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  1. @dll
  3. Where did you hear about a new pre-release? No official invites have been sent out. However the members of this closed community were sent an email to see if they would like to participate in future tests with the Atrix with AT&T. No specifics were given. The email those users received said that all information must remain strictly confidential. Mentioning it publicly would be breach of NDA and could jeopardize opportunities in the future for pre-release tests. I hope that the members of these test would take the rules seriously and help to keep the information confidential as asked of you.
  5. Both you and mjh60 were on the list so you might want to check your spam folders incase it was inadvertantly delivered there.
  7. @mjh60
  9. This community is set up for commenting only. We don't let anyone create their own threads. Unfortunately a side effect of that the ability to delete one's posts also disappears. Hopefully we can get this bug fixed in the future.
  11. Mark
  12. Support Forums Manager
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