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Converting to AAC in Foobar with the FhG/Winamp encoder

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  1. Converting to AAC in Foobar with the Fraunhofer/Winamp encoder:
  3. 1. download the latest fhgaacenc (https://github.com/tmkk/fhgaacenc/downloads)
  4. 2. download the latest Winamp installer and extract it (with 7-zip or similar)
  5. 3. from Winamp, copy enc_fhgaac.dll, libmp4v2.dll and nsutil.dll to the same folder as the fhgaacenc files
  6. 4. in Foobar, setup a new encoder with fhgaacenc.exe, the extension m4a and desired parameters (for example: --vbr 4 --ignorelength - %d)
  8. notes:
  9. Instead of step 2-3 you can also just install Winamp.
  10. See the included readme.txt from fhgaacenc for more info.
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