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  1. src dst
  2.     proto esp spi 0xcf2839d9 reqid 5 mode tunnel
  3.     replay-window 0 flag af-unspec
  4.     auth-trunc hmac(md5) 0x77afa2c3a272a53edf54892ecfc6e54e 96
  5.     enc cbc(des3_ede) 0xa85e78dcd36880c7dec82307a4e0c6afa0c41e8bbf4ec231
  6.     anti-replay context: seq 0x0, oseq 0x247, bitmap 0x00000000
  7. src dst
  8.     proto esp spi 0xc382b5c3 reqid 5 mode tunnel
  9.     replay-window 32 flag af-unspec
  10.     auth-trunc hmac(md5) 0x510f1c0ecc334cd9aaed507de1b576ab 96
  11.     enc cbc(des3_ede) 0x3b52eb3d356707b5594b314c73b51619a3f0c3fef5da9f00
  12.     anti-replay context: seq 0x125, oseq 0x0, bitmap 0xffffffff
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