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  1. Kamen Rider Chronicle: Prepare to Ride edition
  2. Foundation X wants to research the Kamen Riders, buys the interdimension rights to Chronicle, turns it into a freemium game. Includes raids involving cloned monsters unleashed on the masses, guilds, party system, etc.
  3. Game Over bricks your Gashat for 2 hours, another hour for every five levels.
  4. You can pay to unlock it early.
  5. 1 save slot per Gashat, more cost in-game currency, which is obtained by fighting monsters... or purchased from an in-game store.
  6. Riders' suits are customizable- though fancier dyes have to come from crates earned by completing daily challenges.
  7. Because the guy behind the purchase hates idols, he created a new TV-Fly to serve as the tutorial NPC.
  8. Juju Burger and Night of Safari upgraded to level 5 games in order to have 5 games to pick from at level 5.
  10. Mount/Ride Gashats: Bakusou Bike, Gururu Monsters, Jurassic Joust, Shakariki Sports, Drago Knight Hunter Z
  12. Level 1 always starts the user as a Ride Player for the tutorial phase- which also covers powerups.
  13. Level 2 Games: Mighty Action X/Taddle Quest/Bang Bang Shooting/Bakusou Bike|Gururu Monsters
  14. Level 3 Games: Gekitotsu Robots/Shakariki Sports/DoReMiFa Beat/Jet Combat/Giri Giri Chanbara
  15. Level 5 Games: Juju Burger/Drago Knight Hunter Z/Night of Safari|Smackdown Fighter/Paradox Puzzle (earlier versions of the level 50 games)
  16. Level 10 Games: Dangerous Zombie/Tokimeki Crisis/Mighty Brothers X|Gachi Gachi Horror (Resident Evil style survival horror)/Jurassic Joust (game where you play a knight that rides dinosaurs)
  17. Level 30 Games: Kaminari Conquest (Turn-Based Strategy)/Anarchy Chase (GTA-Derived Sandbox)/Mystery Manor (point-and-click adventure game)/Iron Will Survivor (open-world survival crafting game)/Jigoku Jump (platform hell)
  18. level 50 games: Bang Bang Simulation/Taddle Fantasy/Perfect Puzzle/Knockout Fighter/Gururu Mystery Dungeon/Kuru Kuru Drift
  19. Level 99 Games: Shakariki Stadium/Gekitotsu Battle/DoReMiFa Revolution/Giri Giri Grindhouse/Jet Burner/Maximum Mighty X
  20. Level 100 Game: Golgom Tycoon
  22. The level cap for free users is 50. Admins have a level cap of 99. The Project Manager has the Golgom Tycoon Gashat.
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