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  1. 1.  There seem to be a fixed set of quest categories, each with basic (gray), rare (blue), and epic (orange) rarities, with 6 new ones chosen randomly every 3 days for the 15-day duration and the overall distribution weighted towards lower rarity quests (which are easier to complete but have worse rewards)
  3. 2.  If there’s no public effort to do so yet and there would be interest in documenting the quests, I can try to compile a partial list over the next few days of the ones I’ve recorded so far, though there would still be gaps
  5. 3.  These were a few of the diamond rewards at various levels from the power funds so far (spending only the 2k diamonds to unlock it, not $20):
  7. First PF:  2,000 diamonds total by level 16 (max level, requiring 20-30 completed quests out of 30 total, depending on rarity), about 100-200 diamonds awarded per level
  9. Subsequent PFs:  1,500 diamonds by level 3 (3 quests completed), 2,000 diamonds by level 13 (16-24 quests completed), 2,150 diamonds by level 16
  11. 4.  Power fund can be unlocked at any time during a span of a few days (the devs usually specify somewhere when the deadline is), and the 15-day timer doesn’t start counting down until we sign up (which means different players can be on different schedules)
  13. 5.  The “spend diamond” quests can generally be skipped and still allow for recovering the initial 2,000 diamonds assuming most other quests are completed; the vast majority of the quests I’ve seen don’t require spending additional diamonds beyond the initial 2,000
  15. Also, just to add to what others already mentioned, the quest cards spawn at specific times, but after the cards are flipped, they can be completed at any time during the 15-day window, so there’s no rush except  possibly for the last 6 quests (actions taken before flipping cards don’t count, which generally means it’s best to flip them as soon as they unlock, before completing other daily tasks like UC or frontier)
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