Rxssian - Ban Reasoning

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  1. I was frozen, I had nothing to worry about. Yes I had cosmic-related cheats on my computer but that's just because of my general connections with close friends of mine. The concern - Vanity. I had multiple versions, as you would be able to tell from the footage from the video, which were all adjusted for cosmic test servers like jurassic, fan tas y etc. I had no reason to be using it, and there was no solid proof found of me using it. Your point with me "working with ashido" Is a simple assumption that isn't correct. Me being friends with someone is different from working with someone. I had nothing to hide because I was not worried, I had not used the client in any way to undermine the integrity of the server, and I had done absolutely nothing against the rules. I would also like to mention, I have not logged off cosmic client once, and if there was a time period, it would be to log on ccv1, and logs would show that.
  3. Malen then says "I have received reports of people associated with Ashido sending around an ip logg(er/ed) version of Vanity" or something to that effect. I say that there was a person which tried impersonating Ashido a while back, going by the name of "Diablo", which he was doxed because he had no obfuscation on his rat/ip logger, and his ip was exposed.
  5. There was no evidence found - for anything. No ip loggers found, no databases etc. I ofcourse understand the concern that comes with maintaining a server and protecting people from people who decide it's worthwhile performing DDOS attacks on people for sets on a block game. It was rather demoralising in a sense, it felt like I was being dealt with in a case of "Guilty until proven innocent" and I'll get to that later.
  7. The ultimatum I was given - send the cheat files in order to be "further inspected" and/or "checked" or, be permlisted and ip banned. I refused - this would be morally incorrect to betray a close friend of mine that I have known for a long time and also has been working on a client for 2 years, regardless if it is at it's core, a client made to undermine the integrity of the server, but equally this would be outright disrespectful and a betrayal of trust. I am not that kind of person. To the "Guilty until proven innocent", to an extent I was guilty for having files, on another hand I wasn't - I hadn't used it for any use on cosmic, or the supposed claim of "Ip logging". Malen went ahead to say "I don't want to deal with people like *you* that like to steal kid's ips" or, something to that effect, whilst also not having any proof of me doing any of the supposed actions. I had no databases, ip addresses, doxes, etc on my computer, and nothing was found during the SS.
  9. Again, I need to mention that I have no ill-feelings towards any of the staff, I understand that keeping the integrity of the server is a difficult task but at the end of the day, this is what I think period, and I think me and ypperin had said this during our brief chat in teamspeak that this isn't personal in any way.
  11. Note that this was a response on the cosmicpvp forums to ypperin, but as the admins won't "approve" my post, here is the entirety of my perspective.
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