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Dec 3rd, 2019
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  1. Like I mentioned at the end of the abstract, it is up to the players how they will interpret and act upon the information that they will learn from games that use historical fiction. Even if we introduce ways to make it become more positive, if the players don't take notice, or if the players simply do not care, then it'll have been a fruitless endeavor. What needs to be changed is the player's perception itself.
  3. A good example of this would be the censorship of the game when it was released in China. Some of the sexualized characters in the game had their game art changed to conform to the laws in China with regards to video games and their portrayal of anything that can be considered lewd or sexuak. Though it got rid of the problem with sexualization, it caused an uproar. Instead of celebrating that the sexualization of historical figures has been toned down, players were mad that the game distributor would change how the characters are shown.
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