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  1. - In-Game Username: LuckyCC
  3. - Server: Stoneblock 2
  5. - Age: 17 (turning 18 in february)
  7. - Country & Time Zone: Germany - CET
  9. - How long have you've been playing on DirtCraft:
  10.  A bit more than a week now, I found the server like 11 days ago
  12. - What is your play-time In-Game?:
  13. Currently at 2 days, 22 hours and 35 minutes writing this, also around 3 hours in project ozone (around 74 hours in total on DirtCraft)
  15. - How much time can you contribute to the server:
  16. Most of the time a day, mostly around 16:00 PM or later since I'm in my last year of school and have to study for the final exams. Yet I manage to play around 3-4 hours a day and still learn for school. At the weekend I can assist the staff team almost the whole day most of the time, but it still depends on different situations like different deadlines from school and other stuff I am doing in my reallife.
  18. - Have you had any experience as staff or running a server: I am playing minecraft for probably over six years now when I still was a young person, starting in beta 1.2 if i remember correctly. In this time I was part of a team running an own server for like a year, that was my biggest part of being a staff member to this day. Also I was part of a "helping hand" on another relatively big server that had to help people and their questions etc. (Back in the time when people wanted moderators and Admin / Owners  to protect their land nonstop but it was always nice to help those who wanted to play on the server and everyone else hehe)
  20. - How did you find DirtCraft: I searched for an ATM3 server and found the advertisement of DirtCraft by Julian, afterwards I got into the SB2 modpack because I got curious
  22. - Anything else you would like to add: Since Minecraft is the game im the most addicted to for many years now, I have a lot of experience in Mods and Minecraft in general and would really appreciate helping the community by being a member of the staff team. I'm always ready to help people, also I know how to keep a clear mind and always be polite if someone asks for help. On every server I played to this day, being in a community where people help each other was the thing that had me stick to the server so now I want to try my best with this application and try to help the community a bit more.
  23. Thank you for your time and I hope that if u choose me as a Moderator, I can promise you that no wrong decision has been made :)
  26. best regards, Camaraderia (LuckyCC)
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