> "They're still here, though." She moves a little closer, observing the glass cases. But no touchy! "So it's not like anyone messed with them or something... maybe it doesn't have anything to do with my memories?"
  729. [20:09:06] <Theta> He looks to Ambrosia confused, (But I'm unsure if that's due to OOC misconceptions on what geotrancing is actually doing or not)
  730. [20:09:30] <~Kain> She's equating elemental spirits with the same energy the eidolons are providing the black mage kids.
  731. [20:09:54] <~Kain> It's not something you might have considered.
  732. [20:09:59] <~Kain> But...
  733. [20:11:12] <Theta> "It's dificult to explain. When I...ask something of the land, it almost never answers with a message, just an action."
  734. [20:11:53] * Natalie sits over in the corner writing. Probably writing things that will doom them all, but that's up to the player to not be lazy later.
  735. [20:12:31] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "I believe you will figure something out." she nods and gives that obnoxious thumbs up Nat taught her.
  736. [20:12:40] <Natalie> Yes.
  737. [20:14:16] <~Kain> Her expression doesn't actually change, though.
  738. [20:14:21] <Theta> "Thank you, Ambrosia, for your confidence. Though I have no way to even begin to...formulate that for now...we need to decide what to do with these phylacteries."
  739. [20:14:56] <Natalie> "Um, this is just kinda a hunch, but what if they're here because of that noise we heard? Well... more like felt."
  740. [20:15:11] <Natalie> "It was like a heartbeat."
  741. [20:15:46] <~Kain> Ambrosia nods. "It came from the river.
  742. [20:15:47] <~Kain> "
  743. [20:16:43] <Theta> It was never said he could hear it, so he just looks confused.
  744. [20:17:05] <Natalie> "Can't you hear it?"
  745. [20:17:38] <~Kain> You didn't try to listen for it either, IIRC.
  746. [20:17:59] <Natalie> "I could hear... er, feel it right out there. But I can't think of anywhere else it's like that, so, maybe this place is just special?"
  747. [20:18:21] <~Kain> But in either case, if you concentrate a bit...
  748. [20:18:29] <~Kain> You can hear... or feel something like a pulse.
  749. [20:20:07] * Theta calms down a bit, takes a deep breath and listens until he feels it. "I see. So..."
  750. [20:20:34] <~Kain> Ambrosia tilts her head. "I do not know why, but this place must be special somehow."
  751. [20:20:43] <Natalie> "... I think we should leave them there."
  752. [20:21:35] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "No opinion."
  753. [20:22:19] <Theta> He seems a bit deflated and defeated. "A rock and a hard place, but too much a gamble..."
  754. [20:22:32] <~Kain> As a side note - Vivi's video didn't say not to REMOVE the phylacteries, just not to harm them.
  755. [20:23:09] <Theta> (I'm aware of that but the former is being heavily implied.)
  756. [20:23:30] <Natalie> (Yeah, considering this is a place associated with, you know, life, it kinda makes sense)
  757. [20:24:12] <Natalie> "Well, it's like I said, nobody's screwed it up yet, right?"
  758. [20:24:47] <Natalie> "Besides, I'm using my power for something like this. That's SO me. I can't remember the others to say much about them but still..."
  759. [20:24:57] <Theta> "The Glutton and a nutjob who has access to everyone of Kuja's memories working together is not exactly an old establishment."
  760. [20:25:56] <Theta> "Who knows just what the ramifications of that stone being harmed is? I don't, you don't, she will if she gets hint of it. So..."
  761. [20:26:48] <Natalie> "The Glutton..." Headshake. "Well, why WOULD anyone want to harm them? Just for fun? I think everybody like that is kept out of here, if only you could open it, right?"
  762. [20:27:22] <Theta> "That said, dragging them somewhere experiencing elemental corruption is an equally terrible idea - so that's out of the question for now anyway! This day is just getting better and better."
  763. [20:27:53] <Theta> "Okay, Natalie. Pretend I'm The Glutton and I know if I did something -too- out of order Bahamut would come for me. Now pretend I know taking a hammer to that stone would kill him."
  764. [20:28:12] <Natalie> "Ohh..."
  765. [20:28:40] <Natalie> "Well, he has me and he doesn't eat her, right? I think there's some good in him."
  766. [20:28:43] <Theta> "Lord, even worse, he eats it."
  767. [20:29:06] * Natalie wonders if he can even fit down here, but... probably forgot what he looks like. Damn.
  768. [20:29:57] <Theta> He paces a bit, then nods. "Alright. Only one thing to do then in the interum." He ushers you out of the workshop.
  769. [20:30:09] <Natalie> "Uh... 'kay."
  770. [20:30:28] * Natalie wears a big question mark. And probably takes Ambrosia too maybe?
  771. [20:30:52] <Theta> After everyone's out of it and back by the staircase, he closes the door, then brings the plantlife or stone of the floor up obver it, concealing it as part of the wall.
  772. [20:31:09] <~Kain> Easy enough.
  773. [20:31:13] <~Kain> No more door.
  774. [20:31:23] <Natalie> "Oh, I get it!"
  775. [20:31:54] <Theta> "Should throw anyone off who tries to investigate enough."
  776. [20:32:15] * Natalie nods approvingly. "I sorta wanna meet this Lolo person now... but you said we met before and they were doing okay then, right?"
  777. [20:32:53] <~Kain> Ambrosia looks at the stream of green energy running alongside the path again, and stoops a bit, scooping some up in her hand.
  778. [20:33:05] <Theta> "Other than Celina's usual biggotry, yes, he was quite fine."
  779. [20:33:10] <~Kain> It rushes away as she picks her hand up, as if blown away in the wind.
  780. [20:33:15] <Natalie> That stuff probably tastes terrible.
  781. [20:33:26] <Natalie> "Who? Oh.... right." :<
  782. [20:33:56] <Natalie> "Well, that's good enough! I didn't see Phoenix or Titan there, so looking for them is gonna be something totally else."
  783. [20:34:03] * Theta looks over at what Ambrosia is up to.
  784. [20:34:19] <~Kain> She's just playing in the weird energy river.
  785. [20:34:36] * Theta tries the same as her, curious what it feels like.
  786. [20:34:54] <Natalie> "...?"
  787. [20:34:58] <~Kain> Odd stuff. It's not quite liquid, but it's still tangible.
  788. [20:35:10] <~Kain> It has a very warm feeling to it, almost familiar.
  789. [20:35:38] <~Kain> This channel seems to be part of a much larger vein, just partially exposed here.
  790. [20:35:55] <Theta> "Hm...odd..."
  791. [20:36:05] * Natalie observes for a while and just handhips, standing over the two.
  792. [20:36:16] <Theta> "I suppose we're done here unless you had other business to see too, Natalie?" looking back to the staircase
  793. [20:36:27] <~Kain> You also feel more energetic after touching it.
  794. [20:36:54] <Natalie> "Yeah. This is the best place to learn about P & T at. So I might ask around a little more..."
  795. [20:36:55] <~Kain> HP restored!
  796. [20:37:52] <Theta> "Hm. Alright."
  797. [20:38:30] <Natalie> "Something about giants and Conde Petie, but someone's gotta know Phoenix too. Maybe I'll go find that guy I got this card from."
  798. [20:38:54] <~Kain> ...Okay Theta, roll Nature.
  799. [20:39:48] <Natalie> Can I roll too to fit in?
  800. [20:40:09] <~Kain> You can roll but only Theta has a chance at succeeding here due to circumstances.
  801. [20:40:21] <Theta> 2d6+6
  802. [20:40:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 17 [2d6=6,5]
  803. [20:40:35] <~Kain> Wait a minute.
  804. [20:42:01] <~Kain> You're sure this feels a lot like what elemental spirits feel like. ...It's possible this is pure elemental energy, not yet shaped into a particular form like earth spirits or fire spirits. This is the raw essence of Gaia's own energy, and on the next pulse - you can feel a direct connection to the Crystals itself, far, far away.
  805. [20:43:05] * Theta looks over to Nat. "Hrrrm."
  806. [20:43:22] * Natalie headtilts. Of course.
  807. [20:43:36] <Theta> "You have said in the past the Crystal holds some of your past recollections?"
  808. [20:43:40] <~Kain> Ambrosia headtilts too. Bonk.
  809. [20:43:49] <Natalie> "Yeah." Oh that's cute. Ow.
  810. [20:43:55] <Theta> "Try drinking this."
  811. [20:43:59] <Natalie> "When it gets put together, it shows me a memory, and..."
  812. [20:44:01] * Theta backs up, this might be amusing.
  813. [20:44:08] * Natalie makes a face.
  814. [20:44:15] <Natalie> "Uh."
  815. [20:44:17] <Natalie> "..."
  816. [20:44:20] <Natalie> "Okay~!"
  817. [20:44:54] * Natalie prances over and begins clever usage of intuitive reflect to try to 'trap' the stream into something that can be scooped up, having watched the others flailing.
  818. [20:45:49] <~Kain> Oh ruby goblet / Carry the lifestream within / Theta hold my beer
  819. [20:45:57] <Natalie> what
  820. [20:46:24] <~Kain> You manage to trap some with you clever thinking.
  821. [20:46:34] <Natalie> Okay! Then... a little sip.
  822. [20:46:44] <~Kain> slurp.
  823. [20:46:44] <~Kain> ...
  824. [20:46:50] <~Kain> OH GOD THIS WAS A BAD IDEA.
  825. [20:46:55] <~Kain> Your entire body feels like it's on fire a moment.
  826. [20:46:57] <Natalie> inb4 explosion
  827. [20:47:03] <Natalie> "Ow!"
  828. [20:47:05] <Natalie> "Owowowowoowoww."
  829. [20:47:27] <~Kain> Nat bursts into flames, too. ...Purple flames. She's flickering with a pinkish light.
  830. [20:47:38] <Natalie> WHAT A JERK
  831. [20:47:44] <Theta> "..."
  832. [20:47:53] * Natalie stares through eyes of pure hate.
  833. [20:48:06] <Natalie> ... well not really because that was actually a near idea but OW STILL.
  834. [20:48:11] <Natalie> ... neat.
  835. [20:48:12] <Natalie> A neat idea.
  836. [20:48:14] <~Kain> Every time she flickers, it looks like she gains animalish features. But the light eventually fades and Nat collapses to the ground, exhausted. Something... changed in there.
  838. [20:48:31] <~Kain> ...but taking another drink is probably a bad idea.
  839. [20:48:33] <Theta> +forget -think
  840. [20:48:47] <Natalie> MAYBE THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA
  841. [20:49:01] <Theta> "..."
  842. [20:49:14] <Theta> "Uhm. Sorry."
  843. [20:49:21] * Natalie dooooesn't even get up.
  844. [20:49:29] <~Kain> It doesn't burn anymore but you feel like you just ran a marathon, Nat.
  845. [20:49:40] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "Are you alright?" headtilt.
  846. [20:49:48] <Natalie> "Ohhhh..."
  847. [20:50:00] <Amaryllis> (Ammy is so mixing this stuff with her whiskey)
  848. [20:50:08] * Natalie is probably used to running marathons but just stays flopped on the ground. "Nope."
  849. [20:50:17] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "Okay."
  850. [20:50:24] <~Kain> She grabs you and hoists you over her shoulder.
  851. [20:50:27] <Natalie> "Thanks."
  852. [20:50:48] <Natalie> "What... owwww."
  853. [20:51:22] <~Kain> You're not even sure what just happened, Nat... For a moment, you thought you could feel your old self. ...but goddamn you definitely do not want to try that shit again. Something in your gut tells you you won't make it next time.
  854. [20:51:44] <Anise> (I guess that's one way to get on the wagon, ammy)
  855. [20:51:56] <Natalie> "Nnnng.... what made you even suggest that?"
  856. [20:52:35] <Theta> "It's raw spiritual energy, and directly connected to the crystal, most likely..."
  857. [20:52:37] * Natalie musters a little, exhausted thumbs-up. "... 'Cause I sure felt closer to old-me than I remember!"
  858. [20:52:41] <Theta> "Figured it might...spark some memories?"
  859. [20:52:51] <Natalie> "Ohhh. Well... yeah, kinda, thanks."
  860. [20:53:08] * Natalie flops over the robot's shoulder. Some more. "But it tasted awful."
  861. [20:54:30] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "...I have a question."
  862. [20:54:36] <~Kain> Ambrosia: "Who will I be going with?"
  863. [20:54:58] <Natalie> "Mmmmaybe I'll have a little nap first, but..."
  864. [20:55:11] <Theta> "Napping...where exactly?"
  865. [20:55:33] <Natalie> "Oh, wherever! But while I do my thing why don't you take Amby around to do fun things?"
  866. [20:57:26] * Theta seems hesitant only cause he's dealing with an amnesic. "Alright. If you don't make it to the Chocobo Stables an hour before their closing, let's say, though, I will come looking for you."
  867. [20:58:18] <Natalie> "'Kaaaay. I'll be at the address here," re:card, "if you wanna write it down or something."
  868. [21:00:02] * Theta copies it down on something then before they split ways.
  869. [21:00:57] * Natalie meditates to regain her mana reserves- I mean, rests somewhere to be less ridiculously exhausted, waving the two cuties off.
  870. [21:03:23] * Theta heads on out with Ambrosia to...well we can figure that out later I guess.
  871. [21:03:27] <Natalie> ... Which means requesting to be let down by Ambrosia somewhere, by the way.
  872. [21:03:28] <~Kain> Indeed.
  873. [21:03:29] <Natalie> Ahem.
  874. [21:03:31] <Natalie> AND SO
  875. [21:03:33] <Natalie> THE ADVENTURE
  876. [21:03:34] <~Kain> We'll wrap up here.
  877. [21:03:41] <Natalie> ... And so the adventure we'll wra
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