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Rewdius - Mermaidis Ch. 1

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  15. Mermaids_1.txt
  17. Mermaids Part 1: Sailing with Naked Ladies, Guilt over Dirty Deeds and A Topless Introduction.
  19. M/g10+ Cons, Rom, Coer, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Anal, 1st, Piv, ScFi
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  22. Sailing to the South Pacific was supposed to be relaxing and guilt free. It wasn't!
  24. Phillip DeMarcrisco thought that by isolating himself on his fairly new sailboat in the middle of the ocean, he might be able to contend with the guilt that wracked his mind and also prevent him from repeating what he knew to be considered immoral and illegal with any other lovely little angels.  What Phillip didn't count on was someone finding HIM as he drifted far out to sea, listening to his satellite radio, a continuous stream of his favorite uninterrupted music affecting what his young and unlikely visitor did for him.
  26. Preface
  28. Like all fantasies, this one involves activities that could not possibly befall any one individual, least likely the author.  The following work chronicles the fictional life of a middle thirties man that decides to go on a solitary journey on his sailboat and is plagued by the memories of something that he did with his lovely ten year old niece.
  30. It is inconceivable that a place so isolated in the middle of the South Pacific would be so full of passion and sexual curiosity, so as this story is read, keep in mind that fortune smiles on most of us but only briefly and maybe only once in our lives, except for an unlikely single guy who never knew his tortured mind might finally gain comfort and relief after months alone at sea.
  32. Phillip has to contend with the misconduct of his past and portrays the demeanor of a person that considers what he did as horribly evil, his partner not completely aware of the full damage that might have been caused.  Ironically, he is bestowed more than his fair share of opportunities for sexual pleasure from what he and others had assumed were nothing more than wild fantasies and mysterious superstition. After he thinks he may have lost his grasp on reality, he concedes to his fantasies and is willing to take advantage of and share in so many wondrous gifts and yet is still quite capable of some restraint and boundless kindness.
  34. Enjoy!
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  38. After three and a half months at sea in my one year old sloop-styled sailboat, I thought I had it made.  This had been the first time I chose to sail toward the South Sea Isles alone and all my gear and preparations were perfect.
  40. I had spent many weeks aboard my sailboat before, sailing down the Texas and Mexican coast and learning all I could about how everything worked before I decided to do any serious blue-water sailing.  On an increasing number of those short jaunts along the western edge of the Gulf of Mexico, one or both of my lovely sisters joined me, enjoying their time without each of their husbands.  During those short vacations, they were able to relive a small taste of their childhood with their good looking 'middle' brother.
  42. Being born three years after my older sister Sally and two before my younger sibling Judy, I was unusually mature and supportive of anything my beautiful and sexy relatives did around me now that we were old enough to go about our lives without tattling on or trying to pester one another.  That was including my still very attractive sisters choosing to rest comfortably on the deck of my new boat wearing nothing more than a golden tan, hairless below their eyelashes.
  44. It's fortunate that none of us ever brought a camera along to record any of our outings because I'm sure their hubbies wouldn't have liked their brother-in-law seeing their wives completely naked.  Both of 'my girls' really enjoyed sunning themselves on the fore deck of my boat or swimming around it, not a stitch of cool clothing on nor a wisp of dark hair covering anything soft and private between their supple thighs, neither of them with a care in the world as I stood at the wheel and admired any image I cared to look at.
  46. Even with both of my sisters' cavalier activities far out from the coastline and away from the prying eyes of anyone else, I knew to give each of them as much physical privacy as they craved and deserved.  That didn't prevent me from frequently admiring their nude bodies visually and occasionally commenting on just how attractive they still were as more 'mature' sisters.  They really liked my long deserved admiration, two precocious girls in school often the target of my friends' desires and me the stupid fool sent as the courier to ask either of them for a date.
  48. Even if they would often sit right in front of me completely in the nude on the fore deck or in the cabin, I never made them feel uncomfortable or gave them the impression that I found their appearance unsettling. Quite the opposite was true, many times my granting them every opportunity to conduct their 'normal' daily activities on my pretty sailboat wearing nothing more than a broad smile and their deep dark tans.  Seeing their tight, smooth and glabrescent bodies covered with nothing more than a bronze hue made our being alone on my boat seem like the many summers where we went skinny-dipping where nobody caught us.
  50. In spite of their willingness to walk around on my boat completely naked in front of me, I knew to treat them no differently than when we were sitting down to a family dinner with all of our relatives present and when everyone was dressed 'to the nines'.  It got to be so utterly comfortable for them to live on my boat with me without clothes, that when we had to return to the proximity of other people, they found the requirement of fabric quite restrictive.
  52. That point was sadly confirmed the first time we passed a huge freighter twenty miles out from shore as we were headed home, the collection of men along the starboard side of the ship acting like a bunch of stupid and undersexed teenagers the moment they saw my lovely and quite naked sisters casually sunning themselves after having enjoyed a mid-day repast.  To hear those men noisily whoop, holler, whistle and invite my lovely kin to join them on board was more embarrassing for me than it was for my unclad family members.
  54. From that afternoon on, as soon as any of us saw a boat or ship along the horizon that might have access to binoculars, my sisters reluctantly donned a light drape that covered the most enjoyable portions of their bodies.  After they did that, nothing more was heard from any of our fellow mariners.
  56. The closer we got to Houston, the more melancholy my girls became, their brief unclothed time on my boat at an unfortunate end all too soon. Judy was far more expressive of the two and much more likely to lean against me naked as the last major buoy was seen approaching, her arms around me and her head gently draped over my right shoulder from behind. It was almost as if she desperately wanted me to turn the boat around and give her an excuse to remain naked with her older sister and me for another few weeks.
  58. I knew my next planned and unaccompanied trip far out to sea was going to make my family feel uneasy, but knew there was little any of them could do to stop me once I'd made my mind up.  In spite of many long tear-filled conversations and lots of passionate requests for me to reconsider my plans, they watched me motor off away from the docks near Houston on a warm clear summer Sunday morning.  It did make my throat tighten as my sisters, their husbands and my lovely niece waved back at me, my eyes filled to brimming with water at the same Ph as the saline solution supporting my nice boat.
  60. My trip south along the eastern coastline of Mexico was completely uneventful.  That was the case even as I made my way down Central America, a journey alongside huge shipping vessels and cruise ships when I approached and then sailed through the Panama Canal.  The entire time I was making my way along, I kept a log of all my activities, adding lots of digital photographs where appropriate.
  62. There was an extreme need for me to communicate with my sisters and permit some wonderful, albeit long distance company during part of my journey, keeping them up to date with what I was doing and seeing. Along the way it also allowed them to keep me aprized of all that they were up to back in Texas.
  64. It was almost as if they were in the next room or down the street during the first few months, frequent short thoughts filling my mind as the sun rose high above the distant horizon and then arced noiselessly across the sky toward my unknown destination.
  66. I knew keeping my siblings 'in the dark' about my activities after I was comfortable and completely alone wasn't necessarily fair to them, but going off-air for a few months so I could become accustomed to extreme solitude was something that 'I' needed.  They argued, cajoled and fervently pleaded with me to stay connected electronically on a regular basis but finally agreed they had little choice.  If I didn't check my many e-mail messages, what could they do?
  68. Once alone and finally well clear of the main shipping lanes far west of South America and headed toward Fiji, I decided to lower my mainsail and jib, release all the tension on the outhaul and mainsheet so the sail could luff gently, extend my aluminized polyester mylar reflective canopy over my Bimini top, turned the autohelm into the wind and just layed back and enjoyed some nice music.  One of the things that I had always looked forward to was using my satellite radio receiver and not have to listen to commercials or DJ's yammering in my ear as my lovely 36 footer was softly rocked by the gentle waves.
  70. I listened to some Rap, Hip-Hop, Hard Rock, Electronica, Dance, then Smooth Jazz and finally some light classical.  It was reassuring to be able to flip from one style of music to another without any measure of shame or embarrassment  Nobody could judge me all the way out here for listening to any form of music I chose and at any volume level I felt was appropriate.
  72. There were a number of great orchestral selections by Beethoven, Bach, Grieg, Liszt and Chopin, a few of them being played loud enough that I'm sure there were a few whales or submarine sonar operators that could easily have heard the music hundreds of miles away.  All of Debussy's classics put a smile on my face and filled me with a sense of joy.
  74. Then, one of my favorite pieces, Boccherini's 'Minuet' came on and I actually cried.  It was almost spiritual, the soft, smooth and delicately lyrical piece moving me to tears.  Even in the middle of my tears, I pictured a few scantily clad little faeries or ballerinas doing pirouettes and plies, bending forward and showing off their pretty little asses and lovely, well-toned stocking covered legs.
  76. Pervert, huh?
  78. My mind was so absorbed in the piece of music, that I didn't notice a soft female voice carrying the tune in the background.  That's when I told myself 'There aren't any vocals in the Minuet?', a cold chill going up and down my spine.
  80. The music was turned down and her voice suddenly disappeared, the area around me no different than when the only thing filling the sky around me was the wind.  I turned it back up and like magic, her voice returned with just as much enthusiasm as before.
  82. I never thought I would succumb to absolute madness and go crazy while isolated at sea, but there was no other explanation.  After turning completely around twice, I realized I was absolutely alone and I was hearing a female voice humming or singing to music on the sat-radio.  I proceeded to sink into the cockpit until my butt was firmly parked into the afterdeck, knowing that I would most likely fall overboard if I didn't tie myself to the wheel or had a jack line attached to my safety harness from the stern railing.
  84. With my ass locked fast to the cool and smooth deck under me, I sat there for almost an hour, listening to the radio and watching the horizon sway back and forth as the boat rocked slowly to the waves along the hull, the water under my keel gently supporting me six thousand feet above the cold dark bottom.  The image of my body being consumed by the scavengers on the ocean bed filled me with dread as I pictured myself losing my grasp on reality, my brain having been cooked by the loving warmth of the South Sea sun.
  86. Three hours passed before I realized I had fallen asleep and then awoke to the sound of something softly banging along the port side aft, near the rudder along the transom.  I jumped up hoping that I hadn't gotten fouled with some floating debris that was going to punch a hole in the hull, but all that I saw were a series of large ripples and a bunch of bubbles about three feet away from the port quarter aft.
  88. The image that I 'THOUGHT' I saw as it disappeared into the dark depths looked a lot like a large fish, maybe a shark or dolphin, but sharks don't usually bother fiberglass hulled boats and dolphins aren't usually curious enough to actually touch a boat unless prompted to do so by someone on board.
  90. I tried to remember what it was I saw, but it was starting to get dark and I knew I had to set the running lights just in case another boat or ship was traveling nearby.  My radar was clear, but I knew that a good sailor always took precautions against every possible contingency.
  92. The subsurface current was supposed to be Southwesterly where I was, so I launched the drift sock, throwing it overboard forward port side  As each second ticked by, I could feel the boat gently come about slowly into the current so I released the autohelm and let the sock tow my boat toward whatever destination was ahead.  That's when I stowed my mylar canopy cover and then the Bimini top, not wanting to miss another opportunity to stare at the millions of stars overhead after the sun was completely beyond the horizon and its effects had been erased from the Heavens overhead.  Once everything was carefully replaced in their respective locations, I got something to eat.
  94. This meal, like many of my other ones, was not about to be disturbed by the needless banter of a nagging spouse or demanding girlfriend.  Just the stereo quietly filling the air around my boat with perfectly timed and gently constructed music and the sound of a few waves as they lovingly lapped against the hull.
  96. Never having gotten married or been foolish enough to agree to being encumbered by any long-term female companionships, eating alone wasn't something that was new to me.  As I had done for many years since I was on my own, my food was prepared and then consumed with only my presence to confirm that anything sentient was available within a thousand miles.
  98. After everything from dinner was tended to any my lovely boat made ship-shape, I shut everything electric off except my emergency radio and running lights so I could get some much needed rest laying skyward on deck.  That night was strangely very relaxing, in spite of my apparent secluded condition and what I'd finally accepted as genuine pleasant solitude.
  100. In the darkness that finally surrounded me, I saw more than a dozen immense cargo container ships running in the shipping lanes, their many bright lights from bow to stern making them look like small cities as they slowly and quietly drifted from one end of the horizon to the other.  Overhead, I saw an endless parade of international jet flights, the incredibly powerful xenon strobe lights making me think I could see distant fireflies as they traced solitary and almost perfectly straight paths from some intriguing origin to an even more exciting destination.
  102. I slept for about six hours without waking up enough to be aware of anything around me, had two nightmares intermixed with three erotic dreams.  The sound of my invisible guest's voice yesterday evening truly affected me, for the worse!
  104. When I finally stirred, the sun was just coming over the horizon, to my tremendous relief!  Somehow, the darkness seemed to bother me a little more last night, but my sense of easiness returned as I witnessed another cloud free morning, the warmth of the indifferent sun forcing me to squint whenever I looked East.
  106. After breakfast, I erected my Bimini top and mylar canopy cover, sat back for the first time today and was going to prepare for another round of music induced naps when the boat lurched to port, as if something had grabbed the drift sock and pulled it hard over.  I jumped up and looked port forward and saw a large fish, or what I thought was a fish tugging on and playing with the lanyard that attached the drift sock to my bow. It almost looked like I had set out a fishing line, success having been indicated by the splashing and twisting of the water further forward and then the line as it silently shifted back and forth along the surface of the sea.
  108. But what I had seen couldn't be a fish, because the tail looked more like it belonged to a giant green goldfish rather than a dolphin or shark.  I stood with my mouth agape as the unusual display held my interest hypnotized by the side-to-side and up-and-down movements of the water-sheathed lanyard.
  110. [Now I know I'm going crazy!]
  112. When the drift sock lanyard finally went slack, I gingerly reeled all of it back in, ran it through a line squeegee to remove as much salt water as possible and then stowed it in the jib locker.  I was just about to send a Mayday and put my EPIRB (Emergency Personal Indicating Radio Beacon) in the water next to the boat, when something caught my eye near the location where the drift sock was before I brought it safely back on board.
  114. I looked hard and what I saw convinced me that I was completely and utterly insane!
  116. There was a little girl swimming twenty or so yards away with just her head above the surface, treading water slowly, carefully moving toward me just as cautiously as I was looking at her.  I stared but never spoke, but turned back to the helm and sat down next to the wheel feeling very despondent.
  118. The only thing that went through my tortured mind was how the news reports would read, 'Boat Found Drifting Intact', 'Captain Missing Presumed Lost'.  I could feel my life and my sanity slipping away as each second tickled quietly by.
  120. [Well, Phillip.  I hope you hadn't planned on putting away your 'Surprise-O-Meter' yet!]
  122. "Well, aren't you going to say 'Hello'?"
  124. There was her voice again.  She sounded very young, something like a preteen.  That's when I knew I should never have had that sexual encounter with my ten year old niece.  My conscience was now going to torture me until I took my own life in absolute guilt, alone out in the middle of the South Pacific.  I had secretly conceived of just such an outcome when I originally began to plan for this trip, trying to save my darling little niece from having to see me ever again after our single illicit affair had been concluded.
  126. With my eyes locked firmly to my hands between my knees, I began to open and expose my own soul, baring it to myself and my Maker.  I knew I was completely lost!
  128. "I'm sorry Abbie!  I shouldn't have let you talk me into allowing you go around my house in the nude so often.  Your mom and your aunt may have been old and mature enough to have the opportunity to spend hours in complete nakedness around me, but not you!  I also know it was wrong to touch your beautifully soft body and make love to you that night.  I just couldn't resist your voice and your gentle pleas to kiss and touch you over and over.  I know I'll never be able to make it up to you, but if I could, I would try."
  130. "Who are you talking to?"
  132. There was her voice yet again.  I stood up and moved almost mechanically away from my seated position, nervously made my way to the port side bench locker where I kept my flare gun and one of my new 9mm stainless steel handguns in a tightly sealed zippered plastic bag.  There was only one more thing for me to do, so I opened the storage locker, retrieved the bag and my firearm, chambered a round and cocked the cold metal hammer, ready to take my own life out of guilt for having stolen a little girl's innocence, purity and virginity.
  134. Abbie knew perfectly well what she was doing, but since I'm the adult, 'I' should have been smart enough to force myself to stop, but I couldn't.  There was no way I could resist the soft smooth skin that I'd watched grow up from a precious infant into a sexy and completely irresistible preteen.  Damn, Abbie looked so beautiful and fucking hot when she was naked!
  136. I've loved her for years and had fond memories of my darling niece swimming naked in my huge pool from the time she was two years old.  Her mother, my younger sister Judy, thought it was so precious for me to be willing to spend time with his baby niece instead of going out looking for poon-tang and getting into trouble.
  138. With Abbie now much older and her body developing into young-womanly perfection, I slipped under her spell only once, but once was all it took.  Now I was going to pay the price for having destroyed a darling little girl's chastity.  Society looks dimly on adult men that fall into sweet temptation and enjoy the tender delights of a pre-adult girl's lovely skin and sweet juicy essence.
  140. "Aren't you going to talk to me, please?"
  142. The open end of the firearm was gently applied under my chin, pressing only hard enough for me to feel the dull metal become accustomed to the warmth of my flesh, soon to be just as cold as the sea around me.  In the most absurd of situations, I stood alongside the bench, holding my new stainless weapon and tried to focus on what couldn't possibly be there.
  144. I looked just about five feet off the port beam and there she was again, a little ten or eleven year old girl, swimming in the Pacific Ocean next to my sailboat more than a hundred miles from the nearest atoll or uninhabited island.  Since my life was over anyway, I reasoned that talking to a figment of my imagination wasn't going to do any harm, so I gave in to my half-crazed mind and responded, holding the working end of the firearm against my flesh as if it was a requirement for my ability to speak.
  146. "What am I supposed to say?"
  148. "'Hello' would be nice."
  150. [Okay.  I'll bite!]
  152. "Hello!"
  154. I stood there, my semi-automatic pistol in my shaking hand resting against the underside of my chin, my index finger hooked around the cool stub of the curved trigger.  As queer as it seemed at the moment, I was ready to shift the rather impressive hunk of metal to my mouth and pull with my nervous digit ever so slightly and make the smooth machined block of shiny material perform the function for which it had been created, just once.  I don't know why I did, but I just stood there with my weapon in my hand and pressed lovingly against the soft warm underside of my mandible, waiting for her to speak again.  She just looked up at me as if I was a total jerk, which I felt I was, her face erupting with a lovely smile.
  156. "What's your name?"
  158. "Phillip.  Phillip DeMarcrisco."
  160. "Hi, Phillip.  My name is Shirenda."
  162. It was absolutely ludicrous for me to be standing alongside my port gunwale, holding my 9mm handgun and having a perfectly calm conversation with a lovely ten year old.  She didn't seem the slightest offended at my holding something so ominous against my face and smiled back at me as I responded.
  164. "Hi Shirenda.  How long have you been swimming next to my boat?"
  166. "Since I heard that beautiful music you were playing yesterday.  Would you play some more for me, please?"
  168. It was then that I remembered talking to a psychiatrist friend of mine two years before.  She told me when some of her patients starting losing their grip on reality, they would begin talking to all sorts of imaginary people.  I was more convinced I was as loony as a half-baked fruit loop and tried not to give in to the figment of a little girl in the water before me.
  170. "Phillip, you've lost it, buddy!  Your guilt is finally taking it's toll and you're going to take your own life.  Get a grip, be a man and just do it!  You were man enough to fuck your ten year old niece.  Be man enough to shove your pea-shooter in your maw and pull!"
  172. "Phillip, who are you talking to?"
  174. "Myself."
  176. "Why don't you talk to me instead?  I'm kind of lonely right now and would like for you to talk to me so I won't be."
  178. "If I started talking to you, it would prove just how crazy I was.  I know you're not really there so if I start carrying on a conversation with you, it will just prolong the inevitable and prove that I'm loony"
  180. TOO LATE!
  182. When the words left my lips, I realized that I was indeed talking to someone that wasn't really there.
  184. "Phillip!  You sound so silly.  Would you please turn up that pretty music for me?"
  186. Since I loved music so much, it might be a nice thing to hear just before everything went completely black and silent and my topless head provided ample sustenance for the local population of small fish.
  188. "Sure!  Why not?"
  190. I uncocked the hammer, cleared the chamber and stowed the pistol back inside the zippered plastic bag and finally into the port side locker, certain that I could always return to this one spot on my lovely boat and collect my weapon once again.  Nobody else was around for hundreds, if not thousands of miles, so it was safely back where I retrieved it, each of my movements conducted with the dexterity of a mindless automaton.
  192. As if someone else had control of my actions, I latched the locker hatch down and went toward the control panel in front of the wheel, following the suggestion sweetly offered by my phantom guest.  The sat-radio was switched to a classical music channel and turned up slightly so Shirenda could hear it clearly.
  194. Almost as soon as she heard the gentle lyrical music of the 'Pastoral Suite', she began humming to herself.  Not able to resist the temptation to see a young girl tread water in the middle of the South Pacific ocean far from any habitable land, I made my way back to the port gunwale and sat on the bench just inside the railing.  I could see her floating in the water about three feet from the hull, her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face.
  196. She looked so lovely as she swayed her head from side to side, back and forth, dipping her hair in the water and then lifting her head high enough that her long dark locks fell back behind her in a tight straight mass.
  198. As she continued to immerse herself in the music that resonated through the hull of my sailboat, she started to twist and turn in place and lifted her arms to the surface of the water.  Her tiny baby-like hands were so diminutive and delicate, they looked sexy, her fingernails painted pearl white and practically glowing at the ends of her fingers.
  200. She moved her hands in a series of snake-like sinuous moves that entranced me completely, my eyes locked to every gentle movement and gesture, her rhythmic demonstrations affecting every fiber of my being. I watched her body sway just under the surface of the water providing me with my own personal Las Vegas or Atlantic City styled floor show, her gentle dance so intriguing yet so naive.
  202. Then she did something that totally blew me away!
  204. She continued her exercises, moving her arms out of the water straight up in the air and then over her head behind her as she dove backward with the front of her young body facing the sky.  Her frame was much smaller than Abbie's, slightly more chubby but just as sexy and alluring as any woman-child's.  That's when I knew I was indeed as much a pedophile as anyone I had seen on the news being led away in shame by the police.
  206. That's also when my eyes saw what modern man universally considered impossible.
  208. After she disappeared underwater, I played the scene over and over in my mind to resolve what I knew couldn't possibly be true.  My mind attempted to discern what my eyes beheld, the images slowly running in my head as if I were watching a national Olympic match.  I reviewed what I imagined I saw repeatedly, watching each frame click by as if I had been able to control the scene with the precision of a major TV crew broadcasting a league football match.
  210. When she lifted her hands over her head, dozens of drops of salt water glistened as they dripped across her face in slow motion, her eyes closed and her smile broad, each bead of water cascading down like frozen teardrops falling from Heaven.  She tilted each raised arm behind her as if she was about to lean back as far as she could, her body slowly pitching rearward as she propelled upward and her chest came into view.  Her tiny, cone shaped breasts were a little more prominent than a ten year old might normally have and looked as if they might have belonged to a fifteen or sixteen year old girl.  They looked so pointy and beautiful that I couldn't keep my eyes off her nipples as they broke the surface and then followed as she continued backward.
  212. It wasn't until her hips broke the surface that my eyes were drawn away from her lovely breasts.  I expected to see a swimsuit or even naked thighs as she sustained her backward travel and immediately thought of my niece as she stood nude in front of me, Abbie's lovely body so alluring that I allowed myself to succumb to the temptations of her tender form and eventually have unrestrained sex with her that one long night.
  214. Strangely, the sight of a young ten year old topless little girl in the middle of the South Pacific wasn't the most stunning image that made me certain I was absolutely mad.  The next image I believed I saw was!
  216. Imagine my horror as my confused eyes tried to comprehend what they beheld as her body continued upward and backward, her hips rising slightly out of the water and her almost chubby frame below catching my attention.  Just below her pooching tummy, her skin changed from light pink to pale green and then bright, iridescent aqua, her skin glinting in the sun, reflecting the light in a blur of twinkling sparkles.
  218. As she twirled backward into the water, her face and chest disappeared below the waves, more and more of what were supposed to be her legs turning out to be what looked like an evening gown type of outfit, the surface made to look like perfectly formed tiny fish scales.  Then, where her feet were supposed to be, a wide, billowing and gossamer goldfish-like tail came into view, slapping the top of the water and also disappearing below the waterline.
  220. She was gone for no more than five seconds before she emerged, eyes still closed, my lovely young phantom visitor dancing in the water just like the little water nymph that I had sex with a few months ago, my darling young niece, Abbie.
  222. Abbie just loved to spend whole weekends at my house during the summer months, taking full advantage of my swimming pool and complete privacy. Only during the last series of visits did she begin to insist with increasing intensity that she swim naked like she did when she was a preschooler and sun bathe just like her mom and aunt did on occasion, her mom's and aunt's frequent trips on my sailboat in the nude the initiative my niece needed to repeat those same actions.  I had let her swim naked from when she was two and kept allowing her to enjoy the sensation of complete freedom of clothing up until she was six, just before she attended her first year of school.
  224. Of course, being her only single male uncle and quite the 'playboy' as she called me, she just loved to flirt with and tease me when nobody else was around to see her.  Being her favorite uncle, I always let her get away with it, of course.
  226. That's what led to my loss of control the last weekend before her school year started when she was ten, her desire for bodily freedom so strong that she practically demanded that I let her run around in the buff, like she did when she was much younger.  She always looked so damn good as she walked around my house, pool area and yard in very little and eventually nothing, her previously innocent antics now tinged with the knowledge that I wasn't supposed to be watching her quite as closely as I did.  She ultimately grew so bold that she insisted that she get naked less than thirty minutes after her mother dropped her off, not ending until just before my younger sister was going to come back by and pick her up at the end of her visit.
  228. Now, I was trying to come to grips with what I knew couldn't possibly exist.  It was 2004 and people stopped believing in mermaids two hundred or more years ago.  How could I explain what I had just seen?  Then, who would I try to explain it to?
  230. And then, she did it again, rolling backward into the water and showing me the entirety of her body in front.  This time I paid particular attention to any detail indicating that she was wearing some sort of costume, a seam or zipper sure to be revealed as she moved around in front of me, openly allowing me to gaze upon her tiny form.
  232. The piece of music ended and something less lyrical started up, nothing that I cared to listen to.  Shirenda seemed to agree and immediately opened her eyes.
  234. "Can't you make more of that pretty music play for me?  It sounded so nice, I just love to swim around to music like that."
  236. "I can try a few other stations, but I don't have any control over which piece of music comes on, just the style of music."
  238. "Please Phillip.  Try to find some more."
  240. Her voice took on the high pitched tone of a little baby girl, my ability to resist any of her suggestions completely gone by this time. I fumbled around with the channel selector trying to find anything that Shirenda might like, listening to each channel for a few seconds and then changing it to the next one after I saw her scrunch her nose, squint at me and shake her head.  It wasn't until I accidentally hit one of my favorite dance or electronica channels that I heard her squeal with delight.
  242. "Oooooo, that one!"
  244. I wasn't familiar with the artist or the song title, but the strong heavy beat and the unusual electronic sounds filled the area with a continuous cascade of thumps, squeaks, yelps and wails.
  246. "That's neat!  Let me hear that one!  Make it louder, Phillip!"
  248. I adjusted the volume slightly higher, took note of the channel and returned to see Shirenda doing a modern rap-ballet styled routine in the water very close to my boat, her little body twisting and turning just under the surface of the water, her breasts coming into view only very briefly.  I actually found myself longing to see her titties and nipples every time they disappeared, leaning harder over the port side of the gunwale so I could catch any chance at a brief look at her semi-naked body.
  250. That's when it hit me, right between the eyes!
  252. I was a full fledged pedophile and I had lost any sense of decency with a partially naked little girl.  My hormones now had more control over my actions than my brain did and with this sort of continued interest, I'd never be accepted into polite society ever again as long as I lived.
  254. The reality of this disquieting news was so painful, I felt like heaving my guts up.  How could I have gone from being a loving and supportive single man that cherished his darling niece, to a sex-crazed maniac that took every opportunity to see a little girl naked?  My eyes were pulled away from the image of Shirenda as she continued her dance steps in the water, torn from the darling and naive image of a half-naked little ten year old.  I then shifted my gaze to the stark clean deck of my sailboat, my head feeling faint and my eyes bugged out of my head in absolute horror.
  256. I shifted my butt off the bench next to the railing and sunk down to the bottom of the deck, wanting to try to come to grips with the depth of my depravity.  I sat with my head in my hands and cried to myself, thinking about Abbie and how I had ruined her life.  I had stepped over the line with my lovely little niece and my brain was torturing me . . to death!
  258. "Phillip?"
  260. I sat there clutching my hair with both fists and could see Abbie kneeling in front of me, her perky little tits wet, water dripping from her nipples after having just gotten out of the pool.  She tried desperately to cheer me up a little the morning after we fucked almost continuously the night before and was having little progress changing my mood.  She knew I felt bad about what we had done and shared in my somber mood until she was able to tickle me enough to initiate an hour long giggle session, my fingers going many places they normally weren't supposed to.  That was the last day I was going to be with her for many months to come and I had just polluted her immature body with my nasty fingers, tongue and dick for hours on end.
  262. Yes, she enjoyed everything we did, a lot!  But that didn't matter. What I had done was horribly wrong and now my mind was retaliating against what my hormones, fingers, lips, tongue and cock had done to my tender little angel.  Abbie's voice was both sweet and grating at the same moment, reminding me of how sexy and beautiful she is and also how violated she now was.
  264. "Phillip?  Please talk to me."
  266. "Oh Abbie.  I'm so sorry.  I shouldn't have touched your pretty little body with mine.  I just couldn't resist any more.  I had to touch your pretty breasts and sexy bum.  I'm soooo sorrrryyyyy!"
  268. I don't know how long I bawled like a baby, but somewhere in the middle of my misery, Shirenda's hands gripped the railing and she pulled her head just high enough to see above the gunwale.
  270. "Phillip?  Have I displeased you somehow?  I'm sorry.  I thought you liked talking to me and seeing me dance just for you."
  272. Shirenda's lovely face, almond eyes and mournful expression demanded that I acknowledge her presence, so I turned to see her through a tear filled gaze.
  274. "You're not really here Shirenda.  My mind is reminding me of and torturing me about how I had sex with my ten year old niece.  I was so crude and let my desires get the better of me, wanting to touch and then make love to such a little girl.  What I did was wrong and I'm going to pay for what I did.  I just hope she can forgive me and live a normal life after what I did to her.  Oh Abbie!  I'm sorry I had sex with you so young."
  276. "But Phillip.  You haven't had sex with me yet.  You haven't even touched me."
  278. "But that's just it!  I touched my lovely little Abigail and took her innocence away from her, her virginity gone and her body violated at the tender age of ten."
  280. "Ten!  My gosh!  Don't you love your little girl?"
  282. "Yes, I do!  I love her with all my heart."
  284. "Then, why did you wait until she was ten?"
  286. I never even caught onto her question, my mind flooded with anguish and guilt.
  288. "I should have waited until she was eighteen.  That way, our having sex would have been considered consensual and even though I would have gotten into trouble for having sex with my own niece, at least she would have been old enough to defend herself as an adult."
  290. "My goodness.  How strange you are."
  292. "Yes I am.  Very strange."
  294. "Do you think she looks pretty?"
  296. "Very!"
  298. "Have you seen her body many times?"
  300. "Lots!"
  302. "How often did you touch her body?"
  304. "Well, sexually, just that one time."
  306. "One time?"
  308. "That's all it took.  Once I crossed the line, there was no going back."
  310. "Did you like touching her body?"
  312. "God yes!  Her breasts were so small and soft, her nipples so firm and so easily stimulated that I couldn't keep my hands off of her all night. She liked me touching her so much that she even started to beg me to kiss and suck on her nipples until I relented.  Then my hands began to wander all over her body until we ended up in a hip lock that I had no desire to break until the next morning."
  314. "Did she like you touching her body?"
  316. "So much so that she convinced me to touch and play with her all night long."
  318. "Phillip?  I'm a little confused."
  320. "About what?"
  322. "You like to touch her body and she liked you to touch her body, right?"
  324. "Uh huh."
  326. "Then, why are you so sad?"
  328. "Because, in our society, sexual contact between an adult and a child is considered immoral and illegal.  People aren't supposed to touch each other sexually until they're old enough to understand the consequences of their actions, and that usually isn't possible until the person is at least eighteen."
  330. "But she understands about right and wrong, doesn't she?"
  332. "I don't think so.  If she'd let me touch her body and then let me make love to her all night, she must not be able to distinguish what she should and shouldn't do, or let somebody that she trusts do with and to her."
  334. "Phillip, if a girl asked you to touch her, wouldn't you do as she asked, just to make her happy?  You would want to make her happy, wouldn't you?"
  336. "I'm afraid I might do just that.  I don't think I have any control over my hormones any longer.  I'm certain I'd be tempted to take a little girl's clothes off and touch her all over for as long as I could."
  338. "But what's wrong with that?"
  340. "Oh, Abbie.  I wish I could make you understand.  I'm not supposed to touch you, Babydoll."
  342. "But Phillip, I'm not Abbie.  I'm Shirenda, remember?"
  344. Something immediately snapped in my head.
  346. I turned to my left and through salt polluted lashes saw Shirenda holding her chin against the railing supported by her forearms, her pretty titties just above the top edge of the gunwale.  I don't know why, but my dick grew hard in an instant.  Her pretty nipples looked so inviting that I wanted to reach toward her and caress both of them.
  348. I actually did reach toward her but stopped short, not wanting to let my body dictate what my mind told me was horribly wrong.  Something inside my head was fighting like mad to refrain from succumbing to the depraved actions of a perverted child molester.
  350. It was then that I noticed her fingernails were now tinted bright pink, their pearl white appearance notably absent.  Something about my poor imagination was making it difficult to maintain a clear lock on reality, features about my mid-ocean visitor changing without reason or influence.  This was a dream.  A horribly erotic and terribly painful sexy dream about a partially naked little girl.
  352. That's when I began to question everything about my surroundings and existence, other aspects of her appearance and her visit also not making much sense.
  354. The fact that a preteen little girl would be swimming in the open ocean so far out that there was no way she could have just jumped off a yacht or swam out from a local beach.
  356. She was openly fearless about being topless in front of a complete stranger at such a young age, unlike many other little girls that I had known since I was just a boy.
  358. Her being topless might note have been significant, except for those two luscious cone-shaped breasts that belied any awareness that my half-nude guest was a preteen.  Her titties looked magnificent and I ached to touch Shirenda, even suck on her erect nipples.
  360. Then her unusual fish-scale costume that made her look like a mythical water creature from the days of old wooden sailing ships came to mind. It was becoming very difficult to accept this as completely normal.
  362. "Please touch me Phillip.  It feels nice when my nipples are played with and touched."
  364. "But, I'm not supposed to touch any little girl, even imaginary ones. Besides, how would you know it felt nice for someone to touch your nipples?  Have you let other men touch you like that?"
  366. "No.  But I know it feels good."
  368. "How?"
  370. She looked down to the deck and shamefully averted my gaze, aware that the continuation of this line of questioning might lead to uncomfortable admissions.
  372. "My sisters, cousins and I like to touch each other like that."
  374. "And nobody else?"
  376. Her face blushed a brilliant crimson, almost as bright as the setting sun.  She then looked up at me nervously and cracked a wicked smile, answering softly.
  378. "Well . . . maybe something else."
  380. I waited and wouldn't continue our conversation until she finished, looking right at her eyes sternly.  I wanted, no needed her to admit who it was that had been fondling her tender breasts and firm nipples as much as I wanted to.
  382. "My buddies."
  384. "Who are they?"
  386. She waited another few seconds, pressing her breasts into the side of the hull and rubbing them up and down softly, her nipples almost snapping forward the instant they rose above the edge of the hull.  I could tell by the way she was touching her chest to my boat that she might be remembering someone else stimulating her quite similarly.
  388. "Dolphins and porpoises.  They like to touch my titties and rub my bummy.  They get real excited when I play with them in special places too.  But it's not the same as someone's hand.  Your hand might be nicer and softer.  Please touch my titties Phillip.  Please?"
  390. It was as if her voice drilled deep into my mind and took control of my actions, my hand traveling the last few inches until I could feel the firm softness of her right nipple.  It was so elegant to be able to touch Abbie's tender breast again, her cone shaped titty and her pencil eraser nipple begging to be touched, caressed, fondled, sucked and gently worked around in circles.
  392. The moment my fingers and hand caressed the firm softness of a young woman's breast and nipple, my young flirt sucked both lips between her teeth, closed her eyes and took on the appearance of someone about to have an orgasm.  I knew that look because I had been able to instill it on Abbie dozens of times that last night we were alone.
  394. My left hand traveled back and forth across my young visitor's chest, playing with one and then the other breast, cupping and playing with one for a few minutes and then shifting to her other one for an equal amount of time.  The longer I fondled her titties the more natural and normal it felt, my mind relaxing and allowing me to falsely believe that what I was doing was perfectly acceptable.
  396. "Oh Abbie.  I wish I could play with your ass again too."
  398. For a moment, she frowned at me for calling her someone else's name and then looked shocked.  The flash of emotions was so quick I almost didn't catch the fleeting change of facial expressions.
  400. "My what?"
  402. "Your bum.  You know, your tush, bottom, behind, derri鑽e, fanny, buns, duff, seat, posterior, kiester, hind end, backside, rump, butt, ass, hiney, can, rear end."
  404. "Oh, my rear!  Why didn't you say so.  That's what my dolphin friends like to do too.  But I can't be out of the water for any length of time. I have to keep my scales wet or I'll die.  As long as my tail is in the water, I can visit with you, but only for a little bit."
  406. "You silly little girl.  You just want me to get into the water so I can't see what I'm touching, don't you?"
  408. "That wouldn't be a good idea Phillip.  You couldn't stay up by yourself long enough and you'd drown."
  410. "What?"
  412. I snapped out of my reverie and realized that I was really touching and fondling another little girl alongside my sailboat, her parents most likely nearby and able to see every action of my nasty fingers and hands.
  414. I stood up and tried to clear my head, looking around to see her parents' boat.  Both of my hands grabbed the railing next to Shirenda's left elbow as I leaned over the port side of my boat, searching for anyone looking back at me.
  416. Nobody was anywhere near us.  No boats.  No docks.  No land.  Nothing!
  418. I looked down at the little girl still leaning over the edge of the railing, shifting my head far enough beyond the edge of the boat to see her butt.  Shirenda immediately pushed her bum out away from the hull and smiled as I looked at her.  She knew that I was fully admiring her nubile beauty and lazily swished her 'tail' in the water, making little splashing noises and certain that I couldn't take my eyes away from her. I was openly appreciating her delicate form and almost didn't stop ogling her curvy shape.  All I could see was that same brilliantly iridescent aqua costume she had on, her full round fanny adequately covered.
  420. It was then that I remembered going to European beaches and seeing all sorts of women and girls running around topless, wearing absolutely tiny bikini bottoms, their pretty and often little breasts bouncing in the open air in front of their daddies, mommies, neighbors and strangers alike.  What this little girl was wearing was essentially nothing less than what the other little girls wore at any public beach in the Mediterranean.  The only major difference was where I had been touching and fondling this gorgeous little water nymph.
  422. "I don't think your parents would like me touching your breasts Honey."
  424. "Why not?  I like them to be touched all the time and my mother never told me to stop my sisters or cousins from doing it when they wanted to. I just never had a man do it before."
  426. "That's my point.  It might be okay if you let boys or even other little girls touch your pretty breasts, but adult men aren't supposed to."
  428. "Phillip.  I've never even had a boy touch my breasts before either. Just my sisters and my cousins.  You sure are strange."
  430. "I know.  I just never knew HOW strange until after I touched my darling Abigail."
  432. "Then, why did you stop touching my breasts?  I don't mind if you touch them.  You can touch my rear too.  I like to have my rear rubbed just as much."
  434. I wrestled with my conscience for a minute or two, trying to come to grips with any reason for my having such a realistic dream about a lovely little mythical water creature in the far South Seas.  Upon reflection, what harm could I possibly cause a strangely dressed little ten year old girl, since she didn't really exist and I couldn't have been accused of molesting a little girl who was swimming in the middle of the ocean with nobody else around to see me do it?
  436. Coming to terms with my absolute insanity, I succumbed to the realization that since this was a dream, a very erotic dream.  Why not just let it play out and enjoy it?
  438. "Okay.  I'll play along.  Since I'm going to end up dead or in jail anyway, then why not?  You said you couldn't get out of the water, right?"
  440. "Uh huh."
  442. "Well then, come around to my aft deck.  There's a platform where I like to sit when I go swimming and it's big enough for both of us to lay on."
  444. I pointed toward the stern of the boat and Shirenda's eyes seemed to know what I was referring to.  In one big splash, Shirenda was back in the water, disappeared and then reappeared at the aft deck before I could even get off the gun wail bench, the sailboat pitching backward slightly as the platform took her body weight.
  446. I walked aft, unlocked and then opened the removable water-tight transom bulkhead and tossed a flotation device in the water that was normally secured to the aft railing by a fifty foot long lanyard (rope), just in case I lost my footing and fell in.  With no apparent forward motion since all my sails were down and the drift sock reeled in, the soft red and white plastic ring stayed right where I tossed it, about twenty five feet away from where a curious and incredibly sexy half naked little girl was looking up.
  448. Shirenda was sitting on the starboard side of the platform with her legs dangling in the water, shifting them back and forth making a series of waves with each movement.  I took my deck shoes and safety harness off and tossed them forward, sat down next to the pretty little ten year old with my feet and calves also in the water and looked at her.
  450. Now that I was right next to her lovely body, she seemed anxious for me to resume fondling her breasts, sweeping her hair back over her shoulders and exposing her precious titties, thrusting them out as if to make them seem bigger.
  452. "Would you touch me some more Phillip?  It really felt nice."
  454. With no hesitation, I lifted my right hand and cupped it over her left titty, softly kneading her breast around and then rolling her nipple between my index finger and thumb until she sucked in a deep breath and leaned her head back.
  456. The sensation of my hand against my little visitor's breast and nipple was strangely more exciting than when I fondled Abbie.  There was no fear or hesitation in Shirenda's eyes as my hand and fingers wandered aimlessly across her smooth tight skin, immense pleasure and satisfaction exuding from her body and facial expressions.
  458. My right hand went from her left breast to her right one, teasing her nipples with soft tweaks and rolling motions as my fingers came away from her overly sensitive flesh.  As each caress was coming to an end, Shirenda would lean slightly forward and follow my hand so she could take advantage of our contact until the last possible moment.
  460. It was hilarious to lead her body around with my nasty fingers, forcing her to lean forward into my hand when I relieved the pressure against her tender body and drew my digits away.  And then to see her blow up slightly like a puffer fish when the fullness of my hand surrounded as much of her growing little titty as I could encompass.
  462. My adventures and examinations of her tender skin went on for quite a while, her soft whimpers and excited moans stirring a monster in me like I'd never known before.  I had always enjoyed seeing Abigail naked, even when she was a tiny preschooler, but had never touched her in an erotically sexual manner until that one fateful Saturday night.  Now, I was openly molesting and fondling a partially nude ten year old and reveling in the immoral sensation of her willing excitement.  Her next words unleashed a monster and I wasn't sure what I might be capable of carrying out after that.
  464. "Oh my!  I wish I had a baby so she'd suck my breast."
  466. Somehow, I knew she'd felt someone do that to her before.  What the Hell?  Why not?
  468. "Would you like for me to do that to you?"
  470. "Uh HUHHH!"
  472. I leaned to my left and pushed my mouth directly over her right nipple, keeping my right hand firmly locked onto her left one.  She immediately wrapped her right arm around the back of my head and held my face tight to her body, enjoying the stimulation I was providing her tender breast. It didn't take her more than two minutes before she began moaning and cooing louder than before.
  474. "Oh Phillip!  That feels wonderful!"
  476. I nursed the pubescent angel's nipple far longer than I ever had Abbie's, Shirenda not willing or able to force my mouth away from her stiff little fleshy point.
  478. Back and forth I went across her chest, feasting on each titty and listening to my host as she enthusiastically permitted me to have my way with her form.  Shirenda even began to watch me intently as I went from one nipple to the other, my lips encircling her pink point and sucking it between my teeth, letting it go with a sexy pop.
  480. Each time I afforded her a new sensation, she'd watch me and then hug my head that much harder.  All of these new experiences were too much for her, but she had no desire to make me discontinue.
  482. In fact, things were about to get a lot more involved.
  484. "It feels so good when you do things like that to me, Phillip.  Does it feel that good when you touch my rear too?"
  486. "Better!"
  488. It didn't take her two seconds before she decided what her next course of action was.
  490. "Then, please touch my rear."
  492. She pushed my face away from her right titty and turned over, laying down on the platform and exposing her costume covered butt to my gaze. Again, with no delay, I began caressing her round ass, testing her willingness to allow me to venture between her butt cheeks and further down between her legs.
  494. As was typical with a tight tube-styled skirt, I couldn't work my fingers all the way between her cheeks or far enough between her thighs to be able to enjoy the distinct crease of her ass or push my fingers deep enough between her legs to feel her vulva.
  496. Since she was so permissive about what I was doing so far, I figured I should just go with the flow and fondle her fabric covered ass and thighs as long as I could, hoping I'd be able to touch her naked skin inside her silly looking costume soon enough.  It was only after I kept working my middle finger between her legs where her cheeks met her thighs that I seemed to feel a small opening in her outfit.  She was moaning in pleasure so much that she didn't become aware of my finger working her costume open until I felt the warm wetness of her sphincter At least one segment of my finger was able to travel inside before she yelped, forced my hand away from her ass with a wide, quick sweep of her left hand as she turned slightly over away from my legs.
  498. Her eyes were now filled with intense fire as she glared at me.
  500. "Phillip!  That's NASTY!"
  502. Abbie was just as surprised as Shirenda was when I slipped my nasty middle finger inside her sweet ass the first time, but Abbie had long since succumbed to her desire for sex by that hour of our sexual adventures.  Shirenda just needed a little more time and convincing.
  504. "I'm not trying to scare or humiliate you, just make you feel something that you've never felt before.  It feels good, doesn't it?"
  506. "Well . . . yeah . . . I guess it kinda does, but I've never let anyone do that before."
  508. "May I tickle you right there a little bit more?  I promise I won't hurt you."
  510. She looked at me quizzically for a moment, blushed slightly and then smiled.
  512. "Will you stop if I ask you to?"
  514. "Of course I will.  All I want to do is make you feel good."
  516. It didn't take her long to develop her response.
  518. "Okay.  Then you can do it as much as you want.  Just don't hurt me or I'll get mad and leave."
  520. "I won't make you mad, Honey.  I just want to make you and me both feel good, that's all."
  522. "Does it really feel good to you when you put your finger in there?"
  524. "Oh, yes!  It feels wonderful to tickle you like that."
  526. "Well . . . okay then.  Go ahead."
  528. She slowly shifted her body around until she was again laying down, watching me carefully as her body assumed the contours of my thighs. This time she lay much more nervously with her tummy across my lap, her chest pressed to the platform and her feet dipping into the water, the fins of her outfit splashing softly as she pointed her ass up in the air right over my thighs.
  530. I returned my right hand to her ass and began fondling and massaging both cheeks, working my fingers up and down between her legs.  I was only able to progress as far as the material of her costume would allow until I could see her push back into my hand when I drew close enough to her ass to insert my fingers once again.  This time, it took less effort to wiggle my fingers into the tight opening of her outfit, her body seeming to be attached to the shiny aqua-tinted and glittery material somehow.
  532. I didn't push far or hard at first, just let her get used to my finger at the entrance of her ass for a minute, softly tickling her pursed opening until she again began to moan and coo softly.  I experimented for a few minutes, testing her willingness to let me push more of my nasty finger into her tight butt.  Instead of resisting my intrusions, she seemed to push against my finger and nonverbally ask me to go deeper, so I did!
  534. In no more than ten minutes, I was buttfucking her with my finger in a series of slow, steady, smooth strokes, her body never experiencing such an explosion of sexual pleasure before, her moans louder than before and her ass pushing up into my hand as hard as she could, urging me to continue our illicit contact.  Oh, how I silently begged her to let me rub her front too.
  536. "PHILLIP!!!"
  538. She tensed up, her legs went rigid and her body quivered in a series of short quick jerks, her muscular grip squeezing my finger tighter than I had ever felt from anything before in my life.  While she gripped as tight as she could, it was almost as if I had made a mistake and put my careless digit in the jaws of a huge vise as it was being tightened.
  540. Her rhythmic undulations made clear what had happened moments before, I had finally made her cum.  When she reached around her hip and grabbed my hand to try to stop the feelings as they rumbled around between her legs and in her body, I again saw what had to be impossible.
  542. Her tiny fingernails were now fire engine red.  No, cherry red!  After I thought about it for a moment, I realized they were blood red.  Her emotional state seemed unerringly displayed by the color of her fingernails, her excitement and arousal level dictated by how red they appeared.
  544. If this were only true with all the older women that I had dated for so many years before.  It made me wonder why women continued to get all spiffied up with bright red lipstick, fingernails and high heels  This must be her natural indicator of sexual hunger.
  546. I then remembered when Abbie got painted up the first night she demanded to go nude in my house, her lips, fingernails and toenails all painted the same bright red color!  I was then drawn to that wonderfully immoral night when I had provided her with the very same level of sexual education and pleasure.  Oh how I loved it when Abbie bucked around on my bed, her tiny body not able to handle all the new sensations completely until we had been naked and my hands or tongue tickling her body in all the right places for over five hours.  Then, she was like a dynamo, not able or willing to stop until we needed to get cleaned up just before noon the next day and get her ready for my sister to come get her.
  548. Shirenda finally relaxed, her body spent and limp.  I pulled my dirty finger out of her tight little ass and rinsed it in the ocean water, wiping it dry on my shirt and then softly tickling her anus a few more times until her butt closed back up and her outfit prevented me from seeing or feeling her soft wet pink flesh any longer.
  550. She lay there for almost half an hour, her strength gone.  All I did was softly caress and fondle her strangely outfitted and colored bum and the back of her thighs and also her genuinely normal and very soft lower back for the entire time she was helpless on my lap.  I thought I saw her skin above her outfit start to get dry, so I cupped some water with my right hand and splashed it all over her body, from her calves, up her thighs, her bum, her lower back and finally her hair and head.  At one point, I began splashing her with copious amounts of seawater, her body seeming to become more resilient with each portion of water that I provided.
  552. She finally woke up and lazily turned over on my lap until she was sitting up, her right arm around the back of my neck.  Shirenda looked as if she were drunk and I was tempted to do as much with her body as I wanted, but remembered the promise I made not to harm her.
  554. With her sitting on my lap, her body leaning against my chest and her head up against my left shoulder, I began to wet the front of her body, running my hands across her perky titties as I splashed her with water. I kept playing with her breasts and nipples as I covered her with each handful of water, dripping it over her head and then letting long streams fall between her thighs across her fabric covered pudendum.
  556. I eventually got up enough nerve to caress her thighs in front very close to where her pussy was hiding and I imagined there had to be an opening in front much like she had in back.  I looked at her fingernails and saw them still brilliantly red, her level of sexual arousal remaining in a very heightened state.  I had to continue.
  558. My gentle and slow probing eventually proved successful, a tight and rather small seam being revealed as I tickled my middle finger with slightly more force each time I moved up and down her pudendum.  In little over a minute, I could feel her outfit begin to allow my finger to pass, her hot and very tight vulva showing between what was disguised as a series of tightly woven scales.  Whomever it was that made her outfit took incredible time and mastered her shape so well that it appeared to be molded right to her body.
  560. I teased the fabric apart enough to openly expose her naked pussy, full fat cunny lips with a tight little slit running vertically from her Mons to far between her thighs.  In spite of her creative clothing, I could still discern what looked like the insides of two chubby thighs tightly clasped together, my ability to clearly see more severely limited.  From this new vantage point, she looked even more awesome.
  562. I needed to play with her clitty very badly by this time, wanting to pleasure her yet again.  Like a tiny acorn tenderly hidden between two pink ridges of naked Earth, I finally found it.  My index and middle fingers began working it around until her body began to reveal that I was gaining purchase, her hormones indicating just how much fun this was for her.
  564. When I looked at her fingertips again, they all seemed to pulsate with each heartbeat, glowing bright red and then fading back to a light pink and then glowing bright red again when her heart thumped in her tiny excited chest.
  566. She lifted her arm from around my neck and urged me to let her lean back, her head softly coming down to the platform once again, her hair and the top of her head getting wet.  Now her hips were across my thighs, her body looking almost uncomfortable as she was bent backward over me.  Shirenda may have looked as if she was in distress as she lay over me, but the upward thrusts of her hips proved otherwise.
  568. It took me no more than a minute before her legs were quivering and then her hips bucking hard to meet my probing fingers.  She went rigid and convulsed wildly about ten times.  Her orgasm looked so pleasurable that I wanted to give my darling little visitor hundreds!  By the look on her face and the careless manner in which she held her body, I knew I had already done too much by giving her such thoroughly enjoyable orgasms, but something told me to continue.  So I relinquished my grasp of her nubbin and softly stroked further between her labia, her outfit granting me permission as her body surrendered to each lovely seizure.
  570. My middle finger was as far between her legs as her tight outfit would allow when I finally found her vagina.  I turned my hand and hooked my finger into her, working it as far inside her tender virginal cunt as it could go.  She was so tight and yet so pliable that even though it seemed impossible for my finger to initially enter her, her vagina seemed to slowly accept my entry and permit me to go as far as I wanted without causing her any pain or resistance.
  572. I gave her two more orgasms before I relented, letting her rest for the remainder of the day before I was tempted to try any more.  I picked her abused young body up off my legs and lifted her slightly vertical, hooking her right arm around my neck and letting her body return to where it had been before I defiled her clitoris and vagina with my nasty finger.  What shocked me was how drunk and uncoordinated she seemed as she lay in my arms and sat on my lap.  I was getting pretty scared for a while, her mannerisms and movements very awkward and looking as thought they required considerable effort.
  574. The sun was now behind us and going down fast as I maintained her gentle torture.  I lowered the platform with the hand winch behind my head, allowing our upper thighs and part of our tummies to be completely immersed in the warm salty water.  About the only smart thing I did was to lift my feet from under the surface of the platform and sit in a slightly open-legged fashion so I didn't accidentally lose my lower extensions to any passing sharks.
  576. It was cruel of me to keep fondling her, but I just couldn't curtail my desires and continued to play with her titties.  I splashed her breasts and upper body with handfuls of water and even softly caressed and fondled her plump labia majoris from the crest of her Mons to far between her chubby and smooth thighs.  Her outfit offered such easy access from then on that I was able to freely insert a finger and once even my whole hand inside her snug fitting costume, cupping her sweetness and reveling in the soft feel of her labia.
  578. She was completely oblivious.
  580. I was in Heaven!
  582. I knew what my eyes were seeing and hands were feeling truly couldn't exist, so what harm would it cause if I played along with my demented mind and acted as if she really was a young mermaid.  I fell into a disturbed slumber that night as I held her tight to my chest, my left arm around her back, my left hand under her left arm and gently tickling her nipple, my right hand between her thighs, my thumb rolling and tickling her clitty and my longest digit delving as deep into her pussy as my reach would permit.  I dreamt of days and weeks with my little imaginary mermaid, sex drunk and so eager to permit anything I desired.
  584. Every time I woke up, I'd resume my molestation of the poor little thing, working my finger back into her tight outfit between her legs until it was as far into her body as it could go, only passing resistance offered and a few determined whimpers coming from her until she started to feel good again.  I don't know how many times I stimulated more orgasms out of her preteen body, but with nobody else around to help me keep count, I let each event lapse into another one, Shirenda not willing or able to stop me.  In fact, it looked as if she looked forward to my repeated and continuous molestation of her for the rest of the night.
  586. When the sun peeked over the Eastern horizon and into my face, I was still holding Shirenda in my arms, her arms around my neck and a look of drunken pleasure still plastered all over her face.  I immediately splashed her with a series of quick handfuls of water, her body coming to life and her eyes fluttering open.  The sat-radio was playing Grieg's 'Morning', timed as if the musical producer or scheduler knew when the tip of the sun would break the water's surface at our longitude.  It was a glorious moment, one that I had waited for years to experience.
  588. She stretched her arms over her head and leaned into me close enough for me to kiss her plump mouth.  She took no overt action to push my face away as she looked into my eyes, so I kept kissing her and munching on her lips until she wrapped her arms around my neck once again.  I splashed her chest a few times and then began playing with her breasts, hoping my attempts to keep her body wet would be interpreted as necessary rather than just plain pleasurable.  When she began moaning into my mouth as I stimulated her nipples, I could tell she'd let me do just about anything with her.
  590. I sensed her tolerance to constant sexual contact as an open invitation for more, so I slowly worked my right hand down her tummy and where I had worked my finger into her tight outfit earlier.  She seemed to be battling internally with her desire for another round of absolute pleasurable bliss and her reluctance to get so sex drunk that she wanted me to stop, her legs pulling up slightly, trying to prevent my hand from finding the opening once again as her baby-like voice quietly pleaded with a soft whisper.
  592. " nooooo "
  594. Once my finger had begun to reinvigorate her sexual fire, she finally acquiesced, letting her costumed legs fall to my lap, trying to spread them apart within the tight confines of the long tube skirt.  I gently wiggled the tip of my middle finger where it had entered earlier and just as before, the small seam opened and allowed me to pass within.  My finger began to again stimulate her clitty, but this time I needed to double her pleasure and double my fun.
  596. My middle finger urged further along her tight cleft until I was again at the opening of her vagina, then pushed my thumb into her fold of skin and into her clitty.  Her body surrendered immediately, her next cum less than ten seconds from when I started pushing.  She writhed around on top of my lap as if I had pulled a tuna or marlin out of the water and was trying to land it in my boat, my left arm completely around her back and my right hand working her pussy feverishly.  She eventually couldn't handle all the intense and new stimulations and began to cry out in a higher and higher pitched voice.
  600. Not wanting to overstay my welcome, I fingered her only a few more times and then pulled my nasty digits away from her premature womanhood.  I softly caressed along her pussy until her outfit seemed to heal itself, the opening disappearing and her costume never showing where it had been invaded moments before.
  602. I splashed her repeatedly with water until she seemed to regain her senses.  Slowly, my little sexual torture victim assumed a more calm demeanor and was beginning to look like any other little ten year old as she sat in her favorite uncle's lap.  With one last long gentle kiss, Shirenda opened her eyes wide and looked right at me.
  604. "I thought you said you weren't supposed to touch little girls' bodies? It felt like you sure knew where to press on me and surely liked touching mine!"
  606. There was absolutely no shame in her lustful gaze nor in my response. Why should I lie to my imaginary visitor any longer.
  608. "Yes I did and I do!  I like to see you enjoy all of my caresses and tickles, your body obviously hungering for gentle stimulation as much as my hand and finger like to provide it.  It's too bad you're not real and I'm completely insane with this erotic dream."
  610. Shirenda looked deeply into my eyes as her smile began to fade and attempted to comprehend why I would treat so callously what had been such a wonderful experience for her.  This had just been her first sexual adventure with a real man and even though this handsome and very skilled specimen hadn't 'taken' her yet, what I did do still felt so good that she really didn't want it to end.
  612. And yet, even with the remnants of her pleasurable adventure still rumbling around between her legs and her outfit little more than safely closed, she tried to understand what I was telling her.  Shirenda wanted and needed to permit more, but her body wasn't yet able to tolerate the intense stimulation for more than a few precious minutes even after giving her hours of preparatory experience.
  614. She had been told many times that her 'first time' with a man might be scary and very new, but would be intensely special and that she should just let all the feelings flow and let the man do what he wanted, as long as he didn't hurt her or bring her intense pain.  With her mind still flooded with the wonderful memories and sensations of sexual stimulation and her ability to see through the fog of hormones seriously impaired, she wasn't able to discern why someone that had been so gentle with her and so willing to share such a lovely physical relationship began to treat her so rudely by calling what we had just shared as fake. What a crude and insensitive way to treat such a lovely moment.
  616. Her body was still in a state of piqued arousal and her arteries and veins coursing with enough sexual fire to ignite a small volcano, her hips still twitching every few seconds with continued involuntary muscular contractions.  Her earlier stimulation was so utterly overwhelming that her body was still feeling the lingering effects even after my skilled and wonderfully deft fingers had stopped fondling her most sacred opening and tender mounds.  It was becoming obvious to her that her willingness to surrender herself to me may have been a bad idea after all.  Could I have been the wrong first man?
  618. That's until I again began to softly caress and play with her breasts and nipples, those wonderful feelings welling up inside her chest, permeated throughout her tender insides, eventually traveling down until they centered between her legs.  Shirenda wasn't sure if she was ready for yet another round of incredibly pleasurable vaginal and clitoral stimulation, but with those tsunami-like waves of intense goodness rumbling about already, she immediately convinced herself that if I wanted to, she'd let me finger her openings and rub her tickle place as much as I was willing to.
  620. Her mind contemplated my earlier admission that what seemed so wonderful and special to her was just a mental delusion for me.  With her body transfigured into a sexual magnet, she relaxed more quickly and was willing to permit all those corrupted evil thoughts to escape her conscious mind, even at the cost of her being unable to control what her body did after she experienced her next of many hip busting thrusts.
  622. Once the good feelings started, she would no longer be able to fight me off or resist anything that felt good to her, her blood turning almost completely into alcohol and keeping her so drunk that the longer I kept her at a heightened state of sexual arousal, the harder it would be for her to gain control of her surroundings and return to her natural home, the sea.
  624. She was afraid of each new sensation and encounter and was even more terrified of the ones that she had already felt running back and forth through her little frame.  Each of her new exciting and satisfying sensations ran from her head to the tips of her tail, the most pleasurable ones making all of her muscles jump, Shirenda so anxious and delirious that she wished for nothing more than many many long days of continued stimulation and sexual contentment.  Somehow, this strange and incredibly naughty man was able to find every one of her former wanton desires without ever having seen her before in her life.
  626. Shirenda knew that once she connected with a man, her first man, she'd never be able or willing to have another, her attraction to this single human would be absolute and forever.  She was becoming very addicted to this kind and gentle stranger, whose hands, fingers, lips and tongue provided her with the kind of stimulation and pleasure she had been waiting for since she heard the stories from her older sisters and cousins about their adventures from long ago.
  628. Shirenda heard me begin to speak and tried as hard as possible to clear her mind so she could fully grasp every word I uttered, eager to comply with any of my nasty commands, suggestions or requests.  Oh, such sweet tickles and soft, warm feelings.
  630. [Please don't stop, Phillip!  Please continue!]
  632. "Shirenda, I hope what you've been feeling is as good as, if not better than you expected, because I can tell you that if this really were happening, I would want it to go on for days and days.  Your face is so delicate and sweet, your breasts and nipples so inviting and your ass and yonni so hot and easy to please that I'd want to keep doing this for the rest of my life, were it possible.  But since what's happening is nothing more than a wild dream, a wonderful fantasy, most likely due to a hard knock on the head or because I've lost consciousness due to dehydration, I know that everything that's happening to me is nothing more than a wonderfully erotic and incredibly pleasant illusion."
  634. She recognized a few of the most important concepts, her brain fraught with the spray of passionate imagination and carnal lust.  Her body ached with a newness and novelty that she'd never known before, but needed to retain the unique feelings for as long as was possible no matter the cost.  The recklessness that Shirenda would tolerate made her think of more outlandish and foreign concepts, even allowing this alien man to remove her from her natural home, as long as he kept doing what he was at this moment.
  636. After no more than a few seconds, she responded with the only reasonable perception she was capable of.
  638. "Would you really want to play with me like this . . . for like . . . a long time?"
  640. "Yes I would.  Your pretty body reminds me so much of Abbie that I don't think I could ever leave you.  I just hope you don't jilt me and make me leave before I wake up.  I'd rather remember you just like this for the rest of my life, laying almost naked in my arms and willing to let me touch and tickle you as much as I wanted to.  If I had to lose you just as I lost my darling Abigail, I'd rather just die and become shark food."
  642. This was something that cast her lovely thoughts and mind-numbing pleasant sensations to oblivion in an instant, her luxurious sensations disappearing almost the second her ears captured the words.  This kind of thinking was destructive and counterproductive, her body reeling from the disgusting concepts immediately.
  644. "Nooooooo!  Please don't say that Phillip!"
  646. Shirenda immediately pushed my right hand away from her breasts and clung to my chest with a terrified look on her face, her eyes trying to see through the blinding haze of utter titillation.  I could hear her softly cry into my left ear as she grabbed at my shirt along my back, striving to remain connected to me at any cost, even if she had to make the ultimate sacrifice.
  648. "Phillip, haven't I pleased you?  Please tell me that you like to touch and rub me."
  650. "Yes I do Shirenda.  Probably too much, because now that I've been able to do just about anything I wanted to you, I don't think I'd be able to conduct myself normally where I used to live, or may live any time in the near future.  Most cultures around the world feel that it's very inappropriate for a man to have sex with a little girl constantly, much less once, and would either put me into chains or kill me outright."
  652. In a fleeting moment of wild inspiration, Shirenda conceived of something that she had only dreamed of before, the real possibility that she might have happiness at last stirring her to say things that were reckless and potentially dangerous.
  654. "But what if we could go somewhere that was so far from anyone like you, that you could do what you wanted to and with me anytime you felt like it?  Would you stay with me if you could live far away from your kind and just be with me . . . and maybe others like me?"
  656. "I wish such a place really existed, Angel.  It would be wonderful to be able to openly fondle, caress and tickle you all over as much as you'd let me, right out in the open with nobody to tell me to stop.  That kind of place would allow me to come to grips with my naughty and newly discovered fascination with little girls' bodies and I could live the rest of my days in the private seclusion of semi naked little angels just like you.  Even if you were the only one that would be willing to let me touch and play with you, I'd still want to hide away from society and remain secluded and alone, my mind filled with images of your lovely little breasts and smiling face."
  658. Those were the only words that Shirenda seemed to truly understand and had the capacity of acting upon, her mind flying with an idea that both frightened and excited her.  As this new awareness was sparked in her tiny head, a thousand thoughts flew wildly from boundless possibility to horrible reality, so many things able to go wrong if she wasn't careful that she might forever do herself and her sisterhood permanent harm.
  660. It was difficult to push her body far enough away from my chest so my hand could connect with her tender titties, but I was finally able to work my horny fingers over her breasts and begin to resume the pleasant sensations that I had so rudely interrupted.
  662. I continued to run my fingers across her nipples, keeping them stimulated and erect as I rolled one around a few times, pinched it softly and then did the same thing to her other one.  Her eyes were half closed and her mouth slightly open, her mind filled with nothing more than the earnestness to comply with anything I asked, her body slowly coming away from mine until my hand could move unrestrained.  As I held one of her perfect little tits in my hand, her hips were just far enough away from mine so my right hand could venture into the hot, sweet and hungry slit that ached to be manhandled.
  664. My middle and index fingers hadn't been between her tight pussy lips for more than a few seconds before her hips began to move, pushing forward and anxiously craving the sensation of a man's fingers, my fingers once again going places that had never been explored before.  As her mind and body were trying to adjust to all these new perceptions, words slowly fell away from her mouth as she quivered.
  666. "Phillip, now that you know about me, will you promise to not tell anyone, even if you leave me and go back to your own kind?"
  668. "Shirenda.  I would never tell anyone about you.  They wouldn't believe me and if they did, they'd throw me into jail for having molested a beautiful little girl just like you.  There is just one thing."
  670. "What Phillip?"
  672. "I'm starting to get hot laying in the open sun like this.  I need to get under cover or I'll get badly sunburned and sick.  I wish there was a way we could lay next to each other and talk while I touched and played with you for hours and hours."
  674. As the last few words left my lips and entered her ears and brain, both sets of fingers tenderly attacked my lovely mirage, sending her into yet another quick flurry of twitches and shudders, my talents with such a little girl improving with each immoral caress.
  676. Shirenda was no longer able to withstand each new fondle and rub, her sensitivity growing and her ability to resist dropping as my digits stimulated her chubby body.  She felt huge jolts of electricity run up and down her tummy, her excitement taking over for her good sense and normally calm demeanor.
  678. "What if we could lay next to each other?  Would you really want to keep touching me like this for a long time like you say?"
  680. "Honey, if I could keep touching and fondling your tender little body, I'd do it as long as you'd let me.  Hopefully for days and days."
  682. Shirenda couldn't contain her enthusiasm and again plunged her body into mine, her hips bucking involuntarily every second, her legs writhing like an eel out of water as another round of orgasms took control of her tender insides and filled her with a sense of completeness and contentment that she had never known before in her long life.  When she regained her composure, she pulled her face away from my shoulder and smiled.
  684. "Oh Phillip.  I'm so glad I found you."
  686. "I'm glad I found you too, Shirenda.  I sure hope I never wake up."
  688. As we stared into each others' eyes, my left hand gently caressed and fondled her soft titties, both nipples so firm and filled with hormone infused blood it actually hurt my little visitor.  Even with the slight sting of piqued arousal on her nipples, she looked down at my hand and back up into my eyes, smiling at me and thrusting her chest into me as a measure of acceptance and submission.
  690. My mouth heard the mental invitation, my lips encircling her left nipple and teasing at the firmness of her titty point with the end of my tongue until she was whimpering in my left ear.  My right hand found the freedom too much to bear, traveling down her tummy until we both knew where I was headed.  Shirenda whimpered a little louder and lifted her knees again, unsure if she could tolerate as much if not more tender abuse, until she felt my middle finger teasing at the entrance to her outfit.  Once the tingles started, she resisted no more, her legs trying to come apart within her outfit and settling back down onto my lap.  She was completely at my mercy and surrendered completely to anything that was about to be offered.
  692. Between suckling on her nipple, tenderly slipping my digit back and forth into her smooth and very tight opening and stroking her nubbin, Shirenda consented to yet more loving anguish at my talented mouth and fingers.  She was so filled with erotic passion and so empty of energy by the next half hour, that I actually had to hold her up on my lap or she'd slip back into the water, completely spent.
  694. I truly needed to keep doing this with her, but couldn't tolerate the increasing intensity of the rising sun against my bare body, its normally gentle rays now cooking me into a reddened mess.  There had to be something I could do to continue this loving reverie, both of us comforted and protected while I heaped mountains of sexual abuse on her tender frame.
  696. What could I do?  Think!!!  There had to be a way we could both have fun and be safe.
  698. Think, man!
  700. It's then that I realized I could partially flood the aft section of my cockpit with seawater, providing Shirenda with the comfort and protection that she needed to stay alive, the thin aluminized polyester/mylar film over the Bimini top that I had been using for weeks providing adequate protection from the harsh sun for me.  Once I found the means for us to be comfortable, I sprang it on my lovely partially naked visitor, scaring her when I sprang my revelation upon her suddenly.
  702. "I've got it!  We can both be comfortable on deck.  Here, let me show you."
  704. I mistakenly tried to stand Shirenda up on her 'knees' as I lifted her vertical, but all she could do was to hang on to me as she clumsily slipped on the plastic surface of the aft platform between my legs, her body still filled to overflowing with sexual hormones and her mind unable to be clear of the passionate need for yet more.  I realized I needed to try much harder to make this dream seem real by coming to grips with our physical differences.
  706. "I'm sorry Baby.  I forgot you can't spread your legs.  Here!  Let me pick you up so I can show you what I mean."
  708. I didn't lift her more than a few inches away from the platform, her billowing tail going slack and almost lifeless as it hit the open air, her whole body now out of the water for the first time in her life.
  710. "NOOOOOOOO!  Please don't take me away from the WATER!"
  712. I set her back down on the platform, her eyes bugged out of her head, her expression of absolute terror making me feel as though I had irrevocably done her harm as her fingers tightly gripped the back of my shirt.  I needed to proceed very carefully from now on, making certain to be as sensitive to her requirements as I possibly could be.
  714. "Please forgive me Shirenda!  I didn't realize just how vulnerable your body was.  I won't do that ever again, I promise.  Remember when I told you that I wasn't going to hurt you when I pushed my naughty finger into her rear?"
  716. She nodded her head slightly, still clutching my body in shock as she began shaking almost violently.  Little if any comfort could contain her ultimate fear of being wrested away from her natural home.  Shirenda had heard a few of her older cousins tell tales of distant mermaids being taken away from the sea, fighting and screaming with all their might to little avail, their human captors wrenching them from their native environment with no regard for their feelings.
  718. It was said nothing was ever heard from those female ancestors ever again and the whole of the entire sisterhood knew instantly that one of their own was lost forever.  Was that about to happen to her too?  Was all this titillation nothing more than a prelude to her eventual demise?
  720. "Well, this time I promise I won't ever scare you like that again.  I won't ever take you out of the water without your permission and will do everything I can to keep you safe and happy.  I promise if you'll stay with me as long as you can, I'll treat you better than you've ever been treated before.  I'll cherish you and adore you as if you were my very own little girl.  Would you like that?"
  722. I was getting desperate.  My attempts at consolation and comfort didn't seem to take effect immediately, her body still shaking and her soft whimpers barely audible above the sound of her breathing.  Shirenda was so small and looked so helpless that I saw a new side to her and me.  I was actually able to cause harm to another living thing even without realizing it and it filled me with intense dread.
  724. Even though it wasn't intentional, it was still a very real threat to my fanciful guest.  It wasn't until two or three minutes had gone by and I began to softly play with her scale covered bum that she seemed to relax enough to relinquish her vise like grip around my neck and let my shirt go.  Poor little girl!  I needed to be much more careful now and only do what might be carefully considered was appropriate.
  726. "Let me prove to you just how precious and special I think you are to me.  I'm going to let you go and let you lay back down on my platform so you can get nice and wet, the warm water able to comfort and refresh you.  If you want to leave me, then you'll be able to and I can't stop you."
  728. Shirenda finally found her voice, my words affecting her enough to force her to speak.
  730. "But, why do you want me to leave Phillip?"
  732. "I don't want you to leave, Honey.  I just want you to see that I don't want to hurt you or make you feel as if I want to keep you captive or prisoner, forcing you to do things that you really don't want to.  One of the things I've learned is that sometimes, if a person really loves someone, they have to be willing to let them go so they can grow and be free.  It may not be pleasant, but is often time necessary."
  734. "So, if I don't want to leave, you won't make me?"
  736. "No I won't.  But if we're going to be together, we need to figure out a way that we can both be comfortable and safe.  Otherwise, all the wonderful feelings in the world would be for nothing."
  738. "Tell me how you want to make me comfortable on your boat without taking me out of the sea, Phillip.  You know I don't want to leave without telling you, don't you?"
  740. "I'm going to seal off the cockpit from the rest of the boat and partially fill it with seawater so you can be immersed and you won't dry out.  It's gonna take a few minutes for me to get everything ready, but when I'm done, you'll have your own private pool to splash in and I can touch you and rub you and play with your precious little body as much as you want me . . . I mean 'I' want to."
  742. "Will you promise to hold me as much as I want and even touch my tender places over and over again until I make you stop?  Please?"
  744. "How could I refuse the request of such a lovely little angel like you Shirenda?"
  746. I leaned her head back slightly, looked into her eyes and then down at her mouth.  She seemed to know what I was going to do next, opened her lips slightly and closed her eyes.  We kissed for another five or ten minutes, the sun baking me into a lobster on dry land.  Somewhere between the horribly immoral and lustful kiss I was imparting to my ten year old visitor and the growing sense of dizziness from the heat inside my noggin, I needed to pull my lips from this sexy little girl and get under cover.
  748. "I need to get out of the sun Shirenda.  You can stay here or go swimming for a while until I get everything finished."
  750. I knew my dream was about to end, a lump in my throat growing as I kissed her one last time.  Before I knew what had happened, I saw her slip back into the ocean, her hands holding the end of the platform as her body bobbed up and down in the gentle swells.
  752. I cranked the hand winch until the platform was about six inches out of the water, her little fingers clinging to the edge as if her very survival depended on continued contact with my boat.  Just before I turned away from her, I looked down at her fingers and saw her fingernails still a brilliant red.  She would never be able to hide her excitement from me ever again, provided what was happening to me wasn't more than a pleasant delusion.
  754. The last time I saw her eyes, they looked horrified and desperate, as if I was somehow going to leave and never see her again.  As I clambered forward, I choked back a sob and wished beyond hope that my fantasy and erotic plaything was very real.
  756. The only thing that was important any more was making my darling little Shirenda happy, no matter the cost.  I set about to accomplish my task with absolute abandon, trying to refocus my eyes and peel away the veil of tears that hampered my progress.
  758. I skinned my wet clothes off and began stuffing removable bulkheads in the appropriate places, normally used and originally meant to keep water out.  Now I was going to try to bring water in, one of the most dangerous and inconceivable ideas to any sailor or boat captain.  My mind wasn't able to grasp the concept of water inside a sailboat, any more than a young and almost nude preteen swimming with me in the middle of the South Pacific.
  760. In little over ten minutes, I had constructed a fairly decent version of a floating sailboat hot-tub and looked anxiously at my rather ingenious creation.
  762. Just after I opened the transom hatch so I could toss a large plastic hose that was now attached backward to my bulge pump into the warm South Seas ocean, I looked around for Shirenda.  She was nowhere to be found and I stopped dead in my tracks, my bare feet near the aft edge of my pretty boat.  What I didn't know and hadn't realized was the strong pull of her own kind to bring her safely back from the possibility of death or disaster.
  764. It was then that the word 'dead' had its full impact.  That's when I realized I was completely delusional, about to flood one of the most expensive toys I had ever bought and now my only means of survival, certain to sink my lovely boat and nobody around to help me out of that mess should the inevitable occur.  Little of my existence would be found if I had finished filling my latest hot-tub, everything neatly tucked away in every hatch, hold and locker, none of it loose and able to float away to indicate where I might have gone down.
  766. Nobody would have ever known what had happened to me, somewhat similar to a few of the sailors that I'd heard tall tales about when I began to learn about my new sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico along the South Texas coastline.
  768. I looked around repeatedly and could see no sign of my ten year old host, her lovely breasts and tempting nipples almost a distant memory, a dirty and immoral dream, a fantasy gone awry, my mind creating her out of the guilty memories of my darling niece, Abbie.
  770. The hose was retrieved, the transom hatch secured, the bilge pump returned to its normal mode of operation and my survival training finally kicking in.  I realized that I needed to put my boat under some sort of control, tossing my drift sock out and letting the current take me where it might.  It was obvious I was suffering from dehydration, heat stroke and probably even intense hunger, now hallucinating and deluded.
  772. Fumbling about inside my well-stocked galley, I collected a series of items that I felt were instinctively a basic requirement, setting them down onto my bunk, my berth temporary refuge from heat-induced insanity.
  774. Trying to remember my survival-at-sea training, I opened a sealed package of high protein supplement, ate it and some nutritional food-stuffs, downed all of it with two pints of purified water, desperate to recover from whatever ailment I was being afflicted with. I then tried to fall asleep in my bunk, frightened and completely spent, with plastic bottles and polyester-mylar silver wrappers of food scattered about carelessly.
  776. It must have looked to anything spying down at me that I had gotten drunk from clean, pure water and had been wildly feasting on three packages of dry food supplements and dozens of plain-looking pills. With the remnants of my repast still messily encrusting my lips and mouth, I lay exhausted on my bunk, looking as if I had been taking part in some perverse drug induced sex party for hours on end.
  778. What a pitiful sight I must have been!
  780. -- Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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