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  1. Enami Tokura Collection
  3. p1
  4. >...Did you not like that?
  6. p2
  7. >Sorry for having you help me carry this stuff just as you were about to leave.
  8. >It's fine. I don't have any plans I need to rush home for anyway.
  9. >I see.
  11. >...
  13. >Tokura?
  14. >Eh?
  15. >Yes?
  16. >What's wrong? You feeling unwell?
  17. >No... I'm perfectly fine.
  19. p3
  20. >I just spaced out for a moment.
  21. >...
  23. >Alright, I'll be taking my leave now.
  24. >Wait a minute.
  26. p4
  27. >Don't stare so much at my lips.
  28. >You'll give me the idea that you want to kiss me.
  29. >Mm
  30. >...
  31. >That surprised me.
  32. >...Sorry, I couldn't hold myself back.
  34. >School's about to close. Take care on the way home.
  35. >Okay~
  37. >Uwah...
  38. >Why are you acting so calm...?
  40. p6
  41. >Even though I'm not especially good at getting deeply involved with people's private affairs,
  42. >when I notice it, we're frequently together.
  43. >Her scent, her voice that lingers on my ears.
  44. >They feel so awfully nice that they draw me in from a distance.
  46. >For example, I'm getting good at understanding her hobbies.
  47. >Like historic novels and mystery novels.
  48. >I'm learning more and more about Tokura.
  49. >Come to think of it,
  50. >how many years has it been since I've wanted to know so much about someone?
  52. >Sensei? What's up? You've gotten quiet all of a sudden.
  53. >It's nothing.
  55. p7
  56. >No matter how many calculations I make, I still can't figure out
  57. >the likelihood of us becoming happy together.
  59. p8
  60. >Maths Prep Room
  61. >Door's open so come in.
  63. >What's wrong? You're here earlier than you promised.
  64. >Did you finish your errands?
  65. >Eiko...
  66. >I'm Miki.
  68. p10
  69. >Nee-san's changed a little since entering high school.
  70. >She sometimes shows expressions I've never seen before.
  71. >She's been sleeping over at "a friend's place" more than before.
  72. >She seems to be having a lot of fun at school.
  74. >All these many slight changes
  75. >that I don't know about Nee-san are piling up and multiplying each day.
  76. >Upon entering the same high school, I more or less figured out why.
  78. >Nee-san has fallen in love
  79. >and her partner is most likely...
  81. p11
  82. >You can't help but find that girl cute, huh, Enami.
  83. >Huh? You mean Tokura? She ain't cute.
  84. >But I'm concerned that I'm becoming influence by her amusing reactions.
  85. >Before I realised it, she's by my side a lot.
  87. >...Well, I don't hate it.
  88. >She smells pretty nice after getting out of the bath, and she's perfect at making the bed after she stays over.
  89. >...Enami, is that really something you should be talking about outside?
  91. p12
  92. >Okay, perfect.
  93. >Kiyose-san.
  94. >I'm about to head off, but I've made you breakfast so please have some once you're awake.
  95. >Mm...
  96. >If you're still sleepy, go back to sleep.
  97. >? What is it?
  99. p13
  100. >Erm...
  101. >Kiyose-san...?
  102. >...You're leaving already?
  104. >If you want me to stay, I'll stay.
  105. >Mm...
  106. >I'll be here until you fall asleep again.
  108. >Hey, Kiyose-san... I want to spoil you more.
  109. >And I mean always, not just times when you're sleepy or drunk.
  110. >...Next time, please hug me when you're fully awake.
  112. p14
  113. >I can't tell what expression she's making from her voice alone, and I don't have the courage to check.
  115. >All I can do is put all my strength into my fingers to cling onto her tight.
  116. >When her hand that has nowhere else to go strokes my head, I feel and intensely good smell.
  118. p15
  119. >I want to stay like this a little longer
  120. >but she'd probably laugh at me for being so childish.
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