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  1. <weapon>
  2.   <part id="ISight001" x="1002" y="704" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>
  3.   <part id="ISight030B" x="1011" y="513" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444,444444"/>
  4.   <part id="DeltaRing03" x="1218" y="600" rotation="0" scale="1.2" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  5.   <part id="DeltaRing03" x="1235" y="600" rotation="0" scale="1.2" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  6.   <part id="DeltaRing01" x="1252.05" y="600" rotation="0" scale="1.2" flip="-1,1" colors="444444"/>
  7.   <part id="Shape08" x="976" y="596" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  8.   <part id="Shape08" x="826" y="596" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  9.   <part id="FStock08" x="807" y="596" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444,444444,444444"/>
  10.   <part id="LReceiver018B" x="933" y="567" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,-1" colors="444444,444444"/>
  11.   <part id="GL01TubeS" x="1166.1" y="594.65" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  12.   <part id="Barrel026" x="1093" y="573" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  13.   <part id="FlashHider003" x="1237" y="591" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="444444"/>
  14.   <part id="ISight002" x="1067" y="565" rotation="-120" scale="0.8" flip="1,1" colors="444444,444444,444444"/>
  15.   <part id="ISight002" x="956" y="565" rotation="119.99998900028638" scale="0.7999880589817753" flip="-1,1" colors="444444,444444,444444"/>
  16. </weapon>
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