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  1. Name : Sarah Theo
  2. Faction(s) : Ace of Spades
  3. Nicknames : The Ace
  4. __
  5. Age : 26
  6. Race : Mutant
  7. Height : 6'4
  8. Weight : 217 LBS
  9. Build : Heavy Upper Build
  10. Breast Size : DD's
  11. Ass Size : Bubble Butt
  12. Dick Size : 2 feet and 4 inches
  13. Skin Tone : Fair/Average
  14. Hair Length : Shoulder Length
  15. Hair Color : Black
  16. Body Oddities : N/A
  17. __
  18. Clothing/Armor
  20. 1- Armor : She wears 2 shoulder pads made out of molded plastic, colored red with a white strip of pain going down the middle. Around the chest is a breast plate covering the breasts and chest in molded scrap metal. 2 strips of wood goes over the top of the torso inbetween the neck and shoulders. The wood reaches to her back and connects with a flat plate of metal protecting her upper back. Upon her legs are scrap metal knee-pads.
  22. 2- Clothing : She wears a long sleeve light blue shirt that looks dirty and rugged with some cuts and holes in it. Her hands are covered in pre-war brown leather gloves and she wears baige jeans along with sandy iguana leather boots. All of their clothing is slightly damaged, dirty, or has some holes in it.
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