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  1. <h1> MENU </h1>
  2. <nav mfb-menu position="bl" effect="slidein" label="hover here" active-icon="ion-ios-world" resting-icon="ion-ios-world" toggling-method="click">
  3.     <button mfb-button resting-icon="ion-ios-world" icon="paper-airplane" label="languages"></button>
  4. </nav>
  5. <button ng-click="backToHome()">
  6.     <p>\Back</p>
  7. </button>
  8. <div class="row responsive-md" style="flex-wrap: wrap; width:100%;responsive-md" ng-init="loadCategories()">
  9.     <div class="col col-25 grid" ng-repeat="category in categories">
  10.         <a class="col" ui-sref="categories.detail({ categoryid: category.id })" >
  11.             <div class="module" back-img="{{category.imageUrl}}">
  12.                 <header>
  13.                     <h1>{{category.title}}</h1>
  14.                 </header>
  15.             </div>
  16.         </a>
  17.     </div>
  18. </div>
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