Sevenous Apr 23rd, 2019 52 Never
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  1. 666j666
  2. no
  3. Decent
  4. cool
  5. good
  6. toxic
  7. He's toxic in discord but in chat hes a very good person
  8. He is the best of them all nothing is wrong with him, he is like the best staff member in the whole team and I think he deserves a promotion
  9. fucking epic
  10. Cool guy, very active, friendly and knows the rules.
  11. Helps out alot
  12. Best staff member hands down no questions
  13. maybe a little toxic some times, decent staff.
  14. Pretty active and knows what he's doing.
  15. who
  16. Dunno but sounds demonic
  17. 6j is super helpful all the time and a very funny guy. He knows what he's doing and how to resolve issues. I think he should be promoted to Senior Moderator.
  18. A legit dude. Hes real, he's funny, and he is so nice. He doesn't start drama and he knows how to staff. People were nervous about him before, but he really proved himself and was an amazing staff member. I will never say this ever again, but promote this mans.
  19. I think they are a very good staff member because they are very mature and I see them online a lot and helping.
  20. Even though 666j666 has not been the most reputable player in the past he has proven himself to be a very good staff member.
  21. Helpful
  22. retarded
  23. Pretty cool I guess
  24. kind kind
  25. Hey 6j, wanted to say you're doing an epic job keep up the good work.
  26. Good guy
  27. very good, srmod material, also very kind and loves to make everyone laugh and is very active.
  28. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  29. 6j is probably one of the funniest and I mean funniest people I know. His humor is one to lighten up the mood and he is always making jokes. He can be serious when he needs to be. For as long as I have known or seen 6j, he is super helpful and nice. He cares for others and I don’t see a reason why someone shouldn’t like him from my experience. 6j is very fun to talk to. I wouldn’t say he needs to change anything. He is doing perfectly fine as it is.
  30. pretty active, helps out a bunch in chat when he's on
  31. I've known 6j for years and he is one of the most funniest people I have met on Minecraft, I miss pvping with him and he is doing extremely well as staff. I had suspicions about him being staff only because he could be toxic at times but he has really "Purified"
  32. Great
  33. Amazing
  34. 6j has come a long way. I feel like they know the rules and acts alot more mature now. One thing they could work on is activity possibly. (Could be from timezones). One good thing is I really like how active they are in the community when I see them online. I see them always active and talking in chat.
  35. Very active and a good staff member.
  36. God*
  37. You have a great attitude towards players, and portray yourself as a friendly member of the community. This is great, and you should keep it up. People will always rely and go to more trusted members of the community.
  38. the devil
  39. This guy is my friend
  40. cool and funny guy
  41. Badass, very nice and kind
  42. nice staff
  43. Very active on the server and always seems helpful to players.
  44. I don't like how toxic 666j can be towards other players, and I think it's something he could work on!
  45. Cool
  46. good
  47. Good.
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