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  1. {
  2.         username: 'Username',
  3.         password: 'Password',
  4.         forgotPassword: 'Forgot password',
  5.         rememberMe: 'Remember Me',
  6.         login: 'Login',
  7.         signUpMessage: "Don't have an account? Sign up here",
  8.         emailInput: 'Enter your email address',
  9.         resetPassword: 'Reset password',
  10.         myNovels: 'My Novels',
  11.         settings: 'Settings',
  12.         dashboard: 'Dashboard',
  13.         settings: 'Settings',
  14.         logout: 'Logout',
  15.         noNovels: 'You have no novels',
  16.         startNovel: 'Click the button to start a new novel',
  17.         createNovel: 'Create a new novel',
  18.         createNovelSubtitle: 'Pick a title and start writing',
  19.         startWriting: 'Start writing',
  20.         setTitle: 'Set a title',
  21.         close: 'Close',
  22.         addChapter: 'Add chapter',
  23.         bold: 'Bold',
  24.         italic: 'Italic',
  25.         authorName: 'Author name',
  26.         currBookCover: 'Current book cover',
  27.         changeCover: 'Change cover',
  28.         cover: 'Cover',
  29.         export: 'Export',
  30.         cancel: 'Cancel',
  31.         register: 'Register',
  32.         email: 'Email address',
  33.         reenterPassword: 'Reenter your password',
  34.         and: 'and',
  35.         understand: 'I understand and agree to the',
  36.         termsConditions: 'Terms & Conditions',
  37.         privacyPolicy: 'Privacy Policy',
  38.         registerLoginPrompt: 'Already have an account? Log in here',
  39.         newPassword: 'New password',
  40.         confirmNewPass: 'Confirm new password',
  41.         changePassword: 'Change password',
  42.         changeEmail: 'Change your Email address',
  43.         newEmail: 'New Email',
  44.         close: 'Close',
  45.         save: 'Save',
  46.         setNewPassword: 'Set a new password',
  47.         oldPassword: 'Old password',
  48.         reenterNewPassword: 'Reenter your new password'
  49.     }
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