That's How The Cookie Crumbles TG (Ruby Rose TF)

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  1. “What to get?” Max was looking through the aisle while taking in his options. Halloween was on the horizon and he was wondering what kid might want as a snack. He could go with the usual tiny versions of Kit Kats, Coffee Crisp, Smarties, and Aero, but those were so overused. It wasn’t bad since kids loved it, but he wanted to try something different.
  3. While looking, he noticed that there were a couple boxes of cookies. They sported the classic, but always loved chocolate chips. Most importantly, they were on sale! Only $2 for a box holding 3 packages! He bought them and headed home.
  4. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. In his room, he couldn’t stop staring at the boxes. He kept asking himself the million-dollar question. “Why did I buy this again?”
  8. He just noticed that giving out cookies on Halloween wasn’t that good of an idea. Giving out cookies wasn’t bad, except his method showed many flaws. The kicker being that they aren’t wrapped. “What am I going to do? I can’t just give the kids cookies, and now I’m out of money. That sale was just so tempting.”
  10. He walked to the corner of his room and picked up a heavy item. “Guess I won’t be needing this.” He opened his window and tossed the pumpkin out.
  12. “My leg!”
  14. With the window already closed, he missed out on the spectacular reference that happened outside.
  16. Feeling defeated, Max decided to kick back and skip through Halloween in the following hours.
  17. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. Peeking through the blinds, he could make out a couple groups of children walking around from house to house. He went back to watching RWBY.
  21. He glanced over at the cookies. “Y’know, I got them. Might as well eat them.” He opened package and plopped a sweet in his mouth. Eyes lighting up, he quickly took another one and shoveled it into his mouth. He took his time chewing this one, tears falling from his eyes. “It’s so good,” but all that came out was crumbs and dialogue that only the readers could understand.
  23. All of a sudden, the phone rang. Answering it, he asked, “Hello?”
  25. “Hey Max. I know you said you didn’t feel like going Trick or Treating, but I was hoping you might’ve changed your mind.” It was his childhood friend Vivian.
  27. She asked about a week earlier if he’d like to go, but he declined. Not the usual reason that they are getting older and going Trick or Treating would be too childish. He declined because he wanted to play some Super Mario Odyssey. The dense nut wanted to play a video game rather than hang out with a cute girl. Not even a nutcracker could break through his dense head.
  29. For some reason, he now wanted to go with her instead of streaming the game for 12 hours straight. “Actually, I would like to go. Screw Odyssey!”
  31. Taken back, she said, “O-okay. What are you going to wear?”
  33. “I’m going to dress up as…” He just remembered that he didn’t have a costume.
  35. “From the silence, I can tell you got nothing.” She just repeated what was written in the previous paragraph. “Just grab your RWBY hoodie and if anyone asks, you just have to say that you’re a character form a show.”
  37. Sounds good to him. “Okay. When do you want to meet?”
  39. “In 5 minutes outside your house.”
  41. “F-five minutes? How close are you?”
  43. “Just down the street.”
  45. “Okay. See you in 5 minutes.” Hanging up, he wondered why she was so close to where he lived. She lived not too far, but it wasn’t an easy walk. He decided that she must’ve been scavenging every house she could see for candy.
  47. He grabbed a garbage bag, but before heading downstairs, he looked back at the cookies. “Taking them with me won’t kill anybody.” He threw a box into the bag and went downstairs to grab his hoodie. After putting on the white hoodie with Ruby Rose’s Rose symbol on it, he headed out.
  49. “Boo!”
  51. Startled, he jumped back a few feet. “Jeez Vivian. You scared the crap out of me.”
  53. She giggled, “What? It’s Halloween. Don’t be surprised.”
  55. “Fine, whatever. So you want to go?”
  57. “Yes. Let’s go.” As Max walked up to her, her smile disappeared. “Uh…Max?”
  59. Did he do something that confused her? “Yes? Is something the matter?”
  61. She frantically waved her hands. “Oh, nothings wrong. Just a weird question.”
  63. Raising his arms up high, he asked, “And what does the bearer of weird questions want to ask me?”
  65. She wasn’t amused by his sarcasm. “What color were your eyes again? I can’t make them out well in the dark.”
  67. Truly a peculiar question. They’ve known each other for years and she doesn’t know? He just pushed away his concern thinking she may have forgotten. “They are green. Why do you ask?”
  69. “Um…no reason.” She just kept starring into his eyes. She knew they were green. How couldn’t she? That being a fact, how could what she was seeing be possible?
  71. He started to blush a bit and rubbed the back of his head. “You don’t need to keep staring at me.”
  73. That snapped her back to reality. “Oh, sorry about that.”
  75. They started to walk to the different houses. As Max pulled a cookie out of his bag, Vivian asked, “Cookies? We’re going around getting free candy and you’re eating cookies?”
  77. He took a strong bite in defense. “These cookies taste amazing!”
  79. “Okay okay. You don’t need to be all defensive.” As they continued walking, Max was finishing his cookie, but something caught her eye. “Hey Max, how tall are you again?”
  81. He answered without looking at her. “6 feet. Why?”
  83. “No reason.” It must’ve been her imagination. No way he could’ve gotten smaller. Must be the dark playing illusions.
  85. He took a bite of another cookie. As he slowed it, Vivian looked at him again to chat, but noticed another oddity. Was his hair always long enough to hit his shoulders or extremely dark red at the ends?
  87. He noticed that she was staring at him again. “Something wrong?”
  89. “Nope. Everything’s fi¬–” Before she could finish her answer, she swallowed the wrong way and started coughing.
  91. He looked at her worriedly. “Are you okay?”
  93. Finally getting her breath back, she replied, “I’m fine.”
  95. He looked at her with a bit of doubt still plastered on his face. “Okay.” He stared at her from head to toe. “Hey, were you always so tall? You’ve always been about half a foot shorter than me.”
  97. She tried to come up with an answer. “N-no! Underneath my costume dress is high heels. You just can’t see them.”
  99. “Oh, sorry I didn’t notice.”
  101. “It’s fine.” She was glad he believed her. Now that she knows that he was also seeing things, this means something weird was happening, but what? She decided to just continue observing from here on out.
  103. He took out another cookie and started to munch down on it. While taking brief moments to see for any other abnormalities, Vivian continued to look forward to try and avoid any suspicion form hi and to make sure she didn’t walk into anyone. With another glance, she noticed that the hoodie was getting a bit baggier on him, though he didn’t notice. It wasn’t much, but she could see that his shoulders weren’t as wide as before. Actually, not just his shoulders, but his waist seemed slimmer as well, to the point that is actually curved inwards.
  105. She looked away the moment before he looked at her. She needed a way to distract him. “Hey look…uh…” She quickly scanned the area and found something. “There’s a haunted mansion. Let’s go in.”
  107. “Um…okay. Whatever you want.” He went from confuse from her stares to scared of what was to come.
  109. Once in, he pulled out his phone and slowly walked through. As Vivian glanced at him at one point, he caught her in the act. She already planned for this. “I’m scared Max, can I hold onto you?” She even managed some fake tears.
  111. He laughed, “You? Scared? Don’t make me–” He paused when she wrapped her arms around his free arm, her breasts against it. “…I’ll keep you protected.”
  113. She sniffled, “Thank you.”
  115. As they pressed on, Vivian noticed that Max was getting a bit fidgety. “Is something wrong?”
  117. He laughed embarrassingly. “Sorry, I’m just a bit hungry is all. Can you maybe hold my flashlight?”
  119. She questioningly agreed and released an arm and grabbed his phone. With a now free hand, he excitedly grabbed another cookie of chocolaty goodness. As he happily ate it, Vivian couldn’t help but notice how much he loves those cookies. All of a sudden, she noticed how her arms needed to be wrapped even more around his arm. She glanced down and almost freaked. His arm was now slender though his now baggier hoodie and his hands. She didn’t want to think it, but the evidence was written all over it. His hand was now feminine! Despite how dark it was, she could see his fingers shine slightly. They were also longer and connected to daintier and perfect looking fingers. She glanced over at his other arm and noticed the same thing.
  121. Unaware of what was happening, Max reached his newly female hand into the bag and grabbed another cookie. Despite being in a haunted mansion and noticeable changes happening to his body, the cookies he ate put him into pure bliss to the point that nothing else existed.
  123. What is this, the sixth or so cookie? Wait a second. Cookies? Could the cookies be the reason for all this? As he gulped down the sugary snack something unbelievable happened. His entire head shrank and thinned. His nose shrank and became as cute as a button. His mouth swelled a bit making them more kissable. His eyebrows thinned then his eyelashes grew. His eyes grew bigger and more innocent.
  125. Vivian held her breath before she could let out a huge gasp. Now she fully understood what was happening to Max. Ever since his eyes changed colors to silver and his hair to an almost bloodlike red, she’s been curious as to what’s been happening to her childhood crush. It wasn’t only that he was starting to become more feminine…he was becoming an actual girl! Not only that, but a completely recognizable one. She hears about the character all the time from Max since he says she is his ultimate Waifu. It’s Ruby Rose from RWBY!
  127. At the end of the haunted house, Max stretched. “That was actually quite fun. Now to get some more snacks.” Apparently his Adam’s apple is gone now since his voice now matched that of Ruby’s voice. Vivian drew a sigh of relief when she saw that he didn’t catch the sudden drastic change in his voice.
  129. Vivian couldn’t help but notice how Max’s mannerisms were starting to change. He still seemed like the kind-hearted person he always was, but now he seemed to also be a bit more cheerful and carefree. She liked seeing this side of him, but if only she could enjoy this with his actual face. She doesn’t even know if he’s still a he anymore.
  131. Eating yet another cookie, she looked at his cute blissful face, then proceeded to scan his body. Nothing really happened. Did the transformation stop short?
  133. It was then that she noticed his discomfort. “Is something wrong?”
  135. In his cute new voice, he said, “Gotta pee.” He crossed his legs. That helped her noticed a new addition, or at least, a new subtraction. Vivian was getting increasingly nervous that he…she would notice something was up if the voice, height, new type of genitalia, or physical appearance wasn’t already enough of a hint as is.
  137. On reflex, she grabbed another cookie. She instantly recovered. “Never mind. I’m fine.”
  139. Vivian wondered how she still didn’t notice the change in voice and wished she could have a cookie since it would be a lifesaver if she could eat one and not need to go to the washroom at the worst possible times. Looking again, she almost fainted. Right before her very eyes, Max was shrinking. It was so much that it came to the point that Max was even smaller than Vivian. At the same time, her pants were getting noticeably roomier as her legs thinned. Underneath that all, her feet shrank making her shoes become anchors. These new changes couldn’t go unnoticed, well; they actually had to be noticed. His pants instantly fell down, and before Max could react, he tripped and landed head first into a light post.
  141. Now out cold, people started to gather, wondering what just happened. In a hurry, Vivian picked up her small and light friend and ran back to her house.
  142. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  144. After a long run, she finally made it home. Taking her upstairs, she laid her friend on her bed. Still out cold, Vivian decided to go over her options. After searching through them, she chose the most appropriate one in this type of situation.
  146. Off comes the hoodie, and then off comes the t-shirt. Now laid there on the bed was an exact replica of Ruby Rose from RWBY. That, and she was in pants halfway down her legs, and the rest of her body above her boxers were naked. Vivian couldn’t help, but notice that her new friend Ruby Rose had no breasts and her hips and butt were lacking. She checked her bag and found two remaining cookies. If she’s almost a complete female, might as well finish the job right?
  148. It made things easier for Vivian to refer to her s Ruby now since she was basically a carbon copy of the character. She took a cookie and put it in Ruby’s mouth. She watched as the cookie stood up halfway out her mouth.
  150. Vivian then had a brilliant idea. She took the cookie back out and ate it herself. After thoroughly chewing it, making sure that not a single crumb was without saliva and broken down, she opened Ruby’s mouth and did a CPR kind of operation.
  152. This probably wasn’t supposed to work, but after all that happened in the one night, let’s just assume that some miracle took place and this was possible without choking the person to death.
  154. After Ruby was forced to swallow the cookie, two little mountains under her nipples stated to form. Then grew and grew until they became fully functional breasts. Vivian squeezed one of Ruby’s breast with one hand and her own breast with the other.
  156. She instantly fell to the floor in defeat. “Hers are a bit bigger than mine. My childhood friend’s breasts are larger when she was just a guy about an hour ago.”
  158. Finally recovering from her lose, she went and grabbed a black bra from her mother’s closet. Her mother was about the same size, so that worked out. After slipping it on, she noticed that Ruby’s eyes were starting to flutter open.
  160. “What happened?”
  162. “You hit your head. Are you feeling okay?”
  164. “Yeah. I’m fine.” She looked around Vivian’s room and saw the last cookie.
  166. She got up, but was still a bit disoriented from the head bang. Vivian took this opportunity to put the hoodie on her. Once that goal was accomplished, she walked Ruby over to the cookie. After she picked it up and took a bite, she instantly revived. Her whole face brightened. And her…butt started to expand while her hips jutted outwards. Vivian was now looking at the complete Ruby Rose.
  168. “I feel…so much…better…? What’s wrong with my voice? I sound exactly like…” She looked up at Vivian. “Vivian, why are you taller than me?”
  170. Vivian stuttered, “Um…y-you…uh…k-k-kind of…” She couldn’t find the words to describe the situation. At least she now knows that the cookies made her extremely oblivious to the changes that were happening. Now that the transformation is done, however…
  172. Ruby looked down, the recently added energy to her face was instantly drained away as fast as it came. She was in her boxers, hoodie, and a…bra? Two things looked weird though. It was as if she had…breasts… She quickly put a hand down to her crotch.
  174. Finally finding the words, Vivian said, “You seemed to turn into Ruby Rose from RWBY.”
  176. Ruby was speechless. A whole minute went by with a frozen standing body, then she screamed loudly. “WHAT!?”
  179. THE END!
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