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  1. Name/key: chargen (#41)
  2. Typeclass: ChargenRoom (typeclasses.rooms.ChargenRoom)
  3. Location: None
  4. Home: Limbo (#2)
  5. Permissions: <None>
  6. Locks:      call:true(); control:id(1) or perm(Admin);  delete:id(1) or perm(Admin);
  7.       edit:id(1) or perm(Admin); examine:perm(Builder); get:false();
  8.       puppet:false(); tell:perm(Admin); view:all()
  9. Stored Cmdset(s):
  10.  commands.default_cmdsets.ChargenCmdset [Chargen] (Union, prio 0)
  11. Merged Cmdset(s):
  12.  commands.default_cmdsets.ChargenCmdset [Chargen] (Union, prio 0)
  13. Commands available to chargen (result of Merged CmdSets):
  14.    +setpower
  15. Exits: finish(#43)
  16. Characters: irinya(#1)
  17. --------------------------
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