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  1. [18:29] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "... Good lord."
  2. [18:31] The Invidia leaned himself against the stone building just before staring at the group from a distance. With his eyes being masked behind the unique shades of his, any could tell that his sights rested on the Vishkar..
  4. Maybe Vel had something important to discuss with the man.
  6. "Hm."
  7. (Vel Invidia)
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  10. [18:32] Aspen Ivanovich exclaims, "Well! Lessons learned today! Nng.. don't eat food Aspen makes!"
  11. [18:32] Alastor pursed his lips into a straight line and nodded.
  12. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
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  15. [18:32] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Yes."
  16. [18:32] Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Vel, are there any problems?"
  17. [18:32] Vel Invidia says, "There are matters we must.. discuss. Information that you.. may want to know, mm."
  18. [18:32] Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Mmhm. In private, I take it?"
  19. [18:33] Vel nods.
  20. (Vel Invidia)
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  23. [18:33] Leoda says, "Okay, now that you're better no more being dumb."
  24. [18:33] Aspen Ivanovich says, "Aye."
  25. [18:33] Leoda got off the ground and held out a hand to help Aspen up.
  26. (Leoda)
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  29. [18:33] Aspen takes her hand and stands back up with ease.
  30. (Aspen Ivanovich)
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  33. [18:33] Aspen Ivanovich exclaims, "Hah, thank you!"
  34. [18:33] Leoda says, "You're welcome."
  35. [18:34] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Alright, no one should enter."
  36. [18:34] Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "What's going on?"
  37. [18:34] Vel Invidia says, "Well.."
  38. [18:38] The Kitsune allowed his arms to fall behind his back just before clearing his throat to speak. This was nothing but an important conversation, one that could possibly change history if the information was received and understood correctly.
  40. But first, Vel wanted to know just what Alastor knew so far.
  42. "Tell me.. I am sure you are completely aware of the alliance between Huangzhou and Gehenna, correct? "
  44. His focus remained fully on the Vishkar after asking the question.. Expecting the obvious reply to escape. This would also give Alastor somewhat of a heads up on the subject of this conversation would be.
  46. "I do hope at least that Information has reached your ear."
  47. (Vel Invidia)
  48. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  50. [18:39] Alastor tilted his head to the side. He nodded some, in replying to the question itself. At the remark at the end, his eyebrows knitted together, and he finally spoke something in response.
  52. "Yes, I do know about them."
  54. "Did they do any moves that I didn't get aware of?" He asked, head standing upright yet again; One eyebrow quirked up some, lips pursed into a straight line still.
  55. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. [18:49] Vel chuckled at the Vishkar's response just before replying with something that he surely didn't know.
  60. "Soon.. That treaty should shatter. I've personally have been working on it.
  62. Alongside with the small influence I have as Chieftain of Atl and the strength to hold the position.. I have plans orchestrated soon that will surely end their alliance.
  64. After all, the two forces hate each other.. It is quite simple really."
  66. The Kitsune's arms folded as his eyes finally shifted elsewhere, more so scanning the décor of the Fortress. Despite of such, he was still attentive and spoke without distraction.
  68. "I've noticed Dawn has yet to make any moves.. Do not tell me that you thought about surrendering as well..
  70. I know that cannot be true.. I've known you for too long now, Alastor.. You are a very strong-willed man but- I am very confused why you have not striked at them while they are so weak and pitiful.."
  71. (Vel Invidia)
  72. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  74. [18:54] "In fact." He speaks, nearly instantly after Vel is done speaking his own share; After all, politeness guided him through these parts. Hands at his back, they link to each other hidden under the blue cape.
  76. "I haven't been doing any moves because it's wiser for us to grow while they are a ticking clock. It was my strategy, in the end." He takes a small exhale, and then, a deep inhale.
  78. Starting to speak again soon, lips' corners tugged into a small smile. "I knew they hated each other, but I know their hatred for Dawn is stronger. And instead of forcing their alliance apart, if we attacked, we'd only fortify it."
  80. "So we wait."
  82. "There's no advantage for us to hit at random moments to wear them out and risk wearing ourselves out. As I said, they were a time bomb, this much was obvious. Once it blows, both will be weaker."
  84. "And that is when we strike." His lips curl further into an entire smile, head tilting slightly to the side. "We have weapons that are best brought to combat only when we really need them, is all."
  85. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. [18:59] Vel was far beyond happy from hearing Alastor's words! So much that didn't have to be explained.. They were both on the same page!
  90. "Ahhh! Great! That is the exact answer that I wanted to hear, mm..
  92. In that case, Alastor.. Allow me to continue severing their ties and then when the glorious news come of their broken treaty.
  94. I will immediately inform you, chahaa!
  96. They will both be weak and lost.. Not knowing what to do!
  98. The Invidia vigorously nodded, still quite excited by the minor meeting that they were having. At this rate, Gehenna and Huangzhou both would be eliminated fairly quickly. Not only was Vel and his people fortifying themselves but even Dawn was as well.
  100. All that was left was for the time bomb to explode.
  102. "Oh.. Just thinking about it makes things even more exciting! Chaaha! This will be bliss!"
  103. (Vel Invidia)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106. [19:07] The enemy of an enemy is a friend, after all. This made bonds stronger than any formal meeting could have, even if these were required for them to truly establish what their intentions were.
  108. "Alas, they will be both weakened. When the news are up, tell us-- We will help in the offensive. If you're looking to not kill everyone, I won't be able to help that much; But we're still soldiers, want it or not."
  110. "When they have indeed broken their treaty, tell me. I think I can stage something to make it easier for you, but I'm unsure how efficient it will be." He continued, one hand moving towards his throat, grasping it for a second; A brief emission of holy energy came from him.
  112. A clear of his throat, eyes briefly closing, and then he continues to speak. "Do you have a target which you plan on focusing first? If the plan does work and eachone of them is isolated, we can simply attack both ends in unison. I know you have enough people to make for an actual offensive, at least."
  113. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  114. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  116. [19:11] Vel would lightly nod to the Vishkar as he slowly stroked at his own chin, at thought of who would focus who. Considering that the Invidia dropped a large amount of coin on a certain piece of land and serves as a -sort of- Chieftain for it.
  118. His target was as clear as day.
  120. "In that case, we will strike Gehenna. I already somewhat rule one-third of their land so I might as well take the others as well.
  122. Then I can be Chieftain of all tribes, chaaaha! "
  124. One of the Kitsune's free hand waved at the air.
  126. "Simultaneously, I suppose you all can strike Huangzhou and do whatever you wish with it after their leaders are neutralized.
  128. I hate that place."
  129. (Vel Invidia)
  130. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  132. [19:21] Alastor stared still, his posture as clear as always; Perfectly trained, chest slightly inflated upwards as he showed a faint grin upon his face. A hand moved forward, waving slightly in the air; And then, he nodded.
  134. "Very well then. You'll take Gehenna; We'll take on Huangzhou. If need be, I'll tell legionnaires to back up your people when possible."
  136. "Of course, we'll have to wait." He said, before tongue pressed against his cheek for a moment. A small, relieved sigh left his mouth, posture diminishing for a moment.
  138. Followed by a muffled yawn. His eyes close, and he seems to be thinking; Although the deep breathing continues for a moment, almost like he's asleep- he quickly bats his eyes open again.
  140. And then, smiles some.
  142. "We never stopped being allies anyway, so I guess this doesn't change much, yes?"
  144. "I would have asked for information on how you plan on breaking them both, so we may not intervene on each other's business; But I believe these methods are best kept to ourselves."
  145. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  146. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  148. [19:28] " Yeah.. Let's keep it to ourselves. That is for the best, chaaha!"
  150. Vel slowly turned away, his sights facing the entrance/exit of the formidable fortress. Yet, he does not depart just yet.. Almost as if he was allowing the words from the meeting to seep and settle within his mind.
  152. "Well then.. I must say, I am satisfied with this talk..
  154. Very beneficial and good to know that we were both on the same page.
  156. For now though, I must get to work.. The sooner that this treaty is destroyed, the better."
  158. The Invidia lifted a hand before taking a step forward.
  160. "Farewell, Alastor. I wish the best for you and your land."
  161. (Vel Invidia)
  162. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  164. [19:30] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Of course-- I wish the same for you and your lands, Vel."
  165. [19:30] Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Azrael bless you."
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