HAVIK COMES BACK (March 18th, 2013)

Apr 24th, 2018
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  1. Trendon, Roterlaine - "Why did I come back?", asked de Havik. "I told you - it's the itchy fingers."
  3. In a press conference held outside MV1 Groupe's headquarters in Trendon, Paul de Havik announced that he would return to the TV world with his new production company - Productions de Buse.
  5. "It's not going to be a multi-national media giant with 2 networks. It's going to be a place for great minds to come together and make great television.", he stated at the conference.
  7. "And maybe a TV station, if we can get our hands on it.", he quipped.
  9. In a weird coincidence, de Havik announced that Buse would have it's offices in the [skyscraper] - the same building that houses Havik's Roterlanian offices.
  11. But there was only one question we had to ask Paul - Why "Buse"?
  13. "Well, I wanted to name it deHavik Productions, but the lawyers said "No, that's too close". And why would I name a production company Paul? So then we decided to name the company whatever Havik was in French - so Buse it was."
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