Gods of Mythica

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  1.                 +-----------------------+
  2.                 {       Bequethi        }
  3.                 +-----------------------+
  5.         Bequethi is the God of the Elves. He represents all Elves, and is usually a part of every Elven pantheon of some form or another,
  6. even the Kameli. Many Elven societies share the fable the Bequethi was once a normal Elven minister, who rose to enlightenment and
  7. glory by driving off the demonic hordes of the Northern Hinterlands and stealing their wisdom. The story, while mostly exaggerated, serves
  8. as an inspirational tale for many Elven youths.
  10.         Bequethi is usually at the head of any of the various mainstream Elven pantheons (analogous to Zeus in Greek mythology). He is often
  11. portrayed as a tall, sharply featured man with longer-than-average ears and flowing purple robes, carrying an intricate golden glaive. His
  12. holy symbol is that of an ancient tribal Elven doll design, the same insignia supposedly used on Bequethi's war banners.
  14.         Domains of Bequethi include Woodlands, Pride, Justice, Wisdom, Warfare, and Leadership.
  16.                 +-----------------------+
  17.                 {       Karrguk         }
  18.                 +-----------------------+
  20.         Karrguk is the patron ancestor-saint of the Orcish Hordes. He is also known as the Great Judge, as he's the ancestor who personally
  21. meets every heaven-ascended Orc and judges their glory in battle. If they pass his judgment, they get led into the Great Hall
  22. and spend an eternity in glorious battle with their foes. If not, it is said that their souls are sent back to haunt his children and
  23. grandchildren, until one of them passes the judgment of Karrguk.
  25.         Karrguk's symbol is that of a disembodied left hand, shining bolts of light from an clenched palm, in direct relation to Karrguk's
  26. missing left hand (a holy artifact of great power if found by any mortal). Karrguk seeks the return of his right hand as well, in order to
  27. restore his full self.
  29.         Karrguk's domains include Warfare, Judgment, Glory, Gaurdian, Darkness, and Justice.
  31.                 +-----------------------+
  32.                 {       Mihokmut        }
  33.                 +-----------------------+
  35.         Mihokmut is the Goddess of Abominations, Monstrosities, and above all, Nightmares. She is not the Goddess of any one race in
  36. particular; rather, she was born of the universal concept of fear and loathing in all races. Her main worshippers number amongst the
  37. societal outcasts and "evil" races; Orcs, Minotaurs, Gnolls, and the like are all known to support the Lady of Horror.
  39.         Her symbol is an indescribable mass of horrid facial features, sculpted into a ball of mutated flesh and writhing teeth.
  41.         Mihokmut's Domains include Horror, Darkness, Undeath, Manipulation, and Speechcraft.
  43.                 +-----------------------+
  44.                 {       Sorei           }
  45.                 +-----------------------+
  47.         Sorei, the Goddess of Balance, is a Human-favored deity. She is often portrayed as a thin, wispy woman with no eyes, ears, or hands.
  48. Having lost one ear, she cut off the other in order to maintain her inner balance, and so on; for as the creedo of her followers goes: "All
  49. or nothing are by far better than some of each."
  51.         Sorei's symbol is a twofold image of a sun and a moon, intertwined at the center.
  53.         Sorei's Domains include Darkness, Sunlight, Pride, Piety, and Speechcraft.
  55.                 +-----------------------+
  56.                 {       Hammen          }
  57.                 +-----------------------+
  59.         Hammen is the Human God of Good Fortune and Travel. In his lifetime he was a well-spirited man who gave all of his possessions to
  60. local charity and supposedly simply walked away, traveling for so long, and gathering so many followers that he became one of the
  61. enlightened deities.
  63.         Hammen's symbol is that of a wagon wheel with ten tines, each tine representing a facet of his Fortune's Creed.
  65.         Hammen's associated domains are Music, Speechraft, Sunlight, Luck, and Wisdom.
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