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Raidcall Rules

coersion Jan 4th, 2013 396 Never
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  1. General rules of conduct for Raidcall
  3. 1.) Try to always use Push to Talk. Unless you're specifically giving some
  4. kind of music concert or doing karaoke, it's rather disconcerting hearing
  5. background noises or echoes.
  7. 2.) This should go without saying, but please be respectful to others.
  9. 3.) If you're gonna AFK, please go to the AFK channel. It's there for a reason.
  11. 4.)Please don't beg the administrators to be moved into channels. If a room
  12. is full, it's full. The only time people are moved into full rooms are for
  13. personal reasons.
  15. 5.) Try to give everyone a chance to talk. With a lot of people it's very
  16. tempting to try and yell over others, but it gives everyone a headache.
  18. 6.) This shouldn't even need to be be a rule but if for some reason you
  19. have a recording of someone's voice, don't post it online without that
  20. person's permission.
  22. 7.) In the event that a room is past 50 people, like Karaoke for example,
  23. then please try to use small text so that the spam doesnt get out of hand.
  24. Medium text is fine if the chat is moving a calm rate but large text is a
  25. no-no.
  27. 8.) Don't invade other people's privacy, especially if they're not comfortable with it.
  28. This applies even more so to Lily/Natsumi.
  30. You will have 3 warnings, then a temporary ban will be in effect. After that,
  31. Lily or Natsumi will decide on what to do with you.
  33. Admins reserve the right to suppress/kick people and even ban for repeat offenders.
  34. If you feel like you were treated unfairly, contact Lily or Natsumi.
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