A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Rin TF) Chapter 11

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  1. We continue to stare at each other. Who should say the first words? After about a whole minute of silence and a few blinks in the eyes, I decide to say something. “Wh—”
  3. “How’s it feel now that I changed you into another character at random?” I couldn’t even manage a single full word before being interrupted. I can’t tell if she was just waiting to troll me or not.
  5. I decided to answer. “I don’t know. I’ve transformed into so many girls that I don’t pay much attention anymore. Why Emmy of all people?”
  7. “Why not? I just took a random character from your memories.”
  9. I was about to question her when I noticed that my wounds were gone. I decided to let my curiosity past for once. I then felt pain in my stomach and clutched it. She looked at me in confusion until she heard a rumble.
  11. She laughed at me and asked, “Are you perhaps hungry?”
  13. I said, “No” but my body defied me and rumbled even louder. Guess there was no hiding it.
  15. She laughed even louder. “You sound like a generic heroine in an anime or manga.”
  17. “How would you know what one is like?”
  19. “I took a character form your memories. Who says I didn’t stumble upon anything else you’ve seen.”
  21. Sounded logical enough for me. Sadly, that logic won’t help me with how hungry I am. I’ve been barely eating the last week since I have yet to get a job to make money and buy food. I’ve pretty much exhausted my supplies. I could go out and buy something, but I am too tired to do that.
  23. “How about I help you with that.” I looked at her and was about to ask how when she snapped her fingers. Upon doing so, food just appeared on my desk in my room. It looked to be sushi and tons of different types as well.
  25. I looked back at her and she said, “Can’t have my entertainment die on me. To starvation of all things as well.”
  27. I know for a fact that even with how hungry I was, I could last for over two weeks since you can technically last about a month without food. I wanted to object to her statement about me being her toy thing, but I was so focused on the food in front of me. Did I ever say that sushi is my favorite food? Also, it is not because I like anime or anything, but I just look the rice mixed with a ton of different types of food.
  29. She yelled from behind me, “Dig in! Also this is where I take my leave. Don’t expect me to do this in the future. That will only be if I’m feeling generous. Good luck with your last two transformations of the curse/punishment and I will see you in about three weeks. Au revoir!” She then disappeared with some sort of sparking material falling to the ground and disappearing before impact. Weird how she enters and disappears with different effects each time. First was smoke, now it is sparkles. What will she do next time?
  31. Whatever? I’m just super hungry. Time to eat!
  33. A half hour later…
  35. I fell on my bed stuffed. I ate about fifty pieces of sushi. I burped in such an impolite manner, but that didn’t matter since the only one there to hear it was I.
  37. I decided to do some in depth thinking again. That person who is impersonating mom is being way too nice to me. First she makes this transformation curse easier for me, and then she just supplies me with food for tonight and tomorrow. I must be missing something. What is she after? No matter how much I think about it, I will never come out with an answer that will be satisfying and hundred percent correct. I might as well leave it for tomorrow or sometime this month since I won’t be seeing her…hopefully…for three weeks. That said, she keeps on appearing out of nowhere despite that so I don’t know. Either way, tomorrow is the eighth and I won’t be having the true conversation with her until the thirtieth.
  39. Now what to do about my last two transformations? Staying home is my best bet. Maybe I should watch an episode of an anime tonight to help me transform in my sleep since I can’t control my dreams.  What to watch? I guess I could watch some Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works and transform into a character from that.
  41. I went to my computer and signed onto Netflix. I watched some of the show for about an hour before deciding I was done getting enough of the show in my head. I felt that I should take a shower before going to bed.
  43. I got some pajamas ready and a towel and ventured back into the washroom. I turned on the shower putting it to hot. I waited a couple minutes until steam was visible from above the curtain and the mirrors started to fog. I got undressed in Emmy’s body and noticed how much stronger I felt than normal. I remembered her jumping form roof to roof in The Last Spector so I thought why not give it a try. I knew that nothing would happen out of the ordinary. I bent down and jumped. See. Nothing happen—
  45. I hit my head on the ceiling and fell to the ground. I was clutching my head and I swore I could feel a bump already forming on it. I slowly got up even though my head was heavily aching. I looked in the mirror to see a bump did form and I was more surprised at what type of bump it was. It looked like one of those massive balls you see in cartoons or anime. I touched it to get pain sore from my head to the rest of my body. I screamed again, but noticed in the mirror that it actually got smaller. I decided to stop using real logic for a second and use anime logic. I softly pushed on it while covering my mouth with my opposite hand to prevent myself form breaking my own eardrums. Through the tears in my eyes, I was looking at my bump as it slowly went in my head until it was gone.
  47. I have learned two new life lessons here today. First is to never jump while inside with a character that can jump higher than normal. Second is to never test out anything that may happen after transforming in the house unless I know nothing too bad will come from it.
  49. I finally slipped off my boots, which I don’t know why I was still wearing, but that doesn’t matter now. I got in the shower and stayed in there for about half an hour. I cleaned myself with soap, but I was mostly in there to relieve me f some of the stress that I was going through. It did work to say the least. It felt so nice and refreshing to have the hot water against my skin.
  51. After I was done relaxing, I got out and dried myself off. I had that odd feeling in my fingers when you are in water for too long and it starts to make your skin, mostly the hands at first shrivel a bit. When getting my pajamas on, I noted that they seem to have changed as well since I last transformed. They didn’t change in design, but only in size to become accustomed to my new body.
  53. I walked out and turned off the lights to my room. I didn’t bother checking what time it was since I was too exhausted to stay up any longer. Today was just crazy from start to finish. First I wake up as Ruby Rose from RWBY, then I transform into Yang Xiao Long in the middle of the day from only thinking about her, then I am forcibly transformed into Emmy Altava from Professor Layton by that person not too long ago.
  55. I landed on my bed and before I could get underneath the covers, I was out for the count. My dreams were of Unlimited Blade Works and it was a nice dream. That is if you take out the death that happens in the show. There was one character from the show that my mind was mostly focused on though.
  57. It was during my dream that I started to change shape. It started with my clothing disappearing though I was unaware since I was snoozing away.  Was just lying on my bed in the nude. First my face changed. My eyes went form brown to a shiny version of turquoise. My head changed to that of a younger girl’s face in high school. My hair stayed long, but changed from brown to black stylized into twin tails with the new black ribbons on my head. My Adam’s apple changed to give me the voice of the new character I was turning into. I shrunk a bot going form around five feet and five inches tall to around five feet and two inches tall. Even though I was younger and smaller, my body filled out a bit more. My breasts increased in volume, but only by less than a cup to a small C-cup. My butt got bigger as well, but not too much compared to some of the other characters I’ve become in the past.
  59. With the body changes complete, my clothes starting appearing on my body. First they started with a bra for my chest and panties for my region. Black socks materialized on my feet and grew all the way up my legs to underneath my butt. A black skirt appeared over my waist and kept some of my skin underneath the skirt visible even with how long my socks were. A red long sleeved shirt covered everything above the skirt to my neck. Hite buttons made there way onto the wrist part of my shirt like cufflinks. A white cross formed a picture in the middle of my shirt on top of my breasts. Brown shoes appeared on my feet and were spotless meaning to messes on my bed when I wake up.
  61. I was the spitting image of Rin Tohsaka from the Fate/Stay Night franchise. I was still asleep so I was still unaware of what was happening, but at least I was still having a nice dream.
  64. To Be Continued…
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