War Never Changes 1.22 changelog

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  1. =WNC-GO Changelog=
  4. We are getting close to version 2.0 which will be basically the "long" stable, bug-free version with far less frequents updates and work being focused on compatibility patches.
  6. Please drop by the nexus comment section if you would like to see something implemented.
  10. _______________________________________________
  12. Version 1.22
  14. [Bugfix] Fixed some missing menu icons when using DEF_INV
  15. [Tweaks] Adjusted the positions and scalings of some elements in the HUD
  16. _______________________________________________
  18. Version 1.21
  20. [Bugfix]  Corrected the naming of Vault Suits
  21. [Feature] Added a Def_Hud Preset in the FOMOD installer
  23. _______________________________________________
  25. Version 1.20
  27. /!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\
  28.  Updating to this version may require a new game. Nothing game breaking, but if you don't, stuff will have weird names and Def_INV wont work propery if installed.
  29. /!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\/!\
  32. [Feature] : DEF UI & DEF_INV !!!  Added lyrConf, DEF_INV_TABS, DEF_INV_TAGS xmls. WNC should now be fully compatible with the DEF_UI interface.
  33. [Feature] Added Chem Redux Compatibility patch
  34. [Tweaks] Complete Rework of the naming system to make it Def UI compatible.
  35. [Balance] Slightly buffed Ripper Damage [Balance] Soda now quenche thirst in Survival. They were underpowered. Moreover a soda is no more diuretic than your pee, and drinking your pee can help you survive when about to die of thirst.
  36. [Balance] Changed the timescale from 6 to 10 (2 time slower than vanilla)
  37. [Balance] Weight of many junk item lowered to match components more closely
  38. [Bugfix]  Changed the load order of the esm masters to follow the default install load order.
  39. [Bugfix]  Corrected the occupation of the underarmor slots by the outfits and converted a few forgotten Nuka World outfits to the WNC standard.
  43. _______________________________________________
  45. Version 1.19
  47. Changes made in the blind (Im back at my home for a night between two flights) so please excuse any mistake, I had no time to do extensive testing. I'll monitor the reports though.
  49. Thx for all the people giving feedback in the comments and on nexus. All of these bugfixes are due to your reports :
  51. [Bugfix] Inspirational should now work as described.
  52. [Bugfix] Crude Blowback sound should now works correctly.
  53. [Bugfix] To arms! should now work properly for all companions. If its not the case please try removing and giving you back the perks using the console. (perks ids are basher01,  basher02, basher03)
  54. [Bugfix] Runner Rank 4 now should correctly remove Over-encumbered damage in survival
  55. [Bugfix] Hopefully fixed the issue with melee attacking mutant and raiders. please provide me information about their carried weapons and ammo if this happen again.
  57. [Balance] Pushed .44 ammo damage from 40 to 44
  58. [Balance] Sniper rank 2 & 3 mechanics changed. Instead of adding a flat +x% chance to hit the head in vats, it multiply your chance to hit. Rank 3 should transform a 33% and above chance to hit in a 100% hit.
  59. [Balance] Lowered VANS Rank 2 lvl requirement from 36 to 20. Goal is to speed up the grind for those used to survival already.
  62. _______________________________________________
  64. Version 1.18
  66. [Bugfix] Fixed a CTD when entering workshop menu if you had raider overhaul installed.
  69. _______________________________________________
  71. Version 1.17
  73. [Bugfix] Only the rank 5 of sneaky should prevent you from triggering mines.
  76. _______________________________________________
  78. Version 1.16
  80. [Bugfix] Fixed Far Harbour random crash issues
  81. [Bugfix] Craftable plasma grenade
  82. [Bugfix] Fixed an issue with  sometime bugged insane damage raider pistol in the Raider Overhaul mod. (Sometime bayonet/silencer would spawn on a null barell)
  83. [Feature Removal] No more alternate spawn points for attack. They were interacting with static world space and messing with a lots of settlement mods you guys are using. If you want them anyway use a separate mod.
  86. _______________________________________________
  88. Version 1.15
  90. [Bugfix] Existing savegame should now correctly fast travel to Goodneighbor with the right perk
  91. [Tweak] Nuka nuke damage tweaked to match WNC values
  92. [Bugfix] correct a bug with lower-level automatic combat rifle chamber preventing the rifle from spawning correctly
  93. [Bugfix] Newly-dropped handmade gun should be able to be chambered correctly
  96. _______________________________________________
  98. Version 1.14
  100. [Tweak] Changed the screen effect blood splatter duration
  101. [Tweak] Added Goodneighbor to VANS rank2 fast-travelable locations
  102. [Tweak] Further intimidation ranks increase pacify chance
  103. [Tweak] Turrets Buff
  104. [Tweak] Behemoths should be less tanky (they take around 50% more damage than before)
  105. [Tweak] Slightly nerfed Armor Penetration effectiveness (From 60% to 40% armor reduction, damage on mechanical from 220% to 180%)
  106. [Tweak] Fixed Scrapbot HP progression curve
  107. [Tweak] Reduced ammo capacity when chambering weapons in 5.56mm, .308 or .50
  108. [Tweak] Added OMODS to some more vendors
  109. [Bugfix] Traps should now works properly
  110. [Bugfix] Removed some leftovers recipes for chambers
  111. [Bugfix] Chicken Noodle Soup is now correctly classified as a Soup
  112. [Bugfix] Fixed some uniques names
  113. [Bugfix] newly dropped Pipe Bolt-Action should now be able to be chambered correctly
  114. [Bugfix] Fixed the Far Harbor Bethesda's trapper armor mods wrongly assigned to Raider armor
  116. _______________________________________________
  118. Version 1.13
  120. [Bugfix] Fixed bloodthirsty application conditions. No longer overriden by the bleedout effect.
  122. _______________________________________________
  124. Version 1.12
  126. [Tweak] The bleedout effect was incorrectly applied. Should now proc only when specific limbs of the target are missing.
  127. _______________________________________________
  129. Version 1.11
  131. [Tweak] Smoothed Pickpocket perk progression
  132. [Bugfix] Dreadnaught should now proc correctly (Forgot to pack the script lol)
  133. [BugFix] Shem Drowne Sword naming
  135. _______________________________________________
  137. Version 1.10
  139. [Feature]  Strenght 10 Perk changed to Dreadnaught. In addition to the old Pain Train effects; When dealing a killing blow with a melee weapon, give the player a huge temporary damage and energy resistance boost. (+100/+200/+400 for 10s/20s/30s)
  140. [Feature] Put back the bleedout when the player is dismembering an enemy. No papyrus script used this time
  141. [Feature] Inserting a core in a power armor Frame make it yours
  142. [Tweak] Bloodthirsty now heals for 2 time your strenght (up from 1)
  143. [Tweak] Huge buff to molotov fire damage. Bring back that mmoprg raid feel
  144. [Tweak] Performance optimization on the Ninja script
  146. _______________________________________________
  148. Version 1.9
  150. [bugfix] Vendors are now correctly selling the new chambers
  151. [bugfix] Newly spawned weapon should now correcly be able to be changed chamber
  152. [bugfix] Raider Overhaul patch should now not mess the perk tree anymore
  153. [bugfix] Removed some leftovers recipe for old chambers
  155. _______________________________________________
  157. Version 1.8
  159. [Bugfix] Machine gun should not be named 'scoped' for no reason anymore
  160. [Bugfix] Added some forgotten keyword on the lever rifle that prevented it from being able to have it's chamber changed
  162. _______________________________________________
  164. Version 1.7
  166. [Bugfix] Removed the bleedout effect. The check for dismembered limb is too heavy on papyrus.
  167. [Tweak] Tools price fixed
  168. [Tweak] Slightly increased .45 damage and ammo drop
  169. [Tweak] Increased 5.56 drop
  170. [Tweak] Increased spawned chamber calibers variety. You should be less ammo starved for higher calibers weapons,
  171. and have roughly the same/slightly less low level ammo. Weapons should be chambered like in vanilla around half the time.
  172. [Tweak] Removed damage penality on auto receivers for non-pipe weapons
  173. [Tweak] Receivers should change the damages of weapons more. Each weapon have it's strenght and weakness more clearly defined.
  174. [Features] Tweaked unique names. Polymer lab torso is always a X01 torso.
  175. [Features] A LOT of internal changes that will allows me to pump out compatibility patches much faster.
  176. All newly dropped weapons will have interchangeable chambers, all old weapon-specific chambers no longer craftable.
  177. [Tweak] Aligned damage of some of Uniques Uniques to the highest available mods for their slot.
  178. [Bugfix] Redone the Raider Overhaul Compatibility patch from scratch. You may lose some of the chambers on Crude Blowbacks already spawned. Sell them.
  180. _______________________________________________
  182. Version 1.6
  184. [Feature] No more floating corn and razorgrain
  185. [Feature] When the player dismember an enemy, they will slowly bleedout to death
  186. [Bugfix] Fixed some of the western revolver and handmade rifle mod perks requirement
  187. [Bugfix] Dogmeat should be properly marked when injured
  188. [Bugfix] Companions should now properly benefit from "To Arms"
  189. [Bugfix] Each rank of strongback were stacking with themselves. Fixed.
  191. _______________________________________________
  193. Version 1.5
  195. [Feature] Deathclaws attacks are now armor piercing
  196. [Feature] Added a craftable vault 81 cure once quest is completed. Does NOT work on children.
  197. [Feature] Bobby Pins break more easily, less bobby pins drops.
  198. [Feature] Weapon vendors now sell some basic weapons mods including tracer ammos, Bayonets, scopes, supressors...
  199. [Feature] Immersive Vendors Compatibility patch added
  200. [Feature] Inspirational Rank 3 now give a huge buff to companions HP.
  201. [Tweak] Metal armor legs name changed to Greave
  202. [Tweak] Aligned bar requirement to the other shops
  203. [Bugfix] Decontamination arch now use the propers perks
  204. [Bugfix] Moved ProjectileNode in Combatrifle.nif to avoid auto-hitting yourself while crouching with a combat rifle.
  205. [Bugfix] Bloodbugs should not be immortal zombies once dismembered anymore
  207. _______________________________________________
  209. Version 1.4
  211. [Bugfix] Emergency bugfix of the combat rifle chamber attach slot of the mod col. Newly dropped Combat rifles should now correctly be moddable.
  213. _______________________________________________
  215. Version 1.3
  217. [Tweak] Uniformized power drain and Power of the Atom values
  218. [TWeak] Effects changed for Rad Resistant, Pool's Open, Toughness, Rabbit's paw, Refractor, TGM
  219. [Tweak] Added a rank of Local Leader
  220. [Feature] Updated loading screen perks description
  221. [Bugfix] Fixed Ashmaker
  222. [Feature] Compatibility patch for Unique Uniques - Unique Weapons Redone by Trainwiz
  224. _______________________________________________
  226. Version 1.2
  228. [Tweak] .45 Acp ammo now increase automatic fire rate by 15%
  229. [Tweak] .45 ACP changed from beam (hitscan) to missile (projectile)
  230. [Tweak] Increased all bullet speed due to popular demand
  231. [Tweak] The double barrel shotgun now fires 10 pellets instead of 8. Damage set to 75. Put more boom in your stick.
  232. [Tweak] When aimed, the double barrelled shotgun have a greatly reduced spread
  233. [Tweak] Increase of the double barrelled shotgun range, and dramatically increased out of range damages
  234. [Tweak] Adjusted some loot drop rate. A bit more randomness in the amount each "special" chest is giving. With scrounger, duffle bags sometime (rare) give an extra gun, including plasma gun even at low level !
  235. [Tweak] Changed value of the Endurance 10 health regen perk
  236. [Bugfix] Combat Rifle : Chambers spawned are now Combat Rifle chambers and not Hunting rifles anymore.
  237. [Bugfix] Some prewar chest were still giving pipe guns. Fixed.
  238. [Bugfix] Base weapons should NOT affect the ammo drop anymore. No more NPC with a .44 lever gun carrying 45-70 ammo.
  239. [Bugfix] Apocalypse Survivor should work now
  241. _______________________________________________
  243. Version 1.1
  245. [Tweak] Combat shotgun have increased range and reduced spread. This leave the Double-Barrelled shotgun as the ultimate close range "boomstick" while the combat shotgun is now more viable in near middle range.
  246. [Bugfix] Timescale should correctly set to 6 when exiting the vault. For people already with a savegame, install a timescale mod, save the game, uninstall the timescale mod.
  247. [Bugfix] Bloodthirsty rank 1 should not receive rank 2 buffs anymore
  248. [Bugfix] Fixed power armor consumption
  249. [Bugfix] Fixed rad resistance rank 3-4-5
  250. [Stringfix] Typos in some OMOD fixed
  252. _______________________________________________
  254. Version 1.0
  256. [Bugfix] Companion robots should not take fall damage anymore (including Ada)
  257. [Tweak] Added bonus str/end effects to bloodthirsty rank 2 and 3
  258. [Tweak] Changed the value of pre-war money back to 10
  259. [StringFix] Corrected typos. Kudos to Cannibot ( Nexus User )
  260. [StringFix] Corrected adrenaline description
  261. [Release] Released to Bethesda Mods PC :
  262. [Release] Released to Bethesda Mods Xbox1 :
  264. _______________________________________________
  266. Version Beta25
  268. [Tweak] Changed some shops requirements
  269. [BugFix] Codsworth should not take falling damage anymore
  270. [Bugfix] Cleaning dirty records made by the CK in Far harbor and Nuka World
  271. [Feature] More face for settlers !!!
  272. [Feature] Feudal Society is back : Settlers are now divided in 3 class : Peasants/Guards/Nobles.
  273. Peasants are pretty much your default vanilla settlers, with less fancy clothes but more dlc stuff. Weapon wise they sometime carry a simple hunting rifle or double-shotgun and not just pipe guns.
  274. Guards wear armor and "war" weapon such as combat or laser rifles.
  275. Nobles wear fancy clothes and carry more civlized weapons, such as revolvers or laser pistols.
  276. This change is mostly cosmetic as it only affect the default carried gear.  
  277. Peasant do good fluffy farmers, soldiers sentinels/provisioners and Nobles merchant. Default ratio is 2/1/1. Feel free to edit LCharWorkshopNPC (leveled NPC) to change this ratio.
  279. _______________________________________________
  281. Version Beta24
  283. [Tweak] RAD-X moved from [Chems] to [Meds]. Only addiction causing items are [Chems].
  284. [Bugfix] Pipe-Bolt action : FINALLY fixed the chamber bug
  285. [Tweak] Changed yet again the tracer behaviour. No more explosions, slightly buffed burning damage to compensate, changed the visuals.
  288. _______________________________________________
  290. Version Beta23
  292. [Bugfix] Bolt-Actions pipe guns are now ammo-modable with a standard receiver
  293. [Bugfix] Submachine Guns should now spawn with a chamber
  296. _______________________________________________
  298. Version Beta22
  300. [Bugfix] You can now hire dogmeat AND a companion. I forgot to package the script in previous versions...
  301. [Bugfix] Bloodthirsty now works properly.
  302. [Bugfix] Future soldier ammo generation should only proc on laser weapons now
  304. _______________________________________________
  306. Version Beta21
  308. [Feature] Doubled power range of pylons and conduit
  309. [Feature] Increased settlement light radius. Close range brigthness roughly the same.
  310. [Tweak] Reduced overall ammo drop.
  311. [Tweak] Reduced Meds and Chem drops
  312. [Tweak] Harder Lockpicking
  313. [Tweak] Harder Stealth
  314. [Tweak] Increased alcohol value
  315. [Tweak] Reduced radar range
  316. [Tweak] Fixed Pipe Revolver .308 damages
  317. [Tweak] Mines and Traps Avoidance moved to the very last rank of sneak
  318. [Tweak] Tracers ignite their target only 33% of the time. Burning damage tripled.
  319. [Tweak] World-Flames of tracer ammo duration divided by two.
  321. _______________________________________________
  323. Version Beta20
  325. [Tweak] Big Leagues rank 1 multiply bat damage by 150% (down from 200%)
  326. [Feature] Added We Are The Minutemen Support
  328. _______________________________________________
  330. Version Beta19
  332. [Tweak] Health formula further changed to 75 + 15xEnd
  333. [Tweak] Low level feral ghoul should die just a bit less easily. 2-3 bullets instead of 1-2.
  334. [Tweak] Fixed bloodthirsty description
  336. _______________________________________________
  338. Version Beta18
  340. [Feature] To make high strength low agi build viable, Cannibalism have been renamed bloodthirsty, and the first rank also restore health equals to your strength X 3 on each melee hit
  341. [Feature] Big Leagues Rank 3 now allows you to reflect fire with any weapon. The Force is Unleashed.
  342. [Tweak] Removed Scrounger rank 4.
  343. [Tweak] Reduced the amount of fusion cell dropped (Due to future soldier being available)
  344. [Tweak] Player hp formula is now : 75 + 20xEND
  345. [Tweak] Difficulty multipliers tweaks : The player always do normal (X1) damage. The damages received by the player are now as follow
  346.         VE : 0.6;  E : 0.7; N : 0.8; H : 0.9; VH : 1.0; SV : 1.0
  348. _______________________________________________
  350. Version Beta17
  352. [Feature] Vanilla robots can drop repair Kits too
  353. [Feature] Companions now need a perk (To Arms!, Charisma 6 rank 2 and 3) to not use ammo or have infinite power armor.
  354. [tweak] Removed Junk loot from animals
  355. [tweak] Mechanist robots drop more components
  356. [tweak] Nerfed Stimpack/Radaway/Med-X droprate
  357. [tweak] Unleveled power armor distribution. You are not punished for discovering frames early. X01 parts can spawn even at lvl 1, BUT they are much rarer than in the base game. Most of what you will find will be T45 and a bit of T51. T60 is rare, and X01 is exceptional. (X01 5%, T60 15%; T51 30%; T45 50%). This mean that if you had 20 frame in vanilla, you'll have 3-4 X01 pieces in WNC.
  359. _______________________________________________
  361. Version Beta16
  363. [Feature] Lore-Friendly Survival Chems ( Support
  364. _______________________________________________
  366. Version Beta15
  368. [Feature] Super Mutant Redux ( Support
  370. _______________________________________________
  372. Version Beta14
  374. [Feature] Raider overhaul ( Support
  376. _______________________________________________
  378. Version Beta13
  380. [bugfix] Flamers flames on the ground should not ignite all ennemies in the area anymore
  381. [bugfix] Fixed future soldier perk display
  382. [tweak] slightly increased shishkebab damages. This weapon is iconic of fallout, and when you usually get it in FO4 you already have far better melee weapons.
  384. _______________________________________________
  386. Version Beta12
  388. [bugfix] Adrenaline bonus damage is now Melee only
  389. [feature] VANS rank 2 allows fast travel to settlements in survival
  390. [feature] Dogmeat can now be recruited alongside a companion
  391. [feature] Redesigned Future soldier. Now 3 ranks, First one is a fun mechanic.
  392. [feature] Big Leagues : Rank 2 allow you to reflect back ennemy fire when blocking. You can swing back even missiles !
  394. _______________________________________________
  396. Version Beta11
  398. [Feature] Dead bodies are now solids and collide with both each other and the player. Increased player "strenght" when moving around objects. All death anims changed to ragdoll to prevent clipping issues.
  399. [Feature] Changed the xp curve.(Vanilla = 200 +75 * lv, Wnc = 500 + 40*lvl). Earlier levels (2-10) are slower while end levels are much faster. A lvl 19 vanilla character will be 19 too in WNC. A 50 vanilla is 60 in WNC.
  400. [Feature] After epic story battles (Taking Independance, Ad Victoriam) or Long quest lines (Cabot House, Final detective case...), an additional perk point is granted.
  401. [misc] Added sources of the scripts in the archive. Feel free to mod !
  402. _______________________________________________
  404. Version Beta10
  406. [Feature] Most creature can now lose a limb and keep figting. Ghouls are even more prone to this behaviour.
  407. [Feature] Greatly Improved the settlement perks. Changed shops requirement, changed decontamination arch requirement.
  408. _______________________________________________
  410. Version Beta9
  412. [bugfix] Gun-Fu Rank 2 now properly reduce vat cost by 1/3 instead of multiplying it by 66.
  414. _______________________________________________
  416. Version Beta8
  418. [Feature] Weapon naming finished. Other naming bugs corrected.
  419. [Bugfix] Corrected a ROF bug in spray and pray and a message window when using sneak attacks.
  420. [Feature] Power Armor overhaul. See main page for desc.
  421. [Tweak] Settlements and perks requirement tweaks : Local Leader Rk2 removed from most recipes but other perk req added
  422. [Feature] Companions immune to fall damage
  424. _______________________________________________
  426. Version Beta7b
  428. [bugfix] Combart armor arms improvement can not be built on the torso anymore
  429. [bugfix] fixed 7.62mm prefix being applied to all non-ballistic guns
  431. _______________________________________________
  433. Version Beta7
  435. [Feature] Outfit and armor overhaul. Better naming for sorting, most armors can be worn over most outfits. I've used the same equip-slots as in ArmorSmith Extended, so the visual results should be the same.
  436. [Feature] Ballistic weave can now be applied to ALL outfits covering the torso, but ONLY to them. *This is to avoid cloth bandanna/wig/hat/goggle/gloves stacking being far better than a single outfit made of heavy plates of reinforced leather and metal*
  437. [Tweak] Firearms are now better sorted. Next are melee weapons.
  438. [Tweak] Reaching max happiness should be less frustrating. A vanilla 95% hapinness will result in 100% hapiness with those tweaks.
  439. [BugFix] Nuka World Weapons and WNC ammo fix.
  441. ______________________________________________
  443. Version Beta6
  445. [Feature] Contraptions Workshop modules can now produce DLC ammunition and weapons. Also added Railway Spikes and Cannonballs.
  446. [Bugfix] Changed the requirements of some impossible to craft items due to unreachable perks
  447. [Bugfix] Changed some perks description that were misleading
  449. _______________________________________________
  451. Version Beta5
  453. [Tweaks] Changed some legendaries affix values : Buffed Nocturnal during the day, Bleeding dot last longer but do less per tick + some others
  454. [Content] Added more personalities in the specialist loot table, added more loot in some containers, removed caps from pre-war containers.
  455. [Feature] Scrapping/Junk/Misc Overhaul. Quest items weight less and are no longer scrappable. Items ordered by category.
  456. [Feature] DLC weapons and ammos available in all the commonwealth. Still can't craft them using Contraption though.
  457. [Bugfix] Many DLC integration bugfixs and Creature Health issues.
  459. _______________________________________________
  461. Version Beta4
  463. [Feature]Aid section sorted by Tags
  464. [Feature][Bugfix]Some legendary gun affixes replaced by new one : they were either not compatible or too powerful.
  465. [Feature]Tracer visual effects changed
  466. [Bugfix] Bloatflies no longer drop caps
  467. [Bugfix] Fixed the automatic receivers of the Nuka World gun
  469. _______________________________________________
  471. Version Beta3
  473. [Bugfix] Bugfixes for Hollow Point weapons and DLC creatures
  474. [Bugfix] Removed caps loot from wildlife
  475. [Feature]Added specialist loots on humans
  477. _______________________________________________
  479. Version Beta2
  481. [Feature] Working Fomod Installer
  482. [Feature] Minor changes to the new loose mod caps values
  484. _______________________________________________
  486. Beta1
  488. [Feature] Initial Upload
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