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sponge confirms

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Aug 8th, 2014
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  1. <Eldrek_> sponge, please deny these changes
  2. <Eldrek_> pls.
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  8. <marcu5> looks too ridiculous to be true
  9. <marcu5> saw it yesterday
  10. <moggers> Haha holy shit
  11. <moggers> There's no way this is real
  12. <marcu5> first thing that caught me: weapon respawns
  13. <marcu5> why have weapon spawns at all if you have loadouts
  14. <marcu5> every game that has loadouts either you can't change guns till you respawn OR you can change them by getting them from a dead player
  15. <vor_> you guys still in stage 1, denial? move along to stage 2, ANGERRRRR
  16. <moggers> I'd sort of halfway like the pickup collision box changes
  17. <moggers> considering I'm retarded and keep jumping over ya on ztn and falling into tele
  18. <Kryt> the sensible ones will wait for confirmation from id rather than some random on smeggit
  19. <moggers> But speculating and panicking is fun
  20. <vor_> that sounds like stage 3 Kryt
  21. <marcu5> i won't lie, i freaked out and then raged a bit for ~10 minutes.
  22. <marcu5> but then i decided it had to be fake
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  25. <marcu5> Anhjje
  26. <marcu5> we are discussing the leak, it's pretty much out now ;p
  27. <marcu5> "leak", i should say
  28. <sponge> marcu5: because quake weapons are situational. they're not 30 variants of a hitscan gun. so you still need to pick up guns to be effective at all ranges/situations
  29. <sponge> that is of course assuming this is real, which i will neither confirm or deny!
  30. <Eldrek_> oshit
  31. <Anhjje> Not much to discus at this point
  32. <Kryt> hah
  33. <Eldrek_> omg
  34. <Eldrek_> sponge basically confirmed
  35. <walter> no one will ever be happy with any changes anyway
  36. <Anhjje> we don't have control over reddit posts :c
  37. <walter> which sucks
  38. <walter> i mean
  39. <walter> more like a certain group of people will never be appeased
  40. <marcu5> I don't even know what to say
  41. <sponge> i recommend wait and giving it an honest shot, and not caring about what quake is supposed to be or isn't supposed to be
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