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Mohammand - USB Boot

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Feb 15th, 2017
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  1. Hi guys,
  3. It can't be said enough, thank you for the awesome show.
  5. A couple of episodes ago someone asked about the music you play, it was one of the first things at attracted me to the show and I managed to find it a few months ago, surprised nobody mentioned it. Here is the link
  9. Now for my question, I'd like to try out TrueOS on my laptop but I can't spare the time to dual boot or install a secondary hard drive. I tried running it on VMware workstation but the experience was horrible. I've been using FreeBSD for servers since 2008 and I love it. I use Windows as my primary desktop OS but I'd like to get some of the stuff that the non-windows OSes offer (like multi-tabbed terminal windows).
  11. I have a few 64 and 128 GB USB sticks laying around. Can I install TrueOS on one of them and just boot off of it when I'd like to tinker a bit or maybe develop something?
  13. Thanks again for the awesome show and keep it up.
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